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GameStop Selling GameCube Adapter With Two GameCube Controllers For $79.97

It looks as though GameStop have received some more GameCube adapters but as you can guess they aren’t selling them separately. If you want one you’ll need to fork out $79.97 which nets you two GameCube controllers and a GameCube adapter. They’re currently in stock so if you fancy this deal then get it now.

Thanks, Mr.AngerProblems

47 thoughts on “GameStop Selling GameCube Adapter With Two GameCube Controllers For $79.97”

          1. Gamecube is one of the best controllers I have ever used, maybe even the best I’ve ever used. The worst is the 360 controller. 360 controllers don’t last very long before they start giving you problems.

            1. I like them both a lot. But I enjoyed MK8 more. Smash Bros is always amazing but the new one is kind of underwhelming imo. Sometimes I actually feel as if I had more fun with Brawl.

  1. You need to see how much each cost individually, add them together and see how much you really want and need one to decide whether or not it’s worth it. If it is, then go for it, if it’s not, then hold out for a better deal…

  2. I ordered this late last night and it already shipped!Your still paying the same cost as the controllers are always $30 each so your still paying the MSRP of $20 for the adapter.I still payed less then the scalpers prices and got 2 brand new $30 GCC’s to boot.Wait a little while and the controllers alone will cost over $100 each new in the box on Amazon and Ebay when Nintendo stops making them again.

    1. Counting the same bundled controller/adapter thats $50 EACH and compare it to x2 $100+ worth bundles for $80 which is $20 less than the total retail price you’re paying for, I say that your math is as off as your common sense to use a calculator and internet to research the retail pricing first before mouthing off in stupidity.

      1. IIRC, The adapter alone costs $20. I’ve seen controllers online for $10. No need to get mad everytime I post, OK? Keep your ADHD under control.

  3. This isn’t really saving anything. But it’s still better than spending $100+ for the adapter alone online.

  4. Even though I am one of the biggest GameCube fans out there, I don’t see why Nintendo even re-released these controllers when you can just buy a Wii U Pro Controller….

    Pro Controller = $50
    GCN Controller + adapter = $50

    The Pro Controller is wireless and can be used for hundreds of games. The GCN controller can only be used for SSB on Wii U.

  5. It’s all about the money, why can’t they just sell individualy- they would be just as popular and more affordable for those who don’t have $80 to spare

    1. Maybe they should be free? C’mon $80 is not a lot of money. The reason they are not $30 is because some douche will buy them all and sell on ebay. Then you will whine that they are sold out. Stop being a whiner.

      1. And what exactally is stopping scalpers from simply buying the pack as well? It doesn’t help to alienate people who just want the adapter without paying for stuff they don’t want, and while $80 may not be “a lot” to you it is to other people who do not want to pay for a silly bundle.

        1. Okay.
          It’s like this.
          The amount of wannabe scalpers is reduced.
          At $30 most people will buy 3. (self,friend,sell)
          At $80 one is enough for most and that alone will at least help combat the supply and demand problem also, the scalpers that work with these types of product probably have to be a little cautious at $80 a piece since the abundance of ‘cube controllers will be a factor and will eventually lower the value of the bundle to the current value of the adapter. The reality is, Nintendo is building a stockpile of them and can/will ship ’em at any time, thus potentially ruining a scalpers day and teaching some kids a lesson.

  6. If you REALLY wanna play with the GC controller but don’t want to wait for that plastic to go back down to its MSRP, just buy the adapter that plugs into the wii remote. It’s around $20 and works perfectly, for me atleast (no noticeable button lag).

  7. its really a wash. they want you to buy the controllers from them and then you get the adapter at suggested retail price. best deal available right now though.

  8. I do love that sexy feel of the Game Cube controller. But honestly I’d rather spring and buy a actual GameCube system. Start playing some of those gems again.

      1. bagels has a point I have a wii fit trainer and a villager that I’m looking to get some decent cash for. not that I like ripping people off but when you have something of value it’s only logical to make a profit on it regardless of its original retail value.

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