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Here’s The Download Sizes For Xenoblade Chronicles X And Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

Want to know how much space Xenoblade Chronicles X and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will take up on your Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS? Well read on. Amazon Japan states that Xenoblade Chronicles X will take up more than 22.7GB and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will be up to 3.6GB. You’ll certainly need an external hard drive if you’re thinking of purchasing Xenoblade Chronicles X digitally on your Wii U, that’s for sure.



  1. I may actually buy the disc for this game…I kinda feel like if you own the disc, you should be able to download it, but IDK. That’s a lot of space. (which is good!)
    I am glad they kept it to one disk.

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      1. I know that, but still, it would be awesome. (It wouldn’t necessarily kill digital, just make it optional to download it off the disc; it would more likely kill physical than digital.)


      1. Dude us a hard drive not a flash drive. A flash drive has a limited amount of read/write data so when you hit that limit say goodbye to using your flash drive. If you use it for games it will die in a good bit of time. If you use it for backups you have no reason to worry. Just don’t have it plugged in and download games or your save data on it.


      2. hi there i dont care anything but read write speeds hey you want fast hard drives lets put multi voloci-raptors or chetas hard drives spinng at 10,000 rpm or 15,000 rpm hard drives in our console i want quad 22,500 rpm hard drives in my future consoles


    1. I have downloaded smash,splinter cell,zombie u,mh3u and many indies and still my harddrive is on 10% filled and i bought it used for 20 euros and works fine.Its not that hard to get one.


      1. He doesn’t start discussions with a nobody that belongs to the cattle masses of nobodies…


    1. Nintendo has started this thing since Smash Bros. If you bought the game digitally before it’s released, you can download the game early too, albeit locked. Then when it’s released, all you’ll need is to update the game to unlock it to play. Unlocking it is very quick.


  2. Funny thing is, a Wii U disc harbors up to 25 Gb of data per layer.

    Why did Mr. Kawabata make such a fuss saying “oh, my, we are geniuses, we were able to store all XCX data in just one disc!” as they could have gone for a double layer format?

    Unless the Wii U cannot read double layer discs, which I don’t believe it is the case.

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  3. The great thing, is that these games will work perfectly at launch. Unlike Ubisoft Assassins creed unity, Halo master thief collection etc. Let me not even mention bathesda lol.



      1. They don’t invest enough time or money into the debug product. Which wouldn’t be so bad if their programming didn’t look like spaghetti.


      1. How can I predict the world size of them based only on their gigabytes?

        Data is not used only for that. We also have game mechanics, sounds/music, textures, cutscenes, etc, etc, etc.

        He is comparing bananas to apples, fact.

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    1. I’m pretty sure Witcher 3 on PC and Xbox One will be around 50GB, too. Depending on the degree of parity, they’re the same as Witcher 3 on PS4.

      How many of those GBs are for the hardcore audiovisuals and cutscenes? And x86 is inefficient, so the code requires more to compensate compared to PowerPC. Trim the fat and what’s left?

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  4. Will be playing Witcher 3,instead of This Power Rangers turned Jrpg game.

    Witcher 3 has better graphics,better character models, better environments and gameplay plus its 720p 30fps it’s beyond that


    1. Sure. You’ve tried both games to death already in your own TV room, and have complete, perfect idea of how they are going to be.

      Thanks for your heads up, Mr. Came From The Future.

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    2. You’re a disgrace to CD PROJEKT. You do know they own GoG right? Just because their Witcher games look amazing, shit talking games because of graphics is against the love of gaming.

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    3. You do realize Xenoblade has been confirmed to be 1080p and 60FPS right? Plus, we haven’t received enough info about both games so unless you have exclusive access, don’t make false conclusions. And you mentioned graphics twice. When you grow a couple brain cells, then consult me.


  5. hi there yeah can not wait i am going download with my this game on my new 3ds xl with a new 32 gb micro sd card with uhs 3 ultra high speed 3 with 80 mb/s read 50 mb/s write speed wii u has 166 ,b/s read write speed ps 3 has 50 mb/s read write speed xbox one has 150 mb/s read write speed 4gb xbox with flash memory 212 mb/s read 135 mb/s write speed iphone 6 plus 333 mb/s read write speed


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