Legend Of Kay HD Has Made An Appearance On Amazon US

It kinda took us by surprise when we saw that the Legend of Kay HD was listed by Amazon Germany complete with a description and box-art. Nordic Games has yet to confirm that the game is coming to Wii U, but you will be interested to know that a listing for the game has also popped up on Amazon US. The 3D platformer was originally developed for the PlayStation 2 and an HD version was later brought to PSN. I’m sure the game will be confirmed for Wii U via Nordic Games relatively soon.

Thanks, Frodo


      1. I hadn’t realized it was an HD port, should of read the article more carefully! Still looks like it holds up well!


  1. Damn. Too bad I missed this game back when I owned a PS2 because I gladly would have bought it because that gameplay looks fun. I miss the days when games like these were rampant on the Playstation brand. But I’ll definitely get this if it comes to Wii U.


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