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Walmart Canada Says They Will Have Gold Mario Amiibo Figures, But Won’t Be Taking Pre-orders

In a series of tweets Walmart Canada has confirmed the existence of the dazzling Gold Mario Amiibo figure. We basically knew it was legitimate as we had photographic proof from a leaked advertisement from the retailer that proved they were genuine. What is strange is they aren’t taking pre-orders. So it could be mayhem at Walmart Canada when these things actually go on sale.

Thanks for asking! We are getting the gold Mario amiibo in stores but we don’t have a date yet.

Hi there. We’re not having a pre-sale for the gold Mario amiibos.

Thanks, Rubberyen and Lord Zedd


      1. I doubt anyone outside of our subculture knows what Amiibo are even used for.
        Then again, it is golden figure of Super Mario.


      2. You’re right. The ads on TV don’t even explain what amiibo do. Hell my fucking mom got amiibo confused with the Disney infinity figures.

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  1. Really happy about this decision. I prefer the good ol’ lining up method. Sure I have to wake up early/stay up super late, but If I’m the first one there and 100% know where everything is kept and wear my finest running shoes and bath robe it should be fine. I’m hoping at this point that all retailers know their shit well enough to limit 1 per person….but considering this is Walmart, that may not entirely be the case…..hopefully my Canadian brethren will be polite enough not to buy loads to scalp….


  2. Of course. Go ahead and release these gold amiibo Nintendo. Your loyal fans won’t be able to get one because of the stupid stock issues and pathetic scalpers. Just ridiculous.

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  3. Don’t really care for these amiibos. I just wanted the smash bros ones but the good ones are obviously impossible to get for regular price so too bad


  4. I know someone that works at Walmart. My copy is pre ordered, lol.. She told me that there is no supervision over Amiibos. That anyone who works there and has access to the stock room can grab up as many amiibos as they want..

    Just befriend someone at Walmart and they can get a you a Gold Mario without having to camp out. But just buy one, don’t be a dirty scalper..


      1. ok honestly who is going to camp out for an amiibo that could seriously just be spray painted blue XD it’s not even like he’s an original mold he’s a repaint of the mario series mario amiibo.


      2. Oh, people will camp. If you’ve been trying to snag the more popular amiibos, you’ve already witnessed it with your own eyes. I have.

        I met one guy who spent the night, and slept outside on a cot. Fucking freezing that day too, was still cold as hell in the morning. He came right after he got off work at 9pm, he said.

        I’m all for getting there early… Not that early.

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      3. ok seriously who is going to stand outside and wait for an amiibo that’s just spray painted blue? XD I mean it’s not like it’s an original mold either, it’s a repaint of the mario series mario amiibo


      4. gosh dangit my comments aren’t showing up so then I retype them and then I have two sets of comments… -_- (i hate my life…)


      5. But that still leaves more of a chance at finding them in stores than there is when pre-orders sell out the entire stock.


      6. My Target store got some Rosalina amiibos on their shelf, and my brother and I actually was able to get two each (plus my niece got one). That just goes to show that when a store gets them in stock and doesn’t sell them all on pre-orders, there’s much more chance of finding them. As long as you’re there on the day they release.


  5. If you really want all/any particular Amiibo… it’s easier just to pay crazy scalper prices.
    Just don’t get too carried away… don’t pay more than double ($26) plus shipping on any figure not discontinued. As for the discontinued ones….. good luck.


  6. Don’t forget that the price of amiibo’s will be going up in April. So buy what you can now. Also, many times when it’s release day for something like this, receiving may not have processed it by the time the doors have opened. Please be kind to your friendly Wal-Mart electronics employee :)


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