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Rayman DLC For Super Smash Bros Was 100% Fake

Some people were overjoyed by the news and some were dismayed at the possibility of Rayman joining the Super Smash Bros roster. Well it all turned out to be an elaborate fake as the person behind it has come forward and revealed how he created it. So yeah, you can now breathe a sigh of relief, as Rayman won’t be coming to Super Smash Bros on the Wii U.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

196 thoughts on “Rayman DLC For Super Smash Bros Was 100% Fake”

    1. oh I wasn’t upset I was amazed at his work it was very believable! after watching the video my first thought was that he should work for a gaming company if he isn’t already.

      1. Lol even though I was leaning towards REAL, I still suspected a couple of things like why he didn’t have in game fight footage and why he didn’t even select him in the video. Good attempt though. XD XD

          1. Yah, and i heard that he purposely took down his own vid to recreate the Nintendo removal of the DH Dog etc leaks. He also said that it was a bit suspicious, as the removed vid stated it was taken down by the user and not Nintendo.

        1. I thought it was fake because Rayman simply doesn’t have a long, established history with Nintendo. Snake is in because of the Metal Gear games on NES. Megaman is in because of his appearance on the NES and SNES. Sonic is in because he was Sega’s answer to Mario during the 16-bit console wars and so they share a rivalry. Pac-Man is in because Namco-Bandai made the goddamn game. What possible reason does Rayman have to be in Smash unless Nintendo is seriously kissing Ubisoft’s ass. If any 3rd party character is a candidate for DLC, it’s Simon Belmont from Castlevania, although I expect to see him in a later Smash game.

          1. Actually Rayman Legends was on Nintendo Wii U which means they worked together. Also they put not one but three trophies from Rayman Legends in the game. Also why not? He’s the mascot of Ubisoft and been around since 1995. It’s a well-known platformer character and it’ll bring a unique gameplay to the table since he can attack from far distances. Plus, he’s easy to animate since he has no limbs or neck. It would be a shame not to put him in.

    2. I was one of the people going “more than likely fake” at the begining, especially since no gameplay (unlike the esrb leak) was provided.
      Congrats for this guy’s superb talent, he fooled a lot of people and hopefully this will make people more wary about “dlc character” rumors.

      1. creating a war that killed and tortured millions > making a fun little prank. I thought it was real but anyone who is seriously mad over this, grow up. For a day or so you thought a character was appearing in a video game. Big fucking deal. This guy is getting death threats because people are over-dramatic morons.

            1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

              Which are those I’m referring too…

              The cattle within the empire are only good for giving resources, nothing else…

                1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                  We can’t expand when the cattle keeps bothering our leaders with pointless complaints and threats…

    3. Watch Rayman make it in as a playable character in the future, be it from the unlikely DLC or the even more unlikely next game. Both unlikely because Sakurai puts an unhealthy amount of time and effort into every single game he makes. God Bless you Sakurai and reward yourself with a well deserved and long overdue holiday…

      1. Lol, just cuz Sakurai stops, that doesn’t mean Nintendo won’t continue it. I guarantee you it will happen. If Sakurai steps down, they will get a new director since Smash is huge and the cash needs to continue flowing in.

          1. I’m sketchy about new directors and divisions taking over franchises. Look what happened when Hudson Soft left. What did we get MP9 and IT. -.-

            1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

              *points at the change of directors for the Zelda series* I don’t see any complaints about that franchise since Aonuma took over. Well except for the occasional hater.

        1. Smash Bros without Sakurai sounds really depressing, but yes, Nintendo may very well continue Smash without Sakurai, hence way I said it was unlikely, not impossible…

          1. Actually its very possible and pretty much confirmed. Just in case you didn’t know HAL laboratory was disbanded after Melee (or after Smash 64, I forget) anyways, Brawl and both Smash 3DS/Wii U were announced without them having a director. Sakurai was then asked afterwards if he wanted to direct them. If Sakurai had said no Nintendo would’ve just got a different director.

        1. No he shouldn’t be in the game. No MGS on Wii U no Snake on Smash bros. Don’t care if I get called a fanboy, that’s the way it should be.

            1. Not even in the slighest, when did that even come out? Where’s the new MGS game that was released just recently? Don’t get me wrong I love MGS, but Snake shouldn’t be in smash bros just cause he’s a famous character or cause of 1 count it 1 game.

              1. Well, about 2 years ago or so. Idk, ask Kojima those questions. What about Mega man? He hasn’t been on a Nintendo platform since what? Megaman 10?

                Of course that’s not counting the VC games.

                All I’m saying is that the number of games that they’ve contributed to the console shouldn’t affect there chances.

                1. The reason why Megaman is in Smash, is because of Nintendo’s strong history with the Megaman franchise, dating back to the NES and SNES. Same for Pacman, he’s a major part of Video Games’s popularity…

        2. agreed

          we have MGS 3D and we had MGS twin snakes when he was in brawl
          Kojima and Sakurai are still friends
          Kojima still wants Snake to be in the game
          Megaman also hasn’t released a new game in a Nintendo platform (don’t even get me started on Capcom in general)

          Move your ass sakurai and stop crying

  1. The guy deserves a lot of props for putting it together like he did. No hate at all c:

    However I am very glad this is fake. Ubisoft doesn’t deserve it after the BS it’s pulled on Nintendo. Title delays, dropping the possibility of amiibo functionality in Rayman legends after teasing with the idea before the Wii U even launched…

    1. I’m with you. Ubisoft should first fix their practices towards Wii U owners before being represented in a game that is supposed to homage Nintendo history

      1. Who said Ubisoft asked for that? They wouldn’t have sent the models if Nintendo didn’t ask for them, same with Commander Video

        1. Ok, then if they didn’t care about the trophies, why do people say that having him playable in Smash gives them a benefit? What, they don’t gain money from a trophy model, and with a playable character they do?

          1. It’s not about benefits towards the company. Think of Smash like a Hall of Fame for icons, Snake,Sonic, Pac-Man are all 3rd parties so they joined. Rayman has that status too but people don’t see that due to their hatred towards Ubisoft

            1. People are forgetting about Rayman’s creator, Michael Ancel. He’s a good guy, and he even helped fans protest against Ubisoft when they were delaying Rayman Legends. Doesn’t he deserve to have his character in Smash? It’s actually sad that people are forgetting about the man who created Rayman, and want nothing to do with Rayman because Ubisoft put a bad image on him.

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          1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

            Those empires still make quality games for our empire which makes them valuable at the moment, the Ubisians can’t even please their own misguided cattle anymore, which makes them and everything they’ve created since 2011 pathetic, useless and worthless…

            1. I remember their games being great you are just upset of not getting DLC and getting games late. Rayman deserves to be in

            2. But Ubisoft USED to be good. The first few Rayman games and the recent Origins and Legends were amazing; Rayman 2 TGS is still considered one of the best platformers ever. You can’t say Rayman wasn’t important. Sonic and Pac-Man haven’t had worthwhile games in years, not even on Nintendo platforms (don’t get me started on Sonic Lost World; I have a bone to pick with almost everything from that game) but they are still fighters because of their iconic statuses and what they lent to gaming.

              1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                Yes used to is the key word here…

                And even though Rayman might be a good series of games, it still does not compare to the iconic status all of the rest have, specially Mario, Pac-Man and Sonic since even non gamers in the billions knows who they are and knows the impact they had on gaming and culture itself…

                Rayman has had an impact at best in a gaming kind of way but still is not near the others…

                So whether these Third Class games had great games since the ancient times or not is irrelevant…

  3. jtz from Judah the Lion Tribe

    Ubisoft doesn’t deserve to make money off this game. Yet delay or strip features from their Wii u tittles which is lame. Yet not make monopoly game for Wii U and make it for Vita expecting to sell a few.

    1. Ubisoft: Let’s make this game for the Wii U, PS4, and XBox One! I’m sure they’ll all sell the same amount already even though the Wii U’s install base is much less! Actually, why don’t we just delay the game on the Wii U, I’m sure it will still sell the same still… How about we remove some features and not optimize it… I’m sure it will get the same review score too! *after release of Wii U version:* Ubisoft: Well, I guess the game didn’t sell even a quarter of the amount of one of the other systems, so let’s just drop support for the Wii U! It’s obvious that people just don’t want to buy mature games on the Wii U… (*facepalm*)

      1. Wii U version would sell the worst regardless though. If there aren’t any extra features put into it, there’s almost no reason to buy a game on Wii U when you can get it on PS4/X1 or PC. Lol.

  4. Meh. I’m torn. On one hand, Ubisoft certainly doesn’t deserve a fighter On the other hand, we’re right back to Nintendo being stupid with the “No DLC for Smash” thing. So much potential that’ll ever come to be because of it. Also, I hate that people are feeding the troll by subscribing to him on YouTube. Prepare for a whole slew of “DLC Leak” images from people trying to mimic his stunt because people are feeding this one.

      1. Yes, I did watch the video. And HE may not do anymore (and Chrom knows he doesn’t need to now that everyone is giving him the attention he wanted) , but he put a tutorial up for anybody who can make a half-decent rendering of a character to go ahead and do it now.

    1. People have been making fake leaks since smash was revealed, the only thing this guy did that was new was show how to do it easily.

    1. Doesn’t work like that, bud. For the Rayman character, Ubisoft and Nintendo would need to be in agreement, decide what the percentage of the money would be split, and sign many complicated and tedious contracts.

      1. You aren’t getting it bud. If Rayman was put into smash without an agreement between Ubi and Nintendo Ubi could’ve sued. Since the “leak” was a fake, then yeah… Either its just another day at Ubisoft HQ’s or they got excited for nothing.

  5. This guy is the definition of a social reject take all that time and effort just to fool some people on the Internet.

            1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis


              You are barely 2 cycles old, you are still a child in the eyes of the grand design…

              And I don’t have any cybernetic breasts…

              1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                No I’m still a child only in your eyes. Yeah you do have robotic tits. You have four of them and samus destroyed every single last one of them.

                      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                        Someone’s disorder is activated everyday and should go to a mental institution for it.

                            1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                              This childish game won’t help you, I have everything stored in memory…

                                    1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                                      Well you get what you got yourself into after getting mad from a harmless comment that had nothing to do with you…

                                      Unless you got butthurt by this news…

                                                1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                                                  I wasn’t…

                                                  I was on the 3DS and I was already in my recharge center…

                                                          1. Alright. If you’re reading this, I’m available to do it now. I’ll be playing on my 3DS so if I don’t see your message on here, I’ll be notified whenever you get online.

                                        1. Even though I could stay interested in Smash for a week. I’m relieved that Rayman wont be making an appearance. Ubisoft can go F@$# themselves.

                                          1. The problem is that Rayman would have been perfect for this series but people don’t see that because they have bad blood towards Ubisoft. A harmless joke can go a big way on the internet, no one respects him as a gaming icon anymore. Just look at the comments and better yet look at yesterday’s post on this

                                        2. Nice job in faking. As much as Iike Rayman… I’d hate to see him as a playable character. It’d be a win for Ubi in more ways than one.

                                            1. No one said Ubisoft wanted that, same with Commander Video. Kojima wants Snake back but you don’t see him arriving as DLC. Everyone needs to stop focusing on Ubisoft and instead focus on the character

                                        3. Called it. Here’s a shout out to the guys who told me I was wrong in thinking it was fake! Welcome to the world of graphic design, where pictures like these are simple jobs.

                                          1. I would have shrugged this off as an obvious fake but then i see all the hate he got just because of Ubisoft. No one remembers the icon he used to,be

                                            1. Rayman fell off his throne because Ubisoft has been cruel to Nintendo. Sonic fell off his throne because SEGA didn’t take care of him.

                                              1. Rayman is still successful but everyone brings up the long overused joke of Legends when considering him joining. Does anyone even remember his 3D platformers from the 90s?

                                                1. Plus just because it was delayed it doesn’t mean the game itself wasn’t good. It fact it was the best reviewed version like the Wii version of origins. Rayman would also be a success on Nintendo systems i hope Ubisoft soon sees that

                                                2. I knew about Rayman’s 3D games in the early 2000s cuz family friends’ sons had it for PS2, along with Crash Nitro Kart.

                                                3. I loved playing the first Rayman as well as Great Escape. Well I only played the first one on DSi and Rayman 3D (still a port) since I wasn’t born when the first two came out. Still haven’t played Rayman 3.

                                        4. Well that happened. I wanted it to be real, but deep down I knew it would be fake. Still though this was done really well.

                                        5. Unlikely butt… Here’s hoping Nintendo takes notice of the hype and seriously considers doing it for DLC after Mewtwo, I would love to see him playable.

                                        6. Damn….my hopes for other DLC characters (besides Mewtwo) just got thrown out the window. I don’t even like Rayman, I just wanted a new character. Developing a newcomer takes sooo much time and effort, so I should have known better.

                                        7. I just hope whatever Ubisoft says on Tuesday isn’t stupidly confirming it fake when we already know. How about telling us if it was ever under consideration or of you would want to see here. If the 3DS can handle it then Rayman can still become DLC if Ubi partners up to deliver. Why would they pass on this opportunity?

                                          1. I understand that Rayman as a character is alright and cool. But he is being represented by a crappy company who only disappoints.

                                            There’s a saying that says: Innocents pay for the guilty. Rayman being the innocent to a guilty company. It’s hard to simply overlook that and forgive.

                                            1. Sega has much less success than and of these 5 companies they are what you call a “crappy” companies. Ubisoft always delivers with new Rayman installments on Nintendo platforms, the delay was actually beneficial as they were anle to create more levels making the game better. Hate Ubisoft as much as you want but that doesn’t excuse Rayman from this series

                                              1. Tbh I really wanted Rayman origins for the 3DS but the delay only killed my interest. I ended up saving my money to buy something else. And I rented Rayman legends but it didn’t influence me to buy it especially after it dropped the potential amiibo feature it teased back then, I would have bought it to see how that worked.

                                                Rayman is a funny series developed by a bad company, period.

                                                1. You should have got Origins on Wii and you need to play Legends on Wii U longer to get into it. Rayman had games since the 90s try to play those

                                                  1. I am very aware of the series, I have played the titles since it was on PSone. I’m not hating on Rayman, hell I feel sorry for the developers who have to stay under Ubisoft’s reign for it.

                                                    I like his character, but I hate the company who publishes it and because of it, Rayman shouldn’t be included. The company should not be represented at all for failing both the fanbase and the development team behind Rayman.

                                                    Never forget what happened to Rayman Legends. Never forgive what they did to this series and what they did to Nintendo. It’s been almost two years and I still won’t forgive them for that.

                                          1. No they didn’t Sakurai said he’s “not just letting anyone participate from other companies” they may have said they are done with 3rd parties but with Smash they pick a character fron a company who has so much success they would fit perfectly in this series. Much like a Video Game Hall of Fame. Snake, Sonic, and Pac-Man all have to status and so does Rayman

                                          1. He stated that when Ubisoft spoke up about having something to say, he thought it was enough and revealed himself sooner than he thought.

                                            1. pink0crystal0midbus

                                              But why? He didn’t want people to think it was real? The Ubisoft thing only made it seem more convincing, He didn’t like that?

                                              Also, just because he admitted it was fake, doesn’t mean Rayman won’t come. There is still a chance he will be DLC regardless if someone faked an arrival before the official announcement. It would be hugely ironic, but it could definitely happen.

                                              1. Well, he wasn’t sure about when to reveal it was fake, and he got a bit scared with the Ubisoft thing. He didn’t intend it to be this big. I’m hoping Ubisoft does announce him as Smash DLC, but if they don’t, then I don’t really see him joining. Check out Gamexplain on Youtube to see their interview.

                                                1. After Mewtwo, theres like another empty slot that would unbalance the character selection screen. So I think theres at least 1 more after Mewtwo.

                                        8. I never believed it anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if Smash got some more characters beyond Mewtwo, but I doubt any of them would be 3rd-party if there are.

                                        9. I’m a little bummed, but I had a feeling it would turn out this way.

                                          Smash still DOES need more characters and Rayman would be a great fit, and maybe he actually will be added later, but for now, it’s a mere joke. Props to the creator though- he/she made it very convincing.

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                                        11. Looks Ubisoft face just go to point it out as fake seeing how they didn’t present a statement as they said they would. Come on Ubi ask Nintendo to do this show everyone you still care about Nintendo gamers

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                                        13. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                                          YES! YES! YES! Ubisoft doesn’t deserve the handout with the shit they’ve pulled on the Wii U in the past year! Sorry, Rayman, but you have to pay for the sins of your owners! It’s not fair to you but if you get in then Ubishit can get a share of the profits from Smash 4.

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