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Zelda Wii U Is Game Trailers Most Wanted Game Of The Year

Game Trailers love to produce various lists and this time they’re revealing which games they’re looking forward to the most this year. There’s some really big titles coming out this year, so it’s nice to see The Legend of Zelda Wii U take the top spot. Here’s their own personal choices for the most wanted game of 2015.

1. The Legend of Zelda
2. Bloodborne
3. The Witcher 3
4. Persona 5
5. Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain
6. Batman: Arkham Knight
7. Overwatch
8. No Man’s Sky
9. Xenoblade Chronicles X
10. Uncharted 4

60 thoughts on “Zelda Wii U Is Game Trailers Most Wanted Game Of The Year”

  1. Xenoblade X should be much higher. It should of also been congratulated on making into the list since it’s the only other Nintendo game to make the cut. It is one of “ours” is it not?

  2. 1. Xenoblade Chronicles
    2. The Legend of Zelda
    3. MH4U
    4. Final Fantasy 15
    5. Arkham Knight
    6. Witcher 3
    7. Majoras Mask
    8. Splatoon
    9. Star Fox
    10. No Mans Sky

    Fire Emblem would be on there but I dont believe it will release this year.

  3. That’s an ok list but my top ten most wanted games are……

    10. Mario Maker
    9. Batman Arkham Knight
    8. Mighty No. 9
    7. Uncharted 4 (which will determine if I buy a PS4 or not)
    6. Final Fantasy XV
    5. Yoshi’s Wooly World
    4. Star Fox Wii U
    3. Splatoon
    2. Xenoblade Chronicles X
    1. The new Legend Of Zelda

    1. Not a bad list. In fact I forgot about Mario Maker. It probably would have made number ten on my list. Mighty Number 9 will also be really good. Never been a fan of the uncharted series though.

    1. Xenoblade chronicles X. Should get your attention. They are tied with music and landscape but xeno have better story, characters, combat. As a zelda fan that you prob are you should atleast give the Wii/N3DS game a try or the new Xenoblade chronicles X.

      1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

        They’re different. Zelda will have more puzzles and dungeons and a different combat system than XCX, which is semi-MMORPG.

        Skyward Sword focused heavily on story and characterization which made it linear. This game will be open world but it could still have a really good story, just nowhere near as long as XCX’s. I beat the final boss in Xenoblade at the 101 hour mark.

      2. Just stop. You don’t even know the actual story of xenoblade x, characters….. You create your character in xenoblade x, and combat? Combat is opinionated since you’re comparing a JRPG to an action adventure game. Some people like adventure games more than jrpgs and vice versa. So you cant say it has better combat than zelda. I’ve played xenoblade and i liked it and that was the first time i got into the whole rpg scenary which later got me into dragon age. But i still prefer Zelda way more.

        1. The story of the original story is my favorite story of all time. And from what ive seen of the trailers, dialogue, treehouse and the japanese site. I can say that the story will be incredible.

          I forgot Zelda had much puzzle solving but tbh I never really liked zelda. Played Ocarina of time, both gameboy games, a link to the past, zelda 1 and 2 on nes. Zelda 1 is the only one that I really like and its not nostalgia, played it for the first time 2 years ago. Im gonna pick up majoras mask on 3DS. If i dont like it that much. I will give up on zelda.

          While Xenoblade chronicles, I was hooked when the first character died, seeked out on a journey for revenge and the game never suprises you.

          I didnt nessecary mean that zelda is a bad game. Its not just not great as Xenoblade chronicles.

          1. You gonna give up on zelda then because I’m a big fan of Zelda but I don’t like majora’s mask. Others can praise it, but not me.

  4. Awesome. It’s great to see this top the list and Xenoblade Chronicles X at least makes it on the list, albeit, a little lower down the list than most seem confortable with. But what if any game on this list fails to impress? Then what? Well it’s obvious, that game will make the most disappointing games of 2015 list. I think that Xenoblade will impress many this year as many loved Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii, so if it follows that games footsteps, then it will not be anywhere near a disappointment. In the case of Zelda, the only way I could see this failing to meet many people’s expectations, is if there is that massive world, but not much happens inside of it. Looking at the Zelda U TheGameAwards footage, it seemed a little empty from the action standpoint, but that’s from the fact that thr game, at the time, had about just under a year of development left, so that’s understandable. I hope that the full game has many different enemies to face, many NPCs, many side quests and missions in the Overworld and amazing and puzzle heavy Dungeons that the series is known for. Remember, there will be apples to pick from trees on the Overworld that you can eat, if it’s like A Link Between Worlds, it could be used to heal your health. I think that apples and other fruit could become a part of sidequest. Who know, this might become the greatest Zelda gane of all time…

    1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

      I think the overworld will be fine; they know they can’t have it empty. The only concern I have is their sacrifice of story for open-world. Skyward Sword had a really good story IMO and got the absolute best out of text speech but was criticized by fans for its linearity. If this game gets the best of both, it could be better than OoT.

  5. People, the reason why Xenoblade Chronicles X isn’t higher on the list is because first, we know almost nothing of the game. They have shown us the environment the ugly-ass characters and no real gameplay, so it is hard to get excited about that.

    Next, a lot of people have not played Xenoblade on the Wii or were able to get their hands on a couple, so these people have no idea what to expect from the next Xenoblade game, which leaves them in even more in the dark.

    I can fully understand why the video game world isn’t that excited for it. Gaming publications and other gamers who do not focus on Nintendo get games like these all the time. Big worlds, beautiful environments, explorations, etc. This is really only “new” for Nintendo fans, but to everyone else, it is low on their radar.

    Think more like other people and then you’ll understand.

    1. What are you talking about? They show improved combat, it will have a good story and characters. Great music composer, 5x bigger landscape than the Original, Mecha combat.

      Only thing i can agree on is thier faces, they look pretty dull but that wasnt a problem in the original.

      They also showed a lot more of Xenoblade X than Zelda.

      1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

        They haven’t shown too much of the story, but I’m glad for that. Other games like FFXV and Arkham Knight have shown their stories more I think.

        But I agree, the composer, landscape, Dolls, and story are all going to be great. It’s just that “Xenoblade” isn’t high-profile.

        I’ve had Smash Bros parties at my place and every time my friends are over they ask which game Shulk is from and when I say Xenoblade, it doesn’t help one bit.

      2. You are clearly a fan of Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii. Guess what, you are a rare breed. Most gamers (even Nintendo fans) have not played Xenoblade Chronicles. People like me, who’s only experience with Xenoblade is Shulk in Smash Bros, have no idea what to expect from Xenoblade Chronicles X, which means it isn’t going to be high on our most anticipated games list.

        Same goes for news publications who are listing their most anticipated games of this upcoming year. They really have nothing to base the anticipation on. We have not seen any clips of the combat, we don’t know what the story is, we have barely heard the music and every game has “big landscapes” nowadays.

        You specifically used the word “will,” because you are making an inference that the game will have all these things, but truth be told. No one really knows what Xenoblade Chronicles X will be like, which means it can’t be high up on a lot of anticipated game lists.

    2. Actually it’s new to Ps4 and Xbox players as well. Name me a game that has a world even half the size of Xenoblade X. Skyrim would be the closest, and it might be half the size… And it’s actually nothing new to Nintendo fans becouse of the original Xenoblade, which was also bigger than Skyrim.

      And I do not believe it’s low on any RPG fans radar. No matter what system of choice they have. If Xenoblade X was on Ps4, I would be equally as hyped for it.

      It’s low on most peoples radar because most people are not fans of RPG’s.

      1. Xenoblade CX is confirmed to have an open world more than 5 times bigger than the original Xenoblade, so Skyrim isn’t even half as big as Xenoblade CX.

      2. “Name me a game that has a world even half the size of Xenoblade X.” How am I supposed to do that if I don’t know how big the world is in Xenoblade X? All I know is that it is “big,” but I can’t compare it to other games with open worlds, because we have barely seen any footage.

        The point I was trying to make is that most gamers have played open world games before and they have probably played many of them. Being an open world game in itself is nothing “new.” Right now, all Xenoblade X has going for it is having a big world with big creatures… which has been done before in Monster Hunter and Skyrim. Yes, Xenoblade X might be a bigger world, but it isn’t uncharted territory.

        We need to know more about the actual game itself (not just it’s “size) to get hyped for it.

    3. Don’t go underestimating the hype for Xenoblade X. There’s been more info released for it than Zelda. The official website ( is being updated every week and we’ve already had a bunch of awesome characters revealed. You say we don’t know what to expect with Xenoblade X, well I say thats a good thing, as we know what to expect with Zelda, it’ll be the same old: Dungeons, 3 hit bosses, riding Epona, and saving princess Zelda. Yaaaaaawn! That stuff got boring a long time ago, Zelda is just 85% percent nostalgia now. Xenoblade X feels fresh, bold & ambitious and will have top-notch music, story, world, characters, gameplay, etc. It’s the new king of adventuring. Oh, and just to let you know, Nintendo has started promoting the game in Japan already. Not Zelda. But Xenoblade.

      Eat s***.

      1. I agree. Xenoblade is 13th spot in japan of best selling games (pre-order) and its gonna move higher toward release. Zelda fells dull compared to Xenoblade tbh

      2. The new Zelda is going to be a rebirth for the franchise. It is going to do a LOT of brand new things to freshen the Zelda experience. Just because we “know more” about Xenoblade X in terms of “confirmations” doesn’t mean much with the fact that the new Zelda game is like the 17th game in the franchise which means we have a good enough general idea of what the game will be like. So we can get hyped for it. Xenoblade X on the other hand is the second title in a franchise where most people never even had a chance to play the first one. How can we be hyped for a game that we have no experience with and have almost no information on.

        I don’t follow the Xenoblade website. I shouldn’t have to go “looking” for the information. The information should just come to me like it does with Zelda games. WHy doesn’t the information come in Nintendo Directs? During award shows? On t.v. commercials? The last thing I saw that had to do with Xenoblade was a trailer where they showed a couple anime-looking characters running through a big world looking at monsters eating stuff and jumping over a cliff…

        Doesn’t tell me anything about the game.

        1. Piss off you Zelda fanboy. Lots of Nintendo fans have played Xenoblade, and those people love it like no other. Even more so than the stale Zelda series. It recieved critical acclaim from critics everywhere, it’s praised beyond belief, and is the 6th most highest rated Nintendo game of all time and the best JRPG created in the last ten years. In another comment, you call out Xenoblade X for doing nothing “new” yet forget to mention the fact that players can traverse a seamless open-world, land, sea, and air in giant mechs (Dolls) that are more than 5x the size of the player character. The Dolls will be crucial to exploring areas that can’t be reached on foot and you will need them for taking down huge creatures in battle. Name me another game where I can pilot a mech at my own will to roam an entire seamless open-world? That’s right, you can’t.

          You say you shouldn’t have to go “looking” for information about Xenoblade X, and that the information should just come to you like it does with Zelda games. Okay, are you that fucking lazy? What I get from this is that you don’t like to broaden your horizons, discover new things, or challenge yourself very much. That’s an extremely unattractive trait. But anyway, the many Nintendo fans that are highly anticipating Xenoblade X actually DO follow the official site, Monolithsoft even had to reduce the bit-rate of the music because as there were so many visitors, there was not enough bandwidth.

          You say you know what to expect with the new Zelda, well, there’s not really alot to be excited about then since you already know what to expect. Let me guess – generic element dungeons? Riding Epona? 3 hit bosses? Saving Zelda? Sounds like the same-old crap I’ve played before. And none of that is “new”. With Xenoblade X, I have no comprehension of the greatness that awaits me; how do we control the Dolls? How far up into the sky can I fly? Where are the boundaries of this new and exciting alien planet? Where does this deep and distinctive Sci-fi story lead? What and who are these mysterious aliens, and why are they fighting? What is their purpose? What is Growth? Who are these awesome and intruiging characters that work beside me in B.L.A.D.E? How are we going to rebuild our lives on this hostile planet? What kind of creature is that? How do I kill it? Can I kill it on foot? Where is it’s weak point? What lurks inside this huge cave? What piece of awesome music is going to play in the next area? Etc. Stuff like that is what gets people pumped for a game, because it’s exciting, mysterious, and it surprises. This game is going to wreck peoples minds, it’s pulling out all the stops, improving upon everything that was already tip-top in Xenoblade, and taking everything to another million levels. Zelda has no chance against this beast. Also, I take it you’re too ignorant to know who’s directing this game: Tetsuya Takahashi. He’s a master in the realm of RPGs and the creator of Xeno. So a good percentage are excited for Monolithsoft’s next massive Sci-fi epic based on that alone. What we know is that Xenoblade X will be like Xenoblade, but it’ll be even bigger, badder, and have a deeper and more distinctive Sci-fi story compared to Xenoblade’s basic fantasy story that Takahashi can think of with a click of his finger. Basic fantasy stories are the only stories that Zelda and FF are capable of amounting to. Xenoblade X will go beyond everybody’s expectations, whereas Zelda U will either barely meet them or fall short.

          You just got wrecked. Just how Xenoblade wrecked Skyward Sword.

    1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

      Definitely play the original Xenoblade first, and maybe try to get it on the Dolphin emulator as I’ve heard it’s much better there. The game takes maybe 10-15 hours to get into if you don’t play RPGs or MMOs. Once you can get past the graphics and lack of voice sync, you’ll begin to really enjoy the game.

  6. Agreed. Zelda U is must. I could uderstand Xenoblade not being #1 because we basically already know everything bout it. Not storywise but the combat and music and scenerary especially how it will be just like xenoblade outlined wise. Zelda U this is the first time you see link with a different out, different horse, a new open world gameplay, new arrow, new jumping off horse ability, and new graphics. This is nothing seen before in a zelda game and it excites us even more that we barely know nothing about.

    It’s like a movie trailer where they show little to nothing of the trailer but enought to make someone very interested.

    1. “Know everything about it” on Xenoblade X and “new arrow” on zelda. New arrow is a big part of zelda? If xenoblade had a such arrow it would be bout 0.001% of the game. From what we know of Xenoblade i would say we know like 2% of the game.

      1. This is so true. Zelda has no chance at surpassing or even matching Xenoblade X in scope and ambition. The sheer size and depth of Xenoblade X will make Zelda U look like a blip.

        1. At least the character art in Zelda looks fantastic. Xenoblade Chronicles X makes me wince at their faces. The characters look like they have a physical retardation.

        2. Yes because you know how big both worlds are right? If you played Xenoblade chronicles, yeah it’s a big game sure but you have to keep going through loading screens to go to a whole different area that’s apart of a whole different map.
          New Zelda, he (aunoma) specifically said you can go very far where you can see in a distance plus the added dungeons that you have to go to and what not.

      2. Yes, because you pinpoint that one thing out of the rest right? I’m naming things that we never seen before in a Zelda game. We have bow and arrows in Zelda but the fact that it’s futuristic brings a whole new exploration in our minds on how and where did it come from. How did Link get it.

  7. All the games on this list are so fucking exciting, but yeah, definitely Zelda U top spot for me as well. Bloodborne is probly going to be great too, even though it’s yet again the same recipe with very little changes. Also, Xenoblade Chronicles at second for me, I so can’t wait for this baby, TW3 takes 3 and Persona 5 takes 4. This year’s gonna be good.

  8. Bloodborne tops everything for me. x and zelda are close behind…cant forget about no mans sky. Shit there is also monster hunter comeing out :S …AND MGS.. .

    1. Never in a million years. This is a “hype” list. You think more people are hyped for Xenoblade over Zelda?

      Get outta here.

        1. Then again, my brain is unable to compute the fandom of any game on this list BUT Zelda. MAN, people have horrible taste in games these days.

  9. Zelda Wii U is nearly EVERYBODY’s most wanted game. It’s quite possibly the greatest game series in existence.

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