BBC Video Games Expert Says Nintendo Will Probably Abandon Wii U Fairly Soon

Guy Cocker, who is listed as the Video Games Expert at the BBC, is confident that Nintendo will abandon the Wii U fairly soon. Cocker was asked by the BBC what he thought about the delay of The Legend of Zelda on Wii U. He mentioned that this year’s Wii U release schedule looks completely barren compared to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 now, but he does appreciate that Nintendo doesn’t release the games until they’re confident they are ready. Here’s what he said.

“Zelda is Nintendo’s biggest franchise along with Mario, and the previous Zelda games have been some of the most revered and highest rated games in history.”

He says it’s good that Nintendo is taking its time: “As a gamer I kind of applaud the fact that Nintendo does take risks and put games back if they are not ready.”

But Guy admits the delay leaves the release schedule for Wii U games this year looking “completely barren – there’s a big hole which isn’t being filled like it is on Xbox One and PS4.”

Guy says: “The Wii U is a failure in terms of the eyes of investors and the market in general. It’s not sold anywhere near the amount of units the PS4 and Xbox One.

“Nintendo are repositioning the business so they can get bigger on mobile and bring its titles to mobile.

“By way of announcing its next console already its kind of admitted the Wii U is a failure at this point. I think it will abandon the Wii U fairly soon.”


    1. 1. The guys name is Guy Cocker. That some name you got there!
      2. Nintendo NX ias going to be a third console that will not be the successor of the wii u and 3ds. There just adding to the legendary
      3. I’m sure he isn’t such an expert as he says he is.

        1. he doesn’t need facts. he is telling the truth. nintendo has no exclusives this year. not that much at least. fanboys like you are just mad that they are doing bad. its over. that console sucks, it needs to be forgotten

          1. Splatoon and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. And you said that they have no exclusives this year.

        1. What makes you think it will be 2017? Last year I would have agreed with you. Now, not so sure..

        2. Hey Michael, I just wanted some advise if I should buy a Wii U or wait for the NX?
          Cause I really do enjoy playing games on the Wii U such as Mariokart 8 and New Super Smash Bros and I’m not sure about what to do cause theres so many different opinions about both consoles.

              1. *rehashed games with pretty graphics
                No, you better off buying ps3, xb360, even Wii (If you like Mario that much.) or better yet, save money for computer.

            1. “failed console” A failed console is one that is no longer supported, the wii u is still being supported. Please stop projecting your views on to others.

                1. Indies say hi.

                  NIS America says hi with Rodea.

                  Xenoblade X + Splatoon + Yoshi’s Wooly World + Devil’s Third + Star Fox + Mario Maker + Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem (maybe 2015) + ? = 2 N games?

                  0 new FPS + 0 new Sandboxes + 0 new AAA multiplats = Death?

                  The entire Wii U library thus far = 0 games of interest anymore? Or = already looked at it all, played all that I wanted, and I’m waiting for what I like that either is never coming, was never going to come, or is too little too late?

                  1. Tastes vary. Of those games you listed, about 2 will be of any interest to people specifically. That amount of choice is abysmal for a console that’s supposedly alive and well… (no way that FE crossover still exists, btw)

                    WiiU is as close to dead as it can possibly get.

                    1. Then RIP consoles, Wii U is the last, murdered by a budget PC, a multimedia box, and a gaudy horde of graphics whores. You win, Micro$oft. Your living room PCs have finally done it, without brand profitability. Cheaters. Snakes!

                      There goes the real gaming industry. So let come the photorealistic, “Mature”, multiplat FPS/Sandbox, annual release, remade from last generation, microtransactional, tricked out apocalypse. The price was too high, the power never enough, the specs so important. I’m far enough away, got my fiddle ready.

                      And so, the casual, nine-year old masses all squeeled with joy through their headsets as they polluted the sacred altars of yore and burned the industry to the ground. They didn’t appreciate my dirge; they don’t even know what that is. But when their rooms finally scab over, all these vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up around their waists and all the graphics whores and publishers will look up and shout “Save us!” and Nintendo will whisper “No. Already tried.”

                      The whole gaming industry stands on the brink staring down into bloody hell. All those Sonians, and Xbots, and smartasses; and all of a sudden no one can think of anything intersting to make.

                      Beneath me, this awful generation, it screams like an abattoir full of retarded children. And the eighth generation reeks of fornication and bad consciences.

            2. Yes, the Wii U isn’tas exciting as the Wii, but it isn’t a failure. And this Guy Cocker sounds like a jackass who has no idea what he’s talking about. I bet according to him, the Wii U will die, in favor of a more expense NX, which is a smartphone for smartphone games.


              What we need on the Wii U is the Forecast Channel, the News Channel, Check Mii Out, Everybody Votes, Wii Sports Club for FREE, more space for games, and eShop rereleases like Rayman 1, NiGHTS into Dreams, Sonic Championship HD, Sonic Generations, Sonic Rivals 1 & 2, SegaSonic Arcade, Knuckles Chaotix, Sonic Shuffle, Sonic 4: Episodes 2 & Metal, Power Stone 1 & 2, Pac-man World (console version), Megaman 8, Sonic Jam, A Hat in Time, Tempo (32X), Super Tempo, Chuchu Rocket, Snowboard Kids, Croc 1 & 2, and Darkstalkers 1, 2, and 3.

      1. If you believe that the NX isn’t going to replace the Wii U, I have some beachfront property to sell you in Montana.
        Hey, remember when the DS was supposed to be the third pillar to the GC and Game Boy line? Yeah, that worked out well for the Game Boy.

        1. I personally believe that the nx will replace the 3ds. The 3ds was released in 2011. The new 3ds is more like a dsi than a new console. The 3ds was released two years after the dsi. 2017 is perfect timing for the next game boy succesor.

            1. And tell me where you got the information that the NX will be a console and not a handheld…geez, you can’t turn speculation into a fact.

                1. The 3DS is a dedicated game console. They never said whether it was a handheld console or a home console ;)

                  1. The fact one is more successful than the other, a new home console seems more logical, making it more likely, unless it is a home console/handheld hybrid like people think, but then it is Nintendo we’re talking about and they’ve already announced the want to surprise gamers.

    2. Two things that prove that this guy is not so “expert” as BBC says:
      1 – Zelda is a big franchise but it is not Nintendo´s biggest franchise along with Mario. Actually it´s the third. The second franchise – that somewhat has sales comparable to Mario – is Pokemon
      2 – He says that the “WiiU anywhere sold the amount of PS4 and XboxOne”. Well.. I´m sure Japan is no “anywhere”, it´s an important market where the WiiU is selling rather well compared to the XboxOne.

      1. I think everyone just seems to forget that Pokemon is Nintendo for some reason. It’s odd, but maybe it’s because everyone is used to seeing it on TV as a cartoon and just thinks it’s not part of Nintendo.

        Excellent point on number 2. I think Japan is thought of as a very small market for home consoles in general, but it definitely should have still been noted.

  1. What exactly has filled the big hole on Xbox One exactly? PS4 FINALLY has a system seller with Bloodborne, but XBO doesn’t have anything remotely close to that kind of quality.

      1. More of that green armored moron ? “sigh” the ps4 is better than the xbone and i work with Nintendo.

          1. >>>Samus Aran saved the entire galaxy, MC is irrelevant by default, just like the Xbots and anyone that loves it>>>

          2. still a boring as hell game i tried it once and id have more fun watching paint dry or watching grass grow than playing that crap

      1. Bahahahahaha. Sunset Overdrive? You mean that game where the main mechanic (railing) actually makes you perform worse than compared to just walking on the ground? Now that’s funny.

    1. Well they have Halo 5, but most importantly they have multiplats. Arkham Knight alone warrants either an Xbox or Ps4.. I would say Ps4 honestly. I own one and it’s all I have been playing in 2015… As a Nintendo fan I have to say I am disappointed in them lately…

      1. What the hell have you been playing exactly? Bloodborne just came out so don’t say that. I own all 3 consoles and, thus far, Xbone and PS4 both have the absolute worst library of games I’ve ever seen in a consoles 1+ year lifespan. It’s either a bunch of ports, or a bunch of buggy/glitchy games. So, unless you’re VERY easily satisfied with 2-3 “acceptable” games, I don’t see how you can hold the systems so highly.

        I swear I won’t be happy with either of those pieces of shit until Arkham Knight comes out. THANKFULLY the developers aren’t afraid to push the game back, to assure it’s an amazing game – not just acceptable. If Batman ends up being a glitchy mess, I’m selling my Xbone at least, and keeping PS4 for Kingdom Hearts 3. I’d have high hopes for Battlefront, but since EA and Dice are handling that game, I have absolute no hope that it’ll be as good as the old games. Xbone and PS4 are by far the worst home consoles I’ve ever owned. Wii U FAR surpasses either of those consoles in terms of QUALITY and CREATIVE games. I am so disappointed in the gaming community these days, they are so quick to eat up the same shit because they’re desperate for entertainment, then they convince themselves it was good because they just forked out money on it! Fucking delusional. So far, “next-gen” according to PS4 and Xbone is “porting games that aren’t very old and slapping ‘remastered’ next to the title” and “oh, well, we can’t think of anything new or creative, so here’s another game that’s a “new” IP that plays exactly like that game you liked 2-6 years ago on your xbox360/ps3!”

        The Evil Within is probably the best game I’ve played on PS4/Xbone so far. Dragon Age is meh, Assassin’s Creed was awful, Destiny was a COMPLETE joke, Thief is hilariously bad, Watch Dogs was an overhyped mess, Advanced Warfare was copy-paste with jetpacks (oooo so innovative! LOL), Master Chief Collection was completely broken and still has issues, Sunset Overdrive is about 100 times worse than Ratchet and Clank (it totally wanted to be like it, hell it’s by the same developer) and the grinding mechanic is super repetitive, the Halo 5 beta was AAAAAABSOLUTE garbage, Dying Light was Dead Island with parkour and dreadfully repetitive, The Order 1886 speaks for itself in how bad it is, Bloodborne I still haven’t tried but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s another overhyped game and everyone is feeling buyer’s remorse for their 300-400 dollar netflix machines.

        K, see ya later. Have fun hating on Nintendo you dumbfucks, when they’re one of the few developers still making creative and COMPLETED, FULLY FUNCTIONAL FUCKING GAMES! And they don’t release the same SHIT every fucking year! Hell, we’re still waiting on a new Zelda, finally getting a new Star Fox, a new IP Splatoon, a new Xenoblade… but, no, Nintendo is sooooooooooooo disappointing lately. Man, I sure do wish Nintendo would start making worse games to be more in line with their competition! Fuck all the idiots on this site, I swear 99/100 comments I see are so fucking stupid it makes my brain hurt. USE SOME LOGIC YOU FOOLS.

        1. I agree with you about the Wii U being a great console and having the most creative games. I also agree with you on many flops the Ps4 and Xbox has had. But you missed my point completely.

          The Wii U is now on the fourth month of the year and we have had Kirby and Mario Party 10. Neither of those games are for me. So I have not purchased a single Wii U game in 2015. I will buy Splatoon, but thats not until May 29th I believe. So six months into 2015 I will have Splatoon only for the Wii U. Thats why I’m disappointed. Because Nintendo does not know how to stagger their games. They just pile all the good games during the holiday season. Thats the only time I play my Wii U is during the Winter months. You can blindly defend them all you want, but 2015 so far has been a complete joke. And with Zelda being delayed and Xenoblade without a release date, the rest of 2015 isnt looking that great anymore. I love Nintendo, but they have really pissed me off this time.. If they delay Xenoblade (which could very well happen) I’m done with Nintendo until 2016…

          Now to answer a question about what I have played on my Ps4. The answer to that is not much. The Order sucked, Dragon Age was good, and Bloodbourne is a masterpiece. And really all it takes is ONE good game to out do Nintendo in 2015. Because they have yet to release one. Bloodbourne is the best game I have played in a long time. It’s not overhyped, or just “ok” like some fanboys would lead you to believe. It’s amazing, and you are crazy for not owning it yet. I mean you did say you owned a Ps4 right? The game got 9’s and 10’s on every review it has recieved. So why haven’t you bought it yet?

          Logic? You want me to use Logic? I just want to play some video games! It’s not rocket science! Give me some killer games so I can play them. Simple as that! In 2015 the Ps4 has delivered, even if it was only one game. It’s a Masterpiece of a game. The Wii U has NOT delivered on this. They have NOT delivered a killer game yet. Now, they probably will in the near future with Splatoon, but I’m talking about present. The NOW, and right now Nintendo doesnt have shit. So there is your Logic, take it how you want.

          And P.S.

          Has an Arkham game developed by Rocksteady ever been a “glitchy mess”? The answer to that is NO, they haven’t. So why would you say “If Arkham Knight turns out to be a glitchy mess” when you have NO reason to believe that will be the case? Look, you can say 99/100 comments you read are stupid, but you have to admit, your comment wasn’t all that great either…

          It’s like politics. If you sway to far to the right or left you just end up being an extremist. There is a nice comfortable middle ground you need to take… Right inbetween Splatoon and Arkham Knight…

    2. Bloodborne is another typical 3rd person slasher game. Nothing special and yeah, I played Bayonetta fairly enough to recognize its familiar gameplay. Still waiting for Arkham Knight which is the ONLY good “next generation” game coming. Everything else is ported from last gen consoles which is fucking embarrassing for “next gen” gaming to offer.

        1. Yeah. I’ve seen the gameplay and made me say “I’ve already played Castlevania and Bayonetta. No thanks” and this is suppose to be a hyped game? Man anybody is fucking desperate this point. lol

      1. >>>They only copy paste and recycle their engines while making excuses for using “new ones”>>>

        1. That game is nothing more than a familiar déjà by for me and a mirage for the rest of idiots who think this game is special and “groundbreakingly new”. Give me a fucking break…Next gen is officially a fucking joke and I mean EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.

          1. >>>Well current generation, next generation would be the NX and the other infidelic abominations>>>

            >>>Soon someone will say that they invented a system that can turn you into a ball with “new” physics, much like the morph ball and then pretend it’s new>>>

          2. You must hate video games if you dislike Bloodbourne. Plain and simple..

            It’s the next game in line after Dark Souls 2. Same people made it, and it’s basically a sequel, with better atmosphere and better everything really. It’s a shame you are knocking this game without playing it.

            Here what you need to do..

            -Buy Bloodbourne
            -go to your bedroom or where you play your games.
            -turn off all the lights
            -Play Bloodbourne
            -I’ll see you in a few days.. lol

            1. Who in the high heaven and hell said I dislike Bloodborne or video games? Not anyone or me dummy.

              All I said was I’m not interested because I’ve seen, heard and already played those types of games before and know what to expect. Besides, people calling this a “system seller” or “killer app” is seriously in need of mental attention because I’ve seen better real killer apps than a Castlevania/Devil May Cry mashup.

      2. No, your wrong. Bloodbourne is amazing. It’s up there with Mario Kart 8, SM3DW, Majoras Mask… No reason to favor a console man. A good game is a good game.. The sooner you realise this the more fun you will have.

  2. I would be fairly surprised and disappointed if there’s not a 3D Mario Platformer for Wii U – I see a lot of potential with the gamepad. I hope they don’t think Super Mario 3D World covered that base – it was fun, but it was no 64, Sunshine, or Galaxy.

    1. They actually said in an interview that 3d world was the entirety of 3d mario the console will get

    2. Unfortunately, 3D World was the mainline Mario game for the WiiU and they said there are not going to be any more for the console. Maybe a remake… but no mainline. :(

        1. I wouldn’t expect more than one, but I do personally rate M3DW below every mainline Mario since 64. Sunshine was my favourite. Regardless, I think the Wii U has been an excellent console so far, but it is slightly lacking in games. I wont be 100% satisfied until I have Zelda in hand.

        1. Nintendo could fill in the gap w/ a 3D Donkey Kong platformer à la DK64. Or a full 3D Kirby à la Kirby 64 (which was 2.5D).

          Yet Wii U should be getting Project Ukelele & Lobodestroyo, both from indies. So no need to rely solely on Nintendo or Mario.

          But it’s a perfect opportunity for 3rd parties to step in & provide Wii U w/

          Rayman 3D
          Prince of Persia
          Crash Bandicoot
          Vexx (if someone bought the IP from defunct Acclaim)
          40 Winks
          Billy Hatcher
          de Blob (if someone bought the IP from defunct THQ)
          Tak (again, if someone bought the IP from THQ)
          Epic Mickey
          Mushroom Men
          Or a new IP in the 3D Platformer genre.

          But if NX is indeed a new home console & is coming real soon, then maybe 3rd parties will start supporting Nintendo again there. But I’m pretty sure they’ll just shoehorn a glut of FPSes & Open World genres on it, leaving Nintendo to fill in the genre gaps once again (@ least they finally went the other way around w/ Splatoon). Expect Nintendo to still be taking its sweet time devving games (especially since NX will have higher specs), & only using Mario for its 3D Platformer(s) on NX.

    3. 3D World is the new style of Mario games. 3D Land started it. A mix of 2D and 3D. I prefer it to 64, Galaxy and Sunshine, tbh.

    1. That’s not really much considering the PS4 and Xbox One are only a year old. Nintendo plan to abandon the Wii U in two years while Sony and Microsoft comfortable are riding out the current gen like kings for probably five to six more years? Seems kinda dumb on Nintendo’s part.

      1. The only one doing things alright is SONY, wouldn’t bother me a single bit if Nintendo went handheld and third party – or better yet – only third party.

        Seriously, a first-party-only system??? WTF!!!

        1. Even though I like the Wii U myself, you’re entitled to your opinion that Nintendo should stop making home consoles. However, saying that it would be better for Nintendo to go third party only, rather than continue making handhelds is inexcusable. Although I do actually like the Vita, it hasn’t been able to compete with the 3DS at all. With all the focus Sony has done on their home console and ignoring their handheld, it seems probable that Sony won’t make another handheld to follow the Vita. Sony just hasn’t shown much interest in marketing the Vita, they’ve been too focused on the PS4. Even though I’m far from a hater of the Vita, I find it likely that Sony will abandon the handheld market next gen. (I’m not saying I hope it’s true, because I don’t.) So if Nintendo were to stop making handhelds, I think it would ruin portable gaming forever. Mobile gaming is a joke to me. Even though I love Nintendo, I’m not likely to play their mobile games.

          If Nintendo were to decide that it isn’t worth making home consoles anymore, my ideal scenario would be for them to only make handheld games. Going third party in any capacity wouldn’t be ideal at all for me, other than the silly mobile games that they’re confirmed to be making. (Even though I dislike mobile gaming, I recognize that it could still be a good move for them.) I’m not going to be able to own a PS5 or an XBox Two (my crappy tv can’t handle a PS4 or XBox One), so I wouldn’t want Nintendo releasing games on those platforms. If they didn’t make home consoles anymore, they could just release even more games on their next handheld rather than releasing games on those other platforms.

        2. Sooo…you’re saying you want Nintendo to go the way of SEGA, a company that now only lives off of the Sonic the Hedgehog brand in the US and Phantasy Star Online 2 in Japan?

          Troll harder next time.

      2. You may say it’s dumb but look at the evidence of “next gen” consoles for 1. Third parties like Ubisoft and EA wanna make excuses and window dress their “next gen” games being a “game changing” experience when it’s only cheap ass up scaled ports from older consoles it was originally intended to be for plus with their upgraded hardware, why are they still damage controlling over not achieving “1080/60FPS” goals? Because it’s not possible now and never will be on those so called “powerful PS4/X1” which their hardware was already accomplished BY PCs BACK IN 2010! 2. All I mostly see for “next gen” is nothing BUT ports from last gen so typically it’s not fooling me to buy into the “next gen” BS hype those PR fucks at Sony/M$ wants you to believe (that’s because humanity now are fucking idiots with sheep shit for brains) I guess Nintendo was kinda right with the next gen jump because not even PS4/X1 is “entirely ready” to take gaming to another level. They’re probably buying time to implement more or different powerful hardware for 2017/2018 window so it’ll surpass PS4 after it barely has its first few years.

      3. The different release schedules did put the consoles kind of “out of sync”, had Wii U had the power of the XBone, it would have done great, but I seriously have doubts whether adding power to the next console is going to help much as people will already be invested in one of the other platforms by then. Unless they are making a console that is something like 2-3 times as powerful as the PS4, but that would cost way too much.

        Nintendo will likely try to appeal to gamers with some more power and an another gimmick, success will depend on the quality and usefulness of the gimmick. I do hope that at least the next console after NX will be able to compete with the next iteration of the twins, Nintendo should then have the benefit of launching ~year after the competition.

  3. Its just that Wii U takes lots of its cable components from n64, which was the one safe bet, but it cannot be controlled to have the amount of Gamecube output that was hoped for, maybe a wii sports like experience a couple of times.

  4. “HURR DURR Nintendo is abandoning Wii U and porting all games to NX” bandwagon BS again articles………………. -__________-

  5. Well considering that the NX is a handheld it save to assume he has no clue what he’s talking about.

    1. It is both a handheld AND a console.

      In other words, it does what the Wii U should have been able to do from the very beginning: Let you play your games portably from anywhere in the world as opposed to being only a few feet away from your console, and be able to play those very same games on your TV using the very handheld you were using to play your games portably anywhere in the world to act as a controller. If all of this sounds familiar, well, like I said, this is what the Wii U was supposed to do from the very beginning. You could almost say the Wii U is essentially the prototype of this idea. It’s a very Metal Gear idea, really.

      1. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying. The Wii U was the blueprint for the NX. A handheld/home console hybrid system is something that Iwata hinted in his keynote to Nintendo’s investors. It would make perfect sense for Nintendo to do so because it would end the constant game droughts on their next console

      2. If a handheld already has a screen (w/ 3DS, it has 2), why even use a TV & anchor the handheld? I never felt the need for a Game Boy Player, not the cart on Super NES, nor the add-on for GCN. Then again, I never understood the need for cross-buy.

        Do you think Nintendo has found a way to add real, fully functional thumbsticks to a handheld? That’s 1 of the perks of console gaming, which is part of the fuller experience (controller, TV, increased graphics, relaxing in a fixed location [no rush]).

        Do you think Nintendo found an affordable way to put very high specs in a handheld, let alone a hybrid?

  6. Nintendo said they aren’t bringing their titles to mobile, DeNa just owns rights to develop games using Nintendo characters. It isn’t fair Wii U ended up as a failure it could have been Nintendo’s greatest console to date but no one bought the games released for it, throwing away 3rd parties,b it could be years until Wii U develops high cult status making consumers realize their mistake of not buying it

      1. I know but you know what i mean. 3rd parties are also to blame leading people to believe their games are too good for their system when in reality they are just as unstable as the last generation. Even if the Wii U ports can’t “look” as good as the other 8th gen systems what’s stopping them from making a good enough port? 3rd parties supported Wii and DS until the end, Wii games still exist

    1. “DeNA just owns rights to develop games using Nintendo characters”

      Wait what? I thought Nintendo said THEY were taking care of all the mobile development?

      1. They are, Mega719 is incorrect. DeNA is not developing the games, Nintendo will develop them. DeNA partnered with Nintendo to help bring their games to smart devices..

  7. How many times people??? They said they aren’t moving on until WiiU customers are satisfied, which i guarantee it won’t happen until AT LEAST zelda and starfox are released, which they won’t be for at least a year.

    1. As soon as the Wii U Zelda was announced I was sure it would be delayed until the successor of the Wii U. Wii U is selling terribly and adding great games to the line up won’t even help at this point. As a huge Nintendo fan, I hope they save the Zelda game for the new system and make it a crazy awesome launch title.

      1. That wouldn’t mean it would sell tremendously, it may end up starting like Wii U sales. Plus that would break the trend of having a new Zelda title on every Nintendo system

        1. Yeah, but it will probably be like the Zelda that came out on both Gamecube and Wii. It could come to Wii U but in tandem with another version launching at the same time on the new system.

          1. well the person talking (usually Iwata is being bashed) say Wii U multiple times, also, let’s just stress that they want to make Wii U owners happy. They have something big up their sleeve… either Mario Galaxy 3 or Metroid… and they are in no position to launch a new console… the NX will just be a portable wii U or a PC game peripheral and won’t be out until after Zelda. So in that sense if it is fusion, sure you’re right, but they ARE NOT FUCKING ABANDONING THE WII U.

        2. That doesn’t matter. He also says several time, ZELDA IN 2015! But that was a load of shit!

    2. Cough cough some of us are already satisfied. I don’t even fucking care if the Zelda coming to the Wii u anymore. Slap it on the NX and just take my fucking money. As long as the NX is a complete system than the Wii u is fucking dead to me. Out with the old in with the new.

  8. I’ll take Michael Pachter over Guy Cocker anyday, and I think his predictions tend to be wrong a lot.

      1. Patcher used to be very and I mean very Pro-Nintendo back in the day. He’s just tired of a lot of the bullshit Nintendo has been on lately. Plus you have to look at it from his side, he sees it from an investors perspective, not as a gamer.

  9. 1: Nintendo said that they wouldn’t announce info on NX until 2016. 2: That probably means that it won’t release until 2017. 3. There are most likely more unannounced games to be released this and next year. 4: This is the BBC.

  10. I agree, the Wii U has become a financial gash in Nintendo’s side. It’s never going to be profitable no matter how many 1st party games they put on it. I’d imagine they will release the NX in holiday 2016 or holiday 2017.

    1. The last quarter is did make them money. As long as sales stay steady, it will continue to make them money throughout the rest of its life span.

  11. And here is yet another reason why Nintendo shouldn’t make a mobile announcement, cause we are back to this kind of reporting that started at launch. Which is one of the reasons that hurt Wii U sales.

      1. No there are other factors too, the game droughts came after all the news articles saying how they failed eventhough the first Christmas system was both good in sales and amount of games. But the first drought after Christmas was no worse than any other console launch.

        Marketing on TV has been pretty mediocre, but again even if they were great the amount of bad press that kept happening outweighed any positive marketing that could have happened.

        But again its a slow grow for the Wii U, not a failure and it actually done pretty well in Japan and certain parts of Europe (not UK).

      2. Announcing the NX is horrible marketing, especially when they also pushed back Zelda. If they wanted to assure people of their console focus, they should have announced more Wii U games (maybe names only).

  12. I still believe the Wii U would’ve done much, much better if Nintendo gave it a different name. People are turned off when they see “Wii” because they think “A Wii, I used to have one of those, but I never really used it, so this is probably the same”

    1. I agree. Nintendo was trying to stick to a brand, like Xbox and PlayStation, but they chose the wrong brand and it bit them in the ass. They chose the brand that most people knew, but that gamers didn’t like.

      Don’t get me wrong, I loved many of the games on Wii. But most casuals, people who game in their limited free time on weekends, didn’t. Reminding them of that, like you said, was a bad move.

      Also, they launched it a year before the XB1 and PS4. Most people thought, “I’ll consider it, but I’ll wait for MS and Sony to reveal theirs so I can make my final decision.” And of course because everyone was hesitant, sales were bad and developers backed off. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      1. it’s called hubris. they were too proud of the wii success to think they might actually have to market the next console (and like the new 3ds they didn’t have at least a year of press that the PS4 and XbONE did before launch)

  13. BBC is UK based in which UK hates Nintendo in which OF COURSE, THEY’D SAY THAT! And then in a few years EVERYONE will want a Wii U. Just like the Gamecube.

  14. people are really fucking stupid they already talked about their new console in late 2013.
    the only new thing they announced was the codename and yet everyone talks asif they didn’t know there would be a new console and this guy talks in the same way. soo much for being an EXPERT

  15. I think he’s absolutely right. I remember saying months ago on here that the Wii U will not surpass the gamecube. But went as far as saying it won’t even shift 15m units. It went wrong for these guys before launch, at the first unveiling at E3. There is terrible confusion in the market and the marketing was atrocious. The fact that Zelda is delayed says to me that they will push it back to the NX.
    For the moment, they should just cut their loses. Lets be honest, no game has really made any use of the gamepad has it ? They should drop the price, set up a new SKU, sell the system with a pro controller (minus the gamepad) so they can shift some more systems. And for god sake make the NX compatible with WiiU games.

        1. But all native Wii U games need the PowerPC architecture. & if NX is to compete w/ PS4 & X1, especially late in the game, it will have to run on x86.

          Unless NX is also has Wii U’s architecture (driving the costs up further), backwards compatability will likely require the same workarounds Sony & MS used for PS4 & X1.

          Severing the Gamepad, remapping controls, adding on-screen menus, subtracting or locking Gamepad-only features, & sifting through all those titles to do so would be easy compared to the issue of archtiecture.

          Then there’s Amiibo support to consider. NX’s new controller would have to support Ninty’s recent cash cow w/ NFC. Or NX would have to NiX Amiibo support.

          1. >>>I don’t think they’ll focus much on creating a unique controller for the NX, I think it will be more integrated with the console itself somehow and probably have a direct connection to the Wii U so that there wouldn’t need to be any backwards compatibility in that sense if they choose to ignore it this time>>>

            >>>But I’m sure they’ll come up with a way to make it backwards compatible>>>

      1. Well if the next system is that hybrid that everyone seems to think it is, then there’s your answer. CompanionCuber pretty much nailed it though, most titles don’t seem to use it other than inventory or for off play.

        1. To make a system truly backward compatible it needs to be compatible with the previous systems capabilities, not just most features of most games so it would still need to work with zombiu, call of duty game pad map/kill steak functions, or even be compatible with game party champions.

          1. Thats why I said if its that hybrid (which people tend to think that its a home console/handheld console) then BC would be a given. We would still have 2 screens which would technically be the same as what we have now. So every Wii U game would work on the NX.

            Now i didnt say it would backward compatible, however I did mean emulation while posting that comment so I understand the respond.

          2. I think you’re missing the point here. My point is that the gamepad has never really been utilised. So, for those bits in Zombiu or COD, it could simply be changed to a controller set up. Look at the games that came on Gamecube and then were re-released for Wii and marketed as “Play new controls”. Funny enough, you picked 2 games that were terrible sellers on the machine.

  16. Just released Mario Party 10…

    Coming soon:
    Devils Third
    Xenoblade Chronicles X
    Starfox U
    Yoshi’s Wooley World
    Kirby Rainbow Curse
    Pokemon Rumble World
    Rides Sky Soldier

    Yeah, nothing to fill the whole.

      1. Vita gets more games than the 3DS, but there games sale are significantly less, so go figure.

    1. He also said that the original 3DS wouldn’t get redesigned, and we got the XL. He also said we wouldn’t get a 3rd redesign, and we got the 2DS. He also said we would NEVER see Nintendo characters in other platforms, and theyre making Android and iOS games using Nintendo IPS.

      See the pattern? Just because they say one thing doesn’t mean its written in stone. Things change, and unfortunately things don’t seem so bright for the Wii U as of now. Let’s hope things change after E3.

  17. If Nintendo hadn’t announced NX people like him would say that they’re going to stop producing game consoles and focus solely on mobile.

  18. My god, media.

    They announced the goddamn NX so their investors wouldn’t freak out about the mobile announcement. They did it so investors and fans wouldn’t think they’d jump ship from console gaming.

    Christ Almighty, Iwata did an interview with Time within FORTY-EIGHT GODDAMN HOURS after the announcement.


  19. -_-
    They announced the next console because they didn’t want people to pull the “Nintendo is going to become a third-party developer!!!” button. That does NOT mean that it’s coming soon, and there’s absolutely NO confirmation that the NX is replacing the Wii U. Gods, people tick me off when they jump to conclusions like this. Yes, the speculation MAY be true, but can everyone PLEASE stop treating their speculation as fact?

  20. Hopefully Nintendo learned from their mistakes and focus on getting everything right on the NX. Nintendo please:

    1. Don’t call it the Wii something.

    2. Make it powerful enough (and consider using some standard architecture) so that third parties get their stuff on the console (just think of Rockstar for example, woudln’t be nice to have GTA VI and Mario on the same system?)

    3. Work hard on your online infrastructure and please let us link all of out purchases to our Nintendo ID, not the console itself. (DeNA, please help!)

    4. It’s ok to bring a new gimmick (I think the Wii U GamePad is great), but don’t, don’t make it mandatory, give us the freedom to choose our style of playing, we need the traditional controller schema.

    5. Don’t wait for third party studios go knocking to your door, it’s not the 80s anymore, you have to go knock theirs.

    6. Keep on making such wonderful software.

    I know it’s hard for Nintendo to do things like this and they’ve always been different, but they need third parties too!

  21. “Guy Cocker” sounds like some moron making fun of that analyst guy… Bill Paxton or whatever his name is.

    Needless to say, his opinion is pretty goddamn immaterial.

  22. Their most likely releasing a new console in 2017. If that’s the case that’s fine by me just as long as they upgrade their tech enough to compete with the hardware sony and Microsoft will eventually release not just the ps4 and Xbox one. Because if they release too early they will always be playing a catch up game with them wen the newer consoles release

    1. I remember when playing catch was less about power. I mean, PS2 & the original PlayStation never had to worry. Wii was also riding high initially & for a long time; but lack of software support, misnomers & bias re motion controls, & obsessions w/ “AAA” & multiplats are what weakened it. I do think Wii should’ve maybe had a bit more power, bit as long as the games were there, it wouldn’t have mattered so much (which they weren’t). Bit hey, apparently, Wii was a 2nd console to many anyway, so 3rd party games & “AAA” were accessible to many already. But 3rd parties proved they didn’t need much power to make great games like MadWorld, Tenchu: Shadow Assassins, Red Steel 2, No More Heroes x2, House of the Dead: Overkill, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Sengoku Basara, Mushroom Men, The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles, etc. Hel, look @ the great IPs in 6th gen: they didn’t need much to be new & still fun, plus the Wiimote could even improve some of them (or just stick w/ the Classic Controller).

      1. *…playing catch UP…
        **…Hel, look @ the great IPs in 6th gen: they didn’t need much in 7TH GEN to be new & still fun…

  23. “this year’s Wii U release schedule looks barren compared to the XBone’s and PS4’s”
    That’s really due to the lack of third party support on the Wii U and overwhelming third party support on the XBone and PS4z

  24. meh, there are very few if any..exclusives coming to either PS4 or Xbone so if you own a computer there’s zero reason to take the plunge. Nintendo has several 1st party games coming and are bound to surprise at E3 after they delayed Zelda. Much ado about nothing from an “expert” who seems to barely follow gaming.

  25. Nintendo is constantly making mistakes. They should have never mentioned the NX. You think Wii U sales were slow before, now they are going to be non existent.

    Then announcing Iphone games. Then announcing Zelda U delay… They should have spaced some of these announcments out.. They just single handily killed the Wii U… Or what was left of it anyways…

    After spending so much energy in forums defending the Wii U, now for the first time in three years I agree with all the “haters”. The Wii U is doomed..

  26. Let me tell you something people. For NX to be WiiU successor a Nintendo 3DS has to be announced in this years E3.

    Nintendo 3DS is only 4 years old and a massive success… would Nintendo Kill this best seller handheld so early? I doubt so, Nintendo 3DS is the one who is closer to its normal life circle (6 years) which is 2 more years and OH SURPRISE!!! 2016 NX unveil + End of 2017 or march 2018 Release.

    Stop Killing the WiiU and stop being MANIPULATED by the press that just makes up this kind of news to get views and sell subscriptions.

  27. The comment that struck me the most was: “Nintendo are repositioning the business so they can get bigger on mobile and bring its titles to mobile.”

    That is true to a certain extent. Firstly, Nintendo has made it clear they will not simply “bring its titles” – that is, to create ports – for mobile. cf. Iwata: “For smart devices, even when [we’re using familiar characters], we will create completely new game software that will perfectly match the play styles of smart devices”.” Secondly, they have also stressed that they only plan to ‘go mobile’ in order to attract new fans and to increase sales of consoles.

    1. Greatness awaits, Stranga. And one day when us peasants save up enough money, we can move up to the higher ranks amongst the glorious gaming platform which we call *whispers* “PC.”

      1. And keeps on waiting. XD I’m not kidding. I always joke about the PS4 over that because all there is, is a waiting game for the so called “next gen” game that’s NOT ported or made for last gen consoles which I sadly see too many of them. lol

        1. We do have Bloodborne now and it looks amazing. But I am definitely not getting it because it’s extremely difficult and I’m gonna suck at it and die too many times and get frustrated. Same thing with Dark Souls. Too freaking hard. I get frustrated by those type of games easily. If you’re one of those gamers that like a “tough challenge” then sure. Go for it. But it’s just not my cup of tea. In no way is dying 20 times on the same boss fight “fun” to me. All that time wasted could’ve been used to be playing a game I actually enjoy.

            1. Heck yeah. You know it, man. I feel like even the biggest releases like Batman Arkham Knight won’t pull me away from that game. It’s impossible to become bored with GTA V. XD

              1. GTA is like my biggest gaming addiction since Mario of the 90s. XD But Conker’s Bad Fur Day was the first best mature game that got me hooked to no end. XD Then came GTA San Andreas which is why I love GTA5.

                1. Yeah, Conker’s Bad Fur Day is extremely addictive. I wish it got remade for PS4 and included online multiplayer. Would be cool to go back to killing Evil Teddys again. :P

                    1. Yeah. That’s BS… Well, uh. Good thing MS don’t own GTA. :P

        2. I was going to come up with a counter argument for that, but then I realized you were right. Lmao. 2 of my most hyped games right now aren’t on last generation consoles but they also don’t come until a few months from now. (The Witcher 3 and Batman Arkham Knight btw) With all the games put together in this year going into next year though? It will be AMAZING! And not to mention the unexpected games from E3. MGSV: The Phantom Pain comes in September too! And then early next year there’s the sacred holy game of the gods called Uncharted. Anyone that says greatness still hasn’t arrived after MGSV is clearly lying to themselves. Lol.

          1. And what was that “counter argument” of yours? XD

            It’s what I mostly see on “next gen” consoles are last gen ports or originally last gen games ported over.

            1. That was my counter argument. I was gonna bring up Batman Arkham Knight but I forgot it don’t release until almost 3 months. Lol.

                1. Arkham Knight? Nah, that’s exclusively current gen and PC. Nothing to worry about. Lol.

                  1. Now that I think about it, Arkham Knight seems like it’s more than possible on last gen hardware (from the looks of map size and game design objectives). If Rockstar can achieve a huge game like GTA5 on PS3/360, then Arkham Knight on last gen should be a breeze for Rocksteady.

                    1. Yeah, I’m sure it will be. The map in Arkham Origins was double the size of Arkham City and that game was on the same system. I can only imagine how huge it’s going to be now. Lmao.

                    2. I meant in terms for a Batman game… If it was really that huge, it would make travel difficult. XD

            2. Also, the remastered games aren’t exactly a bad thing. Gives me a chance to play some games I missed like Borderlands 2 and Sleeping Dogs. I’m definitely getting God of War 3 for PS4 too. I already have the Collection on PS3 but I’m not playing 3. Only the first 2 so I can get ready for the remastered version.

    1. They abandoned the Vitual Boy. They only made around ten games, and then stopped production. Screwed over everyone who bought that cursed machine.

      They did it once, they will do it again…

      1. I don’t consider the Virtual Boy a console. And Nintendo had many good reasons to stop production on the Virtual Boy.

        1. The Virtual Boy was also released early, against the creators wishes (apparently). I don’t think Nintendo will rush another piece of Nintendo hardware.

    2. They abandoned the Wii 2 years before the WiiU even released. They set themselves up for failure – their fans remember that arrogant bullshit and stayed clear away from the WiiU because of it.

      1. The Wii lived a full Nintendo home console life before they “abandoned’ it. So will WiiU.

        1. A console is alive for as long as a sufficient number of games are being released. WiiU in its current state is clearly dead due to tiny amount of games its receiving.

          Your definition of a ‘console life’ is meaningless. Wii was barely supported during its later years, gamers know this, it’s part of the reason WiiU failed so hard. Nintendo can’t fucking support their systems by themselves.

  28. This is your chance Nintendo. I’ve been saying it for years. It’s time to pull out those hidden cards up those sleeves and put out a killer system. Its not just here that people seem to be frustrated with the way Nintendo is going about this. Ill say this, if Zelda U doesnt happen, they’ll lose more then a few disgruntled fans. I won’t bother getting a Wii U and become very skeptical of Nintendo’s future consoles. Sad, but true.

    1. The fact you still dont have a Wii U says a lot of things. I got it December 2012 cuz right from the get-go, I instantly knew all my favourite first party franchises would come back and better than ever, and it was true. If you are only waiting for Zelda U, it means you dont appreciate all the good games the Wii U already brought.

      1. I dont really think you should put words into someone’s mouth. Fact of it is, as the consumer, I didnt feel sold on the idea of needing the Wii U. Hell I don’t even see television ads for the system. You dont have half the “facts” you think you have on me. So lets not jump the gun and go labeling for fun. There’s plenty of wonderful games on Wii U, that wasn’t my point at all. Fact is, im a die hard Nintendo lover that wants to see Nintendo on top of the pop’s.
        Gg though.

        1. In fact, appreciate is exactly the word for someone who’s paid for the same games several times so far in my quarter life span.

          Listen to Jack Parow.

        2. Well for a die hard fan, you sure failing to see his point too, die hard fans will own it by now, and not just buy one game that makes a big difference of owning one to many other games of the system. What I’m trying to say is if you want nintendo on top, buy it, own it, play more games then one from what you already told of what you gonna own or play.

          Just saying…

          1. So basically “Be a mindless fanboy drone if you want them to succeed”?

            No, it doesn’t work like that. Nintendo need to actually provide something worth owning….

            You fanboys are so fucking stupid. It’s both hilarious and sad.

          2. I see what you’re saying, but seeing as how none of us actually know each other, its safe to say you don’t actually know. Im not going to defend my love in something to one person, who has an issue with what I see as correct.

            Thank you anonymous.

    2. Why be disappointed w/ Nintendo? It’s 3rd parties who’ve abandoned so many IPs, genres, & art-styles, many of which would be perfect on Wii U. It’s Sony & MS’ (or their 3rd party overlords) who’ve driven up the costs of gaming by implementing more “power”. But “AAA” FPSes & Open Worlds reign supreme, aye? (Which is why they demand lofty sales goals & short-term profits.) Since when was Nintendo ever about that?

      It’s strange: people act as if Nintendo is everything, then turn around & blame them for being unable to host 3rd parties this gen & what 3rd parties have largely been making only since last gen (photorealistic FPSes & Open Worlds emphasizing graphics & storytelling over gameplay). While 3rd parties did make the genres, art-styles (mostly photorealism), & grittier content that Nintendo left alone, 3rd parties were also inspired by Nintendo & made the same genres & used the same art-styles; a lot. Yes, even Sony before PS3. Or maybe, Nintendo simply looked @, say, Atari & merely set the standard?

      Sorry, but to me it sounds like your another 1 who likes Nintendo IP, but turns around & wants a glut of the recent 3rd party offerings which are elsewhere, mainly because they were never meant for the Nintendo subculture (‘least not as much as some seem to think nowadays). There was a time when wanting exclusives (even multiplats) on other systems meant buying another system to play them & also to experience another subculture.

      In my experience, it seems most people–fans of Nintendo or not–are now under the influence of the PS3/PS4/360/X1/PC collective & think Nintendo should join it, to the point that their refusal is insane. Yet those same people–not all–still expect Nintendo to make the games that somehow only they can & have only ever made. But it’s Nintendo’s IP & quality, not their genres that set them apart.

      Certainly, Nintendo lacks a patent on, say, 2D platformers. Imo, 3rd parties have made better 2D platformers than the 2D Mario ones (DK aside, I prefer Earthworm Jim & Mega Man X [shooter?]).
      & 2D Adventure Platformers? I prefer ‘Metroidvania’ over Metroid.
      3D Platformers? Rare’s Banjo Kazooie & Tooie (I know, by a then 2nd party), are, imo, better than Mario 64, (though I hated DK64, go figure).
      Splatoon looks really fun, but Killer7 & Red Steel 2 have it beat for me.
      The list goes on, mostly in 3rd parties’ favor, which supported Nintendo.

      While I like Mario & many of his multi-genre outings, a 3rd party usually does it better. I will say that Donkey Kong (just the 2D Platformers), Zelda (mostly the 3D Adventures, but Okami & Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy are close 2nds), Fire Emblem (mostly console), Wave Race/F-Zero (though I really liked Burnout), Mario Kart (the only Kart Racer for me), & Sin & Punishment (but devved by Treasure), are where Nintendo shines for me in terms of offering the better entry in their respective genres. Also a close call between Wario World & Viewtiful Joe, but VJ ultimately wins that. I guess Nintendo also shined w/ Paper Mario, but I’m unsure if any 3rd parties made their own alternative.

      Is Nintendo so great that they forced 3rd parties to kill their alternatives? & if Nintendo really is so great, why are 3rd parties in such high demand? Or rather, why are FPSes & Open Worlds in such high demand? Why not complain to 3rd parties for killing off their own alternatives? I giess that would mean the graphics would start suffering in their “AAA” games, & Heaven forbid that ever happens. But Nintendo & indies should not be left to support nearly every other genres. & since 3rd parties abandoned those genres, Nintendo should not be hated so much. Hate the demands of overkill specs, graphics whoring, & the high costs & multiplatting it’s brought upon the industry. Nintendo didn’t kill inspirarion & variety, 3rd parties & a growing population of graphics whores did. Maybe mobile really is killing console gaming (too many comparing phone/tablet specs w/ console specs, when the point is dedicated performance for polished, meaty games).

  29. I’m getting tired of the mobile conversation. It holds no water and has absolutely no determining factor on the future of gaming. They are not and never will be real games. I’ve never once made an in-app-purchase and never will. How, in any way, do games like Hay Day and Candy Crush compete with a Zelda, a Halo, or an Uncharted?! I’m losing my mind with the fact that no one is discussing this. All the “expert” analysts just keep spouting it like it’s inevitable fact, “mobile is the future of gaming and it’s take business away from the console market.” In what universe?

    If Nintendo wants to dive into the smartphone arena and bring something with a little more substance than FarmVille and Clash of Clans, then I’m all for it and quite frankly I’m very curious how they would do that with the limitations of the interface, but mobile gamin will never replace the home console.

    1. Yet, many people seem to think the specs in their phones/tablets, the “power” in their everyday lives is a standard for which consoles should be held against. While that might be okay to some extent, it only proves (to me) that meaty experiences depen on how that power is used & how much power in a console is really necessary. Wii U has proven, to me, it can compete against more powerful specs as long as devs actuallu utilize that power. 3rd parties have yet to realize that. But they are stuck serving the demands of “AAA”, tech-heads, & graphics whores, to the point they only churn out FPSes & Open Worlds, mostly using photorealism in favor of the colorful; storytelling in favor of gameplay; & microtransactions & trojan services in favor of conservative budgets & teams to offset the high risks of trying to garner massive profits.

  30. Okay, Guy, you mentioned that Nintendo announced NX as a successor to Wii U, in which they did no such thing. They announced it as a follow up to the mobile gaming announcement to show that they were NOT leaving the console market, but you obviously left that part out. THEY ARE NOT SHIFTING ATTENTION TO THE MOBILE MARKET! It will be like a side thing.

    1. I also grow tried of hearing this. Nintendo have also said, E3 is to focus on 2015 games, there are a number of big unannounced games on the way, Zelda HASN’T cancelled, simply delayed to improve the game even more and is STILL coming out for WiiU (which I have no problem with), also a 2016 release hasn’t been said, only that “2015 release isn’t the top priority” doesn’t mean it won’t come out 2015. And we’d hear more on “Project NX” next year. So no, WiiU hasn’t been abandoned, it’ll live it’s normal Nintendo console life, you can bet on that. Nintendo won’t pull a Sega, look where it got them.

      Please hurry up E3 or Nintendo with a Direct or something, to just shut these “experts” and naysayers alike, up!

  31. I don’t agree. Nintendo fans are loyal to Nintendo, but Nintendo is also loyal to there fans.

  32. just a quick question to all of you hoping nintendo goes 3rd party.. if nintendo ever went third party and the consoles they are on fuck up bigtime…. and you would not buy it… would you not be killing the game industry ? with 3 consoles atleast then you would have a chance in getting a console decent enough that you want to play on!

    1. Well, I already bought a console that’s not only decent enough to play on, but is primo in the current industry climate: Wii U. I also bought a 3DS. Fun stuff, if you’re into gameplay & variety.

      Just a damn shame 3rd parties are locked into the photorealisitc, “AAA” FPS/Open World multiplatting movie paradigm. Parasitic, it’s killing gameplay & variety, leaving Nintendo & indies to prop up the industry in the long term. Nindie seem the only ones who care about the true meaning of gaming & consoles, whereas Sony & 3rd parties jumped the shark last gen (MS was also leading that charge).

      Surely, it’ll just get harder & harder to profit from that paradigm as overkill specs go overkill even more. Plus, the population of graphics whores has to shrink some time. Then Nintendo & indies will be there, still upholding the sanctity of gaming, only it’ll be in vogue again & they’ll be über prepared. Maybe PlayStation will return to its former glory. & maybe, just maybe, if we pray hard enough, the Xbox brand will either wither & die, or be bought by a console-savvy company (fingers crossed, SEGA makes there comeback).

      1. Oh, & when I meant Wii U & 3DS were ‘decent’, I meant “conventionally correct; refined or virtuous; according w/ custom (console gaming); & sufficient for its purpose.

        But @ least PS4/X1 & most 3rd parties are “socially correct” (in that they’re mainstream & have plenty of social features [hollow as they are], & are clothed [maybe wolves in sheep’s clothing]). Hey, it’s better than nothing, I suppose.

      2. If Nintendo stopped supporting Wii U today I would be fine, because I’ve played dozens of games on it already and had a fantastic time. I’m ready for anything new they want to bring us.

    2. Don’t be stupid. Nintendo are killing THEMSELVSE for failing to meet current standards. Full stop.

      People would buy if they feel the system is worth it. WiiU isn’t, stop trying to pretend otherwise. The shit company deserves to go third party.

  33. Whatever Nintendo’s next console is, I hope they continue to fight the good fight. Maybe market better & have a stronger launch lineup & brand name. Actually prove to the masses that “power” is worthless if mishandled, huge increases in raw specs are unnecessaey, & prove to 3rd parties that PowerPC is superior & that the Ninty subculture wants variety, color, particular genres & IPs, & quality.

    & it’d be interesting if NX was the start of some sorta ‘Expansion Pak’ paradigm, similar to N64 but more akin to PC upgrades. I think it’s doable, would allow them to trump the competition in terms of specs & @ any time (just like PC already does). Also, it’d reduce costs for the gen after (no or less housing redesigns & smaller packaging on shelves, allow Nintendo to sell @ profit or help reduce the immense burden if @ a loss).

    That, I think, would fit the whole ‘future proofing’ PR model that Sony & MS fail to actually follow through w/ (I mean, that’s why X1 came out this year, & PS4 will be released next year; their 10 years have run their course & there’s incentive to finally upgrade, right? Finally, PS & X fans will get 8th gen games).

    I wonder what would happen of Wii U games started using more than 1 of its cores. & haven’t PS4/X1 been pushed pretty far already? Kinda makes me wonder if those are future-proof & whether all that power really matters if the games are what’s important & still great.

  34. It’s funny how this so called “expert” calls Wii U a failure to investors, even though MS is bleeding money out of their ass to keep xbone in the competition.
    Though I agree that Wii U is not a reason to invest on Nintendo, xbone is as much of an failure for investors as Wii U, which is selling at profit now.

  35. This guy is too ignorant to be a “professional”. Nintendo joined mobile for money, that part can be arguable . BUT the only reason they even mentioned the NX is to prove that they’re still sticking with consoles and not giving up. Also, they only released the NAME and a few specs nothing is known about this console. They said they will talk about it more in 2016 probably around e3. Remember what next gen console was talked about 4 years after the wii? oh ya the wii u and was released 8 years after the wii. Well nintendo hits the 4 year mark next year for wii u and will probably release in 2018. So nintendo isn’t abandoning it, they’re just following their schedule.

  36. I disagree. I think that Nintendo will continue to give the Wii U token support for some time. Don’t forgot that the new membership platform supports a wide array of hardware and that in investor meetings Nintendo has expressed a desire to have their hardware be more software agnostic. So I think that Nintendo will continue to release titles for the Wii U that support both it and it’s other hardware.

  37. The BBC knows as much about gaming as they do youth culture. As if they will abandon it soon, the next console isn’t close to ready and there’s probably NO games yet in development. They are likely to rush it on to the shelves with hardly any games on the horizon. The Wii U is going to be around right through to 2017… MY money say NX will aim for Q4 of 2018

  38. i’d be pissed if nintendo abandons wii u and release new home console. i just barely bought wii u and now new one? pathetic

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