Nintendo Has Uploaded A Wonderful Live Studio Performance Of Xenoblade Chronicles Soundtrack

Well, this is a rather nice surprise. Nintendo Japan has uploaded live studio performances of a number of tracks from the critically acclaimed, Xenoblade Chronicles. There’s five tracks to listen to including Gaur Plains and You Will Know Our Names/ Those Who Bear Their Name. Be sure to check out the beautiful renditions, right here.



  1. Let me get this right. Nintendo rather put sound tracks on this game before it’s out and yet DK TF is known for groundbreaking soundtracks? And most 3D world’s soundtracks are forgetful.


  2. I love to see these performances, just like they did for the DLC tracks of MarioKart 8. Love the music Xenoblade Chronicles!


  3. I wish there was an Xenoblade Soundtrack CD now! And I hope the Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack is just as good too. ^_^


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