Two Awesome Music Tracks From Xenoblade Chronicles X Have Been Released

Xenoblade Chronicles X is probably one of my most wanted games, so it’s great to see the developer put up a couple of snazzy music tracks from the game’s soundtrack online on Christmas Day. The two tracks are available to stream from the official website and are available here and here. A great Christmas gift from Monolith Soft. Xenoblade Chronicles X is due to be released in 2015.


  1. Amazing, 2nd one reminds me of Kill la Kill OST. Hopefully, I’ll get the energy to play the first Xenoblade Chronicles before X.

    1. Its made by the same person(s). So there is bound to be some similarity.

      It sounds close to their other works such as Attack On Titan, Aldnoah Zero & Seven Deadly Sins too.

      1. I knew the second one sounded familiar to an anime, but I couldnt think of it. it was aldnoa zero lol great anime and music ^_^

    1. get a fucking life loser happy shit year for you wiiu discontinued next year like i have fucking said before like i care next year if the wiiu gets discontinued have a great shit fucking e3 next year wont you

  2. Does anyone know who Xord (the second faced mechon) is? I played the game top to bottom, still haven’t figured out

    1. *potential spoilers*

      If you chat with Desiree after defeating Xord she’ll mention that her father, who passed away in the previous year’s Mechon battle, owned a shop called Xord’s Smithy. Think you know what I’m implying

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