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Looks Like Resident Evil Zero For The GameCube Is Getting A HD Remake


We all know that Capcom is preparing to release the HD version of the original Resident Evil in the west next month and now it would appear as though they’re also working on a remake of the GameCube hit Resident Evil: Zero. The information was discovered when Capcom updated their Japanese site for the Resident Evil HD remake. The company had showcased a screenshot of the PlayStation 4 dashboard with a game tile for Resident Evil: Zero. Sadly it seems as though Resident Evil HD will be skipping the Wii U and the same might be the case for a remake of Resident Evil: Zero. Still, it’s interesting that Capcom is looking to remake it.

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128 thoughts on “Looks Like Resident Evil Zero For The GameCube Is Getting A HD Remake”

  1. Why didn’t you post about the Halo Master Chief Collection announcement when it was said it wasn’t coming to WiiU either? And clearly when Infamous Second Son, announced exclusively for PS4,wasmt announced for WiiU.

    1. Because this is a gamecube remake? And those games obviously wouldn’t come to the Wii U because they are first party games which doesn’t need explaining. Plus, the remake was never announced as to which consoles it would/would not be released on.



    THE ORIGINAL WAS ALSO A GAMECUBE GAME it wasnt a hd ofthe original it was a HD of the gamecube remaster

    there both GAMECUBE GAMES and look no different to the gamecube versions JUST UP RESSED



    lol skipping wiiU clunky out dated garbage isnt supported by gamers

    crapcom cashing in trying to not go bankrupt

        1. RE Revelations has a Metacritic score higher than the 3DS average

          DmC has a Metacritic of 85

          Their DLC isn’t a necessity to buy

          Mega Man 10 was released recently and Capcom has stated that they are in development f a new installment. Also a Metacritic of 80

          Their company was never up for sale, based on Japanese rules and regulations

            1. Considering I mainly play Mortal Kombat, I’ve only played 2 MM games, and BAYONETTA 2 is the closest thing I’ve played to DMC, your argument is invalid

  4. I can still play both on my gamecube. Also on my wii U through VWii. If you missed them years ago go for it, Resident Evil Remake is one of the best survival horror games of all time but I personally won’t be paying any money for games I already own. Maybe when they are on offer for no more than $5/£3 (if)

    Don’t like the way things are? Simply vote with your wallet

    1. Yet you didn’t say that when Wind Waker HD came out. It’s the principle. Capcom is making Money off Smash, and Monster Hunter. Resident Evil Zero would sell real well on Wii U. With Gamepad features too.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I would like it on Wii U too but because it is everywhere but on Wii U I refuse to pay a penny for it in any other system. I rather keep playing the originals than reward whoever made the decision of leaving Nintendo out of these classic RE games, we are talking about a franchise with history within Nintendo consoles not any of these other new 3rd party new stuff. I am skipping RE Revelations 2 for the same reason, well… Again, I might fall for it when is really cheap, not before.

        I did not play Windwaker on Gamecube (I know..) but I think more love was put on that “HD Remake” than on Resident Evil Remake HD, just a personal appreciation :)

        1. Nintendo stole the Resident Evil franchise from an entire console generation of gamers. I rented a GameCube and the REmake to play it when it came out, but I’ll never buy another Nintendo console. Even one of the best games ever made (REmake) couldn’t sell me a GameCube when it was released. I’ll buy the Remastered Remake, Revelations 2, and Resident Evil 0 Remastered TWICE each if it keeps Capcom from getting into bed with Nintendo again. Enjoy Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, and Smash for the thousandth time. You had Resident Evil exclusivity for years, and it turned out so crappy that Capcom almost made RE4 as the final game. Don’t help ruin what is probably our only chance at getting an RE2 Remake by boycotting this game because it’s not being released on Nintendo’s latest gimmick-box.

          1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

            You should have wished it did end with Resident Evil 4 since 5 & 6 were abominations. And thanks to the company you apparently hate, Resident Evil is actually returning to it’s roots with survival horror instead of Call of Duty action since Resident Evil Revelations did pretty well on the 3DS which led to the HD ports of the game. Now let that sink in for a minute.

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  6. It really is a shame that it’s not coming to Wii U. But I guess the poor sales of Resident Evil on 3DS means they would reasonably expect less for Wii U.

  7. Damn Nintendo don’t do nothing to get 3rd party support. Didn’t Campcom make money off Smash Bros.4? Nintendo doesn’t have a brain. You give Capcom a percentage of Super Smash Bros. 3DS, and Wii U version yet don’t do nothing about any future capcom games? So obviously if Capcom were to make an alll new Resident evil game, Nintendo won’t do nothing about that neither. Yet as the years go by Nintendo still pays Capcom for Smash bros. No contract huh Nintendo. Like for Mega Man and stages and music for smash, continue ro support. And don’t do nothing about Capcom making Monster Hunter on Wii U. Only 3rd party Nintendo is getting is crappy indie games.

        1. Donkey Kong country 3d shortly after the Wii release, not to mention Oot master quest was made for Gamecube which came out right after N64, it common to remake stuff for the new systems when they aren’t backwards compatible, don’t forget the Wii also had remakes of game cube games “now with new motion controls”

  8. It will be a complete travesty if a remake of a Gamecube exclusive 3rd party classic doesn’t come to the Wii U but given how Resident Evil: Revelations 2 nor Resident Evil HD isn’t coming to the Wii U I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t come either. Capcom is full of shit



  11. I just cant believe Capcom is taking so long to announce a release date for MH4U. Alot of hardcore fans are resorting to a Japanese 3ds just so they don’t have to wait another year. Thier sales are gonna be so pathetic in the West, all becouse of poor management and idiotic decisions!

    1. Dont respond its the best way to deal with a spammer. I wonder when the MNN team will take care of him. He’s worst then Sasori and his fake church.

    2. Dont respond its the best way to deal with a spammer. I wonder when the MNN team will take care of him? He’s worst then Sasori and his fake church.

    1. Yeah, seems to be a major dry spell or something. I guess there’s nothing actually worth posting, so we get unrelated news. And random crap info about games from years ago.


        1. Its based on a remake, for another console. Theres no reason for this to be Nintendo related news. If its a Wii U exclusive or even coming to Wii U then thats different, but its most likely not coming to the system so why even get people’s hopes up for news that REALLY doesnt matter for Nintendo. That’s how I feel anyway. Its not a big deal or even important, just seems like a waste of internet space. Next they’ll post about it coming to every system but Wii U on here and ill probably make the same damn point.

  12. at first I was WTF Capcom, then I still remember that the wii is not as dead as people think and those who brought the games can play on the wii. Furthermore giving the recent sale figure of bayonetta 2 and other 3rd party which is not an indie company it make sense. However I don’t think Capcom will hit the 2 millions copies.

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  14. Resident evil 0 the beginning where on the train was cool after that it got boring but if it’s 20 dollars I might buy it

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      1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

        Well I’m sick of hearing Capcom’s latest backstabbings with Resident Evil games, so if Resident Evil 0 ends up being another, Crapcom can kiss my ass!

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