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New Nintendo 3DS XL Promo Demonstrates The Handheld’s Enhanced Processing Power

Nintendo has released a new promo for New Nintendo 3DS XL. Set in the “University Testing Facility,” the video demonstrates how fast the recently-released system’s processing is compared to the standard Nintendo 3DS XL. Available now for $199.99, the New 3DS XL features a wider range of controls with the addition of a C Stick and ZL/ZR buttons, stable 3D via face-tracking technology and built-in NFC functionality that allows for communication with amiibo figures.

69 thoughts on “New Nintendo 3DS XL Promo Demonstrates The Handheld’s Enhanced Processing Power”

      1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

        I don’t think anyone is overpowered…

        Only the measure of skills decides who’s overpowered to another or not…

          1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

            No, anyone that only plays as one character out of 50 plus character is not allowed to judge…

            1. I even tried him. He’s balls and others that use him obviously only use one of his two BS OP moves. Side or charge punches. That’s it. Oh and his fucking KO meter makes it worse. WTF would you reward a player for taking hits and then turn it into the most noobiest BS perk ever? Worst than all of COD’s OP crap COMBINED.

              1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                Obviously noobs regardless of user or opponents…

                I can quite easily destroy Little Macs…

                    1. Little Mac is easy to destroy with most characters. Anyone with range or a strong air game.

                      Also, I’ve won some minor tournament matches with Gamondorf, so yeah I think the balance is better.

      1. No it hasn’t. The Gameboy Color came out 10 years after the Original Gameboy. The DSi didn’t have anything good the DS didn’t have.

    1. No, fuck you. You KNEW this would happen. It’s always been like this. Be happy they aren’t like Crapple and releases a new phone every 6 months. Which has no good games and crappy ports of real games.

            1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

              Silence or you will be considered a part of the worthless cattle masses…

              My logic is undeniable and the Applings are a force that must be destroyed at all costs just like the Xbots…

      1. So why don’t they post actual statistics if they’re so confident of the numbers? Just like how Ubisoft posted the 95% piracy rate of PC?

        And EVEN THEN. The 3DS XL was everything the normal 3DS had, and better. Of course it’s going to sell more. But the New 3DS actually has some advantages, like clearer screen, faceplates etc. Nintendo isn’t getting it that faceplates especially can be a big moneymaker for them, like amiibo are

        1. Now they’re gonna take a hit for not releasing the very new 3DS model the nation wanted. More people are gonna skip out on the XL especially since it has no charger which adds even more problems for its sales.

  1. So…..Nintendo thinks this is NEW just because it loads faster? Seriously? Is that really worth spending yet MORE money just to buy this thing? I’m still not sold. I’ll have to feel very impressed with an in-store demo/kiosk of this before I’d ever buy one. And I still think that the name “New 3DS” sounds SO unprofessional. Super 3DS would have been better. Just like Super Wii would have been better than the horrible name, Wii U.

    1. I have one and the loading times do make a huge difference. I can pop 4 games in and out before a Vita game loads. Also, the 3D is magnificent. I am still freaking out every time I move my head and it doesn’t break I’m so trained not to move my head. The sound is better. The screen is better. It feels lighter. The bottoms are softer or quieter or something. It us very different. I won’t play my old 3DS after this. Just try one and you’ll see.

    2. It is “new” in more ways than you think. It has NFC, built in ZR/L trigger buttons, IR/Light Sensor with auto brightness/face tracking for improved 3D viewing as well as 60 degree (guessing) 3D perspective view; features that the original models never had but needed from the beginning.

  2. They really need to work on their naming skills. Even something cheesy like Hyper 3DS would have been better, or simply 3DS2. And Wii…

    1. “New” as Amiibo quotation marks should be a giveaway that it’s a brand new revision of the 3DS that you can use Amiibo figures on and the box even says its a different system with faster processing and buttons. That’s good enough to avoid confusion from the stupid.

  3. This would’ve been my 1st 3DS if not for 2 things:
    1. Nintendo’s pulled a Nintendo and didn’t include a power supply (it’s not about finding one separately, which is simple enough, I just hate stupid jump-through-hoops crap like that)
    2. Game theory: They’re just gonna unveil the 3DS’s successor at E3. So instead of spending close to $300 then see a new handheld and rage quit gaming forever, I’m keeping my money.

    1. Doesn’t mean it’s gonna come out this year idiot. Will take at least another 2 years until the 3DS is done. Also you don’t know if the next console will play DS and 3DS games. Have fun playing on your Atari during the time. Because according to your logic buying new consoles is useless because there will be something better later. Whee.

      1. Yo retard,off course its not out this year,maybe next,but something will be on e3,and you go buy everything “new” from N every year imbecile..

      2. It’s true though.

        When the GB released, a few years later the GBA released backwards compatible with every GB and GBC game, and the DS was backwards compatible too

        When the DS released, the DSi came, and 3DS runs DS games too

        1. And yet, I don’t hear the same jackasses complaining about Microsoft releasing a new Xbox 360 and soon “Xbox One that’s not in Betamax size and equal to PS4’s built” or when Sony redesigned PS2/3 over 2-3 times in its lifetime.

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