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Frozenbyte Say They Are “Very Happy” With Wii U Sales Of Trine Enchanted Edition

Frozenbyte, the independent game developer from Finland, has said that the company is very happy with sales of Trine Enchanted Edition on the Wii U. The developer was asked on Twitter whether the game had sold many units on Nintendo’s latest home console and the response was that they were very happy with the sales they’ve had so far. Hopefully that will bode well for Trine 3, which is already in development for PC.

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14 thoughts on “Frozenbyte Say They Are “Very Happy” With Wii U Sales Of Trine Enchanted Edition”

  1. i love trine i own them both and are quite happy with them :) i do hope so bad they bring trine 3 to wii u as well or i will get it on pc so no worries. i dont own the 2 evils ps4 and xbone those are worthless when u have a wii u, new 3ds xl, and gaming pc im covered this gen. i got bored of movies they call games and spending 60$ on a demo then an additional 100$ on dlc to complete the game. whats worse is disc locked dlc aka nisa the wooooorst company around

    1. ps4 and bone ARE PC just branded pc nice to see your AWAKE a generic pc ina generic box with a generic controller WHY just own a pc

      wiiu is NEXT GEN forward thinking unic inteligent
      mouse pointer-3d motion-touch screen 9 axis dual screen AAA 1 ST party free online great controller choice multi screen multi player ETC ETC ETC

      i just head in hands at these brain farts wh cannot see that ps4 is a over priced branded pc with a out dated generic controller

      fanboyism thru and thru

  2. Good to see that a company is happy with sales of their game on Wii U.
    Unrelated question. Is the Extended Battery for the Wii U Gamepad good? As in, is the battery life somewhat accurate to what they say it is? It;s the official Nintendo Extended Battery that I’m talking about.

  3. Great I love there games, but at the moment I am disappointed that they don’t have voice chat in the enchanted edition but they do in trine 2. Voice chat made it great to play with friends.

  4. Not a super huge fan of Trine. It’s just a bit too “slow” for me. I would love it if it were more fast paced. But, I can definitely see the nice craftsmanship and why people enjoy the game. It is a good game. Just not my style.

  5. I personally think that any decent software title released on the WiiU at the moment is going to sell. It’s not like the general public have much to choose from is it.

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