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Nintendo Asks Who You Would Pick for Valentines Day?


Nintendo of America has created a fun little page which asks users to vote which Mario themed character you would like to spend Valentines Day with. The jokers amongst you have chosen Bowser who appears to be the winner at the moment and he’s closely followed by Rosalina. Sadly the lovely Princess Peach hasn’t received too many votes. You can check out the fun-filled page, here.

95 thoughts on “Nintendo Asks Who You Would Pick for Valentines Day?”

    1. sorry, but the reason nobody is choosing her is because after being recued dozens of times, she still has never put out…

          1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

            Better than boring arrogant jerks that have zero commitment and wants to end it as fast as possible, boring…

      1. I prefer small packages to be honest. They’re really light and you can easily just toss them around in your hand. And plus, that means less styrofoam. So less of a mess to clean up just in case you accidentally drop the box or something. But bigger packages can also be used as punching bags. Lol.

  1. Actually, Bowser has a huge following of creepy, depraved people who have not a “jokey” bone in their bodies.

    …I probably would pick Bowser over Rosalina, though.

  2. I’d pick toad, not into girls that can’t help themselves, mustaches, or beastiality.
    And he’s small, I like to be the taller one.

  3. Yoshi 100%. We’d cause all kinds of ruckus. First we would take some Gold Cap mushrooms, then go Koopa stompin! Then go check some haunted houses with ghosts floating around, snag a couple keys, unlock some doors, lot’s of 1-UP mushrooms will be had. Man, now I just want to play Super Mario World.

    WHY ISN’T THAT ON Eshop FOR 3DS?!?!?!?!?! WHYYYYY

  4. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

    Toad if I had to choose by force, otherwise I would probably go with Nightmare or Mogenar…

          1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

            Bipedal cyborg with human like behaviour when rabid…

            Whatever Gandrayda has to do with anything, I don’t like non mechanic entities as my valentine…

  5. Why the hell this article say ‘jokers’ only vote for Bowser? like wtf. I literally would have his dinosaur dick in my anus any day.

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