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Here’s A Resident Evil Gamecube Vs PlayStation 3 HD Comparison Video

Capcom’s Resident Evil HD remake for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One is now available in Japan so Tilmen from Nintendomination has decided to make a comparison video to the original GameCube game which launched back in 2002. I will leave it up to you to determine which version looks better.

Thanks, bonzai

43 thoughts on “Here’s A Resident Evil Gamecube Vs PlayStation 3 HD Comparison Video”

      1. What if you played the games the first time? :S

        PS4 is ok…and nothing wrong with a remake for those who missed it.

  1. I own this game and I play it on a 36″ Sony Wega with component cables (this gives me 480 progressive scan resolution).

    From what I can see, this test was not done with component cables. My TV has much better contrast as well.

    So the benefits I see to the remake are a 16:9 aspect ratio and full 1080p resolution. Otherwise, the GameCube is still rocking those specs.

  2. really annoyed that this isn’t coming to the wii u…. it was a nintendo exclusive first so it’s a huge slap in the face…

    1. Capcom should’ve been forcibly bought by Nintendo… they would instantly have another studio with big game cababilities at their fingertips. Not to mention a few ip’s to trade off to microsoft for some of the old rareware ips.


    lolcom cashing in on unwanted games with clunky outdated 2 d stupid controls has no place in 2014/15

    these could be released on eshop by crapcom in small file sizes

  4. the test looks fake to me theres no greasy film over the gamecube version like that

    i too played gamecube via a conponent cable on a 120hz pro scan 576i-p 32 inch tv back in the day

        1. Well then we’re not the idiots. They are, for using unreliable and unfair comparisons.

          Yea, let’s compare two games, but show one of those games with an unusually low quality becouse we are too lazy to hook the gamecube up to the right t.v.. Whats the point in comparing them then!

          In fact, everytime these guys do a comparison, one of the games has an unusually low quality. If I had to guess, I Would say they are purposely sabotaging one version to make the other look better…. Humans are so easily bought..

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  6. Is it my phone, or do the ads on this site activate on a hair-trigger?
    I can barely navigate. :/

    Setting up my new phone tonight. Guess I’ll see soon enough.

    Gamecube + component FTW.

  7. Pfff… this is just a plain remake. Nothing new or something. Capcom shows once again what they can do best… milking the fanboy cash cow. I played both Zero and Remake. Were funny but not worthy to buy the game again.

    1. I disagree. RE remake is the best survival horror game ever made, and now for the first time non-Nintendo fans have a shot at playing it.

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  10. Why pay for a remake when I can play the original?

    I can understand if it’s only for the PS4 and XBOne, but ignoring the Wii U when they are releasing the game on PS360?

  11. I am still very angry that Crapcom won’t be bringing the game on WiiU as it should be Nintendo exclusive. I will not buying their products till they become their old self.

    Also, wtf?! Will PS4 ever get games? Why so many remakes? WiiU has the best library and X1 is doing good with exclusives. PS4 what?

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