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Nintendo Shows Off SMG Style Weapon For Splatoon

The team over at Nintendo Japan have been good at providing us with small updates on their super colourful shooter, Splatoon. The latest weapon to be revealed in the game is the Wakaba Shooter, which translates to “Young Leaf Shooter”. If you’re familiar with SMG’s from other shooters then you should be able to get a good idea of what this weapon is all about. It’s an extremely rapid fire close range ink based weapon. The Wakaba Shooter is designed to help out beginners with its low ink consumption, but it is by no means a weak weapon.

53 thoughts on “Nintendo Shows Off SMG Style Weapon For Splatoon”

  1. Does someone have some nintendo club europe codes? I need 300 more stars for FE8… :/
    If you do, please send it to my email, . Some of my points expire tomorrow so it’s not like I can just wait a few days or weeks and buy another game for the rest of the stars, too, so that’s really unfortunate…

    1. Sorry man, I wish I could help you. But I’m afraid those points may expire instead of used. Well to make the most of it, try to use as much as you can of it, or if you can find a person to sell it to fast enough, you can get a few bucks.

  2. Does any of you read the comments before posting? lol

    Look, I love Nintendo, but if a Wii U is the only console you own, then Splatoon is the only game you will play until?…. November? I mean maybe you like Kirby or Mario Party 10, thats fine if you do. But for me personally, splatoon would be the only game I would play until November.. Thats fucking sad. Good thing I have Bloodbourne..

    1. The 3DS will fill the gaps for most of us, since that thing has a new game out basically every week. My 3DS is keeping me busy at the moment, and I’ve also been enjoying my stepdad’s ps3 because of the HUGE amount of games I’ve missed out on. My Wii U still has Bayonetta uncompleted (haven’t even touched Bayonetta 2,) but it’s not my cup of tea so it probably won’t be completed. For the most part a lot of is on here have another system to play on or have school and/or a job and don’t have tons of time to play anyway. I do wish the Wii U had more games though. :(

        1. It is. Although I’m only now getting into the ps3 I wish I would have bought that instead of the Wii U at it’s launch, because there are tons of games on there, even from the ps2 era, that I’m enjoying (for cheap too!). Don’t get me wrong I love my Wii U, but waiting until it had a larger library would have been the better choice instead of waiting every three months for a game I like. When the NX launches I refuse to buy it at launch, and instead enjoy my 3DS and hopefully Wii U to the fullest.

          1. I agree. I should’ve done that instead. Wasted the last two years waiting on games for the Wii U when I could’ve already been playing some on other consoles. If only I could reverse time and stop my past self from making such a stupid mistake… *facepalm*

          2. You ment buy a PS3 at the Wii U launch. At first i thought you ment PS3 at its own lauch. At lauch the PS3 was a Blue ray player. Not a really compelling library until two years in i think.

            1. Yes that’s what I meant. My apologies for incorrectly phrasing the statement. I’ve always only been Pro Nintendo, and only now started looking toward other systems after seeing the games they get and what Nintendon’t. Nintendo has great games, but there isn’t much else outside of their first party titles. I like the fact that the ps3 has ps2 games on their online store too, yet I’m still waiting for Nintendo to give us a GC VC.

                  1. No! I never did any of that. I am simply telling you that you are awesome and it would be awesome if I could have your awesomely written autograph in real life! Because DeJ is the best! And no, there’s nothing wrong with me right now. Unless you count the fact that I have not been to sleep at all yet… XD

                        1. Well make sure you sleep tonight. Go to sleep early, sleep in late, wake up refreshed, and stop spouting out nonsense. XD

                          1. Wake up refreshed? You lie! Last time I did that, It was way too comfortable and I didn’t want to get out of bed. So I went back to sleep and woke up a whole day later. XD

                            1. While I’ll admit I haven’t woke up refreshed in months, I don’t understand how guys or people in general can sleep for an entire day or 12+ hours. I wish I could sleep that long, but school is tough, and manga and video games keep me up all night.

                              1. Manga? You read Manga too? Your level of awesomeness just exploded through the roof. O_o

                                1. Thanks I guess. I watch anime, read manga, and play video games. I’m pretty introverted though, so I don’t really share my interests with others.

                                  1. You know, you and me sure do have a lot in common. I think that’s pretty cool. But to be honest, girls like you seem to be almost nonexistent in real life. Kind of ridiculous how hard it is to find a female that plays video games and stuff. Yet, I see tons of guys everywhere that play games. What’s up with that?

                                    1. I suppose they just aren’t interested. There are gamer girls like me who exist, I’m sure there are others lurking on this site as well, but they either stay hidden among their friends or don’t showcase their hobbies. Even now at my school, because I’m a top student, in student council, friends with all my teachers, and all that they never suspect that I play video games until I pull a 3DS in class (only to get bashed by students for it.) Then there’s just normal girls who are all about their appearance, social media, and drama.They’re too worried about that stuff that they don’t even take up a hobby. And finally as I stated before girls just aren’t interested in gaming. Finding a female gamer is like finding a female basketball lover/player, a girl who loves rock, or a girl who likes different cultures. Us girls who see more to life then just social media, fashion, and drama, are a minority. :)

                                        1. Well you’ll just have to search a little harder. Would you settle for a girl who may not love your hobby but at least accept it? Your chances would be greater. XD

                                          1. Maybe. But that won’t be as fun. I’d prefer to find someone like you. But girls like you don’t exist in real life, unfortunately. XD

                                            1. So apparently I’m a ghost who never existed in the first place? My life was a lie this entire time! XD

                                              1. Yeah, you don’t exist. :P Jk. But anyway, gamer girls are rare for me to find. Would be awesome if one just stepped up to me and asked “Would you like me to be your wife?” Ahhh that will never happen though. XD

                                                  1. “would you like me to be your wife?” Is that how I’m suppose to do it, or am I suppose to be cutesy with it, batting my eyelashes and all that? I jest of course, I simply wanted to tease you. You’ll find her, it may take some effort, but if you really want her your red string shall guide you. I’m rooting for you Hollow. *\(^o^)/*

                                                  1. I missed out on the ps2 for the most part, because I had moved over to Nintendo starting with the GC and GB by then.

                                                    1. I had a GameCube for a while but then my brother traded with his friend for a PS2. It wasn’t much of a loss since we already played all the fun games on it. I had a blast with it when we got KH1 and 2, Jak and Daxter series, Ratchet and Clank and more. :)

                                      1. Well, I’m still playing Smash Bros and Hyrule Warriors. Not to mention Xenoblade X will require much of my time.

                                        I don’t mind a low amount of games so long as they’re good. Quality over Quantity.

                                    2. Nintendo, please install voice chat installment for Splatoon online gaming worldwide style of lifetime for better sakes!

                                      1. Hopefully Nintendo will do with voice chat, like they are with that other. Relase or patch it in after people expirience the game. Just a thought.

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