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You Will Be Able To play As Ganon In New Hyrule Warriors DLC

I know some of you will have been waiting for this and now it’s official. You’ll be able to play as Ganon in Hyrule Warriors, thanks to a new DLC pack that’s set to be released on March 12th for $2.99. You can also get Ganon as part of the Hero of Hyrule Pack which includes all the DLC for Hyrule Warriors. This will set you back $19.99. The DLC will let you battle it out in a Big Boss mode which see’s you take on a number of bosses for costumes. You will also be able to utilise Ganon’s devastating Fury mode.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

39 thoughts on “You Will Be Able To play As Ganon In New Hyrule Warriors DLC”

    1. Why did you use that word. That’s a horrible and hurtful word. You don’t have be mean if they made a mistake just simple state their mistake and move no need to call then a ‘retard’ for making such a small mistake.

        1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

          Pity or malice. Whichever you do suits me just fine. Just keep in mind that there are many people who have “them” within their families, and with varying degrees, would feel like you’re attacking them personally. How they choose to deal with you is none of my business.

  1. Nintendo Five Star General Pooman

    “The pork is so raw, it’s still chasing the other parts of the Triforce!”

    -Gordon Ramsay.

  2. So if you’ve already bought the hero of hyrule dlc. You won’t gave to pay for this right. So the hero of hyrule is kinda like a season pass

    1. Hero of Hyrule Pack grants access to all 4 DLC packs, so yes, you don’t have to pay for this if you have the Hero of Hyrule Pack already.

  3. Um, I’m not following? You could play as gannon before the dlc??? There was a whole part of the story dedicated to gannon going around and taking over hyrule?

  4. At first I read it wrong. I was like is this a typo? But then it dawned on me that it is Ganon and not Ganondorf.

    Will Ganon have different costumes too?

    1. GanonDORF is playable. His more powerful beast-like form, Ganon, is not. The DLC will make that alternate form playable in a new mode called “Ganon’s Fury.”

  5. people dont know the difference between Ganon and Ganondorf, makes me sad -.- but i guess they just search for something they can complain about.

      1. if those people dont even know the difference between those two,than why are they writing a comment in this section.Its like calling justin bieber obama,and obama justin bieber.Do i know the lore from TLotR if i know the names from legolas and gimli and their obvious difference in looks? NO! Has nothing to do with knowing the Lore.

    1. Well, the mistake is not that huge of a leap to be made. For those of us who have been with the series from the very beginning, there was only beast-form Ganon in the first three games. The human form and name of Ganondorf, the Gerudo King of Thieves was not introduced until the fifth game (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time). I read the article incorrectly as well, thinking “What? Hasn’t Ganon been playable for quite some time!?!”.

  6. So not only will a Giant Boss be playable, it’ll be the final boss of the game?

    I have the Hero of Hyrule Pack, so you technically already have my money, Koei Tecmo, but shut up and take it anyway.

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