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This Nintendo 3DS Was In A Fire Last Night And Surprisingly Still Works


The Nintendo 3DS you can see picture above was a victim of a fire last night, but surprisingly it still works perfectly fine. Nintendo products are renowned for being well made and sturdy and this is clearly a case in point. Reddit user Mightsoundsillybut says that he can still play Super Smash Bros on the console despite the obvious damage.

The left side was completely melted. The volume slider is melted closed and the SD card slot are sealed shut. However everything else made it through. Even the hard copy of sm4sh that I had to search weeks for, was in the DS at the time. No damage to it, the game still pops out. No damage to the triggers, theyre all functional. Just makes my left hand smell like burnt plastic when I’m playing! Overall.. I’m happy with how things turned out.

Thanks, WhiteEagle

66 thoughts on “This Nintendo 3DS Was In A Fire Last Night And Surprisingly Still Works”

    1. Gameboy-Survives nuclear explosion.
      DS-Survives Mount Everest
      3DS-Survives a fire.
      Wow, these Nintendo folk most certainly take durability extremely seriously. That’s great to see. Keep it up Nintendo…

      1. Well, i also made a test with my old 3DS. I took it to egypt where i had my vacation. There are 45°C (Yes, degrees, not Fahrenheit) in the shadow. I played several hours in that temperature with it. On about 10 different days.

        Had no problem with it, it didn´t burn, it didn´t get too hot. I also took my 3DS into minus 10°C last year and tried using it. It also still works. Had no Problems with that temperature as the Touchscreen still worked with that temperature. You should just avoid going from minus 10°C – into plus 20-30 degrees too fast that it cannot get condensate. Thats it. If you use this rule you will allways have fun with your 3DS.

        But this here is the ultimate proof that the 3DS was made for eternety. Try doing that with PS Vita now, lol.

        I think PS Vita would have no Chance of surviving such a fire. The left stick would be gone/melted, the Touchscreen would fail…and maybe some important eletronics too and thats it. It won`t turn on. Another Problem of PS Vita would be the missplaced battery.

  1. Reminds me of that melted gameboy color from a few years back. Gotta hand it to Nintendo, they make stuff to last.

  2. …and yet my 3DS XL takes zero abuse and stops working a week after the warranty is up. Never dropped, no water damage, nothing. Just up and stops working.

    1. Well, you should know a 3DS XL is NOT made with the same Quality as the normal 3DS. The normal 3DS is a miracle when it Comes to certain situations.

      Maybe they saved some Cents and gave the 3DS XL a one-time-fuse instead a fuse which just turns the device off and in a few minutes on again? Thats what most electricians do today. They simply choose cheaper components.

      The 3DS XL also has bad Quality plastic. the normal 3DS plastic can survice such a high temperature fire, because its thick Quality plastic. Ist heavier and more expensive.

      The 3DS XL has low Quality plastic. Try putting it in your pocket for ONE year and see how many scratches you get. Should i tell you how many scratches my normal 3DS got when doing that? ZERO!

      Thats it. Ist allways like that. You get what you paid for. And its the same with the PSP.

      The first PSP of Sony could probably survive such hard situations too (its plastic was also of higher Quality). But all other revisions…? Just no! The 2nd Revision was much cheaper, much lower cost components used. And the third Revision was even more cheap.

  3. depends on how viral it gets, it’s free promotion of their products being durable, so I think that the person has a decent chance of some acknowledgement of some sort by nintendo.

    1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

      They can’t produce anything Nokian as they were corrupted by Xbots, taken over by Xbots and ultimately exterminated by the Xbots last year, they are extinct…

  4. Lucky. The 3DS can take an abuse, remember the drop tests on Youtube? Please don’t confuse it with factory defect that the Quality Control did not detect.

    If the burn was on the hinges or near the battery, then that 3DS would have to be sent to Nintendo for repair or data retrieval.

  5. there’s one thing Nintendo has always done better than their competitors, make steady equipment. Nintendo hardware survives drops, spills, etc. better than the rest.

    This isn’t even that bad of a burn compared to the one Nintendo displays. Idk if it’s still there but the Nintendo store in NYC has a Gameboy color on display that was completely charred and still worked.

  6. build qoality as always

    my original day one gamecube has had its lid ripped of has been thrown out of a childs bedroom window thrown in a bath of water left in a cold damp dusty attick


  7. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    This is good news as he can still transfer his data to a new 3DS. Now he has an excuse to get a New 3DS & might be able to sell that burnt sucker on eBay if he so chooses to. I’m sure there is someone out there willing to buy it.

  8. Crazy! Awesome that the 3DS still works. Most Nintendo consoles/games really are built to take some serious damage.

    A lot of my stuff have been through some tough times, but the most remarkable one was the time I accidentally left my Gameboy SP on the stove while I was boiling something (don’t even ask how I made that mistake ’cause idk). Part of the bottom got all melted and the screen got one dead pixel, but that was it. Still worked fine. ~

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      Careful. We don’t know the details of how it survived, so you might get a worse outcome than this 3DS was fortunate enough to have.

  9. Impressive. Most impressive. Not quite “The Gameboy that still functions after an atomic blast” impressive (and yes, that’s a true story, it just needed a new screen but the internals and the buttons all still work, look it up), but still impressive nonetheless.

  10. I’m getting that Gulf War GameBoy survival flashback. Lol I’m sure this will be taken for their Nintendo history museum in NYC and sit next to that GameBoy that survived a Gulf War bombing.

  11. Damn. GameBoy survived a bombing from Gulf War, Nintendo DS survived a trip to Mount. fucking Everest (30,000+ feet) and now a fire?

    Ya gotta admit folks, you could say Nintendo hardware are “weak” internally but truth is their techs are one tough son of a bitch surviving the most extreme circumstances that’ll make the military’s technology cringe a bit. lol

  12. I swear these stories showcasing the durability of Nintendo handhelds always leaves me wondering why Nintendo Headquarters go the extra mile to ensure their product works after the most rarest of cases. Settled in fire? Mount Everest?! NUCLEAR EXPLOSION?!?! Jesus..

    1. One word, dude. QUALITY.

      And i still buy Quality-products. Yesterday my salad-mixed failed! I just used it THREE fucking times, dude! It failed after having it bought 5 years ago. And having it only used three times since then. Thats a joke! I hate “planned obsolescence”. The salad-mixer is now garbage and has to be recycled as electronic waste.

      I like Nintendo-products because they are one of the only ones which still make perfect quality. testing a console-vent for 5000 hours (wiiU) is another case. Who does that today? You guessed it: Nearly no one as it all costs a lot of money. Not even Sony tested their vents on the PS4. Sony just chose to use the cheapest possible vents (from many different manufacturerers, thats why every PS4 has different parts).

      Nintendo tested it this long, to make sure the console will at LEAST last 10 years Long (remember? The summers now will get HOTTER each year, next year we might get 40°C outside). But reality is: It will last much longer than that average 10 years of life expectancy.

      And personally i WANT to use my 3DS in my vacations at egypt (where its 45-50°C hot!). I WANT to use my 3Ds when its minus 10°C cold. I want to take it with me, when i´m soon going on a mountain. I personally do these things. I don`t want to Limit my devices (e.g. Smartphone) to just use it when its warm enough, when its not too cold, when its not too high in the air etc.

      And remember. You cannot use your Smartphone, when its 45°C outside. You cannot game with it at that temperatures. even high-end Laptops FAIL at that temperatures.

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