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Rumour: Zelda Majora’s Mask New Nintendo 3DS XL At GameStop On Wednesday

If you missed out on the limited edition Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D New Nintendo 3DS console then you’ll be pleased to know that GameStop will apparently have new stock in on Wednesday. The console will be available for purchase on the GameStop website as well as the stores for the first time. However, once they’re gone, they are gone. If you’re thinking of getting one from your local store then it’s best to call first to make sure they will have some in.

  • One per customer
  • 4 per store
  • Extremely limited
  • Not expected to get anymore in the future.

Thanks, JackBuilt



  1. I wanted one of these so bad but I got a regular new 3ds now so no big deal. Only reason I would buy now is to keep it and maybe sell it later on


    1. I too have a friend at Gamestop and he confirmed it is true. He even sent me a picture of the notify from his work computer to show me. You can expect to see me standing in line waiting to get one of these bad boys since I missed out on the first wave :D


  2. I’m not buying a New Nintendo 3DS XL (I live in the U.S) until the price comes down. There really is no need at the moment.


  3. It was confirmed yesterday that there are none. There aren’t any in a warehouse, there are none sitting in a stock room, there are NONE. They’re gone. There will never be anymore. There is no source for this besides a forum post, the validity of this wasn’t even worth posting. There ARE Amiibo sitting in boxes waiting to be checked and shipped, but no Zelda New 3DS XL’s.


    1. Funny enough, it was this very site that reported it. Stock doesn’t magically appear. In the end, it’s just a color. There’ll be plenty of limited edition consoles.


      1. I just called a few Gamestops and they told me they’ll have them, at least where I live.

        Good luck, Ninfriendos.


  4. I never comment but I just want to say thank you for posting this, I saw it here first yesterday which lead me to check out if this was for Canada as well. Some EB Games near me got them early (at some point yesterday) and sold them, but I managed to nab one from a store this morning that had 2 in stock. I never thought these were coming back and wasn’t about to pay double on Ebay, so thank you guys for keeping track of this stuff! I am one very happy Zelda fan because of it. :) I hope other fans who missed out got one this time around as well!


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