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Amiibos Are Tied With Disney Infinity For Sales At Best Buy


We already know that Amiibo are immensely popular, but what might surprise some people is that they’re currently tied with Disney Infinity for top 50 “game to toy” figure at US retail chain, Best Buy. Amiibo have already overtaken the immensely popular Skylanders at Best Buy and are currently battling it out with Disney Infinity. This is only one retailer in the United States, but it does bode well for the future of the Nintendo figures.

40 thoughts on “Amiibos Are Tied With Disney Infinity For Sales At Best Buy”

  1. Dayum! Even without a true Amiibo game… This is the last thing I expected.

    Also didn’t expect Infinity sold more than Skylanders…

    1. Is IS happening though. It would be interesting to see the actual numbers, to see which is truely in the lead and by how little it is ahead by…

  2. Disney Infinity launched last year in August.
    amiibo launched a little over a month ago.
    Equal share at Best Buy.
    This is going very well.

    1. Indeed. This bodes well for the future of Nintendo. Also, Nintendo started off as a toy company, so they just went back to their roots…

  3. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

    Actually Marvel is a more popular brand than Nintendo. Makes sense. Have you seen those Rocket Raccoon amiibos?! Not to mention Spider-Man brings in more revenue than any fictional character on the planet.

    Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell has spoken! And thus, it is so! !!

    1. Well… not every part of the world knows Marvel or even likes it. It would say that this fame is only given in the NA. Honestly, I’m not a Spiderman or Batman fan, because I never grew up with them and I was born in the late 70s. This really be a thing in the NA, but here in EU… I’m not sure if this has the same hype.

      1. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

        Actually, more people saw the Avengers than owned a Wii. Those are hugely staggering numbers, and numbers don’t lie. So there you go.

        1. Doesn’t make them as much of a house-hold name as Mario. Besides, a game console is a long-term investment, whereas a movie ticket is just that; a single movie ticket. Much less expensive than a game console.
          “So there you go.”

          1. You mean to tell me a company that has produced some of the most well known characters in comics, next to DC is not mainstream enough to have household names like Spiderman, X-Men, Captain America, and Iron Man. All which were created BEFORE Mario?!

            1. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

              Ding ding, we have a winner! Marvel is much bigger than Nintendo. Popularity wise. They’ve had best selling books published every single month since the early 1960s. We all know not even Nintendo could rule the box office or public consciousness they way Marvel is now and has been fir the last 15 years.

            2. We’re talking games here, though. Not movies or comics.
              Compared to Mario, Spiderman will always be a bigger comic book name.
              But not a bigger video game name.
              When you’re talking game-related things, Mario IS the household name that all others hold as standard.

              1. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

                Yes. Just clarifying why Disney Infinity 2.0 has amiibos that run ranks with Nintendo IP at this point. To cross mediums so massively like that is a huge accomplishment for Marvel.

                1. But that’s not where those characters are from. When you think Ironman, you think comics, not movies, unless you’re a new-gen that had literally no exposure to any sort of comics.

                  And even with movies, Mario has been a part of so many more childhoods thanks to the plethora of recognizable titles that he’s in, that the sheer number makes his name bigger by association compared to the number of movies someone like Iron Man has been in.

  4. To be frank, I see Skylanders as a better games than Infinity, because Infinity is nothing but a sandbox game with no story… in my eyes pretty boring. On the other side, Skylanders is damn naive and sometimes so silly, that it hurts (and yes, I know that those games are made for kids in the first place). But an Amiibo game would be interesting, the question is “How to do so and what would the story be?” because, honestly… we don’t need another dumb sandbox games like Infinity.

    As for me, I have Samus, but it is hard to say if I will get another one… maybe Sonic and Megaman… and Lucario? The problem really is that there is no use for those characters and the extra device for the 3DS is not out yet… or have I missed that completely?

    In any case, it is interesting to see what Nintendo has got in planning for the Amiibo series.

  5. Now for Nintendo to step-up their support for these figures, perhaps with an “amiibo game” (for 3DS and Wii U). Perhaps they are a bit of a sell-out, but if they help keep Nintendo’s bottom-line in check then I say fantastic, bring them on. Look at it this way – Amiibo will fund the development of Zelda U (or whatever your favourite Nintendo project is), and we have to be pleased about that!

  6. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

    I am buying Amiibos in anticipation of Zelda WiiU and Starfox WiiU. Amiibo based RPG on the Mario RPG scale would be amazing and sale consoles and more toys.


  7. I guess (for now), I will accept that Nintendo is for kids (like Tricks) BUT that doesn’t mean I have to like it! At least we have the Xbox… although it’s far from perfect.

  8. this will bring so much money for Nintendo – it will save their annual results. could be the saver for Nintendo till their next platform arrives (i think sometime in 2016).

  9. I like to think this is due to the fact that Disney Infinity appeals to boys and girls whereas Skylanders has more just a boy Vibe. Amiibos appeal to boys, girls, and adults.

    I own both Infinity and Amiibo, and I’m a 24 year old male. In the last month I have bought only 5 Infinity figures (including the 3 that come in the marvel starter pack), but I have purchased 11 Amiibo. I know I reflect a smaller group of gamers, but I feel like that reflects a small part of the demand for these figures, at least the oldschool gamer portion.

    1. I know the Pac-man will sell quick once its announce. Its one of the one I am waiting for along with Game and Watch (unlikely it will happen).

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  11. Before making any conclusions it would be nice to see the sales numbers from other major retailers like Toys’R’Us, WalMart, Target, GameStop. You know – there is a lie, a big lie and statistic. You can manipulate numbers in any direction.
    I am interested in all 3 series – DI, Amiibo and Skylanders. For the last 4 years (when first Skylanders game launched) I bought a lot of these toys. The Best Buy was the last place I bought anything from. Mainly because of poor choice and being too late for new stuff. I think sales numbers from TRU would be more representative but Amiibo will lose in this case to both DI and Skylanders. Just my 0.02c

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