Here’s Some Information About The Official Prima Strategy Guide For Splatoon


Prima is bringing out an official Splatoon strategy guide for Nintendo’s colourful third person shooter. What we all want to know is what it contains. Thankfully a recent Amazon listing has revealed its contents and what it can help you with. The official strategy guide is currently available to pre-order on Amazon and is dated to be released on May 31st.

Save The Electric Catfish— fully detailed single player walkthrough will help you solve each puzzle, splatter every octopi, and beat each boss.

Claim Your Turf— multiplayer strategies from Splatoon experts will give you the edge in online battles by showing you the best ways to cover arenas with ink.

Style and Firepower— complete details on how to unlock all special perks for weapons, headgear, clothes, and shoes.

Prepare to Ink— learn the best strategies for weapons such as the ink roller, ink bombs, Splattershot, and more.

Free Mobile-Friendly eGuide— Includes a code to access the mobile-friendly eGuide, a digital version of the full strategy guide optimized for a second screen experience.



    1. shut up casual second anolog stick need not apply eather KEEP AWAY CASUALS



      1. no, it isn’t… but that is OK. An experience has been chosen by the developer and people can’t get past it… that to me is facepalm worthy… And you know, talking during the game is a good way to distract your opponent in local, so refraining in game isn’t a bad idea to keep focus and win :)


  1. It is a must have, I agree. But it’s not without it’s faults. I was fine with no voice chat, but to have no communication with your teammates at all is almost unforgivable. No coordinating attacks, just every man for themselves.

    And the gyro controls better be optional. If Nintendo forces gyro controls I will not be purchasing this game.


      1. Well, thats good to know.. I will be getting the game then. I will probably put a ton of hours into this..


    1. I like multiplayer games without voice chat better. You can still strategize, just without talking. Makes it more challenging, if you ask me.

      That means you will have to view the map of your teammates and their positions to know where you should go. It also means that if someone doesn’t want to do voice chat, then they aren’t at a disadvantage over those who would take advantage of voice chat.

      I prefer not to have the option. I don’t want to talk to people.

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      1. Yea, but there should be text commands. Set commands that you can send to teammates to strategize. It’s almost impossible to strategize with NO communication.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I guess that could work, I hadn’t thought of pre-made commands that could be said with the push of a button. Maybe the developers had not thought of that either.


      3. It would have made most people happy to include the text commands including myself. Its been dome in other games with positive results.


      4. I don’t think so. Because then it would turn into a game where the people who chat with one another have an advantage over those who don’t chat.

        I would rather not chat with anyone and the only way to make it fair for me would be to not allow anyone to chat.


      5. They could have used creative ways to include some sort of communication. Maybe like a captain mode or something. Randomly choose one person out of the four man team to be the captain for that one battle. Allow just the captain to have voice chat. The other three could only listen while the captain coordinates the attack stragety. That would have been really fun. I just think without communication the game loses an important aspect. It adds another dimension to the game when you can communicate with teammates.


  2. Shoo shoo T-Shirt bot!

    I wonder if someone will upload this strategy guide online once he/she obtain it. I want to check out some strategies they listed and critique them. Anyway, I am very exited for this title now but no VC whatsoever is going to be a huge detriment towards my re playability factor.


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