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Xenoblade Director Would Love To See An Xenoblade Amiibo Series

Tetsuya Takahashi, the producer behind the acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles, has revealed that he would love to see an amiibo series based on the franchise in the future. Takahashi also wanted to take some time out to thank those who worked on the incredibly rare Shulk amiibo figure. Let’s hope that more are put into production.

It’s been about a month since I posted. The Shulk amiibo came out! I’ve been supervising this since the early prototype stages, but I’d like to say thanks to all the people who’ve worked very hard on the amiibo. I saw a production model at the start of this month and I was very impressed with the build quality. This time it’s a Smash Bros. figurine, but I’d love for there to be a Xenoblade [amiibo] series sometime in the future, too.

Thanks, paidenthusiast

23 thoughts on “Xenoblade Director Would Love To See An Xenoblade Amiibo Series”

      1. you’re fine sickr you’re not an idiot. this is a pretty pointless topic though, if their was a xenoblade amiibo line it wouldn’t matter because no one would ever be able to get them.

    1. I want both either way! Riki and Melia Amiibo, anime about Zanza and Meyneth before the Bionis and Mechonis were created

  1. I would love to see a Xenoblade anime series myself and as for a Xenoblade based amiibo series collection? I would buy that day one in a heartbeat

    1. I agree with you, paidenthusiast. It would be extremely cool to see a Xenoblade anime series and should hire Hiroyuki Sawano to compose the music along with Mika Kobayashi’s vocal performance.

  2. I would buy every amiibo for Xenoblade. Every one of them. Not sure what use they would serve other than being a figurine on my shelf though.

  3. That’s precisely why I pre-ordered and recently obtained the Shulk Amiibo, because it would be rare.

    Now I have eight.

    Mario, Luigi, Link, Samus, Diddy Kong, Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, and Shulk.

  4. I got my Shulk, and I would love to have a Dunban, Riki, Rein, or any other Xenoblade amiibo. (As long as Nintendo fixes the rarity problem)

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  6. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    Why can’t we have both? :D Of course, the anime would be better as there would be less hassle to fucking find the damn thing since we could just find it online for free somewhere even if the damn thing was rare to find physically.

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