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Sakurai Explains The Creation Process Of Super Smash Bros Wii U’s Smash Tour

Wondering what Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai’s thinking process was when he created the Wii U exclusive mode Smash Tour? Well, read on. Sakurai has explained to Game Informer that he basically wanted to create something that included having plenty of changing elements on the battlefield, which he knew would lead to plenty of unpredictable and interesting situations.

“The more deeply people play Smash Bros., the more they start seeking higher levels of precision in the gameplay. At the end, this leads them to prefer the Final Destination stage with no obstacles, no items, certain stock settings, etc. We did try to make this game so you can play it any way you like along these lines, but that approach does veer a little from the original intention of the design.”

“Smash Tour is the result of us pressing forward in our original direction – having a lot of changing elements in the field, leading to totally unpredictable situations. Our inspiration here wasn’t to copy the board game format, and the rules don’t follow those lines; the gameplay is designed with Smash Bros. in mind.”

“It’s set up so all sorts of things can happen in a short time, making it impossible to guess who will win. It’s a very Smash Bros.-like approach, and while it can be unfair at times (like any board game), it’s built for people who can laugh all of that off as they enjoy the experience. I’d like you to gather your Smash Bros. pals together and try the mode out, maybe playing three games to start.”

“We engage in multiplayer during our lunch breaks, and these days we play Smash Tour mode every time. It’s fun, in part because it’s okay to an extent if the players involved vary widely in skill.”

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  1. I think he’s probably too proud to admit that it totally bombed. Maybe one in every 50 people that I’ve chatted with have actually enjoyed it, but most people can’t stand the mode. Of course, it helps that it has that annoying Metroid challenge in it…I just used the hammer :)

    1. Smash Brothers Wii U has to be the worst game I’ve ever played in my entire life… such trash does not deserve to be on the godly Wii U

      F= Ma

    2. Smash N64 was a classic
      Melee was revolutionary
      Brawl finally my man… Penguin Dedede :)
      And 3ds/WiiU are just pretty and new and balanced to a T and Pac-man!!!
      Wakka wakka wakka!!!!!

    3. It appears the gaming industry continually evolving into a digital and indie-friendly environment is causing the return of the major issue the industry had when it first became profitable: Everyone wants a cut, but no one wants to work for it.
      I find talks of a second Video Game Crash to be absurd and virtually impossible, what with the up-to-date information consumers have via the modern Internet. Yet, I can’t help but wonder if this returning trend may recreate that reaction of distrust within those not as invested and researched into the industry as we are.
      While a total Crash would be, as I said, a virtual impossibility, a reduction in the casual consumer base of video games isn’t entirely out of the question, should things continue as they are, albeit not quite with the frequency of the 80s.

    4. I did that challenge, it’s definitely annoying, but much easier if you have 4 controllers and play with all humans by yourself controlling them all. Of course it’s still random if the metroid will even appear in the entire game so it’s definitely annoying as hell.

        1. It can be any human player, but you need to make the Metroid steal to the Mii and that same Mii has to catch the Metroid.
          I managed to do it after 10 games playing with my brother and 2 CPUs, but it is totally random so you might take more or less tries.

        2. It HAS to be the person who he steals from, I found out the hard way lol. Spread the word, so nobody has to do it twice haha. If you catch him with someone else you don’t get the challenge completion.

      1. I did try doing that for a few hours, but I couldn’t take it anymore D: Either way I figured that it would all even out. Completing all of the challenges took about a month give or take a few days so that wasn’t bad. I think Brawl’s were more challenging since those took me a little longer, but these were all pretty fair..besides the Smash Tour ones. I didn’t see any challenge that I thought was unattainable. There were certainly many tedious ones though

        1. I’d say the hardest challenges of the last 3 games I can remember are beating Boss Rush on the highest intensity in brawl, all star on hard with everyone on wii U, and beating classic with no damage in melee. I think I’ve beaten every smash within a month, but can’t say for sure, but I can maybe check my milestones on that. Yea took me about 10 games maybe 15 to get the metroid thing. I’ve never used a hammer and 100% every smash so far so I couldn’t ruin my streak lol so I suffered through the horrible grinding that this and the 3DS version have of hat collecting and random stuff like the metroid. Certainly don’t blame anyone for hammering dumb challenges like that one though that don’t prove ANY skill at all and just a lot of patience. I thought someone on gamefaqs complained about the metroid challenge not being hammerable for the song but I guess they were wrong lol.

          1. The song part is pretty interesting because you don’t have to actually collect all CDs to get it. I hamered the Smash Tour challenge and got the CD instantly even though I was still missing a handful of CDs. It may be a glitch or maybe certain songs don’t count for it…it was odd, but I was definitely fine with it.

            Boss Rush was really annoying thanks to Tabuu and that hacked super attack. If the speed was kept the same like in Flappy Bird it would be okay, but he liked to change it up a lot. That’s a pretty good streak that you have of no hammers though! I admit that I wouldn’t have the patience to find everything, particularly the stickers in Brawl and the special attacks in the new version. Man, those would take sooo long to do! Also, I’m going to be busy playing my new games from Christmas so I’ve only been alloting about an hour for Smash Bros each day now. I hope to keep that up until I reach 359 hours so that it can pass Melee as my most played Smash Bros game. (It would be Brawl with 600+, but the game deleted so I only got it back up to 223)

            1. Well I’m glad the hammer worked and you got your CD lol.

              Yea Boss Rush sucked due to Taboo, and I didn’t know he could change his timing, it’s been so long since I fought him lol. I just remember his 3 circle waves being a pain in the ass. And honestly it wouldn’t be if you could fight just him and practice, but you had to work all the way up to him and even in subspace you had to work your way to him if I remember correctly. If I could sit there fighting him over and over with no interruptions within an hour I’d have that timing down. Unless that’s the attack you are talking about where he changes his timing. In which case there’s no way to prepare for it. The CDs & Stickers in brawl didn’t take me long, I used the trick where you create a stage with conveyor belts and have sandbag only and use falco’s neutral A attack and just hold it. I’ll have to check into my brawl save data to see how long it took for me to get that done. I am curious now lol. I’d have to say that collecting hats (headgear) is by far the biggest grind and patience requiring challenge of every smash game. I’d say the 3DS version even more than the U version, took me like a week to get my last 4-5 hats on the 3DS but only like 4 days to get my last 4 on the U version using crazy orders and even got my last 2 the same day. There’s no conveyor belt trick in this version so the hats just take a really long time and the last few become sooooo rare. And those 4-5 days are me going at all almost all day and night by the way. Doesn’t sound like a lot now to me actually lol but I know for sure I’d rather collect all the stickers again than all the hats. So if you have hammers left and wanna skip more tedious stuff I’d say the hats are number one.

              As for game hours, I really have no clue how much I have played of any lol. My melee and memory cards got stolen off my original game, so I don’t know how much, and on my newer melee file I don’t know either, and I am not sure where all my save data is for it (memory card may be gone). I really should check tonight after work and see if I can find it, cause it would be fun for me to make a personal little quick video or pic with all my 100% smash files together.

              I’ve got some games to start myself, I think I’m gonna start Captain Toad soon to take a relaxing break from 2 months of smashing before I jump into hyrule warriors or the bayonetta games which I know will be much harder.

              1. I know what you mean about the headgear grind and I definitely used a hammer on that. The other 3 hammers were spent on getting all special attacks, beating All Star on hard with everyone, and getting 700 trophies. Then, I just powered through the rest so that I could finally just play online a lot.

                I do agree that practicing for Tabuu would have made it a lot easier. His KO attack only has two variation though so I’m sure that you would probably have both versions down pretty quickly. He can shoot it off at the normal speed or he can shoot a slowed down version so that you can roll at the wrong moment. That one got me quite a few times.

                Captain Toad looks pretty fun and I can definitely guarentee that Hyrule Warriors is great. I gave it a solid 9/10. The Story Mode itself is pretty easy. Adventure Mode is where you’ll find a challenge as it has at this point around 200 challenges with the update and dozens of collectibles to achieve. I played around in Adventure Mode, but didn’t get to beat it since I had to move on to the next game. For New Year’s Eve, I’m probably going to focus on Super Scribblenauts, the sequel to that one, and a little Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines for PS2.

    1. Seriously my brother has a ps4 and only 1 game he has that like and thats dragon age which I have on my pc.

      I have 10 games on my wii u and I like the 8 so far(not including indies) have dosen of them downloaded.

      The games I didn’t like was nintendo land and new super mario which both of them were included with the system.

      If I get a ps4 I will get when mgs or ff15 come so far it sucks.

  2. Anyone unlock all stages? If so name them. I want to know if there are any totally new stages besides stages from previous smash bros. No problem because I like the DK stage. I just hope Super Mario Bros. Stage is back.

        1. I await with pleasure :) I do still need to do the 2 player events though, but they are not doable by yourself so I can only do them when my roomate is available. So I guess not totally 100% in the game.

            1. I did all the single player ones on hard and did the rewards all on hard as well including the No Damage fight against DK & Boswer using Mario. Unfortunately the two player ones require 2 great players. My friend and I tried a few wof the co-op ones a few weeks back and did them on easy or normal and he thought they were hard and pretty much impossible. But playing with my roomate that same night we went back and did the same events my other friend and I did and beat them all on hard with the rewards. SO pretty much if you aren’t lucky like me and have a great smash player friend, you’re screwed. Really wish you could do them online due to this, but of course the online is limited.

              1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                I have my brother that is equally good as me in gaming overall…

                We are tied in Smash Brothers…

                We own so much online…

                1. Nice then you’re set for the 2 player smash events too lol. I haven’t played online with my friend much, we should though lol. We’ve never played teams though, he’s stubborn and always likes to be the loner, so I don’t know if we would click as a team off the bat. And since our schedules don’t match up often it’s hard to get him to play. I’d love to have a team match against you guys with him, but don’t know if all 4 schedules will line up. You can play with friends in 2 player mode correct? I am pretty sure cause I played teams a few days ago against a few people and eventually came to these two using Ike and greninja and they were together every time. And seemed like they played together. I was stuck with this guy I had been playing with already who just used villager and spammed his loid and tree and that’s about it while I had to do all the upclose fighting. And of course the villager took all the kills with his tree every so often after I wracked up all the damage. I hate playing with crappy players lol especially when they be stealing ma kills man!

                    1. I can probably play saturday during the day, I from around 12pm till 6pm eastern time, and I’ll be free that night from around 10:30pm till whenever in the night lol

                          1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                            I don’t know if the time shown in the comments section follow Great Brittain’s time or mine but let’s say 6 hours…

                  1. It’s a shame really because this game is awesome. I don’t know what the hell they were smoking to think that it was a good idea to remove a story mode :/

                    1. Yea, gameplay-wise, it’s pretty damn good, online multiplayer is super fun. But they really messed up the singleplayer imo, I mean, where is the adventure mode? Target test? Why don’t we have to work hard to unlock characters anymore? It’s so lame that nearly everyone in the whole roster is playable from the beginning. Unlocking characters used to be such an important and exciting part of SSB, why take that away?

                      1. They THOUGHT we did it so many times that we wouldn’t wanna waste time doing it again. They thought wrong. Unlocking fighters and having that New Challenger screen is one of the best parts of smash besides playing it.

          1. Honestly, I love the idea of having multiple characters as different stock tokens. it could make for some really cool franchise fights, but No. of course it’s exclusive to smash tour.
            Pls, guys, it’s obvious that you can do it. Let us choose to do it outside of tour!

            1. Totally agree, I wish it was a standard Smash mode like Time, Stock and Coins.
              Also having Stamina mode as standard would be nice too.

          2. Sakurai made a mistake by leaving out a story mode. Simple as that, end of story. Smash tour is a really weak mode imo. I’ve tried it several times, and always get bored of it. It’s just too random. Sakurai should have focused more on single player aspects. I love Nintendo but I am burnt out on party games. I want my single player adventures again.. Xenoblade and Zelda is most welcome.

          3. “At the end, this leads them to prefer the Final Destination stage with no obstacles, no items, certain stock settings, etc”

            When will nintendo realize that this meme casual players plastered on higher level players has never been true? The tournament smash scene from the day for glory was announced, absolutely hated the fact that it was strictly final destination only. FD has NEVER been the only stage used in higher level play, nor is it the most “balanced/fair” stage in the game, if anything that belongs to battlefield. Even then though, due to the type of game smash is, with stage layout playing a factor, no stage would ever be 100% “fair/equal” for every character. Certain characters always benefit more from a stages layout than others, and vice versa.

            Seriously go look up the official legal stage lists for all the smash games on Smashboards. Not a single serious tournament in smash history has had Final Destination as the only legal stage. This was a stereotype/meme slapped on competitive players by uninformed casual players. Not once in Tournament smash history has it been true.

            The Point i’m trying to make is…sakurai that quote of yours there is wrong, very very very wrong. And continuing to believe that lame stereotype is only bad for the competitive smash scenes image, as well as future games overall if nintendo decides to keep for glory mode in newer games.

            1. Yup, I consider myself a high level player, as I do my roomate and him and I are our friends that play with us always play through different boards, usually never the same one in the same night unless we play enough matches to start over. We even play stages we don’t like. Final Destination is usually our last match of the night if we remember. But yea I HATE that all the boards in For Glory are FD forms, and I HATE as well that it’s only 2 lives and 5 minutes. I hate time matches, & 2 lives isn’t enough to feel each other out. All of the online options are lacking pretty much unless you play with your friends. Why can’t I make a room with random people and set it to no time and as many lives as I want? And pick which items if any I want, and how often they show up? And why isn’t there a vote on boards like in Mario Kart instead of the game just randomly picking for you? Smash online is aggravating. They still didn’t take it serious enough, and so it will be at least another generation till we get the true online smash experience we have deserved for so long.

              1. I agree. I hate timed matches in the For Fun and For Glory modes. There’s nothing fun about it. I would have loved to play a stamina match or even a sudden death match with random players. But no, we get what we had in Brawl. AND THERE IS NO RANKING SYSTEM! I’m tired of playing beginners who barely know how to jump. And while we’re at it, no MIC chat!!? Pathetic. The online modes were just disappointing.

                1. A ranking system for what? To know there are a crapload of players better than you? No Thanks? Im fine with Global Smash Power. A voice chat? There is already one in the With Friends mode, why do I would talk with a complete strange? And you can also add a player found in the With Anyone mode as a friend, so you can add an talk to him. And I absolutely don’t care about playing in another modes while playing with guests, With Anyone was concieved as a way to make quick matches on the internet, just look at the online HRC and MMS in Brawl’s online With Friends, did someone played those things?

                  BTW, the 1-on-1 setting in For Glory mode are stock matches only, and the matchmaking is made based on skill, so you’ll always pick people on your level.

                  1. I don’t care much for a ranking system, but the voice chat thing I am complaining about is that you can’t speak during the fight. Who sits there between fights chatting? You play a match then get on to the next one. And playing with anyone doesn’t mean I should have a time limit or less options. Quick matches and smash don’t go together in my eyes lol. I have no problem with a single match going 20 minutes or more cause that just means it was an epic fight. There’s nothing epic in a 5 minute or less fight, and just putting a timer causes some players to play different right off the bat and spam and run. For glory OR for fun, I want full options like offline. And 8-player smash should be online, but the system can’t handle it which is nintendo’s fault. I feel like it will be next gen or even the one after that that we will FINALLY get a proper, fully robust online mode with all the options you have offline. Online is huge whether nintendo or it’s fans wanna admit it or not. Brawl’s popularity dropped much quicker than it would have if it had proper online and I can see the same thing happening this time, but not as bad since they fixed other complaints like tripping and floaty slow characters.

                    1. What? Smash is ALL ABOUT being quick. Having 20-minute battles is not fun, it’s boring and tiresome (for me, at least). I prefer playing tons and tons of quick matches and be able to change my fighter between every match, I like to explore the huge number of variables existing in this game.

                      I believe the online mode is already complete enough with the current options. 8-player Smash is something new, how can people already whine about online abscence for this mode, and I can imagine the massive delay and brutal lag that would happen even if the hardware could handle it, since Sakurai said that 8-player Smash was a barely-made addition, I simply doubt that an online 8-player Smash would work properly.

                      And what defines an epic match for me is the amonut of skill from the players, and the strongest example I can give is the Wombo Combo from Melee, it was a rather quick match and it was purely the skill from the players that pulled that team combo (and caused the announcers to uproar, originating the meme) that made the match an epic fight.

                      1. I will say though that I don’t find long battles tiresome, I never sit there wondering when a match is gonna end. Most smash players play stock no time so I think you would be in the minority on the time thing, but I could be wrong. My friends and I usually play for a few hours when we do so I get to use a good number of fighters still. Online options are definitely lacking, if you don’t have all the options online as offline, there’s a problem. And I don’t wanna add every fighter I play just to have the settings I want. I should be able to create a room however I like and people can join if that’s how they like it. Or they have their own options and it swings back and forth between players options for each match.

                        8 player matches, well for one thing, how often do you get 8 people together? Unless you’re in high school or lower, it’s not often. Most peoples schedules are conflicted so you hardly ever get to play that mode unless you use CPU. I HATE playing CPU, they ruin the fight with real players. Like in a 4 way match with 3 players and a CPU for instance, I’ll be fighting my friend while another friend is fighting the CPU, and once I get to a high percentage, that CPU targets you and jumps in your fight. Having 5 CPUs is just annoying as hell, especially with the limited number of boards. And please tell me why the boxing ring for one isn’t in 8-player smash? That board is more than big enough. Sakurai ALSO said he wanted 8 player as far back as melee but couldn’t handle it on gamecube. So for 3 generations now nintendo’s hardware has limited smash from reaching it’s true potentials. There’s a problem with that.

                        Epic matches of course use skilled players. The wombo combo is cute and all, but I don’t really play on a team so I’m not impressed, only one on one impresses me. Not saying it wasn’t a pretty nice couple of set ups, but one on one is totally different. I ahve only seen the last 50 seconds of that fight so I can’t really say much though. The most epic matches to me are 1 on 1 matches with two highly skilled players, and if the match ends in 2 minutes but is a stock match, someone in that much wasn’t truly highly skilled unless it’s like a 1-2 stock match. I think I stated in my other response I like to play 5-6 stock matches, so the matches I’m used to are longer. Everyone has their own preference though of course.

                        And making one statement about something isn’t exactly whining. Heck I don’t even play 8 player much, it’s just the principle that the hardware has yet again limited the game. We have yet to have a lag free smash online, which is unacceptable in my opinion. Lag ruins Smash, a game that revolves mainly on perfect timing. When you have lag, your timing is thrown out the window, so luck becomes a factor in matches. Some fighters have a huge edge in lag situations, fast characters for one. Characters that have delayed moves are practically unusable in lag situations. I just hope they make a console smash ONLY next gen and squeeze every drop of awesomeness they can out of it. There’s tons of people complaining about lack of single player modes and such, or trashing on the ones there like smash tour.

                        1. Wombo Combo is one of the most epic moments in ANY FREAKING FIGHTING GAME! People should be PROUD of being a Nintendo fan, simply because such an epic moment was produced by a Nintendo game.

                          1. I’m proud of being a Nintendo fan, I just find some Nintendo fans embarrassing lol. But hey I’m sure there’s plenty who could say the same about me so it doesn’t really matter.

                2. Yea it’s unacceptable really. MIC chat should definitely be there, and yea it is pretty basic like brawl. Time matches just let people run around and let the clock run out while using fox’s lasers as much as possible or something similar while hoping not to get caught.

              2. Brawl had these things of setting up the rules, but since they were picked randomly between the players, this generated a big number of problems. They created modes with set rules in order to solve all of these problems at once, and they made this because in Brawl’s online the most common rule set used was Final Destination and items off.

                Online mode was concieved to be played with friends. That’s why I don’t have problems with set rules in the With Anyone mode.

          4. Really off topic, but has anyone else noticed how Sakurai keeps referencing Kirby Air Ride in basically every game he’s been involved in thereafter? Idk I just felt that my brothers and I were like the only ones that played that game that it seems so obscure/strange to have songs, items and even the challenge system (there weren’t hammers in that game, there were special colored squares that functioned exactly like hammers) from that game in SSB Wii U.

            Kirby Air Ride 2 Wii U please Sakurai :3

          5. It was just thrown in at the last minute because of the 3DS version. The Wii U version is better but it seems rushed in many ways with content. The only mode I ever use is the events. Outside of that they bore me to death and the mini games are boring after the first time you play them. smash tour is bad if I wanted to play a board game I wouldn’t be playing a video game. Keep your mario party away from my smash.

          6. It wouldn’t be that bad if 9/10 the game wouldn’t have you forced to play a character you aren’t good at playing with.

          7. I’m only going to even touch Smash Tour to complete the challenges associated with it- I saw the 50-fact Direct and I was immediately turned off by what I saw regarding the mode.

            The single-player experience for Smash 4 really is quite weak compared to predecessors save for the N64 original (I mean, it was the very first Smash and it barely had a budget, what do you want?). Whereas we had individual target tests for each character (which dare I say were built in a way to help you learn the character better), Melee had an adventure mode and a randomized All-Star mode and Brawl had Subspace Emissary, we get the supremely underwhelming Smash Tour, Master/Crazy Orders, and Smash Run.

            Oh, I better register my copy so I can get Mewtwo and the soundtrack CD…

            1. I actually love the Special Orders mode, it’s the quickiest way to unlock the characters’ special moves and the musics.

              The impression I got from both games is that they picked the concept of Melee’s Adventure mode and merged it with the Classic, because now we have route selection character themed stages (in the 3DS version, anyway), and final bosses determined by the difficulty. That’s why I don’t miss an Adventure mode at all, Classic got miles better and funnier to complete with various characters.

              However, I really agree that a proprer Target Smash would be better, I mean, the new Target Blast is cool, but I can see why many people don’t like this mode, mostly because of the Angry Birds-like structure. Luckily, they kept Multi-man Smash and got rid of that stupid 15-minure mode.

              1. There was not enough randomness in this game, so the “clearly structured target practice” has been replaced by a “completely random angry birds clone”.

                Sakurai REALLY loves trolling.

          8. I have some family who’s not very good at smash. They want to play it, but end up going to Mario Party instead because it’s easier for them.
            Smash Tour let’s them play against me while still having fun. What’s wrong with that?

            1. If you want to play PARTY games with your family, do that, and let people who want to fight properly against each other, do THAT.
              Smash Bros is NOT a party game. The party game mode in there is a complete joke without any minigames, that is ONLY decided by complete randomness.
              Just WHY in the world, would you play a VIOLENT fighting game, when you want to play with your family, that apparently is too young to properly play against an adult?
              I’d say you should stop showing your kids this violent stuff, and play board games with them.

              If Nintendo seriously tries to aim for people, that want to play FIGHTING games with little kids, that are too young to properly play games… they will be bankrupt in NO time…

              Also, if they wanted a “fighting” game for young people. Why take SUCH old characters?
              If the game was for little kids, you wouldn’t need 30 year old references.

              This game is a fighting game with lots of nostalgia, not a party game for brats.

              Sorry if you and Sakurai are the Only 2 people in the world that think that Smash should be a party game, but the rest of the world, prefers to play the game seriously, without being… randomly killed by the stage, some stupid item, or a freaking DUCK…

          9. “I have an idea! Let’s take out story mode and add Dark Pitt and Smash Tour!” Genius. Also Smash Run > Smash Tour. Don’t get me wrong, Sm4sh is a great game, but some things were definitely missing from this version.
            P.S. The newcomers’ reveal trailers were basically the best part of Sm4sh. Bye.

            1. Completely agree with this.
              Watching the Mega Man video was the best part of the whole game.
              Sad that it’s over 50% game footage, the other 50% were REALLY awesome.
              Hopefully they get someone who is not acting like a mad little kid, working on the next Smash Bros, instead of Sakurai…
              I really wish the worst to him for ruining the game like this. Nothing has improved, everything has become random and boring, and also… no promised single player story…

          10. I hate Smash Tour. There are A LOT of things happening that you can’t keep tracking, it’s very very confusing.

            This mode as a whole is completely unneccessary, since now we have 8-player support. And believing that people searching high levels of precision in gameplay (the competitive scene, for short) only prefer Final Destination is an extremely light-headed thought. These people are actually searching for a balanced roster and stages with the least hazardous elements as possible, which doesn’t neccessarily mean only Final Destination and Battlefield.

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          12. I HATE the entire game.
            Sakurai is just a massive troll.
            There is NO WAY that Nintendo even TRIED to make a good game.
            This game is just a huge “fuck you!” to all Nintendo fans.
            Ever wanted to see your favorite Hero, the strongest guy in the universe, getting beaten up by a little girl and a duck? Now you can, with the Wii Trainer, and the Duck Hunt Duo!

            Sakurai even said that he didn’t make Ridley playable, because it would destroy the characters “portrait”… Why does he care after he COMPLETELY DESTROYED the portraits of at least 4 characters, in this VERY game.
            Wii Trainer is NOTHING like in her games.
            Rosalina is NOTHING like in her games.
            Pac Man is NOTHING like in his games.
            Duck Hunt Duo is NOTHING like in their game, they are even FRIENDS now… Why not make Dr. Wily Mega Man’s best friend? They are ENEMIES FFS!

            But yea… good thing that you didn’t “scale down” Ridley, and “slow” his movement (his words), because that would ruin his “portrait”… What a massive liar and troll…

          13. Just read that Sakurai said, that they wanted to allow everyone to play the game how he likes to…

            WHAT A MASSIVE LIE!

            Sakurai got FURIOUS! even INSULTED Smash Bros fans, for enjoying the game in a way, it was not intended.
            Sakurai WANTED people to play the game as a stupid party game, and he couldn’t stand the fact, that people prefered the game without items, and without stupid stages. Just a free battlefield, and the fighters.
            Sakurai HATES people who play the game “serious”, he certainly doesn’t want them to play the game how they want.

            And this is exactly the problem. There is NO customization at all in this game.
            You HAVE to play on stupid levels and you HAVE to play with stupid enemies and most of the time, you HAVE to put up with completely imbalanced items.

            It’s a shame how much you can lie in a position like his.
            He can literally promise people everything they want to hear, and doesn’t have to keep any of those promises.
            And that’S exactly what he is doing, he promises us that we can play however we want, and THAT IS NOT TRUE at all.

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