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Here’s An Unboxing Video Of The Super Mario Collection Amiibo Figures

Want to see all six Super Mario Collection amiibo figures being unboxed? Well I know you do. NintenDaan has managed to get his hands on the latest batch of amiibo figures and has uploaded his own unboxing video of them all. You can purchase these from your store of choice on March 20th, if they haven’t all been snapped up already. The six figures launch alongside Mario Party 10.

22 thoughts on “Here’s An Unboxing Video Of The Super Mario Collection Amiibo Figures”

        1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

          Of course not, why would I waste my time hunting those silly creatures when my peons can do it for me…

  1. I’ve got toad, Luigi, and Mario coming next week. These Amiibos are killing my wallet… 19 after I get those three…

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  3. WAIT! I thought this Mario amiibo only came with the Mario Party 10 Bundle? I thought that’s the only way people could get it?

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