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Itagaki Says Devil’s Third Will Be The Biggest Game Of His Life

We are all looking forward to see how Tomonobu Itagaki latest project Devil’s Third turns out, so it’s always encouraging when Itagaki shares more information about the action title on Facebook. Itagaki says that Devil’s Third is the biggest game of his life and he looks forward to sharing more information with us soon. He reiterated that it has taken two years to create the concept and has seen four long years of development. Let’s hope it turns out to be a massive success for the team.

Hey gamers gathering here.

I know you guys are craving for the latest information on Devil’s Third. Devil’s Third isn’t a simple shooter, but an unprecedented massive shooter to be played by tons of players. So there’s many things to set before we release it. The game contains a lot of elements well over the volume to be provided by two regular games.

This game will be the biggest game of life for me and my colleagues, including you guys, not to mention.
It took two years for the concept working and four years for the development. It’s not surprising at all. Such amount of time is needed to create a totally new game from scratch. I’m sure you’ll dig what I mean if I say we spent four years to develop Ninja Gaiden.

But, I know your mind. Such development matters have nothing to do with gamers. So I and all the members of Valhalla really appreciate that you guys have waited for Devil’s Third for a long time.

What Devil’s Third is?
Such announcement will be made over time. Thanks for your patiense. Devil’s Third will meet you guys’ expectation for sure!
Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

Tomonobu Itagaki

Thanks, paidenthusiast

85 thoughts on “Itagaki Says Devil’s Third Will Be The Biggest Game Of His Life”

        1. He was never OP. Many were bitching about his recovery move gliding in the air which is what he does in Kirby games/cartoons and that he attacks too fast which is also part of his character. Many complained about Meta Knight being himself from Brawl but don’t complain about some boxer moving faster than Capt. Falcon/Sonic COMBINED and has move power than Bowser/Ganon plus his ability of taking hits and then KO a player when filled is not bullshit or OP at least?

          People have no fucking idea what to complain about and how to make fairness apply. Little Mac is the most OP fucker in Smash Bros. series ever. Meta Knight from Brawl and now was never a problem but now he’s gimped and Little Mac is not when he’s suppose to be for a boxer who stands in one spot and gets his ass kicked by bigger/powerful boxers in his own game.

  1. Yes I agree ITS GOING TO BE THE BIGGEST FLOP OF HIS LIFE SINCE NO WII U OWNER IS BUYING THIS GAME,Nintendo babies don’t support good 3rd party games look at the terrible low weak sales of Bayonetta 2

      1. Considering Bayo 1 sold about 1.1M in about 5 months, on 2 platforms with a combined install base of over 100 million, that does not sound bad at all.

    1. You’re an idiot.
      Bay 2 sold to a larger percentage of the Wii U’s install base than the first Bay did to the PS360 install bases.
      Nintendo fans are eating that game up while the majority of you idiots ignored the original release in favor of shit like Call of Duty.XD

      1. “Eating that game up” Lmao, Smash sales- Over 4 million. MK8 sales- Over 4 million. Bayo 2 sales? Less than 1 million.

        “sold to a larger percentage of the Wii U’s install base”
        That’s not hard to achieve really.

        1. Compared to the total install base of the PS360 and the sales it achieved on that install base?
          We are.
          And considering how much third parties ruined the faith that Wii U owners had in them with their horrible ports before Bay 2’s release?
          It is.

          But of course you’ll ignore that the install base and circumstances surrounding the quality of ports on the Wii U were far different, because it supports your flawed argument.

      2. Bayonetta didn’t sell on xbox 360 because it released on the holiday season, and many big guns were coming out at the time like gta iv and mass effect 2. platinum games and sega also didn’t advertise it at all so no one really knew about it. it was only when Nintendo advertised w101 that platinum games popularity grew.

        it didn’t sell on ps3 for obvious reasons

        1. It was still the best hack&slash out at the time and should have gotten more recognition than it did.
          My point about it not selling still stands, because it shouldn’t have been ignored in favor of everything else.

        1. My point is?
          Still valid.
          Because that’s still a hell of a lot of people, and despite how great of a game it was, it didn’t sell to a significant percentage of the combined install base, despite being a mature action game.

    2. I kinda disagree. Bayonetta 2 is not selling as bad as you think. The first Bayonetta on the 360 sold around 900,000 units and the ps3 sold over a million in like 3-4 years while the Wii U alone sold 650,000 in just 3-4 months. Just let that sink in.

  2. Most Bayonetta 2 owners are happy with the game.

    Most people are not happy with all the rushed aaa 3rd party trash on xb1 and ps4.

  3. I’m looking forward to more information. I think this will have (Dead Leaves) over the top hyper bullet storm super shooter.

  4. It’s on WiiU so no it won’t be a success for the developers and like somone as said here already Nintendrones don’t support 3rd party games. The game will sell just as if not worse than Bayonetta 2 did.

    1. Bayonetta 2 sold well and before you bring the NPD rember that the NPD doesn’t track the singular sales of a game but rather they lump the sale of multiple versions of a game this is why games some time don’t chart on the list like Sunset Overdrive while others like the Evil Within do chart because there are multiple versions of the game (Xbone Ps4 PC) but the NPD see this different versions of a game as just one since multiplatform game tent to sell better than Exclusives with some exception like Mario Kart 8

    2. jtz from Judah the Lion Tribe

      The exclusives aren’t a win for Xbox One. The people rather play Call of Duty which is comes broken and not that fun.

      1. You do know that PS3 had a broken, buggy version of the game, and Wii U had BOTH Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2? It’s a fucking steal!

        1. Broken and buggy?
          I owned the PS3 version; it isn’t as broken and buggy as people say it is.
          I’ve noticed frame rate drops but I’ve never seen anything that affects the game outside of that.

  5. Another game to add to my already large Wii U library of games. Contrary to what some believe there are us Wii U owner’s who do support 3rd party.

      1. The sad thing is that the Wii U is really the only console that delivers in good games recently yeah it may be “underpower” but in all honestly the games on the Wii U have been better than the AAA games recently release
        I’m really tired of people not supporting a console just because they think is underpowered
        Yeah graphical Flare is nice but it doen’t matter how nice the game looks if doesn’t play well
        After watching this Video by GameBritShow
        I think i will simple stick to PC and My Wii U for a long time

        1. People aren’t supporting the Wii U because THE RATE OF GAME RELEASES ARE SO SLOW





          There are so many goddamn reasons why Wii U isn’t selling, and you guys ALWAYS choose to blame it on people not supporting underpowered consoles (which is a VALID reason anyway). Please wake up people

          1. Third parties don’t have a right to complain after all those shit ports.
            The online is fine; Nintendo just needs to use it more often and use voice chat in more games.
            The digital games are not complete shit.
            The release of games is slow because Nintendo doesn’t want their games to release in the same state as Assassin’s Creed: Unity.
            And not giving a console a chance because the specs aren’t super high, when it’s still putting out games as great as Bayonetta 2 and the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X, is a retarded reason, not a valid one.

            The only point you’ve got in your favor is that Nintendo’s advertisement of it really does suck.

  6. Need more information on the multiplayer, but it looks hella fun. They better keep the Swords that I’ve seen though! Not all men fight with Guns!

  7. We still don’t know if the game looks improved or not since it’s the biggest worry factor of this game’s hype. I’m so buying it but I wanna make sure if it’s up to today’s standards.

        1. Because it doesn’t matter how the game looks if the game as a whole doesn’t justify it’s buy, example of this Destiny, i know that destiny has kinda become the joke of every gamer but honestly it deserve it,
          Yes the game looks beutifull there is so much detail to the envaironments i think where the whole budget of the game truly went ( i know that people that make the graphics of the games are not the same as the ones who make the gameplay but there’s still clearly a lack of budget mangement) but the game is avarege at best and mediocre at worst and the same goes for the recent triple A releases since they wanna push the look of the game instead of improve and refine the Gameplay
          Honestly who care how any game looks as long as it’s good i mean back in the GC, PS2 and Xbox era there was a reason why the PS2 was on top of the world despite the fact that it was the weakeast of all the 3 consoles it was because it was easy to program and it could create larger game despite the lack of horse power, the same goes for the Wii with game like Xenoblade
          To quote GameBrit “As long as it plays well the impact the game has is the same”
          I mean compare the original Ps2 launch and how many there were available after a year of it’s release now compare how many games the PS4 has a year after it’s release

  8. I think theres a chance this game will sell ok. You got games like AC 3 and AC 4 that sold around 300k on the Wii U, and that was back when the Wii U had a five million person user base. This game should easily see sales above 500k and if it turns out to be a really good game, more people will end up buying it aswell. Believe it or not, a ten million console user base is large enough to support third party games.

  9. Another thing. If Devils Third does sell good for some reason, then that could convince other third parties to come back.

  10. Day One purchase for me as well. One of most anticipated titles of this year next to the new Zelda, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and the new Starfox. I really hope it’s worth the wait

  11. The ps2 wasn’t esay to develop for. The ps2 rode the ps1 and dvd hype train to glory. Sony in its 20 years of being in the gaming industry has proven to be garbage at innovating/progressing gaming. But they have been great at marketing to an audience that wanted to be marketed to…young adults. And they’re also a great competitor. Because of Sony’s success, third party developers have flourished and made gaming more mainstream, which I appreciate, but now with M$ in the picture Sony can go die its slow painful death. As they’re useless in advancing the medium. I dislike companies who succeed without any merit. The ps4 is succeeding primarily because of its marketing. All Sony does is depend on its brand. no game that stands out and there’s no real reason why it should be doing better than the WiiU. How pathetic can their customers be to not see that it’s the same console the ps3 was, which was the same as the ps2 and the ps1. No innovation. Just copy the competition and advertise. Lame ass fans.

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