Fans Release Epic Trailer For A Live-Action Zelda Film

I was a little dubious of this at first, but after watching the trailer, this live-action Zelda film created by Player Piano and the Zelda Project actually looks rather good. If anything it just makes you wish for the upcoming Zelda Netflix television series which is apparently in development.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6 and lamatsucubo


      1. Lol, the effects were cool and stage design looked great, but the director should have had Link riding the horse in a more professional way, in this he looks too stiff and his posture doesn’t match the riding where people lean forward as the horse gallops. The makeup for Link looks a bit too girly [like his hair], the costume design looks a bit too “cosplay”, his shield looks oversized and awkward, And Navi… omg that was probably the worst part [sadly]…. they don’t really need to have an actual HumanFairy, it can just be a ball of light that speaks once in a while.

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    1. Omg….. That reminds me……….
      I really hope that the Netflix series won’t be horrible, for the sake of fans and future gaming productions.
      Netflix has MUCH MORE production values so they have the potential to actually create something decent [at the very least]. Hopefully it’s being watched carefully by Nintendo themselves and directed by a fan or someone that knows his Zelda.


  1. Ew the fairy the fucking fairy makes me want vomit, plus what’s up with links sheild? I’ve seen better. Everything else get a fucking A+.

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      1. You sod off from this NINTENDO site and we’ll have something that’s more than nice. You’re not even the real guy, your an imposter, get a bloody life…


    1. Oh sweet! I’ll be sure to look out for that next time Xavier Woods is wrestling. Hopefully it will be against someone that does holds.


  2. Nice. But I do hope the TV series will adjust how the sword and shield will appear on screen, because this teaser shows that vibrant color only works for the game and not in reality.

    If the colors are vibrant, it would be just like Power Rangers and not the “Game of Thrones” look that they wanted.


    1. Link2nintendo.ur.. a lowborn peice of shit…, wheres ur talent dickweed. I dont gget this pissed about ignorance, but shit ur terrible.


  3. Haha! That was terrible!

    It looks as if all the budget went on the showy quadcopter shots of that huge horse cantering (why not get a better horse and make it gallop? It looks lame as hell).

    All these fan projects have HORRIBLE camera work. You can get a tripod guys, it’s cheaper than the horse. Interesting shots does not mean shaky or tight close ups.

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  4. This shows why Zelda do not need to have anything to do with live action bs like this happens and it will happen if that Netflix bs happen


  5. Not bad for a group of amateurs. The horseback riding goes on for too long. I belong firmly to the school of thought that believes that Link is the strong, silent type and not a mute, and that it would be absurd to depict him as such in a TV series or film. Other than that, Link’s age varies depending on the game, but I would say, generally speaking, that he’s somewhere in his teens. This actor is clearly too old.

    I’m thinking ahead to the possible Netflix series and contemplating all the ways they might screw it up.


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