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Yup, That Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door 3D Leak Was Fake

Yes, it turns out that the Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 3D leak which went viral is fake. It’s not too surprising, but it did lead to plenty of speculation which kept some people entertained. The leak was the result of Photoshop and Adobe Premiere. Oh well, guess we will have to keep on dreaming.

Thanks, Kallum and Scott

43 thoughts on “Yup, That Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door 3D Leak Was Fake”

  1. Since I work for Nintendo I know that this person made a cheap replica of the actual game Nintendo is making now!

    1. BlazeStudiosXY (YouTube)

      Really? I though it was real. Then again, I believe every leak ’cause I want it to be real. Remember the Tower of Smash? I though it was real. But I don’t care! We still got Mewtwo.

  2. idk but I think its too early to start making remakes of GC games. (Wind Waker and DK: Country Returns being put aside).
    I love to see more of N64 remakes first as they’re are plenty of big titles need to be remade.

  3. Idk but I think its too early to start making remakes of GC games (Wind Waker and DK: Country Returns being put aside). I would love to see more of N64 big titles to be remade as they’re a plenty to choose from, before they move on to GC titles for remakes.

  4. Never believed it anyway. After the Rayman leak, I don’t believe any leaks anymore. After this one doing almost EXACTLY the same thing as the Rayman leak, how could ANYONE believe any leaks anymore?

  5. Technically anyone could have said this. This doesn’t disprove the leak (even though I never thought it was real ever) but anyone could have taken the “leak” and just add a slideshow of words. I don’t think its real I just REALLY want this to be real!

  6. Unlike the Rayman leak, this was a lot more easier to tell if it was fake. I mean, you’re talking about an entire game, not a character.

    Not a lot of people will share this view, but I was bummed when I learned the Rayman leak was fake. I really wanted him to be in Smash.

    And if you guys want him too, well, you might as well vote for Rayman in this poll.

  7. Oh wow, look at how many people aren’t surprised. I knew this was going to happen… after the last troll who did something like this got 10k+ people following him because the internet apparently loves to feed the trolls now, it was only a matter of time before this became a trend. Well… see everyone next month when the next one tries it.

  8. Lol my wishes for Paper Mario Wii U still hold. And I STILL plan to buy TTYD if they ever release it on Wii U or 3DS… or any future platform for that matter.

    That said this was a pretty weak “leak”, and a dick move with an awkward ass apology and self-promo rolled into one lol. If you’re gonna go this far with it at least wait a couple days until April Fools to announce it was fake. This was like a guy robbing a bank and then returning some of the money the next day and apologizing. Odd.

  9. Thank GOD it was fake. I would have been so mad. If they’re re-releasing Thousand-Year Door, RE-RELEASE FOR THE GODDAMN WII U. In fact, let’s not remake Thousand-Year Door. Remake Paper Mario 64 instead!!

  10. OH MY GOD!!! I know that rascal, no wonder he didn’t make a video about the leak… He is the leaker! A fake leak nonetheless. lol

  11. Of course it was, when does a Nintendo IP game ever get leaked, remastered, remake, new or otherwise?


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