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Zelda Wii U Will No Longer Be Released This Year

Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has announced in a video that The Legend of Zelda Wii U will no longer be released this year as the company had previously stated. Presumably the long-awaited game will come out some time in 2016. Aonuma says that with such an expansive universe comes new ideas so they’ve decided to push it back Let’s hope it’s still on track for Wii U.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

256 thoughts on “Zelda Wii U Will No Longer Be Released This Year”

    1. YAAAAY, more droughts. I’m glad that people here like the lack of games since I see all of them saying “oooh, this is fine” and don’t understand the business talk. This is just it, they are just terrible at business. Come on, people. Last Zelda came out in 2011. Nintendo is just full of morons who think that they don’t need 3rd parties and that they can make enough games to support their systems. Holy shit, look how many games that no one is interested in are made by them. No wonder Zelda games come out almost never. Once per generation + one portable and remakes. People are asking for a Fire Emblem, Starfox, Paper Mario, Mario Galaxy successor, F Zero, Metroid. Where are those? What’s that? Not out? Correct You pretty much get like 2 AAA games a year with Nintendo’s systems. GG WP. I’m waiting for you fanboys! I’m waiting for your damage control.

      1. Xenoblade Chronicles X should be enough till 2016 :D even if we only get 2 AAA games a year those 2 games will be awesome for sure. PS4 and Xbox barely have anything that is worth playing lol

        1. I’m glad to have an arbiter such as yourself to say what is and what isn’t worth playing. Also, Xenoblade is has been a go-to line for Nintendo fanboys since it was released back in early 2013. “but Xenoblade this” “but Xenoblade that”, it’s still not fucking out. Go be a low IQ piece of shit somewhere else.

              1. What does self-proclaimed “god of the New World” have to do with how others choose to spend time and have fun? I choose, me, to read, interact with family and friends, spend my money on non-game stuff, or save it during a drought. Or, since a lot of people have Wii U as a secondary console, they don’t suffer droughts playing on PC, real or budget kind.

                  1. I agree with death note guy,they have terrible business sense.They lucked out with wii/ds and was also a risk of failure.

                    but they make so much bad choices and we still don’t have region free consoles while the competitors have.Online sucks and is limited,also the whole kid parenting is bullshit i m a 22 years old i don’t need Nintendo protection and i don’t need Nintendo to limit my games because of it.(splatoon voice chat)

                    Also any1 remember when they said Nintendo won’t go to mobile?Yes lol how it turned out?

                    The only things they get right are the games and sometimes i think it will be better to make only games and not design hardware.Also dam fucking amiibos cash physical dlc and people are stupid that is all.

                  2. Droughts are irrelevant to those who play elsewhere. And those who don’t play anywhere but Wii U (though I’m sure many there have a 3DS) it’s for them to make that call. But maybe they have other Wii U games to play, or non-game stuff they can fill in the drought with. There are always more non-AAA than AAA (or it used to be like that), but many non-AAA games can be more fun and even fill in genre gaps.

                    But to sell systems, I don’t think Zelda was going to push numbers very high, and there’s still plenty of great games for newcomers to pick up, almost like a super launch for them

                    So I don’t think there is a drought, unless people only care about Wii U and AAA Wii U games.

              2. What does intelligence have to do with how U choose to spend U’re time and have fun? Intelligence dictates your tastes and what you do can actually increase or decrease your intelligence. Spend your time reading a college text book and you might become smarter. Spend your time eating junk food or doing drugs? You hurt your brain, which has to do with intelligence and how you spend your time and have fun.

                1. I don’t think you know how it works, kid. Yeah, reading facts from a collage book makes you smarter. What? How’s that? There’s nothing stimulating about reading facts. You will maybe learn something new, but that won’t really make you more intelligent. Just more knowledgeable about the subject and reading shit on the internet does the same goddamn thing.

                  1. Poor example, and I said ‘college’ text book, not collage text book (you made a typo, to be sure, but it sounds like some book describing a collection of pictures, which makes you seem like the kid). But you’re right, you actually have to challenge your mind in order to expand your intelligence. Reading can do that if you take the next step and apply yourself. So intelligence does have to do with how you spend your time and have fun. Drugs can also not only hurt your intelligence, but expand it as well. It all depends on the how and what.

              3. why waste your potential of intellect here when you can use it for better things.

                you think sales is the problem of third parties (you have’nt mentiond it i know). is it really good idea to be wasting money on third parties all the time? wont they lose more money by doing so? remember doing tripple A games isnt free.

                for a loong time there has been two consoles (+ pc but its really easy to port to pc so it doesnt count) that developers love to develop games and now that there is another console powerfull enough to have good games on it they choose not to make game for it, because of power? because of sales? NO because of cost

                1. No, actually there are many more variables.

                  First: Nintendo abandoned the gamers with the Wii and the DS and lost a lot of their actual fans and got a lot of casuals which other comapnies knew won’t play normal games and as such Wii got a lot of party games from other developers.

                  Second Wii U is not x86 architecture like the PS4 and X1 are and it is more expensive to port games onto it and that was Nintendo’s problem.

                  Third: PS3 and X360 have the numbers. Both over 80 million. PS4 and X1 have the future graphics and the PC architecture, so they are the future. Wii U has neither.

                  Fourth: Nintendo has been without a decent 3rd party support for 4 gens now and as such have made their franchises too appealing to their fans and other companies know that it’s hard to break through on a Nintendo platform. The fans are to loyal.

                  So the conclusion of my genius here is that Wii U has nothing to offer to other developers and gives them 0 reasons to develop for it. Wii at least got party games.

                  I’m not wasting my potential by posting a few comments. It took me around 2 minutes to type this one.

                  1. as for first its the other way around yes they got the casual

                    second true yet developers can easily port the games for the ps3 and xbox 360 so in come Third they may have number but the wii u has the power above them (still talking about the ps3 and xbox). Then comes the Fourth, yes so true yet there was a console powerfull enough or even stronger than the others. the GameCube but it still lost even though the power.

                    i would say the conclusion is money not power, sales maybe and the fouth point the loyal fans

                    1. Yes, money. I never said the power alone is the reason, but the PS4 and X1 ports sell because of the better graphics. Wii U has none of that + it came out in 2012. and specs wise is a little better than a console from 2005. Gamecube used the retarded 1.5 DVDs while others used 4.7 DVDs. N64 used the cartridges while the PS1 used CDs. Do I really have to draw it out for you people?

                  2. damn it your new comment deosnt have the reply button on it.
                    well yes they did have that but to them the disk and such is only memory space for developers nothing else

                    1. The Gamecube discs were small for a variety of reasons. But Nintendo wanted to keep developers from feeling they had to quench their thirst for graphics, which is expensive and pulls focus away from what should be important–gameplay. Third parties prove they are trapped by power, and focused more on graphics, multiplatting, and only a few games and genres. But the Playstation 2 was less powerful than the Gamecube and developers still made great games there.

                2. Actually, in the past 10 years, they stopped porting games to PC and actually started to design games for PC. They then port that game to a console hence being superior.

          1. Star Fox is coming this year, as is Mario Maker. No, it’s not your standard 3D Mario title, and the other games like Metroid bring up valid points, but they’ve also got Splatoon. Seems like they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Make those games? OH, Nintendo is just rehashing Mario/Metroid/Zelda again.. Come out with other games and new IPs? Where’s Mario/Metroid/Zelda? LOL

            1. Mario Maker should’ve been the part of the NSMBU and certainly isn’t a AAA game. Star Fox still hasn’t been shown and isn’t out yet. Splatoon, ok. Last Metroid came out like 7 years ago. Stop being so retarded or go away.

              1. “Last Metroid came out like 7 years ago.” Ignoring the piece of shit that is Other M, then you’re about right lol.

                  1. Because if you release a heaping pile of crap that ignores canon cough “Halo Reach” cough “Metroid Other M” cough then the game will be hated by the community and ignore from canon. When I remove Other M and Reach from Metroid and Halo canon it makes the lore and stories for both franchises make a whole lot of since.

                1. Even that came out like 5 years ago, but that wasn’t developed by Nintendo ,nor do fans seem to like it, but even if I give it to them and count it as a normal Metroid game and not a spin-off, it came out a while ago.

              2. Or go away, Jay, and you’ll stop acting (never having been, I’m sure) retarded. Ignore a god and they die. Go, read a book, Jay, or play something you like. Or whatever, I’m just sayin’

                  1. You told Jay to “Stop being so retarded or go away.” I suggested he do the same but in a different context.

                    I shall feed you, if only to try enlightening you and to save others from you. All gods are manmade, and can be manipulated by mortals.

          2. You really sound like those sony buthurt fanboys, there is no point on arguing with worthless people like them so have a good day and cry for not having Zelda on your platform.

            1. I don’t see the relevance of Sony here at all. I actually own a Wii U, so what’s your point there?

              “there is no point on arguing with worthless people like them so have a good day and cry for not having Zelda on your platform.”

              You also don’t have a Zelda, you fucking idiot, that was the entire point. Hahahah. Ahhh, what a moron. Made me laugh actually.

                1. Yeah, great line…or it was before patches were possible. Now you can apply it, but not really. That wasn’t really the point of my comment. They fucked up again. Wii U should’ve had it’s big titles when it came out, but they started coming out year and a half into console’s life cycle with Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta and Smash, but now we have a huge gap again.

                  1. If they release all their best franchises day one or year one, what does that leave them for the rest of the time? Time to make another version of that franchise? I like waiting for those big guns to arrive. But I guess it suits me because as a business owner I do not have countless hours to beat a game. Half of my Wii u library has barely been played

                  2. dude a question. if you have to get a new wii u to åøay zelda wii u… and you needed to update the game but the system is not supported anymore because there is a new console out…. how can you update the game if you want to play it again after a while ??? you would be playing an incomplete game! now i know this works with third party games because it is mostly play once and then never again.. well for the most part! but nintendo games last a lifetime and i know i want to play it again one day and if i can’t play it on the console it was meant to be on then what is the point ?

                    to sum it up… delay good because it will feature more stuff to do and you will get the complete game!

                    1. You are a complete moron. What are you even talking about? My point was that patches exist now and the line is outdated. That’s all there is to it. I didn’t say “release an incomplete game, then patch it” you dumb fuck. Also, if that happened and you couldn’t update the game….that would mean that Nintendo fucked up and is retarded, but we know that already.

                  3. If they came out with all their big titles at lauch or too soon, Nintendo would burn out too quickly. Theirs is a long-term strategy, not short-term like the others. But yes, N should’ve helped get the ball rolling by releasing a popular, innovative, 3D game at launch. And been prepared for HD from start. But not fire all their guns at once too soon. Third parties and more indie games, more exclusives are need from other sources. When will N stop being democratic and about free market and just moneyhat the geedy third parties. Feed the strays and they will want more, but then bite your hand when you stop the gravy train. Stupid Nintendo.

                  4. Not to join in on this overall clusterfuck of comment wars as really my stance is quite neutral, and not that Nintendo always follows that “delayed game” philosophy, but I think you could agree if you came from an earlier age of games that it IS a good saying.

                    A patch is no excuse for a game to be rushed, it’s a terrible habit as well as trash business moral. Consoles releasing with day one several GB patches, games such as Halo Anniversary having broken matchmaking and game breaking bugs that not even their current patches have fully fixed, all these indie “alpha” releases with false promise of being completed later… Perhaps my business sense is a bit stale and outdated, but I really don’t think selling an unfinished product that you can’t guarantee a timely and working fix to later is anywhere near professional.

                    Again, I’m not trying to start shit, either with you or fanboys on here, personally I think you make some good points. But I don’t think opting for patches as a solution to an eventually polished product is a sound logic – and if you’re making an argument against people on here or anywhere, you probably don’t want holes in what you say.

                    Also, as terribly upset as I am about this delayed release as well as other choices by Nintendo (Namely lack of the smaller new 3DS model here in North America, their stupid business decisions with stocking properly, and their bullshit stance on region lock) I can honestly say other than that day 1 download for Wii U and how they opted for cheap amiibo materials, I have never purchased a Nintendo product that was not finely polished and complete as could be at the time – game or console, and that at least deserves some merit in these times in my opinion.

                    My apologies for the wall of text, Just thought I’d pipe in, which I don’t do often. Hope you all enjoy your day and whatnot.

                    1. I never said that patches are a solution. I even mentioned that later. I just said that the line doesn’t make sense anymore “a rushed game is bad forever”…that’s not a rule anymore

                    2. This would hold a lot of weight if Nintendo had more exclusives for this year instead of just Star Fox, Splatoon, and Xenoblade. They also need a Wario game like Land or World, F-Zero, Metroid, 3D Galaxy-like Mario, Wave Race and many of there other forgotten past franchises. This would make the Wii U Zelda wait less painful, it’s just like Sony barely having exclusives this year to make to for Uncharted

              1. To the people here expressing concern is basically being a traitor and a reason to get you hanged, they’re a fucking psychotic hive mind.

              2. Don’t have a NEW Zelda. But a game only arrives when it arrives, announcements or not. And there are plenty Zeldas out, maybe even ones new to some. And those raised on recent third party games don’t seem to know that a lot of Nintendo games have replay value, and are usually so good, you could have fun playing them again, even during what looks like a delay.

                1. That’s not a good argument for a system that constantly has droughts of it’s own games. Nintendo should target people to buy the Wii U for Wii U games, not to buy it for SNES games or NES games. That’s like saying that it doesn’t even need new games since it has so many old games. GG WP

                  1. Well, without third parties making the types of games that are known to sell on Nintendo platforms, Nintendo is pretty much solo. Third parties have plenty of IPs in the 2D and 3D genres, plenty in Racers. But no, the twins dictate what the rest of gamers want, while graphics whoring keeps their other IPs in vaults because of the money that power for graphics demands. It’s a vicious cycle. If they are to break free and return to gaming 101, they’ll need to invest in Wii U.

                    But Nintendo should hire more people and buy more quality studios that fit their philosophy. Foster growth of indy studios.

                  1. You are my new favoorite person today Kira! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said similar ‘controversial’ things on this site and the endless amount of fanboys that then jump down my throat because of it.

                    I love Nintendo too but I will always call them out on their bullshit. A good chunk of the people on this site can’t seem to grasp that I critique them because I want to see them do well. All the hiveminds and sheep here would gladly follow them off a cliff, but me- I’m trying to steer them away from that cliff!

                    Anyways thanks for taking the time to try and set a lot of these people straight. The Nintendo fanbase as a whole needs to start sobering up if we hope to ever be taken seriously again. If I had more time I’d be here destroying people with common sense too.

                    As far as the topic goes, I’m a little annoyed that it won’t come out this year but I’m more worried about it skipping the Wii U. I’d hate for them to pull a Squeenix/Final Fantasy XV on us and bump it to next gen only when over half of its development was for its past generation. Instead they should focus on making it the best looking Wii U game ever AND make the NX backwards compatible. Nothing irks me more about the new systems than their lack of backwards compatibility. My 50+ PSN games are doomed once Sony decides to stop supporting PSN on PS3.

                    Add me too if you get the chance: DJSmash

          3. Noa says, “I’m glad to have an arbiter such as yourself to say what is and what isn’t worth playing,” but ignores other Wii U games that aren’t AAA coming this year. It be okay for you to imply those games are or aren’t worth buying? And Zelda is the only reason to play on the Wii U? That what you’re also saying? But you are NOT an arbiter either.

            And what about playing catch up? Or using this delay to find other Wii U games that someone may have passed on because of low funds? Or using eShop or internet to search for other Wii U games that might interest and tide someone over? Are you saying those games are crap or won’t fill in the gap? Since not many gamers bought the Wii U and third parties won’t touch it, you blame Nintendo for polishing and improving a game. You condemn all other options base only on your self.

            1. Not my point. I see you’re trying to sound smart, too bad. I hate idiotst that try to do that. I never said any of that. You just putting words in my mouth. The point was that Nintendo and it’s fanboys think that the 1st and 2nd party games are the only thing needed to keep Nintendo afloat and shit on everything else, but obviously Nintendo has had, has and will have huge droughts because of their stupidity. I’m not here to debate ” are smaller games worth playing” That was never my point. Zelda is one of their strongest franchises and it’s coming at the end of the system’s life cycle. That was never the case before, but they’ve done it on Wii…but it was excusable to some extent since they had TP when it came out. On the Wii U, this is the only Zelda game and it won’t be out for a long time. Nintendo is full of morons. This site is full of morons. You’re a moron. I condemn them for putting Yoshi, Toad, NSMBU, Wii Party and all the other games that are mediocre and low budget before franchises that are desired by most, and yet people defend them. It’s a win-win situation for Nintendo. They do make games, everyone praises them. Games miss features, everyone says they don’t need them. Games have features, everyone praises them. Nintendo doesn’t make games, people defend them. Absurd, yet it is.

              1. Why do you explain anything if you think your audience is a moron. I don’t think Nintendo will do so well alone. But what can Nintendo do when third parties abandoned them and gaming 101? Turn into a triplet? Wii had such third party support with great exclusives and either new IPs or new takes on old IPs. But with Wii U, they wanted another Playstation 3 or 360. If they stopped pumping so much money in graphics, third parties could do a lot more, like make actual games for Wii U. But they are at the mercy of a swarm of graphics whore they themselves helped create.

                1. Yep. Even before Wii U’s launch, it looked like Ubisoft remembered their roots.

                  They actually made a 2D, Wii U platformer (Rayman Legends); used a mascot, color, & an abstract art-style); even incorporated the Gamepad. But they broke their promise of exclusivity & also delayed it when Wii U needed a game.
                  Child of Light was wonderful, but it used to be more of the norm, not niche as it’s now. I’m fine w/ CoL being a multiplat.
                  ZombiU was actually Survival Horror (not a shooting gallery), & used the Gamepad nicely. But Ubisoft only made a profit, not a mountain of gold, so no sequel but a bunch of unprofessional “excuses” did follow.
                  Would be nice if Ubisoft made a new 3D Rayman, giving Wii U owners an alternative or companion to 3D World (capitalizing on 3DW’s success & the gaps between 3D Mario releases). & Hey, let the other platforms have a taste of surreal & fun 3D platformers.
                  I bet Prince of Persia would be successful as Wii U’s (even Ninty’s) answer to Assassin’s Creed.

                  SEGA also failed to help Wii U. Even though they used a mascot (twice) & tried for AAA, they forgot the fundamentals. They also shelved a great deal of IP to chase graphics. But I would’ve loved if Wii U had a new Skies of Arcadia, Crazy Taxi, House of the Dead, NiGHTS (@ least someone is finding a way w/ Rodea), etc.
                  Or Konami made another 2D Metroidvania for consoles. Konami now seems only to make Sports SIMS & Movie Games Silly.
                  Or SUDA51, who I feel is the badass Shigeru Miyamoto, needs to be more active, regardless of platforms.
                  I wish Tomb Raider would go back to its roots, as well as Resident Evil & just about every current game that has a history (all were bastardized to some degree).

                  I’m unsure why people want Ninty to cater to what 3rd parties do now. Do they want Ninty for their quality &/or IPs? Because 3rd parties used to make games like them; Hel, Nintendo used to be very similar to 3rd parties (or vice versa), even SEGA, & Sony. Aside from quality & IPs, Ninty did lack a more “mature” element. Yet games were focused and photorealism was used in certain instances, & FPS & Open Worlds could be abstract & brimming w/ content.
                  But if NX leaves room for what 3rd parties are doing now (FPSes, Open Worlds, photorealism, longwinded cutscenes, etc.), then NX, to me, will just be an overpriced Nindie machine. & if the leap in power is too great, Ninty will have to do what 3rd parties do & shelve more IPs, spend more money just for graphics, & take longer to make fewer games, or rush them & maybe polish later. They have a hard time making new Sin & Punishment, Eternal Darkness, Wave Race, F-Zero, a console & challenging Fire Emblem. If NX is über powerful, Ninty will prolly only focus on 3D Mario, Mario Kart, & Smash Bros. Even Metroid is up in the air for Wii U. Paper Mario seems only a handheld affair, not as good there, either. But I doubt we’d see anymore 2D Mario, Donkey Kong, Splatoon (maybe cookiecutter sequels), deals like Bayonetta 2 & Devil’s 3rd. & innovation (software or hardware), would slow to a crawl. It’s happened to 3rd parties. It’s happened to Sony. (MS was never really in to variety or abstract styles [w/ a few exceptions like Viva Piñata & Sunset Overdrive]). While Sony & MS are @ the mercy of 3rd parties & thus overhauled their gaming philosophies & homogenized to such a troubling degree, Ninty would be less immune (or their fall would be more visible), even if they relied on their own content. Nintendo is alone now in so many ways. What SEGA & Sony failed to uphold, Nintendo is now the only prominent bastion left, & indies still uphold (many of which put big 3rd parties, big budgets, & AAA to utter shame).

                  Why are so many bitching about Nintendo when it’s 3rd parties who have stopped making genres, stopped releasing their IPs, & stopped their colorful artistic expressions on any platform? They also kill the single-player experience. Not only do they mismanage power (regardless of what the masses think), but they mismanage online; all because of short-term goals, or pandering to tech-heads, graphics whores, a means to further propel multiplatting, & appeal to some hollow social element or generate cheap highs w/ “achievements”.
                  Ninty made another console (Wii U), & makes games like usual, which people seem to want, though forget that you need a particular system for exclusives & the company’s philosophy (now more than ever). 1st its a new take on the controller that holds Wii U back. Then it’s Wii U’s lack of raw specs that holds them back (which only keeps 3rd party’s new agenda @ bay). Then it’s the high price for controller that costs an extta $50 than a “normal”, reverse compatability w/ games & controllers, 1 or 2 games (a $60 – $120 value), & all under the competitiin’s price w/ no standard free game or reverse compatability w/ games & controllers (which are so similar to the last versions, it looks like a ploy to force consumers into buying more of the same but proprietary controllers). Really, Wii U’s issues are poor adverising, droughts (both from Ninty & 3rd parties), & the fact that actual gamers are few & a dying breed). But Ninty is demonized by the industry. Yet, 3rd parties jump the shark & are praised by the industry. Sounds like people forgot pre-7th gen greatness, or started gaming in 7th gen & only on PS3 or 360 (which aren’t very different, though PS2 & Xbox had distinct flavors & many exclusives). As I said before, 3rd parties did keep the faith on Wii.
                  My tastes might be niche, but it used to be normal to find variety in genres & art-styles on every platform. Now, everyone demands Nintendo host this fairly new 3rd party ‘movement’ (get it? Sorry, I just see little value in the shift, & am baffled by how popular those games are when they offer less). Yet, Ninty’s NX games will still look childish & graphically incompetent to those who so love what 3rd parties are doing now, full-on after Wii. Seemed like 3rd parties were able to retain some vestiges of what this industey was about on–nay, BECAUSE of Wii. An über powerful NX might mean a return of 3rd-party names, but not the actual 3rd party games that belong w/ the philosophy Ninty still upholds. Fine to get a trickle of that style, but open the floodgates & it’ll flood the NX, drowning out what Ninty happens to be about. If you thought Bayonetta 2 or DK: Tropical Freeze had a hard time garnering attention, it’ll be super difficult; even the original Bayo was largely ignored on PS3 & 360.
                  Again, I think Ninty will be less able to uphold the quality & emphasis on gameplay in their own games if NX features more power than they can handle. 3rd parties are already too ambitious for their own good, which is why variety & quality are in such decline.

                  1. I forgot: Ubisoft needs to make Red Steel 3 for Wii U. If they were to actually support Wii U, they would’ve spent time, effort, & money doing so. But spending so much on graphics, & supporting PS3/PS4/360/X1/PC [even if it’s multiplatting], would’ve been too much for them. Just another reason for me to despise what 3rd parties & Sony have become.

              1. Did I? I thought it was from Breaking Bad. Oh well, either way, I turned the words around. Like it or not, it happened. It would be amazing for someone who claims to be so much better than everyone else missed my meaning, which was the whole point and fairly obvious.

                Careful, if I can do what Near and Mello did, but with something so simple, Ryuk will write your name in his Death Note much sooner. You certainly play your avatar to the hilt. Kira was a prig, too.

                1. It is from BB, yet it didn’t seem like you realised that. I don’t wanna respond to your 10 comments individually, so this is the only one I’ll post. Death Note had far too many plot holes. L could’ve easily caught Kira by doing a lot of things. Light had no chance, but plot required him to surivive and win.

                  1. L and Light/Kira both died. Also, Light/Kira only won in the 1st season (sorry, I didn’t read the manga) by killing L.

                    In Season 2, Near and Mello finally beat Light/Kira, in which case Ryuk killed Light/Mello. And if the anime movie Visions of a God is canon, Light/Kira is most likely a Shingami, which I’d hardly call surviving or winning.

                    1. *killed Light/Kira, not Light/Mello. It’s also confusing when Light/Kira also went by the name L.

      2. It looks like your having tamper, so your getting mad because they have 7 new ideas to put into the game to make you enjoy and love the game more? But no you want to act like a 5 year old and cry about you wanting it now. Dude we all want it now, but we would rather wait until the game is a master piece, either other way your still are going to buy it so why cry? Also this year the WiiU is getting more then 2 tripple A titles. Xenoblade X, splatoon, starfoxU, Devils third , yoshi wooly world, shin megami X fire emblem and a 3rd party AAA title that we don’t know yet. So just chill out dude that’s already good enough to last you awhile. And then you still have last year games

        1. Splatoon and X are the only big games we actually know about. Starfox hasn’t been shown to us. Devil’s Third surely isn’t a high budget game, but even if it was…that’s 3. Yoshi…come on. Wii U has more 2D platformers than SNES. That’s all they do because it’s cheap to make and doesn’t take a long time. Not a AAA in my book just because it has Yoshi in it. Shin Megami X Fire Emblem? What? We haven’t heard about that since the original trailer.

          1. Yess starfox or shin megami hasn’t been shown,but what is that supposed to mean that there bad games ? And so what are you in general saying your not interested in any of these games ? And devils third dude come on that’s a AAA title and it looks far to good to miss out on

            1. That means that I’m not really sure when they are going to get released. In fact, I’m pretty sure SM X FE won’t ever get released. 2 years of silence? Come on. Devil’s Third….meh, it really doesn’t impress me in any way possible. We’ll see.

              1. Yess that game has had its silence I won’t lie, but yoshi wooly world had its silence too and are you at least intrested in splatoon dude I mean that game looks amazingly fun. And yes we haven’t seen anything of starfox but that doesn’t mean where not getting it. I understand where your coming from to long of silence makes you feel like its been forgotten, idk I guess we will just have to wait in see

      3. Last Zelda came out 2011? Where did you get that from? The last Zelda came out in 2013, and it was one of the best yet. Get your facts straight before you try and persuade people with bullshit.

        1. Please don’t tell me you’re counting the remake. The portable games don’t count since I’m obviously talking about the Wii U here and the fact that it has droughts. 3DS is doing a lot better.

      4. Is not like nintendo doesn’t need 3rd parties, they just know 3rd parties are out of their league, I mean if nintendo was to bring games from Ubisoft, EA, Activision, etc. People just wouldn’t buy them, the console is inferior to the other consoles those games would come out and people will be like “Why would I get the Wii U version of X game if in other console looks better”, so the only way nintendo can fight that disadvantage is making right the thing that makes them nintendo, because what if the next zelda was incomplete or lame, wii u would be a console with inferior specs and lame games. So yeah I really don’t mind waiting more for the next zelda if it’s gonna be better.

        1. But Nintendo’s disatvantage this time around is that they are Nintendo. Wii saw plenty of cool third party games, exclusives, sequels, etc., and because Wii had a unique way to play and less graphics. But third parties actually shoehorned more than a few of the twin games, from the seventh gen, no less, on Wii U. Some third parties didn’t even tried, or had nothing that belonged on the Wii U. Look at how far third paries have drifted away.

          1. Okay, granted I blew through it in 16 hours and didn’t complete every side quest, but it was brilliant.

            Yes, I count it.

    2. The real reason it was delayed… Nintendo realized they have no big AAA games for 2016, and this way they also have more development time… to transfer it to the NX!!!! Woooooaaahhh!!!

    1. You can tell by the calm nature of this video (and the fact that it won’t even be at E3 that this was all part of the plan. The game well most likely change art style (like how twilight princess changed) the game has to be every thing Nintendo needs in a Zelda game. And still have it connect with past fans as well as new gamers…..

      1. They’re calm because they just are. Whether it was “part of the plan” or not is not something we can say.

  1. Don;t really mind the delay, that just means they have more time to perfect it. Or you know, get the most out of it at least.

    They’re not gonna show it at e3 either though, that bit sucks

    1. What makes you think they won’t show it at E3? They said there would be a playable demo, and the game is already playable to a certain extent (We’ve seen Miyamoto play it himself)

  2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>You better show off a bunch of new games and reveal release dates for already announced games then at E3 High Command or you’ll be digging your own downfall faster than anticipated>>>

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>Unlike the Sonyans, the empire is nowhere near extinction anytime soon, my loyalty however hangs in the balance depending on what they do with Metroid>>>

        1. At least we got a Dark Samus alt in Smash Bros. I was hoping for an actual new rep though. Hopefully we get some good DLCs aside from Mewtwo to correct this. I want Ridley, but I’ll be satisfied with simply adding any new Metroid character to the fold.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>I want my ally Sylux in the game as it is the only one that can match that dreaded hunter when it comes to Bounty Hunters>>>

          2. Too bad the rest of the suit variations are just color palette changes. I would have killed for a dark suit samus.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>No, I’m just stating that if they ever treat Metroid in the ways of mobile garbage or Call of Duty nonsense, my loyalty will be gone forever and my alliegence will move over to the most Ancient Ones>>>

            1. Metroid Prime is better than call of booty and halo and MP is not a fps at all, instead it is a first person adventure. i could not live in a world where Metroid is a fps where you have to shot everything you have in front, the exploration is what makes Metroid so special.
              i do not know a shit about mobile gaming, but i do not think Metroid is material for mobiles.
              I do not give a fuck aobut mobile gaming, i won’t lose my brain cells on that. if Nintendo decided to go that way, they have their reasons. after all, they will be releasing that QOL thing, i will take it like a third pillar on their bussiness.

              1. Please don’t start this fanboy shit with Halo. We can all agree that both have there fanbase and both are good in there own way. I never really understood why you Prime fans constantly bring it up in Nintendo only threads. I’m more worried about weather we will get a Metroid Fusion Sequel for 3ds not another Prime trying to be like Halo instead of Metroid.

                  1. Oh I’m not a fanboy like your sensitive retard ass. I’m just wondering what sort of relevance does Halo have with this conversation? You still pissy Halo beat Prime two years in a role. At least before ODST, Reach and Halo 4, Halo had its identity. Prime lost its identity after the first game. The first Prime played like a 3d Metroid, its sequels played like a Halo rip off. I love games from all three companies so if you want start something I’ll tell you just how your so-called Prime games are dog shit in comparison to the real Metroid games the 2d ones.

        2. They need some seriously big news to overcome this disappointment.They’re probably going to pull a Twilight Princess while they’re at it.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>They better announce a Metroid game for the Wii U, F-Zero and Donkey Kong U to keep the Wii U relevant>>>

  3. So… what’s gonna be their big Holiday 2015 title? They already confirmed that there won’t be a new main series Mario game this year. I’m thinking maybe… Animal Crossing?

    1. Splatoon, Yoshis Wooly World, Mario Maker, Xenoblade X, Starfox U, and a couple surprises asking the way fill out this year nicely

  4. Of course it won’t!

    I’m super glad. I was actually very nervous they would rush it just to satiate fanboys.

  5. I reckon this is gonna be Like twilight princess and two versions come out . One for wiiU and one for Nx .
    Or it doesn’t come out for WIIU at all

      1. No, Iwata stated it will be their next dedicated home console. As far as I know, mobile games are played on phones and not consoles.

      1. No, it’s a dedicated gaming platform. Console. It has literally NOTHING to do with the mobile games. That’s why they had pictures of a phone, tablet and PC for mobile? Hence…. MOBILE…

      1. Yet the NX was also stated, by Iwata, to have been announced only to help prove Nintendo is still in the home cobsole business and abandoning that for mobile. NX will not be out until Holidays 2017 or sometime in 2018. Expect another new way to play, and the twins to have the “power” again.

        1. If that happens, then expect the “twins” to win the next generation yet again, while Nintendo degrades further to be the joke of the gaming industry. I’ve been reding your comments in this thread, and you are a HUGE Nintendo fanboy. Power is vital for a console’s success. Wonder why? Third parties can easier make their games on the system, and thus it runs better on that console. When people look at a powerful console, they see it has tons of exclusives, and a brand new way to play, AND the better versions of third parties to boot, they will DEFINITELY get that console (if that company markets it well anyway). If all you want is yet another gimmick Nintendo budget console like the Wii U, and not a new revolution in the gaming industry, then I must say, you are pathetic belong words.

          And before you attack me like you did Noa, the only home consoles I have are the Wii, Wii U and PS3. I don’t even play my PS3 anymore…

          1. Well, if you see a way Nintendo can come out with a more powerful system at an affordable price and release it so Microsony can’t add more power over it, I’m afraid it’s nearly impossible. And if you thought Nintendo takes too long making games on a Wii U, imagine the length it will take to make games if the NX is a beast. Plus, they’d work even more polishing their games if the NX used x86.

            Nintendo’s games should prove that games can look good and be fun on the hardware they make. Third party games should prove what a gimmick power is and how silly it all looks when compared to what Nintendo can do, and what Sega and Sony did.

            When people look at a powerful console, they see it has tons of exclusives? Like Playstation 4? I guess that’s why its sales are in the crapper. I don’t think the masses care about exclusivity or fun–just power and third party FPS and Sandbox with shiny graphics, QTEs, and long cutscenes. Otherwise, Nintendo would be popular.

            I don’t care what consoles anyone has. But I hope someone understands and respects the differences in what they stand for. Also, I hope they understand gaming history. But people seem to want Nintendo to change without changing what they offer and who they are. Their market is big enough and should not be abandoned based on sales numbers of the twins and sales numbers of games on Steam. Big market, but not what Big N is about.

  6. That’s fine, its to be expected when crafting perfection. But seriously, for me its better because i dont own a wii u yet. Ill end up buying the game before owning a Wii U probably.

      1. Broken games and Bad games are not the same thing. It’s not about quality assurance, it’s about making the game GOOD. You can have a bug free game that sucks.. can’t patch a shitty game. If you have a good game with bugs, THEN you can fix it.

        1. Yes you can, you can completely change a game through updates and MAG is a perfect example of that. Patches can fix, Now im not saying Its better to deliver a bad game and now delaying it, im just saying that that quote doesnt hold ground anymore. Specially with the abilities that these console hold.

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  8. Well most people assumed it would get pushed back anyway, but I would’ve preferred it if they just said they were hoping it would be finished in time for a 2015 release, instead of beating us over the head with the 2015 release statement. They acted so confident that it was coming out this year lol.

    Also, here’s hoping it’s actually for Wii U still, and not NX game with a chance of a “lesser” version of it releasing on Wii U. That’d suck.

  9. Whoa, you guys actually called this. I’ll admit that I still thought it had a chance to be out this year. Ah well, more time for the NX version. Honestly, the extra time will be good for it. Super Smash still dominates my attention at the moment.

        1. Didn’t they say that the NX was about mobile gaming? I have serious doubts that it’s the next big nintendo console

          1. I had serious doubts about Diddy Kong ever being top tier, but look what happened. A bit unrelated of course, but it does seem like they are hyping up NX as their next home console. That’s what it sounded like when Iwata announced it anyway.

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>Their lack of Wii U marketing should be felt with the NX by completely doing the opposite starting today>>>

          2. Iwata said they mentioned NX because they did not want people to think that they are shifting to mobile, so it is a dedicated gaming device. Handheld or not? Who knows.

  10. I Didn’t hear him say 2016. I heard him say that,that wasn’t their goal anymore, their goal is to make the game as best as possible. I say 2015 Winter, but it can possibly slide into 2016. Which I don’t mind. Its always better to take your time in not to rush,what would be the rush anyway ?

  11. Guys the Nintendo Nx is, Nintendos next Gen we won’t be seeing that until late 2017, this isn’t like a phone where its iPhone 5 to Iphone 5s. your not going to hear nothing about this system until next year and the can be very lol information so calm down and enjoy what Nintendos giving you know lol

  12. Take your time, Nintendo. Take your time… Plenty of other great games coming out or rumored to come out this year. (Sadly, not on the U…)

  13. Me personally? I think it’s better that Nintendo are taking their time developing this one. It’s better to spend some actual time and effort developing games that are actually going to be good, then rush it through the deadline resulting in a half-assed, unplayable piece of shit. Remember “Sonic ’06”? Yeah that’s what I thought.

    And all the people whining about it can shut the fuck up.

  14. I don’t really mind the delay itself honestly. If that means the game will be better in the end, I’m fine with it. However, what kinda is sad is that the number of WiiU games I’m planning to buy in this entire year has now been reduced to 1, lmao.

      1. Xenoblade! :p
        I might actually consider Yoshi too though, but I’ll definitely wait for it to come out first and listen to some people’s experiences with it, as the last Yoshi game turned out to be a huge disappointment for many.

            1. Haha yea, Splatoon really seemed very interesting at the beginning, and I really dig the character customization and all, but as I’ve said, the general information we’ve gotten about it so far is kinda disappointing to me personally. I’ll make sure to take a look at the game when it’s out, but for now, I don’t have any plans to buy it. :)

    1. Starfox, Splatoon and Xenoblade for me. Given that Starfox isn’t delayed. Would be great if Devil’s Third made a surprise release this year also.

      1. Interesting. I pesonally never have been too much into Starfox, so I’m just not very interested in it. It definitely is not a bad series or anything though, not all.
        Splatoon seemed pretty cool at the beginning, and I still do believe it’s a creative take on the shooter genre, but from what we have been told and shown so far, it seems like it’s going to be lacking in some ways, such as the game modes, for example. It’s been confirmed that the game will only feature 4 vs 4 matches, which I find to be sort of boring honestly. I’m sure there are people who are fine with that, and that’s absolutely alright of course. But yea, it just isn’t for me. I’ll still wait and see how it’s going to turn out in the end though, maybe it will be exciting enough for it to actually make me change my mind. But so far, it’s not doing much for me.
        Devil’s Third is probably the game I’m least interested in. That’s just me, but I think it has this weird vibe, I don’t know, like the game is trying way too hard to be “cool” and “badass” or something. Granted, we haven’t seen much of it yet, but it’s just the first impression I personally have gotten from it.
        Xenoblade, on the other hand, is the WiiU game I’m looking forward to the most. It’s definitely a must-have for me.

        1. In all fairness, I think that is Devil’s Third thing. Is trying to be over the top cheesy in that kind of way. That is how I see it. I don’t really view it as a try hard bad ass game, it seems more of the opposite to me, a joke in that sense is to why I like it. It doesn’t seem to take itself that seriously, but that’s my view.

          I understand though, but for me Splatoon is right up my alley. Since I’ve played nothing but more serious competitive shooters all the time. I’ve been jonesing for something different in the shooter genre. As to why I’m looking forward to those two, although the no voice chat still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I also don’t mind small teams, as long as the matches don’t feel empty and the action is still a plenty, then I’m good.

          I loved Killzone Mercenary, and that was only 4v4. I thought the exact same thing you did at first when I heard it was only 4v4, but I just bought it anyway and it still turned out to be a great multiplayer experience. Of course this all just my opinion. I’m sure some people hated it. Mercenary also could’ve used voice chat…

          We’re on the same page with one thing. Xenoblade is the one I’m really looking forward to as well. As I’ve said as long as that releases this year, I’ll be happy with my Wii U. Please, no more delays. So many good games were delayed this year, it’s killing me.

          1. Maybe you’re right about Devil’s Third. But the game being super cheesy in that sense probably doesn’t really help the situation for me I think, lol. I can see why people could be interested in it though, because over the top cheesiness can be really funny sometimes.
            About Splatoon, it certainly has some features that are very appealing to me actually, such as the character customization and its general colourful atmosphere. But I’m really not sure if those things are enough to make me buy it if I’m not yet very convinced by the actual gameplay. I skipped Killzone Mercenary for the same reasons, the 4 vs 4 just didn’t seem any good to me personally. But yea, this time, I might actually give Splatoon a shot. As I’ve said, I’ll wait and see how it’s going to turn out in the end, and hopefully, it will exceed my expectations.
            And absolutely agreed about the delays. I really hope we’ll get Xenoblade this year, I’m so looking forward to it, I don’t want to wait longer than we already have to. Sure, delays are just to polish the game and make it better and all, but I just hope they won’t need that extra time.

  15. Man, this was the only good game I cared about this year for Wii U. So unless some surprise game is announced at E3 for this year, it’s gonna be a dull, boring year for Nintendo.

      1. Zip your lips, baby! Babies are easily amused by anything game companies release. I’ve been there, done that. Nothing is exciting anymore. So go back to playing your horrible, repetitive games and stop commenting to me. You’re starting to become my newest, most hated troll. Just like that freak Jellybean dumbass from the past.

  16. understandable. there are plenty of great games coming out this year still for all the systems. well most of them.

  17. I guess this was inevitable since quality takes time usually. I am still looking forward to E3 for Xenoblade and Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei, Fire Emblem 3ds, and Persona 5. I hope their are more games announced for the Wii u. I think Nintendo should at least wait until 2017
    for the release of Nintendo NX.

  18. I’ll be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. But it’s alright. If this extra development time is gonna give us a better game then I suppose I can wait.

  19. It was already obvious, every self-respecting Zelda is never released in less than 3-4 years (I’m referring to every generation), or someone thought the game would be released this year?

  20. Worried about the delay. Maybe they’re going to release it on NX instead? If they do that though, it’s going to piss off a lot of wii u owners. Unless it ends up like TP and its released on both consoles.

  21. Well fuck. Looks like not only Uncharted 4 but also Zelda Wii U is delayed to 2016. Well to be honest it’s not like I have a Wii U or PS4 to play them anyway. Gives me a better chance to get it before it comes out. Anyway, Nintendo better announce a game this E3 then. To maybe make up for Zelda Wii U’s delay.

    1. Expect Zelda to come out delayed and not be half as good as X, it’s exactly what happened to Skyward Sword, hyped to hell and back, just to end up as a writhing ball of mediocrity.

      1. Dude this is MS, do you really believe they will delay Halo 5 because Sony and Nintendo screwed up and didn’t bring more of their big guns to the table? If MS released a broken ass Halo: MCC then they will not delay Halo 5; for MS this is a win for the holidays.

        1. Halo 5 wasn’t BROKEN, it was that the online servers couldn’t handle the huge numbers at launch, same with Club Nintendo recently. And 343 remaking ODST as an apology was much more than enough…

          1. I could care less about ODST, they better fix Halo 3 in MCC and they better not dare give me that canon raping piece of shit known as Halo reach the first game to turn Halo into this COD shit we got today. Thanks for fucking up Halo Bungie.

  22. dear Nintendo as much i love playing your games im getting really disappointed of how much time it takes to bring a new game…

  23. Damn these delays. As if Uncharted 4 wasn’t enough lol. Good thing I don’t just own one console, otherwise this would suck more.

  24. You people do know what this means, right?
    This means something has to cover the holiday slot. What do you think that will be? Yoshi? Mario? Or perhaps XENOBLADE FUCKING X?
    This is freaking wonderful, a drought of 13 GOD DAMN MONTHS since the last big fucking release (Bayonetta 2), that’s certainly going to help the console a whole fucking lot.
    And you can be sure this means you’ll be waiting for Zelda until November 2016, early release new Zelda, yeah right, keep lying to yourselves.
    If Nintendo thinks three or four niche games tossed here and there are going to move systems they’ve officially lost it.
    The Wii U is no longer a competent system, it’s a side thing, like the fucking pink ginger thing that comes with sushi.

    1. 13 months, really? Man, I could’ve sworn there was a big game released just a few months ago. Something about some brothers smashing supers? I think it was something like that.

  25. Next year is the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. This is the year that Nintendo will indeed launch the highest quality Zelda title ever made only for Wii U.

    1. Keep dreaming dude. They told us that this year… There is no guarantee the new Zelda will even be on the Wii U…

      1. Except the fact that they’ve said that it is and shown that it is? Just because they mentioned the NX doesn’t mean it’s coming out any time in te next couple of years. That’s all fan speculation. Sony could announce that they’ve begun work on Playstation 5 (which I guarantee they have because all three have already said that they’re ALWAYS planning their next consoles) but it doesn’t mean that everything for the PS4 suddenly stops. It’s gonna end up coming for the Wii U, hopefully some time in 2016.

  26. Good job Nintendo!! Keep the game releases to a minimum. Nothing to see here. Instead of playing as Link this year, it will have to be Master Chief. Thanks Nintendo. It truley is a secondary gaming console after all. Stick to mobile and go third party. Shareholders need that money. Fuckers!!

  27. Lol at people sayinf there’s nothing for this year anymore. Are you fanboys so blindsided by Zelda? Should I remember you that they use E3 to announce the holiday games? It’s good, no more Zelda thos December, meaning we will have 2 or 3 totally new games we know nothing about announced for these holidays. So, get excited, and calm your tits.

    1. Starfox will not be enough, and Xenoblade does not have a release date yet. Mario Maker will be a fun diversion, but not a real game. They better have one hell of an E3, and it better not show games for 2016… Personally, this was the knife through the heart for me…

      Sorry, Zelda was their best chance of having a stellar holiday season. Without Zelda Nintendo will be lucky to sell One million Wii U’s…

      1. Xenoblade will be at the end of the year, it’s already releasing in Japan soon. Maybe they want to make it even bigger and so need more time. It’s just one game, they will OBVIOUSLY show NEW ones at E3 that will take Zelda’s place this holiday. If Zelda is the only thing you want to play, then you are out of luck, is like me buying an Xbox One only to have Halo. And all that NX nonsense is stupid, if they don’t even have the time to make a Zelda Wii U fast, how are they gonna have time to put it on the NX too? And why kill their console so soon like Sega did? If they do then they are dumb. The NX will be out until 2017 or 2018.

  28. I personally can’t see Nintendo not releasing it for Wii U, it would piss off a lot of people who bought into the Wii U for that game, im one of these people. And to be fair, several of my friends got the Wii U in excitement for the game. Nintendo has been in a very “rock and a hard place” situation, I’ve been saying it for a while now. Its almost like they said, “ok fuck it! Lets just do things how WE think they would like it” and ot should be about the fans really.

  29. It’s funny how Nintendo will show you screen shots or video of games that won’t be out for 3-4 years but won’t talk about the NX or QOL. I’m do love watching everything Netflix has to offer until Nintendo releases games they’ve been talking about for 3-4 years. The Star Wars Saga will be completed before Zelda U is released.

  30. GODDAMN IT NINTENDO!!!!!!!!……….smh. Damn I was looking forward to playing this game this year and now this shit happens….. {facepalm}. I knew it was too good be true for some reason but to be honest I actually thought Star Fox or either Xenoblade Chronicles X would be one of the games that got pushed back. I was saying the Wii U was certainly gonna sell at least 7 to 8 million units this year because of Zelda but now I don’t think it will……hell it may not even sell 3 to 4 million units if there isn’t a Mario game (no not Mario Maker, a real 3D game) released by the holiday season. I really hope Nintendo doesn’t pull a Twilight Princess move and push the new Zelda game all the way back up until the NX gets released so it can be a launch title for the system but them not showing the game at E3 could be a strong indication that’s exactly what might happen. So there possibly will not only be a Wii U version but a NX version could be in development as well. I love you Nintendo but you guys fucked up big time with this delay.

    1. Oh, StarFox and Xenoblade are pretty much delayed, what else do you think they’ll use to cover for Zelda?
      Fucking summer is going to waste, nothing other than a fucking niche shooter.

  31. Im far more excited about this years E3. Its going to be like last year. Insted of just focusing on one game they have bit and pieces of the new games and IP.

    1. Oh wonderful, tons of announcements for games that won’t be fucking releasing in the next 12 months.

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  33. Pretty disappointed… What else is coming out for Wii U? I only know of Splatoon, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Devil’s Third and Star Fox as the big AAA Nintendo games coming out this year.

    Maybe Nintendo has some cool surprise!? Maybe they can fast track a Metroid game or something to be released this holiday? SMT x FE? There has to be SOMETHING!? What will be the big holiday release?

    E3 just got more interesting. I thought Zelda U would be there for sure and now it’s not. Nintendo must have something huge to show us or maybe a lot of new games. We could still see Animal Crossing, F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Luigi’s Mansion, Mario Strikers (or some other Mario Sports title), or possibly a new IP.

  34. Something tells me this might be turned into an NX launch title, much like how Twilight Princess was turned into a Wii game after it was released on Gamecube.

    Also, I’m just glad they didn’t announce a release date for Zelda U this year and instead just stated that it MIGHT be coming this year rather than giving us a release date on say “It’ll be out on June 23rd, 2015” and then pulling that BS that developers are doing now a days and delay it until a few months later, and then delay it until next year.

    Well, if the delay means a better Zelda game then that’s fine by me. I’m just glad they didn’t show much gameplay of it yet instead of showing shit tons of gameplay and being like “haha, you’ll have to wait until next year!”

  35. Though Nintendo has always been my favorite game company, they’ve really been letting me down lately. Just the fact that I bought a PS3 is proof of that.

    Why does Nintendo put their heart and soul into making Zelda games so great, yet games like Mario Party feels like they just don’t give a crap anymore?

      1. I couldn’t afford a PS4.
        And there was a bunch of games on PS3 that I was interested in trying. When I heard that the PS4 wasn’t backward compatible with PS3 games, that was the decision maker right there. Only way I could ever get a PS4 is if there’s a huge price cut.

  36. Im glad that they are waiting until 2016. I mean I desperately want to play the game and would love to have it now, but I would rather they release the game fully complete than something incomplete or so buggy that it’s near impossible to play and will require patching to work (South Park: Stick of Truth and Assassins Creed Unity come to mind)

    Games like this take time to create and I see people complaining about the delay, about how this should have been a launch title. I think its a good thing that it wasn’t. The extra time they are taking will make the game worth getting. They are taking a huge undertaking with this Zelda game and its rather stupid to give out about it being delayed just because people want the game sooner. Nintendo just want to make the game as good as possible.

    Sure Ocarina of Time, often called the greatest game of all time was supposed to be a launch title for the N64 but it got delayed and came out nearly 2 and a half years after the initial consoles release. It was originally promised that Mario Galaxy would be released within 6 months of the Wii’s launch, if not a a launch title; but it came out a year after the lauch. Good games take time. How often do you see these big Nintendo games buggy? How often were you expecting an amazing game but got absolute crap. They put effort into their games. They do it for the love of their games not for the money, and there is already plenty to tide me over until then as it is. If the game came out now, people would be complaining that it is not good enough and the reason for that would have been that there wasnt enough time. Some people just cant be pleased and live to complain about anything they can. Just calm down, they know what they are doing and you will be very happy when this came comes out and it is as amazing as we expect it will be.

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  38. Fuck you Nintendo. I’m selling my Wii U and buying a PS4. Fuck your shit console. It’s been collecting dust for I don’t know how long. I’ve been anticipating Yoshi Wooly World since I heard it in Feb 2013 NinDirect!!
    You take to damn long.
    You released the Wii U with nothing worthwhile. You have nothing releasing this year I want. I know for sure Zelda isn’t coming. We’ve heard nothing of Star Fox. I know that’s not coming. I know a tru Mario successor isn’t coming until NX. Just fuck it. I’m so tired of playing Nothing on Wii U. They’re releasing all these half assed mini cell phone games like Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Kirby Rainbow road, Mario Maker?!!! Granted Mario maker looks dope but it ain’t no AAA game bitch.

    Man Nintendo is fucking up. Fire Iwata already. Not even Japan wants Wii U.

    1. Kirby Rainbow Curse isn’t an iPhone game, dipshit. We already got a true Mario successor this gen, Super Mario 3D World, Star Fox probably IS coming this year since it doesn’t have the complexity of an open-world game, Xenoblade Chronicles X is also coming this year, not to mention Yoshi’s Wooly World and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.

      There’s also some 2015 games they’re saving up for E3, such as a new Metroid, a new Mario Strikers, a new Animal Crossing…etc. Calm down, I’m not being a fanboy, of course I’m fucking pissed at the Zelda news, but it’s not AS bad as it seems.

  39. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

    Yeah why would it take Yoshi wooly yarn over 2 years to make. It’s a 2D scroller. WTF are the doing in R&D?

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  41. It’s a guaranteed fall game so looks like will be waiting till November 16, or maybe they know the games gona be so great it could be a release game on the new nx. Time will tell I suppose. Come on Nintendo, we need this game asap and we need metroid.

  42. LOL, I called this ages ago when they first said it had a 2015 release date. There’s no way in hell they’d be able to meet that, especially since all they’ve shown is a brief clip showing the graphics.
    They might as well just delay it and release it as a launch title for the NX to get it off to a good start. Let the Wii U die.

  43. this is fine *anger boils behind my eyelids*
    Seriously though, I’m fine with Nintendo taking their time on this game, as I want it to be the best Zelda game out there and I have high hopes for it to be so. I just also wanted it this Christmas because, Zelda games and I have a special connection through Christmas. I always have great memories with playing Zelda games on Christmas, I don’t know.
    What I AM irritated about though is this whole ‘we will not be showing it at E3’ bullshit. Just give us another gameplay trailer or even some freaking screenshots! I’m okay with extending the release date but, leaving us hung and dry for another few months? Come on! In the past year we’ve only gotten a 30 second long teaser and gameplay that was too far from the camera for us to see it’s HD beauty. Give us something, we’re dying here!

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