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That Awesome Mario Party Mario Amiibo Will Be Timed Exclusive With Mario Party 10 Bundle


Oh dear, bad news for those of you who were hoping to score a Mario Amiibo from the Mario Party range as you’ll need to purchase the game bundle to get him. The news was revealed via Amazon’s Mario Party 10 product page. Don’t worry though, it’s only for a limited time only and I suspect those that wanted the Amiibo also wanted the game.

For a limited time, the only way to play with the Mario Party Mario amiibo included!

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

43 thoughts on “That Awesome Mario Party Mario Amiibo Will Be Timed Exclusive With Mario Party 10 Bundle”

  1. I’m not sure if this is gonna turn out to be true, since the Mario Party Amiibos are readily available to pre-order in the UK without the need to order the game too.

    (do wish articles would be a bit more clear whether they’re referring solely to the US or everywhere – doesn’t require much effort)

    1. Becouse retailers pay Nintendo cash money for the rights to exclusives, and Nintendo is a sucker for cash. Cannot say I blame them..

    1. All the amiibo figures made for the same character, work the same. So the Smash Mario and this Mario both work for all games compitable with the Mario amiibo!

    2. Yes it does, here is Nintendo official chart:

      This article ignores the Direct completely, they said something like the special packaging where you could get Mario Party with Mario Amiibo was limited, but the Mario Amiibo would be sold separately. Don’t expect the Mario or the game itself to be limited.

      I hope everyone is clear that Nintendo can manufacture more of these at any time if they smell money, they have already announced Marth is coming back.

  2. After I collect all the Smash amiibo, I’m done lol. I mean sure, I’ll pick up one if it looks cool, but I won’t try to collect every single amiibo from the other series they put out. If a Ridley amiibo comes out, I’ll be sure to pick that up asap. I know many others would too.

    1. It’s not because of this news though. This doesn’t affect me because I already have the Smash Mario amiibo, which I think looks more detailed and dynamic. It’s just exhaustion from the hunt, haha. Plus, I would be content after I collect all the Smash amiibo, because I would have every starring character from almost every Nintendo franchise.

    1. *couldn’t. Could care less means you still care. Just pointing it out.

      Yeah, this hunting for amiibos thing is rough. After the Smash series, I’m out lol

      1. That bugs me too when people say “could care less”. That means that you could actually care less than you do, so you must care at least a little! lol.

  3. This is getting annoying, the only American store that actually had these for sale is new They sold old quick, then came back for pre-purchase last night, I luckily got 1 and they are sold out again this morning :-P

  4. that’s really BS! Nintendo really pushed the whole digital downloads with the Wii U; all my games are downloads, the deluxe digital promotion was really good for me too. I think it is pretty crappy the only way to get exclusive editions like MK8, Zelda Warriors, and now Mario Party is to buy the physical editions. But then to make an amiibo(not just some promo bonus) exclusive to the bundle…the Wii U is the only console I own but honestly I am getting a very sour taste in my mouth from Nintendo lately, almost to the point of walking away.

    1. You should buy physical copies anyways. I hate this idea of all games becoming digital. I will never adapt to it. Besides, you do not truly own any of your digital games.

  5. I’ve been trying to ignore Nintendo’s bad decisions for quite a while, but….. *walks away* THAT’S IT I’M DONE!!!

  6. Nintendo is a business. Retailers give Nintendo money for the rights to exclusive merchandise. These practices have been happening since the 80’s, it’s nothing new. You cannot blame Nintendo for trying to make a profit off of their products. You do want Nintendo to succeed right? You want them to stay relevant and continue to make amazing games for you to enjoy? Well then you shouldn’t complain when they give retailers exclusive deals. It’s part of the business. Nintendo has to keep retailers happy.

  7. Another thing to add. This is a pretty obvious comment I’m about to make, but some people don’t seem to understand.

    Nintendo cannot put fans over profit. Not if they want to stay a business. Profit comes first, fans come second. Profit comes above all else, and I hate when fans become butt hurt over these facts.

    A company that puts fans above profit usually don’t last very long.

    1. “Profit comes above all else, and I hate when fans become butt hurt over these facts.” Did you say the same thing about Ubisoft or EA? Even if that may be the case, people still have the right to be disappointed.

      1. People also have the right to not support a product with their hard earned money as well. Pissing off customers and gutting them for profit isn’t always the smartest thing to do, unless one thinks they can run a business without customers.

  8. That’s it. Nintendo’s abusing this limited edition thing that’s going on, and I think they are putting little stock in stuff on purpose. And if it’s not that, they don’t care about what scalpers are ding. Either way, they a conscious of this 100% and they’re doing it on purpose to gain more publicity and attention, and I’m sick of it. I was kinda frustrated that I couldn’t get the Majora’s Mask 3DS when the Link Between Worlds one was there for a couple of months. I’m done. I have better things to spend my money on, I will not be pulled into the limited edition black hole anymore. Nintendo is being very greedy with amiibos, limited edition 3DS, Wii U adapter, etc. You’ve been a childhood inspiration Nintendo, but I can’t keep up with this greed.

  9. If Toad is the one that is most sought out (judging from the comments on previous articles), they should’ve done this bundle with him instead :3

  10. Has anyone notice that the boards have ‘odd paths’ that are blocked off that if they weren’t, it would probably be like a traditional Mario Party mode?

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