Capcom’s Rey Jimenez Would Love To See A Devil May Cry And Bayonetta Crossover Game

A Bayonetta and Devil May Cry crossover would probably be an action fans dream and Capcom producer Rey Jimenez totally agrees with this. Jimenez says that if it ever happens then it would be a truly mind blowing event. However, Jimenez says that this is his official stance and not that of the company. Would you like to see a Devil May Cry and Bayonetta crossover title?

As a developer and a gamer I would love to do that and how that would happen, well let me just say to you that would be the most insane gonzo action game you would ever see with tag-team, back-and-forth, switching and combos with stylish Dante or whoever coming in and doing stuff. It would actually be a dream come true.

I’m sure with Capcom it’s possible to do really cool things, but I don’t know if this would ever happen, but I can’t deny that the thought of it would be totally mind blowing and epic.


      1. I agree new Dante was really horrible
        Ninja Theory clearly didn’t understand what made the original DMC games especial
        Especially what they did to Dante and Vergil (especially the Vergil)

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    1. For those who don’t know Kamiya and most of the Platinum crew used to be Capcom Employes of the Clover Studios Division they made some really good games like
      Viewtiful Joe
      God Hand
      And so on, But unfortunatly with the exception of Viewtiful Joe most of their games didn’t sell very well after a while Capcom Closed down the studio and release a lot of Employes in those people were Kamiya And Mikami
      They will later form Platinum Games the creators of Sick Hype High Octane Gameplay


    1. Nintendo hasn’t secured anything besides the second game being exclusive. The rights are owned by Sega. If Sony or Microsoft wanted to publish Bayonetta 3 it would be on their respective systems


      1. Sony won’t the rejected the project and i don’t think they will be willing to support another entry considering Platinum’s story with game sales
        Microsoft i can see it maybe but not likely i think it will depend on Scalebound sales
        And Nintendo may not secured the franchise Platinum did say they would like to work with nintendo again


      2. Actually, it’s down to the devs themselves and they’ve already said Bayonetta 3 might also be a Wii U exclusive.. just saying


      3. It’s not their game though. It’s Sega’s. Yes they could refuse to make it if Nintendo wasn’t the publisher, but If another publisher stepped in I doubt they wouldn’t want to make a new one because of the sole purpose that Nintendo isn’t the publisher.


    2. Nintendo hasn’t secured anything besides the second game being exclusive. The rights are owned by Sega. If Sony or Microsoft wanted to publish a Bayonetta 3 it would be on their respective systems


  1. Don’t exclude the Wii U if they want a crossover. Otherwise this topic is useless.

    RERev had better sales on the 3DS, and worth going back to on the N3DS, but Capcom excluded any Nintendo console on part 2. So I’m highly skeptical if a crossover like that will even see a Wii U release.


      1. Silence, just kneel…

        It’s all the same in the end, the means are irrelevant, only the result matters…


      2. Kneel to you, please. I would rather kneel to Kim kardashian than you. The results you are hoping forwill never fucking, happen ever!


  2. Holy crap!! Words cannot describe how phenomenal that would be! Now if only it would come to Wii U my dream would come true but that’s as likely as Capcom reviving Megaman Legends 3 ;_; (Why must you do this Capcom?) Not to mention I doubt Capcom could see a Devil May Cry game on the Wii U, and I’m not sure if Platinum is going Nintendo all the way. Sure, Nintendo lend them a hand but it’s up to them whether they sail the Nintendo Ship or jump into stormy seas.


  3. Even if Nintendo buys Platinum and all their creations this can still happen. 3rd Parties should stop thinking something is impossible when they haven’t even attempted yet

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