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Survey Says Interest In Developing Games For Wii U Rose Slightly In 2014

The percentage of developers planning to release a game on Wii U rose slightly in 2014, according to the latest annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) poll. In addition, GDC officials have revealed that about six percent of survey participants said they anticipated that their next game would be released on the Wii U. Another six percent of those surveyed said the game they are currently developing will be released on Wii U.

72 thoughts on “Survey Says Interest In Developing Games For Wii U Rose Slightly In 2014”

  1. This increase is probably because the install base has increased. Also after successful games like Shovel Knight other devs probably think they have a shot at getting huge sales for their games too.

    1. On my previous post I was thinking of Indys. Actual third-parties rarely see success on the Wii U. Still I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re attracted to the Wii U for the same reasons as the Indys, but as long as they bring games to the console their reasons don’t really matter. .

      1. Quality suceeds. Shovel Knight sold well because it was well promoted and made with care, which can’t really be said about a lot of third-party games. The Directs help a lot, too.

      2. And you wanna know why? Look at ALL of their Wii U ports with many missing features charging full price. Nintendo games arent that stupid to realize they’re all gimped and all third parties are doing is feeding bullshit every time. That’s why most are not buying their garbage and I’m glad they’re showing their intelligence for that.

        1. We have our select few who wants third party games on the Nintendo Wii u. We’re hard at work trying to deliver those great games to who support and enjoy third party games. We cater to all our fans and listen to them aswell.

            1. It may not appear that we are listening but we are. My power doesn’t go beyond Nintendo of America. Iwata is doing is best to deliver what fans demand. It takes him time but he’ll eventually fulfil those demands.

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                                      1. Right and what are the chances that most of them arent half assed and broken for your money? Same bullshit except the other two platforms are too stupid to notice or care. Nintendo gamers strive for quality and fun WHICH third parties aren’t known for anymore. Its about cheating your money with false hype. So congrats on looking like a fool buying incomplete crap.

                                    1. Yes! We have a bunch of new games from third party developer’s for you and family can enjoy this year. The Nintendo Wii u will be the center of enjoyment for your family and for anyone of all ages. Please stay tuned as 2015 is the year that Wii u will dominate the gaming market.

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                                          1. Nintendo is stupid. You pay $200 plus taxes for a new 3Ds and pay for a charger and sales taxes. That’s more money than selling them together.

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                                                                2. Sadly, I doubt those publishers are going to blow the dust off their catalogs of past genres & titles. Heaven forbid a 3rd party actually releases a Wii U game that fits the Ninty/pre-7th gen Sony/SEGA/Atari audience. Well, except indies.

                                                                  But lemme guess: more photorealistic, hardcore audiovisual, glitchy FPS/Sandbox interactive movies populated by pretensious characters that still won’t sell on Wii U. Imagine that. Oh, wait…

                                                                3. I still don’t think 3rd parties are gonna develop for the system at all AGAIN. These devs don’t give a fuck about quality games anymore. Only how fast they can make them and how well they can run and look. 2014 is clear example of this statement. Nothing but glitchy 3rd party games or overhyped games.

                                                                  1. What about the devs that do care about quality? They aren’t making anything on Wii U either. Why do you think that is?

                                                                    1. Well imo the one reason why no one wants to develop on the system is because of its hardware. The PS4 and Xbox One are systems that work very much like PCs so it’s easier for devs to work on and its easier to make their games look and run great. The Wii U on the other hand is different and if they want to make their games look and run well, etc. they’re gonna have to develop the game from the ground up on the Wii U and that would take time because… well… they don’t know how. And they don’t wanna take their time to maybe learn how. I mean Platinum Games did that with Bayonetta 2 right? Didn’t that game play well? Also they’re always saying the Wii U is not capable of this and cant do that, etc. but Nintendo has been making their games on it and they’ve been amazing and there isnt anything wrong with them. Which means that it is possible for the Wii U to do the things the developers want but they just dont wanna take the time to know how. This is my sort of theory on the 3rd party on Wii U

                                                                          1. Sales is a big factor though. It’s not really that they don’t know how to work the system. They have to cut corners and downgrade the game to run on the Wii U, but it won’t be worth it if they don’t get their money back. Developers are still making games (like CoD for example) on PS3 and 360 and they have to downgrade there too. Difference is that they’re actually making money from those ports and the effort pays off. If a third party game released on the XB1, PS4, and Wii U, do you think people are going to get the Wii U version? Of course not. Maybe hardcore Nintendo fans but not everyone else.

                                                                            1. Yeah that’s a major factor I forgot too. Thanks and you’re right. Hopefully Nintendo would try and make their next system more open to 3rd parties. I’m kind of sad though cuz I like how creative the Wii and Wii U is but their gonna have to stop with the gimmicks and start making more powerful consoles now :( But that’s for the better I guess

                                                                              1. At this point, I don’t think it would matter what Nintendo did. Whether they made their console more powerful, more developer friendly or what. I don’t think it would make a difference because most third-party companies have developed this weird, racist sort of attitude towards Nintendo. I’ll never understand it as long as I live. All I know is that I’m SO glad that I’m not one of the Sonyans or Xbots. A gamer who thinks that the best console is the one with the most power. (- _ -)

                                                                                1. True. I have a feeling you’re right but I still feel that they maybe still have a chance for 3RD Parties to still develop on Nintendo next generation. I dunno, I can still see it happening a bit.

                                                                              2. I think it’s most likely WB (Lego games), Namco Bandai, Capcom (possible MH4 port), Tecmo Koei, indy games developing companies, Sega, Ubisoft (Just Dance bullshit), and maybe just maybe Activision but other than that I don’t see any of the other major 3rd party publishers coming to the Wii U because of them being too stubborn and greedy and them wanting Nintendo to take the high hard one in the ass from them. The way I see it the Wii U doesn’t really need a ” lot ” of 3rd party support. The Wii U’s exclusives and uniqueness are the selling points of the console

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