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Hyrule Warriors Stands As One Of Koei Tecmos Most Successful Games


NeoGAF member ZhugeEX has provided some interesting data comparing how the various Warriors games have done in the past in both the United States and also Japan. As it stands Hyrule Warriors is one of the company’s most successful games and has achieved large sales very early on. You can check out the US sales figures in the infographic above, and the Japanese sales data below.

For those interested in Japanese sales of Wii/Wii U musou games.

Wii U

Hyrule Warriors ~130k
Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper ~35k
Fist of the North Star 2 ~15k


Samurai Warriors Katana – 35k
Samurai Warriors 3 – 320k
Samurai Warriors 3XL – 80k

New IP Musou – sales in Japan for first game
340k – Dynasty Warriors 2
1060k – Samurai Warriors
670k – Warriors Orochi (excl PSP/PC)
660k – Dynasty Warriors Gundam (inc PS2)
660k – Fist of the North Star
70k – Warriors Legends of Troy
860k – One Piece Pirate Warriors

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

42 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Stands As One Of Koei Tecmos Most Successful Games”

    1. I was exactly the same. I had played it so much and then stopped when smash came out. Now that I know Tingle is coming, I started playing again, and now i’m back into it. you really do forget how fun it is after not playing for a while.

  1. Really wish I had more time to play it, loved it myself! But Smash uses the little time I do have to play…

  2. I still want this game! I think I’m gonna pick it up next week. I’ve wanted this since it was revealed at E3. I’ve been holding off for far too long. :O

    1. I m not into it, got bored of dynasty warriors quick abd I m not interested in the slightest about this or one piece game.

      1. Really? I find Dynasty Warriors really fun. I played it on the PS2 one day and I got super addicted to it! Stayed up all night doing missions. I find it really fun to obliterate tons of enemies and take over parts of the map with my army. And now they got Zelda characters in it! And Zelda is my favorite video game series! I’m gonna spend a lot of time with this game just like I did with Dynasty Warriors and slash away at those enemies with the Master Sword! :D

        1. If you remotely enjoy a game from the Dynasty warriors series, You will fall in Love with Hyrule Warriors. It’s not just Zelda Themed, it also plays better than other games in the series. :)

    2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      I wasn’t sure if this game was for me. I bought it anyway expecting to sell it on ebay. THIS GAME… Is worth every penny. There are so many references to previous Zelda games, it’s non stop fan service. But my favorite aspect, is how they do Multiplayer. The entire game can be played with 2 people. One person gets the big screen, and the other gets the gamepad. Also, when you do decide to buy it, make sure that the first thing you do is set the game to Hard. Otherwise the enemies will just ignore you and act like punching bags which is boring.

  3. I’m in love with this game. Actually this is the only wii u game I’ve been constantly playing, almost every day since it came out. It’s really in and it’s got lots of content.

  4. I liked Hyrule Warriors. I was just disappointed that there weren’t more playable characters like I was led to believe. And I HATE Lana, the one that the whole freakin’ game is based on.

    Also, I’ll always call this company Tecmo. I hate that other word they added to it (Koei).

      1. Unfortunately, yes. But I know that you like her. She just annoys me. I suppose one of the reasons is because she’s not a real Zelda character. And the other reasons……I’d rather not get into those.

        1. But I love Lana! I think her cheerful personality and anime-ish like appearance is the best! But I can probably understand it’s the opposite for you. I do recall you said you don’t like anime? (And anime-ish characters?) So I’m guessing that’s mostly what makes you dislike her. But she’s everything perfect imo. I’ll probably spend most of my time in the game as her. Haha.

          1. Exactly. The anime-like appearance. I usually hate any game/character instantly if it has too strong of an anime look (although a part of me will always like Pokémon). My ex girlfriend caused me to HATE anime (and cosplay). Though I wasn’t crazy about it to begin with. Hopefully some day I’ll stop hating anime. But I don’t see that happening. I’m too old to change.

            1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

              Oh yeah, I remember you now! I get it man. Honestly, I’d be recked too. Though, I’m not really an Anime fan myself. (Too busy to bother) I respect your opinion. Studio ghibli though, most moe-loving otaku I know hate studio ghibli for some reason. The main thing being that it isnt “anime” enough. Probably because the company is basically emulating the American cartoon style from 1950. I thought that was interesting. You up for Splatoon though? CAUSE I’M STOKED!

            2. Ridley, the Angel of Death

              Did you know that the first anime artist was actually inspired by Walt Disney? Disney is pretty much the godfather of anime.

      2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

        Lana is so happy and cheerful. Those without happiness would find her annoying. I play as Lana every single sitting. Her combos are epic.

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      What makes it worse is the fact EVERY playable character was revealed before the game even came out, which actually led people like you & me to believe there was even more characters to play as because not once did they say the characters they revealed were the only playable characters in the god damn game!

      1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

        Cia, Volga, & Wizzro don’t count since some of us already knew these guys would be playable at some point.

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  6. This explains a few things to me.

    First, third parties can sell on Nintendo consoles still as long as they are good. Though they might need to use some of Nintendo’s IPs to do it but Nintendo said they are allowing more of that.

    Second, Nintendo has found a good third party partner. I am sure Koei isn’t going to jump ship when they know they can make a second and get more money.

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