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Has Reddit Leaked Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door 3D For Nintendo 3DS?


Well, this is certainly interesting. A Reddit user has posted a teaser video for Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. The video has now been taken down but that hasn’t stopped people from posting some gifs from the aforementioned video. Who knows? It does look fairly believable, but I guess we won’t know for sure until the next Nintendo Direct. Then again, that Rayman leak for Super Smash Bros looked pretty believable and we know that was faked.


151 thoughts on “Has Reddit Leaked Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door 3D For Nintendo 3DS?”

    1. Anyone can make a video like this a play it on their 3DS. This is much less believable than the Rayman leak.

      1. Yup…. notice how the video was removed by the owner plus the fact that he advance further into the game nor does he record the bottom screen; makes this only more suspisious…

        Though I would love a remake of this fu**ing epic game! :D

      2. right. all they would have to do is a play a youtube video of a lets play or walkthrough. This absolutely fake..

    2. By trick you mean obvious fake that only an idiot would have fallen for? In what world would Rayman EVER be a playable character in Smash Bros. More chance of there not being a new COD this year than that French gimp being playable on any Smash.

    3. Fakest sh1t in the world. I want you to name ANY GAME in the world, Nintendo or otherwise, (even on the NN3DS) that starts up in 1 whole second, especially a GC-to-3ds port lol fake as f*kk

    1. I played The Thousand Year Door and it did have an intro before the title screen. Unless the guy had super fast reflexes to bypass it , I will say it’s a fake. Then again I want my Paper Mario on Wii U.

  1. Real or not am getting sick of Nintendo giving the 3ds all the love how you think your home console going to sell if you don’t put shit on it it barely have a game each month for it when the 3ds have about 3 games on it each much and most of them are big games come the fuck on with this bs Nintendo smh

  2. I bought this game back in 2011 for the gamecube, because I heard it was good. My gamecube was and still is broken, (doesn’t read discs without cleaning, but then the laser in the system stops reading the disc.)
    so I didn’t play this much, but if this is true, then this will be a good way to play thousand year door.

    1. That one is on the Wii eShop, so it’s still easily available. You can even if for free right now on Club Nintendo.

  3. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>It better be true but again, why aren’t you doing the same thing with the Wii U?>>>

    1. Nintendo is a buisness. Money comes before the fans, sad, but true.

      Now that amiibo are popular, Nintendo will reproduce older waves because of fan input but only because they know we’ll buy the shit out of them.

      Same can’t be said for the Wii U

                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

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                    1. My Wind Waker Is Bigger (I.A.B.A.B)

                      Mobile gaming is a quick fix on money. You’d be a fucking dumbass ass to not enter the Mobile market. I personally don’t fucking if Nintendo went mobile. As long as they keep making quality games for they’re consoles than nothing else really doesn’t fucking matter. Going mobile is like fucking side money for Nintendo.

                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                        >>>Then stop complaining about them being idiotic with their agenda since the 3DS>>>

                      2. The only ones to blame for are those stupid share holders, real gamers didn’t wanted nintendo to develop mobile games.

                        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                          >>>Civilians are not real gamers, they are the ones demanding the empire to do everything that these Titans (shareholders) want, so they are hypocrites to their own cause since they complain about Nintendo making stupid decisions while at the same time accepting them>>>

                        2. you’re wrong casuals don’t care about nintendo anymore. those morons known as shareholders are the ones you have to blame. stop being a blind fool.

                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

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                            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

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                              1. Thanks sir, i’ve been part of your army, sorry for my behavior sir. do you think it’s time to call the female terminators?

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                                2. we need the valve admiral glados, estoczero, heyit’sguy, nintendo is my blood reborn, lamatsucubo, land of empires, stranga and the random anonymous guys to build a powerful army.

                              2. Thanks sir, i’ve been part of your army, sorry for my behavior sir. do you think it’s time to call the female terminators?

                          2. No they mentioned it so people won’t assume Nintendo is leaving the gaming market. Since most people would just jump to conclusions and automatically assume they don’t care about console gaming anymore.

                      3. I think that further proves his point that Nintendo doesn’t care about the Wii U anymore. They’ve announced the Wii U’s successor , so they’re probably planning on dropping support for the Wii U after this year probably.

                          1. All console developers are always working on their next consoles you fucking idiots. They announced their next system to show all the unintelligent Nintendo fans that they aren’t going to strictly focus on mobile instead of consoles, because that would inevitably be the conclusion every fan would jump to. Iwata basically said the same thing himself.

                            This site seriously has the most ignorant and just plain stupid comments. You guys are Nintendo fans yet you DON’T know this?

                            This year Wii U owners will be receiving Splatoon, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Maker, Star Fox, and Zelda, and DLC for Smash and MK8. And that’s what we KNOW ABOUT. They aren’t going to go to E3 without having new announcements, most likely having one more surprise game for this year (just a prediction, seeing as they always do). We already got Kirby and Mario Party 10. Yeah, Nintendo is clearly abandoning it! (sarcasm) This is why the gaming community is found to be full of idiots. So many ignorant douchebags.

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                                      1. Hm you should see a doctor about that. I’ve heard of synesthesia, but never one hearing dogs barking when they read words. Fascinating that you can also tell the weight and gender of a dog’s barking as well… But it sounds like you are more attracted to a thin female dog than an obese one which is… different, but to each their own… I guess… o̿ ̭ o̿

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                                          Damn I knew you where a damn dog. Please lol don’t announce your ratchetness online.

                                          1. A dam- Ohhh! Okay I see what the problem is. I think you mean beaver.

                                            Also I’ve announced nothing. All I did was tell you Axle’s post wasn’t as bad as brick wall of text that others have posted and that it wasn’t long. You’re the one that’s been announcing that you’re hearing things and talking about your attraction to dogs.. or beavers.

                                      2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

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                          2. It could be coming to both the 3DS and Wii U. It would make sense because both games would be remastered. The 3DS version would be remastered in 3D and the Wii U version would be remastered in HD and remember, there’s suppose to be a major remaster of an Nintendo classic coming to the Wii U this year so this could be it but we won’t know anything until Nintendo officially confirms this

                                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                  >>>Perhaps, but if they would remake a game for 2 different consoles, this game wouldn’t be top 5>>>

                        1. Well after fans were disappointed over Sticker Star it’s great Nintendo is remaking what is considered the best in the series. The problem with this is why is 3DS getting remakes of 64 and GameCube games before Wii U gets them on Virtual Console like Nintendo promised? We don’t even have Xenoblade Chronicles downloadable yet (i know you can just use the disk)

                          1. But it could be fake we just see the game being loaded then just the title screen meaning it could just be photoshoped. As you said we did just go through that Rayman nonsense. I’m not going around telling people i know this exists until it’s proven real

                        2. Not believing it. As much as I loved TTYD, it would make more sense if the first got a remake, and after that Rayman DLC (which I didn’t want to believe but damn it looked good) I have trust issues.

                        3. I highly doubt Nintendo would release Xenoblade Chronicles right before the 3ds version comes out or else that version would lose sells.

                        4. fake
                          bottom screen is very bright when the game is booting, something that never happens in ANY game while the initial credits

                            1. The only reason 3DS gets more games is because it’s quicker to make them. Well, that and the fact that it’s their best seller so they pay more attention to it. :P

                        5. I think its fake. I mean why just the start screen? Why not the game in action? Nothing about this seems real.

                        6. The thing about these “leaks” is that their credibility is immediately questioned when they fail to provide the slightest footage of gameplay. All it takes is a few seconds more of recording but nope! here’s the title screen instead!

                        7. Please Help.
                          I bought a 4 in 1 Charging Station from my local GAME today. When I put the Gamepad on charge, the Gamepad was flashing orange, rather than a solid orange. This happens when I charge it using the bundled in A/C adapter through the Wall Socket, when I use the Charging Station and when I use the Charging Cradle that the came with the Wii U. The battery was already dead before I put it on charge and it still won’t turn on. Any help would be most appreciated…

                            1. “Send the Gamepad to Nintendo” You have to send in the entire system in order for them to repair it. I sent mine in and didn’t get it back until two months. Sending it in to Nintendo is always the very last option you should try because it costs money and you could risk losing it. :(

                        8. Turns out its fake… but Nintendo trolls the faker by announcing Paper Mario: And the Thousand Year Door HD for Wii U and 3D for the 3DS.

                        9. I almost died after seeing this article. TTYD is one of my favorite games of all time, this better be real. I used to play it all the time when I was younger, that game’s basically my childhood.

                        10. I personally don’t care whether it releases as a remaster for the 3DS or Wii U. I’ve already played it and if it looks the same, I could care less but for those who will start out fresh, I would recommend it to them.

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                        12. Notice how they omit the lower screen?

                          Either the above footage is being played via YouTube on the 3DS, or from the photo/video module via a hack (I’ve forgotten the name, but a program is available that can ‘convert’ MP4 to the 3DS video format).

                        13. IF this happens to be true (which i heavily doubt), i hope they add some new features to the game. If they don’t, the game won’t even be a remake. It will be just a port.

                        14. I doubt it’ll be true. I love Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door. It’s my favorite Paper Mario game. But i still want Paper Mario for Wii U. But hopefully not like Super Paper Mario or Paper Mario Sticker Star. I want a classic style Paper Mario game.

                        15. One of my favorite games of all time. Here’s hoping Paper Mario Wii U comes close to or passes this one in story, scale, mechanics, and personality, etc.. Super Paper Mario and Sticker Star are okay games at best but have nothing on the first two entries in the series. Still, if they decide to release TTYD on 3DS or Wii U i’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

                        16. Time to throw away my money if this is true. Both my Gamecube and PM:TTYD was stolen from me when I was younger, so this would be a dream come true. I had already finished the game, but it will be fun to play it again. :)

                            1. Aww thank you, but no thanks. I wouldn’t even cuddle with friends let alone a gamer guy I don’t know a lot about. Thanks for trying though. :P

                                1. On another note how did you come to choosing your username? The last part is understandable but it doesn’t seem like something most guys would choose. Don’t get me wrong though.

                                  1. Well at first it was “gamerpimp1999” but… I really didn’t like it. I don’t wanna be known on the internet as a pimp XD. So since my brother’s youtube name was “evilprince” at the time, I decided to rip it off and make a new YouTube account called “gamerprince1999” instead! After I did that on YouTube, any site that I go to regularly has the user name of “gamerprince1999”. So yeah :)

                                    1. Well gamerpimp doesn’t seem to suit you, so I think prince was a better choice. Your username usually reflects who you are and how people imagine you, so pimp and prince give two completely different perceptions.

                        17. I would say this has a 99% chance of being fake. I really like Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door though. It is my favorite Paper Mario game, but doesn’t really need a remake.

                        18. As cool as it would be if it were true, this is definitely fake. Since when do Nintendo games get leaked?


                        19. IDK!!! I can’t tell anymore >.< People are too impressive with technology leaks are basically a 50/50 shot now.

                          Best to just wait for official reveals.

                        20. I have a doubt about this : I remember that, before the main menu, there is an opening movie showing a book, and I remember also that you don’t open the main menu immediately… In addition, Nintendo isn’t the only one who created this game… But if it is real, I’m very happy, it’s sure !

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