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Yokai Watch Anime Coming To Europe Thanks To VIZ Media

VIZ Media has tweeted that they will be handling the distribution details for the Yokai Watch anime in Europe. We knew the franchise was coming to the west, thanks to Level 5. However we’ve yet to get a date. The games have sold incredibly well in Japan so it will be interesting to see whether Level 5 can repeat that performance when they eventually arrive here. The anime should certainly help to promote the series.

Thanks, WhiteEagle

8 thoughts on “Yokai Watch Anime Coming To Europe Thanks To VIZ Media”

  1. Yes! This game looks so good in the trailers. Another solid RPG. This and many other games is why my 3DS and Vita have been the most used consoles in my home for the past year.

  2. This was also in that Direct Leak! I wouldn’t say anything’s confirmed yet but… it’s looking pretty real at this point. And I mean, why not? There was nothing too far fetched in the Direct leak, and everything seemed pretty standard, as well as a few things to get really excited over.

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