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English Localisation Work For Xenoblade Chronicles X is “Well Underway”

It’s great that we are getting splatterings of information about the long-awaited Xenoblade Chronicles X from the official Twitter account. However, its a shame that the majority of the information is in Japanese. Thankfully that hasn’t stopped dedicated members of the NeoGAF forum from translating and providing key information. The latest news comes from producer Shingo Kawabata who says that the localisation process is going well, which is great news for those of us in the west who can’t wait for the JRPG to be released.

“My name’s Shingo Kawabata, and I’m the producer for Xenoblade X. I apologize for the sudden introduction. Starting today, Mr. Takahashi won’t be the only one using this account. Several other Monolift Soft staffers will be tweeting from time to time, and I’m first up to bat.

It’s already been five years since we released Xenoblade. I know we’ve kept you waiting for quite some time but, to be honest, it’s felt like a pretty long time for us developers, too. The localization is making great progress, and I can proudly say that this game will be well worth the wait. The release is right around the corner, so get ready!”

76 thoughts on “English Localisation Work For Xenoblade Chronicles X is “Well Underway””

  1. That’s what I like to see. I think the game is still a little too intense for me, but I do like the concept behind it. I’m sure that it’ll do very well with sales.

      1. Blood and partial —— are the two things that make a game unpurchaseable for me. To save face, I call it “intense” instead of just saying that I can’t get it. It’s too bad since the concept is pretty sound and the game looks like a lot of fun. I forgot if this game is rated yet, but I know that’s why I couldn’t get the first one.

          1. ESRB says that there is though, which means that I have to skip it. It’s like how Twilight Princess is supposed to have a little blood in it so I was actually forced to skip one of the big LoZ titles. I hope Nintendo never does That again! (Though given their current trend, I don’t see that happening anymore. E-10 here we come!)

              1. No offense taken man. I’m actually over 16 right now, but it’s a rule that was implemented when I was around 5-6 and just starting the world of video games. We decided to keep the rule in place even after I grew up since it had been a tradition for so long. Why change it now right? That was our thinking anyway.

                1. you really are the vain of gaming

                  your old enough to play games with blood.. TP had about 1 or 2 moments with blood from a plant, and blood that looks like paint on a fence. just play it… its not a big deal at all.

                  1. That it’s not good in any shape or form. I’m not going to tell other people not to engage in it, but it’s not something that I plan on doing anytime soon.

                      1. That’s true. I try not to think about it though. I like to think that we are all friend zoned now and that it is a thing of the past that simply isn’t done anymore.

                  2. By “our” thinking do you mean your parents? If you’re over 16 years old and you’re still following a rule like this you really need to rethink some things. I’m not saying I like blood in all my games either but something so petty as that stopping you from playing a game is a little borderline depressing. Also compare the blood in a Nintendo game to any other on the market and it’s as tame as it gets.

                    1. That’s true and I appreciate that Nintendo has always tried to stay family friendly. It depends on how you look at the rule. This helps me not to overload on games either. Just take a look at my video game collection. A lot of those wouldn’t be on there if not for the list because I would have gotten other games. For example, if I bought MVC3 I may not have gotten the Legend of Zorro. There are always enough games to go around so it’s all right.

                  3. You should losen your buttcheeks before you turn into a fucking stick.
                    I thought you were affraid of blood or smth, like some kind of extreme phobia, but if it’s just because of your rigid way of thinking, then that just sucks for you.

                      1. There’s no reason to be like that. A little blood in video games isn’t going to turn into a psychopath or anything like that. I know your parents have set this policy (including the sex one) up for you and you’re living by it, but you’re limiting yourself a lot. Think about all the great games you’re missing out on, not to mention what will you do when you get older? No children, no wife (being serious here) you can’t live your life like that. If you want to live your life like that then please do by all means, but putting restrictions in your life will help neither you or even your parents in the long run. I honestly think your parents are over protective, you have to experience everything, in life just don’t go overboard with it and get yourself in trouble. :)

                        1. I’ve just never seen the problem with living alone. If anything, it’ll give me more time to spend on video games and visiting forums. I’ll be living the ultimate solo life. I’ve never really wanted any romantic relations, especially considering all of the stories that you hear around the world. I know that a lot of marrages end up going smoothly, but a ton of them also end in disarray so it’s a pretty dicey double edged sword. As for the blood in video games. I don’t think that it would make me do anything crazy, but it’s a nice way to keep my video game list a little shorter than it would be.

                          My biggest hobbies are gaming, blogging, and eating. So, those should keep me satisfied for the long haul. I’ll make sure not to get into any trouble along the way!

                    1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                      I understand the sexual part of life as the cattle masses are disgusting and I literally am disgusted every time I walk amongst humans…

                      But denying video games because of infantile rules is only limiting your life and joy…

                      You are 16 now which means that you can play whatever you want and pretending to ignore the horrors and disgusting nature of humans is only going to have a far greater impact on you the longer you ignore it…

                      1. Well, it’s definitely something to consider, but I’m still exposed to humanity’s flaws through other mediums like manga and television, where the limitations are a lot more lax. Attack on Titan is a shining example of why you can’t trust mainstream titles to actually be good…

                        1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

                          Just do things at your own pace. Kids these days are all in a rush to grow up. I’m glad people like you exist. And my philosophy is; if Nintendo Developed it, I’m probably gonna own it. I trust them. You can always take a 3 week break from the game after witnessing some blood. If I might ask, some of the topics on your website have characters like vampires which are known to center around human blood, and anime with lots of booby. I know you cant control boobs, but it just made me a bit curious.

                          1. Right, well it’s complicated so I’ll start with a brief recap of my site. I mainly due hypothetical battles with characters from different series and now I also do reviews for everything that I watch, play, and read.

                            Since I take requests, I certainly do see characters from many different series. Some from family friendly titles like Mario and LoZ while others come from sketchy franchises like Queen’s Blade and To Love Ru. I certainly wince when someone selects a character from a series like that, but I still throw them in as I don’t want to bar a character from joining. The only way I would a fighter is if he/she had no family friendly pictures and thanks to the power of cropping, that’s typically not a problem. It does mean that I probably won’t be able to do a whole lot of research on the character (Can’t even enter the Queen’s Blade wiki with the safety feature on so I stay clear away) but I just think of that as a reasonable weakness for the character in question. I believe that I’ve done a good job of always making sure to select pictures that are pretty safe and if you saw any that looked inappropriate on a post, please feel free to let me know.

                            I’m certainly aware of these issues and a good example is LoZ Twilight Princess. It has blood so I didn’t buy it, but I still saw the scene in question at some point. Likewise, I wouldn’t buy Marvel vs Capcom 3, but I do play it when I go over to my cousin’s house for Christmas. I don’t think small exposure to titles like that will really do any harm so playing them isn’t bad, I just wouldn’t want to own them.

                            As I mentioned earlier, the limitations are much more lax for other forms of media. (Except for books, but I find it really hard to know beforehand whether a book will be good or not so I haven’t read many books recently. I’ll be checking out the Godzilla novelization soon though) For movies, they are all fair game so long as the title isn’t R. If it is R, then I need to wait until it’s on TV (A public channel so that it is edited) and toned down to a TV 14. (Sometimes a TV PG like what they did with the Happening) I still find Horror films pretty terrible and give them low scores, but you certainly do see more violence there than in games. Likewise with shows, where the limitations are no TV-MA and no nudity. The latter typically isn’t an issue in movies anyway. For comics, it’s similar to video games in that I try to shy away from titles with blood.

                            For the record, I really can’t stand vampires though. I do love that Nintendo is consistently safe and it’s why I’m always happy to support them. I’ll buy any and all DLC that comes out for Smash Bros without a complaint and they have given us many great games over the years. I’ll never have to worry about a Mario or Kirby game crossing the line and they’ll always manage to be a lot of fun. Well, time to go play some more Super Smash.

                            Until next time!

                1. Here ya go


                  I’ve been keeping a list since I figure that it’s a good way for me to keep track. It’s also fun to look at each year so see how I’ve added to the collection. For the record, blood is okay so long as it is E-10 since it’s still aimed at children. I play a large variety of games, particularly sticking to Nintendo but I have a good number of Sony games as well.

                  1. I respect your choices you’ve decided to make, but I’m not sure Xenoblade X has any blood in it. And honestly it would be a shame for you to miss one of the best games of all time because of a self made regulation.

                    I think when you get a little older this restriction of yours will lift itself.

                    1. Well, if it does, I look forward to playing a lot of the gems that I’ve missed. MVC3, Injustice, Tomb Raider, Xenoblade, etc. If Xenoblade X doesn’t have any blood, I’ll definitely be thrilled and will purchase it right away.

                1. no.. the day gamers died from choking on their fap juice! they would get a hardon of epic proportions and whatever they do they could not for the life of them get it down! it’s like taking the whole viagara bottle in one gulp but 1000 times more effective!

                  pray to god that does not happen guys! we will die! ;-;

            1. They’ll never give us a better translation simply because most of the Japanese text is considered “inappropriate” for western markets. FE:A for example did not have bad translators, but all the text content was cut because it was too sexual or would not appeal to a western audience. I’ve read a lot of the JP text from Awakening and while it was more “mature” in content it should not have been a problem for a T rated game. If you want to blame someone for horrible translations blame Nintendo or whoever is over translation because they are the ones who change the text of the games deliberately.

          1. Translate the script then adapt the script for english speakers later comes the Dub (which i asume it will be american) that’s why japanese games ( especially JRPG) take a lot of time to come to the West

            1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

              I forgot the game involved the US. I liked the British voice actors, but I guess we won’t get them again.

                1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                  I loved them. I’m tired of always playing video games with Americans doing fake accents. In this day & age, it’s ridiculous to have actors doing fake accents when we can easily hire someone from the UK, Japan, China, etc to voice characters that are obviously British, Japanese, Chinese, Irish, etc. American video game developers are about as bad as Hollywood when it comes to this crap.

        1. You don’t have to dedicated enough to use Google translate. Its a little off but you piece together what it’s trying to translate. Good, now when the hell will this game release in us.

        2. They could just release it with subtitles… I would be okay with that. I’m really not looking forward to more British-English voice acting. Do they know that the accents are different in the UK vs. the U.S?

          1. I imagine they’re going with American actors this time.

            Xenoblade had British actors before because Nintendo of Europe localized it. This time, Nintendo of America is doing it.

          2. so it’s fair that us brits hav to put up with shitty american voice acting in every single game in existence, but you can’t take british voice acting in just one measly game? you pathetic.

        3. This is great to here it’s comes out in Japan 4/29 or 25 as it says on the website so we should get it close to that

          1. April 29th is the official Japanese release date for Xenoblade Chronicles X (Xenoblade X). Nintendo and Monolith Soft will announce the release date later this year after it’s done with the translation and the English dub (American accent, I assume).

            1. Locali-sation just doesn’t fucking sound or look right. Localization is way much better, plus localisation isn’t in the dictionary

              1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                Why would it be on American dictionaries?…

                They don’t even care about anyone else…

                    1. Than that means whatever the hell your country adds to the English language is redundant as well, since its “England’s” language.

                      1. Dude, what is wrong with you…like actually, put down the shotgun, leave your trailer maybe once a week, the Super Bowl ended a few weeks ago, you can turn that off too and discover how the world works?

                        1. Hiahahaha. Damn your comment is so fucking pathetic, but let me introduce myself
                          1. Hi I’m boss ass bitch
                          2. Lol trailer park! Really? Sorry my parents and myself make to much money for that lifestyle.
                          3. Nah I’ll keep hold of my shotgun for stupid fucks like you.
                          4. I don’t even watch the super bowl
                          5. Where even in this conversation. I think not.

        4. I know its an american ship but I still hope they have voices other than ones with an american accent…I liked the british voices.

        5. Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t make this into a ltd edition of some type which results in on one being able to buy it….. Nintendumb lately in my books.

          1. How can it be Nintendumb when you’re actually a pretendo? Don’t become one. Nintendo isn’t gonna make Xenoblade Chronicles X a limited edition like XSEED Games have done with the Wii original as a GameStop exclusive. XCX is already on the pre-order list from Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop.

            1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

              Last time I checked, XSeed had nothing to do with Xenoblade Chronicles US release. It was all Nintendo so it’s their fault it was a Gamestop exclusive.

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