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Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven For Nintendo 3DS Coming To North America This Spring

Great news for XSEED fans as the company has announced that Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven will be coming to North America this spring. The company also released a brand new trailer which you can view above. If you’re not familiar with the title it’s a strategy RPG and is developed by both Neverland and Marvelous. It was released in Japan back in October. I’m sure this localisation news will come as a pleasant surprise for many of you.

The strategy RPG follows Luchs Eduard, a young man who has inherited the Famille inn from his family. The inn has no guests, so Luchs makes a liking by mining crystals, the primary fuel source in this world. One day he finds a fairy named Charlotte sleeping inside a crystal, and he agrees to help her recover her lost memories.

Thanks, Amanda and Okumei

8 thoughts on “Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven For Nintendo 3DS Coming To North America This Spring”

  1. I need a gameplay video of this. It sounds cute, and it is by Marvelous and Xseed so it should be pretty good. I’m just afraid it’ll be lackluster. And those dubs are horrible, so I hope there are Japanese subs.

    1. Never mind. checked out some gameplay and the game looks really unique and challenging as far as the battles go. And although the story is pretty cliché, it’s definitely worth picking up when it comes out.

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