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Wii U Has Apparently Sold 8 Million Units Worldwide Since Launch In 2012

The Wii U has reportedly sold 8 million units worldwide since the system launched back in 2012. Nintendo’s latest home console has sold in total 8.22 million units worldwide thanks to a good Christmas due to Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8. It’s still got a way to go to beat the other consoles with regards to sales, but it’s certainly good progress.

Thanks, JapanGamer

168 thoughts on “Wii U Has Apparently Sold 8 Million Units Worldwide Since Launch In 2012”

    1. pretty sad numbers regardless. I hear too many people bragging about the number of great games but missing the point that the Wii U is just not selling so it’s still a failure. 8 million after 3 xmas seasons? Ugh. There is zero chance that they will keep making games for this past 2015. It’ll still get the games announced for it i.e. Yoshi’s Wooly World, Mario Party 10, X, Zelda and Star Fox..but no way they give us Metroid, Mario Galaxy, Pikmin 4, Animal Crossing, etc.

      Still, the Wii U will have plenty of great games to justify its purchase. The only way things improve is if they knock about $100 off the price and make it a standard $199. They actually needed to do that this xmas. Oh well

        1. I think next year we can see a updated version of the Wii U, USB 3.0 support, possibly USB 3.1. no disk drive, 4GB. And maybe a slim version of the gamepad that well launch with second gamepad support. Maybe that could be 250$ but the current system well stay were its at

      1. The gamecube and N64 were both considered failures in regards to sales as well, yet they are both filled to the brim with classic games, and were supported by Nintendo all the way through. Hell, the gamecube is still my favorite console. Yet, the Wii was a huge success in terms of sales, but my least favorite console because of how much crap was on it that wasn’t even fun. The Wii U already has many games the many owners including myself love, and already many exclusives coming next year that I’m totally hyped for. What matters is the GAMES. You’re not a fucking bank clerk, stop preaching about goddam sales when you’re a GAMER. So fucking stupid. If anything is a failure right now, it’s my PS4 and Xbone which just keep collecting dust. I don’t give a rats ass how much they have sold, I still play my PS3 more than PS4. The only game I have reserved is Arkham Knight for Xbone.. wow one game, how exciting! Everything else is either open-empty world garbage or MORE fps games. Tired of playing the same shit I played on 360/PS3 all last gen. Not too mention buggy as all hell. Please shut the FUCK up about sales unless you’re a goddam investor! Gamers nowadays are fucking stupid and it’s driving me crazy!

              1. Who are these people claiming the vita is doing better than the wii u? I must get some of there drugs, because they seem to be working better than mine ;)

                1. Exactly, you know Nintendo made a fucking shitty console. Who the hell thought that people wanted a brick as a controller.

                  1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                    Exactly my point too, you know the ancient egyptians wanted to worship Bastet, the Cat Goddess instead…

                    Who the holy N thought that the human cattle would want a dog for a god?…

                              1. Well it seems pretty quality if it’s selling more than the AbominationU. Hell the architecture of the PS4 shits on the Wii U or shall I say a flattened Wii.


                    1. PS Vita:
                      JP: December 17, 2011
                      NA: February 15, 2012
                      NA: February 22, 2012
                      EU: February 22, 2012
                      AUS: February 23, 2012
                      CA: October 2, 2012

                      Wii U
                      US/CA: November 18, 2012
                      EU/AUS: November 30, 2012
                      JP: December 8, 2012

                      Try again please

                      1. Why don’t you try and compare PSVitanic to Nintendo 3DS. They’re both PORTABLE game systems. The Wii U is just a HOME CONSOLE. Therefore, your comment is invalid and a double edged sword.

              1. The Vita has been selling great in Japan even outselling it’s cousin the PS4 over there and besides the Vita has been out for 3 years going on it’s fourth and btw we won’t know the OFFICIAL sales numbers of the Wii U until Nintendo reveals them at their NPD conference………………dumbass

                1. What people don’t realize is NPD is estimated too. There is no way to find out the total number sold as every retailer do not report their numbers. NPD, Media Create, and the others are estimated. They are the closest to the real number. VG Chartz are estimated and sometimes close and sometimes way off.

                  1. um yes there is a way

                    it’s called quarterly report
                    stock companies are sort of obligated to publish details about their business finances you know?

                    1. That’s shipped to the retailers not to consumers. I am only speaking of shipped to consumers. Shipped to retailers is the only way it can be tracked. Shipped to consumers there is no way to tell since not all retailers report what they sale. I’ve asked a few small retailers who has said they do not.

                      1. and yes it’s fairly easy for nintendo to track, if a retailers orders a new batch then it’s likely because he’s running out of stock

            1. look at all the Nintenhypocrites who are going to come to this article and say it’s VGchartz when all these years most of them have been using VCchartz as ammo against ponies and bots lol

                  1. Yes, and as we all know, true information comes from whatever source suits our emotions. If you like Nintendo and a site says that something of theirs is selling badly, then the site is wrong, but if it says that something Nintendo made is selling good. The information is clearly valid.

                    Gooood, goooooooooood.

                    1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                      VGchartz is never a realiable source whether they say something positive or negative about Nintendo so no…

                      1. nintendo not going to make supermariogalaxy3 to use the wiiu engin? sounds mental to me only nutters think nintendo wont make a another new mario game for the WIIU

              1. How is that true? The Wii U should be close to 9 million or right at it by now based on vgchartz’s own tracking of the Wii U’s weekly sales numbers and besides vgchartz has been known for undertracking sales anyway

            2. CONSOLES XBOX IS DEAD








              1. Out of that I’ll bet about 500 000 people are getting dust. Just adding to the ‘army’. So there are 500 less commanders now.

              2. If you’re only a commander when you buy a Wii U, then you’ve been falsely representing yourself for a looong time. Especially since you’ve bought a Wii U like half a year ago.

                1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                  I’m a Commander because I’ve been with Nintendo since the Game&Watch, I’m godd at gaming in general while you weren’t even born so anyone inferior to me does not have any valid arguments against me in any way and that’s final…

            3. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

              8.22 Million WiiUs being sold at a profit. Nintendo software and Amiibos selling like hot cakes. 3DS the best eighth generation console is almost at 60 million sold.
              New 3DS has already sold over one million consoles in Japan alone. No “JUNK” status tag for Nintendo stock. money in the bank in reserves. Zelda WiiU and Starfox WiiU in 2015. As the greatest scientist of our times Sir Isaac Newton would say:


              I discovered calculus,

              worked on mirrors and their scientific theories;

              Sound etc.

            4. Is it too much to ask for a reliable chart in gaming i have problems with both the NPD and Vgcharts
              The NPD Cuz the lump all the games and it’s different versions as one i just wanna know how a game or console is doing dammit

              1. You can always purchase the NPD report which will break it down for you but it is still estimates as well. It is very hard to get correct information if some retailers do not report their sales.

            5. Can i ask why there is a picture of falco instead of the console itself on a news article about the console instead of falco and people are talking about the console instead of falco?

            6. Even if its not at 8 million its close.

              Its definitely going to keep selling past 8 million

              In the wong run the console will continue to have hits for the core audience nintendo fans.

            7. Nintendo should advertise this console more, they said they will promote MK8 for a year, and I haven´t seen many TV adds… They should promote SMB for WiiU, Hyrule Warrios, Bayonetta… I mean, there´s so much potencial, c´mon! I want Nintendo to do better!

              1. All the praise that they have recieved for Wii U this year, is easy advertising material. Promote how well recieved 2014 has been for Wii U by critics and people that are iffy about the console, will reconsider and buy one, once they have enough money to spend on entertainment…

              2. I don’t know what country you are in or networks that you watch but I have seen Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta, and Super Smash Bros. advertised a lot. The networks where I have seen it the most is TBS, Disney, Adult Swim/Cartoon Network. I have seen them on other networks but these the ones I remember the most.

              1. It’s not considered amazing by any stretch of the imagination, considering it’s been out for 2 years, but it’s not disastrous either, it’s just alright, nothing special. However, I am loving using my Wii U, even 2 years on. If it sells more than Gamecube at least by the end of it’s lifecycle, then I would consider that good enough…

                1. if it’s going to sell more than the gamecube sales will have to pick up a bit more though

                  but to be honest i don’t really care

                  it’s not like huge sales figures will make the console any better than it is
                  i’m pretty happy with it and i would consider that good enough

                  1. Wii U will likely be on the market for 6 years total, so 1 extra year compared to Gamecube. However, I agree, as long as Nintendo don’t let sales hinder their quality of games on Wii U, then I am happy…

              2. 8 million in 2 years is bad. That’s like they are selling at 4 million per year. In other words, it will take them 25 years of continuous Wii U sales to catch up to the original Wii.

            8. Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros for Wii U may have been the major factor for any success the Wii U has recieved this year, but you can’t overlook any of the other games that have provided a supporting role for Wii U. Lesser looked games such as Donkey Kong Country:Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, that have been well recieved, but are not considered ‘System Sellers,’ such as Smash Bros and Mario Kart…

              1. the wiiu has no games coming out for it and nintendo does not want to support it i am bored with my wiiu and supermario3dworld sucks it is a crap game

            9. I’m starting to think everyone who wanted a Wii U has one and there won’t be much Zelda U or Starfox will do to increase hardware sales anymore.

              1. i’m pretty sure that everyone who wanted a wii u and had the cash to buy one has one now :P

                it’s those people who do not yet *know* they want one that matter


            11. Here, I’ll say it since no one else will. GOOD JOB Nintendo! I mean, damn!

              *puts on golden armour in preparation for hater onslaught*


            12. Pretty good numbers actually but I don’t forsee any jump in sales any time soon, probably won’t see it until Zelda U comes out.

              1. Horrible numbers, not pretty good. Wtf.

                What I Don’t understand is that Vgchartz had the Wii U selling 400k units a week back on Nov. 29th. A few days later they changed it to like 160k. And then numbers stayed pretty low. Honestly I don’t think vgchartz knows how many Wii U’s have sold.

                I don’t trust vgchartz too much, but I don’t think Wii U numbers are much higher than 9 million.

                So Much for hitting 10 million this year..

            13. I don’t get it. Sickr often says he does not use vgchartz as a source as their numbers are not accurate…But then I see many articles with their figures as source. Does this mean you just report what you think would get many hits? Sickr?

            14. Very bad news. I thought they would reach 11 million by now. PS4 hit 14 million and Xbox One will reach 12 million in about a month or two.

            15. 8 million in 2 years is bad. That’s like they are selling at 4 million per year. In other words, it will take them 25 years of continuous Wii U sales to catch up to the original Wii.

            16. Smash Bros also did NOT increase the install base. People who ALREADY owned Wii U picked up Smash Bros. I would imagine that Bayonetta 2 sold rather poorly. Zelda might turn around sales, but not significantly.

              1. ” Smash Bros also did NOT increase the install base. People who ALREADY owned Wii U picked up Smash Bros. ”

                Yet before Smash Bros launched the Wii U’s install base was at around 7.29 million….smh. Is someone paying you to be retarded or what?

                1. 700,000 console units is not due to Smash Bros. It is Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, and Bayonetta 2. And, that’s pretty sad if you think about it.

            17. Face facts. Nintendo is the only game in town. Microsoft can’t get off the mat, Sony has become North Korea’s bitch, and Steam… yeah right! Funny, in 2013, Nintendo was the butt of the joke. Now, Sony is.

              1. no on the wii u, there has been too much mario already. And as Shigueru-san said Mario will appear in other spin off. Furthermore Super Mario Wii U and 3D world did not save or should I said boost the sale for this console. Sunshine 2 or Galaxy 3 won’t either, and it would be a wise decision not to release those games for the wii U. You don’t want to saturate the public with Mario. the wii U needs more metroid, star fox, F-zero, kid icarus, RPG, Yoshi watch, Pokemon, street fighter (you needs to include a large range of people), FIFA.

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            19. 8 million is disappointing. Seriously Nintendo need to cut their prices of both 3DS and Wii U. Plus they needed to have done decent black Friday sales as the Xbox One and PS4 had incredible deals which is why their sales are higher this holiday. Imagine if Wii U with 4 games was $149 for black Friday they’d have boosted sales

              1. Four games and a Wii U for 150 dollars? Yea, and it would have lost the company a shit load of money. Nintendo would rather not sell any consoles than give them away.

            20. well it’s no a good number, does not matter how you try to spin it. Now the competition here in UK has been ferocious.I did understand a PS4 or a Xbox One normally £349 was 299.99 (£50 off) with assassin’s creed unit and rogue and other games (3 or 4 games in total), I think that was the deal but don’t quote me on that.

              Nevertheless Nintendo should have done more in term of promotion and a bundle would have been more than welcome. This is where Nintendo got it wrong , the marketing. Saying xmas was just PS4 and xb1 here in Uk cause the ads on TV was bombarded of those two consoles. Nintendo Europe (not just UK) have to do more, there is not way Nintendo can’t survive with low coverage.

            21. I doubt these numbers are wholly legit. Let me guess..VGCharts? I dont trust those inaccurate fuckers for any so called “news” which is the video game version of Fox News propaganda.

              1. And to be completely fair here, these numbers are in fact up until Dec. 13th. Strong sales will last until the second week of January. (you can look at vgchartz past numbers to confirm this). So that gives the Wii U at the very least, three to four more solid holiday weeks. The last three weeks are always the highest aswell. (again look at past vgchartz numbers to prove this).

                So given this information, Nintendo should have no problem passing the 9 million mark by the first week of January. It’s not a homerun, but it’s a solid double, and Nintendo will reach thier quota with those numbers. So the haters can really just chill out… I even overreacted a little before looking at the facts. Last Holiday Nintendo sold 2 million Wii U’s, and it looks like they will do a little bit better than that this year.

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