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Super Smash Bros Wii U Vs New Nintendo 3DS Amiibo Comparison Video

The Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS update arrived last night bringing with it some changes including Amiibo support for the New Nintendo 3DS. YouTube channel MyGamingBoulevard have put together a video showcasing how Amiibo support works on the Wii U compared to the New Nintendo 3DS. If Amiibo are your thing then it’s worth your time watching the video.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

24 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Wii U Vs New Nintendo 3DS Amiibo Comparison Video”

  1. jtz from Judah the Lion Tribe

    Who cares there is a Banjo Kazooie Spiritual successor in R&D. They better make it play Amiibos and register the new IP to next Smash.

  2. Who would matter in a world of the amiibo. Seriously, the Wii U has been powered much more to handle the empiness and nothingness, yet such machine power of the amiibo, so those who used it in Wii U will never see their system break down before them while making fried egg sound, New 3DS, just wait 3 months, and it will start to fry, actually oppositely to the Wii U, if the amiibo is not used on New 3DS, then that’s when the system fries up, but nobody will see it yet. People, if you don’t buy amiibo for the New 3DS and you don’t use amiibo after you turned the system on for the first time, you will see it all fry in 3 months..oppositely to the Wii U.

      1. All you think is EGGS!?? amiibo is the problem!! But why yes, they would make fried egg sounds probably if not used on new 3DS by 3 months.

      2. I still have yet to open my Marth amiibo, but being able to use them with the new 3DS just might convince me to finally do so. I almost prefer smash on the 3DS anyway…

            1. I’m sure there will be more later on. Once Nintendo gets their shit together and this strike has ended. Maybe things will finally be better soon. I feel your pain with my jacked up Captain Falcon and Lucario boxes.. Who knows when I’ll find more of those to replace them.

          1. Sickr, since the last time you posted news about Ucraft, quite a few videos have already been released on the Youtube channel. I was just wondering if you decided that the game isn’t really important, and if that’s why you’re not posting anymore news about it. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I’ll be getting the game myself, but it’s always interesting to hear opinions and discussions on it.

            1. The last I heard, since I was one of the people submitting a lot of the Ucraft news, is that their kickstarter failed and they had to move things to just PC instead for now in hopes of keeping the game alive. So there is no sense in reporting something that isn’t coming to the Wii U anymore for the time being, or no official word on it anymore.

                1. Really depends on the success of the PC version I suppose.

                  You can look forward to the fact it’s still up in the air I guess, it’s just that their plans had to change due to the lack luster funds they managed to gather with their Kickstarter. So it could show up later on, but like I said, as of now there aren’t any plans to put on the Wii Not until they actually have the money to do so, in hopes the PC version provides these funds.

                  So it might be a while, and if the PC version isn’t successful it most likely will never make its way to the Wii U.

                2. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                  Look at all of those rare amiibo! He’s probably making a number of his viewers jealous as I type this!

                  Anyway, thank god this guy revealed we can use our amiibo on the 3DS version even if we have Wii U data stored on it without having to delete the data at the very beginning of the video as that’s all I really needed to know. This means I can actually use my amiibo on my 3DS version that already has Wii U data on them. Especially since I’m more concerned with my 3DS version of Smash 4 than I am for the Wii U version.

                3. If amiibo had more use then I would buy more. I only have a Mario figure and hav’nt used him since the second day of Smash on the wii u when he hit level 50. Smh
                  I want secret smash stages to be unlocked when i sinc my amiibo :(
                  The amiibo cost 1/5 of the retail price anyway, why aren’t they worth extra content??
                  More stages in Smash, More tracks in mario kart, Idk something to let me use my amiibo more often :[

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