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GameStop Italy Lists Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate With 27th February Release Date

Good news for Monster Hunter fans as GameStop Italy has possibly dated the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the Nintendo 3DS. The retailer says that the game is coming to Europe on February 27th. All we’ve heard from Capcom is that the game is coming sometime early this year, so a late February release date would stack up. Hopefully Capcom will confirm it soon.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida

15 thoughts on “GameStop Italy Lists Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate With 27th February Release Date”

  1. I hope they plan on releasing the New 3DS along with it. Even better if they release the MH4 bundle Japan received. I really don’t feel like using the circle pad pro anymore, especially after playing MH3U on Wii U for so long now.

          1. Well if that was translated accurately, that isn’t good. Was hoping we would get that bundle and this says there is no chance we will.

            It doesn’t really say anything about when the New 3DS will release either. Besides what we already knew, that it would release sometime in 2015. I tried looking myself but there isn’t anything official other than saying Europe and NA will get it in 2015.

            Stupid region locks.

            1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

              I’m sure we will get them eventually, at least Europe will get it for sure someday considering Lord Shibata often makes great deals nowadays…

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  3. I still have my fingers crossed for this to be the release date for NA and for them to release the ltd edition New 3DS along with it. Nintendo are fools not to do that imo, but they know what is feasible more than I do. All I know is the MH4U ltd ed N3DS is a day one purchase for me otherwise… I’ll wait.

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