Rumour: Treyarch Apparently Teased Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3


Everyone’s favourite Call of Duty developer Treyarch have apparently teased on Twitter that they are hard at work on the third Call of Duty: Black Ops video game. The team is said to have posted the tweet, that you can see above, and then apparently deleted it. It would make sense for them to be working on Black Ops as it’s their franchise. Let’s hope that if it’s legitimate then this one comes to the Wii U as Advanced Warfare skipped the platform last year.

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  1. I’m more concerned as to why this was posted here considering there is 0% chance of this game coming to Wii U.

      1. I’m itching for “The first 80 minutes of Xenoblade X” to pop up on YouTube. I’m hoping a third of the video would consist of the character creator.

        1. See, I’m the complete opposite. I don’t want to see any more video of Xenoblade. I would like to experience it on my own when the games comes out.

        1. I personally don’t think it will come out next year. Nintendo said to make no further announcements until next year. Even if they announce the NX then I doubt it would come out the same year.

        1. No one knows anything yet, all just assumptions. Although, yes, it seems like a good assumption given the 3DS is their best selling system. At the moment, no one really knows, unless you are working in Nintendo’s R&D facilities.

    1. it’s just a preteen’s wet dream not a game with a decent plot all it involves run one area shoot that guy , Sit in an area for ages for one person to come by and bitch if you beats them . Hench why the vast majority of players of the franchise are kids

    2. There’s actually a pretty good chance of this coming to Wii U.
      Number 1: The team at Treyarch is the one that has ported all past COD games to Nintendo platforms. They have a dedicated developer team for this.

      Number 2: They have made significant progress in offering gamers on Nintendo platforms the support offered on other platforms (patches/DLC (Nuketown 2025 for BO2))

    3. We need the clicks. It’s also a lot of fun to read about everyone bashing Call of Duty for being a rehash…right before preordering their copy for the midnight release! XD

      1. *sound right (dangit autocorrect… Also, whenever I try to say “dangit”, I’ve said it so many times in all caps that when it’s not in caps, it autocorrects to DANGIT… dangit…)

  2. Well it says it starts with Bo but they didn’t say the first word starts with B and second starts with O, but what game would start with Bo.

  3. It might be released on Wii U since Treyarch is the devoloper. Also i find the Black Ops games to be the best out of CoD games behind Modern Warfare 1 and 2.

  4. It’s not going to come to the Wii U most games like this doesn’t and they are going to say it is because of the Wii U

  5. Bowl of Doody: Modern Warfare 6? Lol na I actually liked Black Ops 1 & 2 so here’s hoping. Played a shit ton of 1 on Wii and 360, and playing 2 on the Wii U GamePad was a pretty cool way to kill time during commercial breaks, boring shows or whenever I was sick and didn’t feel like looking at the TV. Ghosts sucked ass so I didn’t even touch Advanced Warfare but if Treyarch really is making a 3rd I may check it out at some point, preferably on Wii U.

  6. It’s Black Ops 3… fuck this shit I’m skipping this CoD until I see a World War 1 or 2 Call of Duty game again..

  7. Eh… I don’t know about Call of Duty. Battlefield has always looked more interesting to me.

    1. Black ops two was good. But honestly that does not mean Black ops 3 will be. It will be just like every other COD that has released in the last four years.

      Back when Black ops 2 was made, the developers had more time to polish the game. Now everything is rushed. There will neverr be another good COD unless they take the time to develop it correctly, which wont happen.

    1. I actually might agree…..probably not though. Splatoon isn’t really my thing either, but at least the paint gimmick is unique and it’s worth giving a shot once the game goes in the 5 dollar bin like De Blob. (It’ll be tough to beat that one though!)

  8. I really don’t give a fucking shit about Call of Bullshit. Fuck that shit. When the FUCK is that shit gonna be over? God damn! Let’s hope what Nintendo said yesterday about Splatoon “revolutionising” FPS games is true. Most likely not but I hope so.

  9. Aren’t people getting bored of running through maps and getting kill streaks by now? Multiplayer COD is sooooo extremely boring. Along with every other Multiplayer FpS with maybe Evolve the only exception. I don’t see how people still enjoy that same old burnt out gameplay… Geezus Christ people, if you guys keep buying the same shit, they will never innovate or try different things..

  10. Call of Duty has always been my favorite FPS (fuck off haters) and Black Ops is my favorite of the series, I can’t wait for 3!

  11. honestly I wouldn’t even want them to come out with a third black ops cause in my opinion black ops 2 sucked compared to the first black ops honestly if I were them id remake blacktops 2 cause they went from a good black ops game to a game where all I do in it is rage in like the game itself sucks the amount of hits it takes to kill someone is dumb it probably takes five to six shots to kill a person and the guns in the game suck to like all of the guns in the game are terrible also the whole quick scoping thing in the game is dumb it ruins the game for other players that actually want to play the game like its supposed to be played and the producers and members just watch it happen they don’t do anything about it like for me id just take the snipers away

  12. lmao its only been like 5-4 months before advance warfare came out, this is just sad. they make games for a moment, Nintendo makes games for a living

  13. These developers are selling you the same game over and over. They literally re-use the same character models, gun models, kill animations, bullet holes, etc. etc… It’s the exact same game just different skins. Different maps.. And they charge you 60 dollars..

    Advanced Warfare could have easily been Ghosts DLC. It’s all the same. How do you think they spit these games out so fast? Because it’s the same damn game! They have all the assets already rendered. Just like AC and Far Cry 4. It’s a fucking joke, and I hate these greedy ass casual developers. They will never get creative unless they are forced to.

    1. They’re not casual developers, just creative ones. Also, different companies help out with the games, which is why they come out so fast. Quality vs Quantity and they manage to hit both of them. It’s truly impressive!

  14. good lord.. i would rather have a decent ww2 call of duty game then a crappy near future call of duty,,, heck i would even take a far future call of duty rather then this shit! i don’t want to play something that can look like it might happen. i want either fiction or historical! and by fiction i mean completely fiction… not ohhh look… this might be what will happen in 20 years!

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