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There’s Five Blank Spots On The Super Smash Bros Character Lineup

Nintendo could well be considering a number of new characters in Super Smash Bros. The official website has 5 blank spots on the character lineup which presumably will be filled with 5 additional DLC characters, or so we hope. Naturally there’s also a blank spot for the character that gets voted into the series by the fans. Banjo, Bayonetta and King K. Rool. The list is endless, as you can vote for which ever video character you’d like.

Thanks, lamatsucubo

197 thoughts on “There’s Five Blank Spots On The Super Smash Bros Character Lineup”

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      Pretty sure Bayonetta is gonna make the list. I have no idea who else is though. I’m hoping the slots will all get filled by the ladies of gaming.

      1. Yeah I agree about Bayonetta. On just about gaming site I’ve been on there are at least 85% of the people saying that they have voted for her. She was already a ” fan favorite ” so she’s definitely a sure in. Hopefully Shantae gets some consideration as well.

        1. Bayonetta is definitely popular enough, but if Nintendo deem her too mature then that’s that. It’s a very real possibility considering her character basically revolves around taking her clothes off.

        2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

          I REALLY want shantae to be in. But she isn’t well known in Japan at all. She’s the gem that Japanese gamers want, but cant have. I’ve seen em clamour over how much they want to play Shantae. And you have to factor in that America isn’t the only country allowed to vote. Japanese people with vastly different tastes are also voting characters that we’ve never even heard of. The end result is sure to be interesting.

    2. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the blank spots are probably for some of the unlockable characters in Smash 4. There’s no Ness, Falco, Duck Hunt Dog ect. anywhere within that list!

      I understand there’s more than 5 unlockable characters but it still isn’t reliable imo.

          1. No youre not wrong. Just becasue the 5th page of characters has open space on it doesn’t mean that 5 more characters will go there. By that logic we could say that a theoretical 6th and 7th blank pages exist for more characters. They don’t. It’s just empty space.

        1. Exactly. It’s people like him that’ll vote for Cat Mario instead of a new and more deserving character like a Bayonetta, or a Shantae, or a Shovel Knight

            1. Space Pirate Initiate

              Suggest that again and you’ll be getting a visit from a few of my fellow commandos.

              VOTE WEAVEL!

      1. The same reason no one is considering more Pokemon.
        There’s far too many.
        Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Bowser Jr. and Dr. Mario.
        Despite having their own franchise, Yoshi and Wario would also count since they are technically from the Mario Universe.
        That makes 8 total.

        1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

          Oh & if we want to take it one step further, there is technically Donkey Kong. I’d count Diddy Kong but he’s been in the Donkey Kong franchise 90% of the time so I count him as being strictly DK territory.

      2. It’d be more likely to see him as a skin rather than a new character. I like Mario, but I think 5 characters, not counting Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong since they have their own identity and series, is pushing it

    3. Wow this again? You guys tried to zoom in and out? Geez. I cannot believe how foolish some people are.

    4. A rhythm heaven character would be cool but I think it would have to be karate joe, as for me I’m rooting for shovel knight, I think he has a big enough following to garner attention

  1. This is assuming those spots will actually be filled, and that they aren’t just there to fill out the theme of that scroll bar itself, acting as glorified empty space.

    In any case, if they DO intend to fill all those 5 spots with characters, one of them is going to Lucas.

  2. Aight, but on the mobile website there’s only 3 or so slots. This isn’t a confirmation or foreshadowing or anything. It’s literally just a bunch of placeholders. Nobody can say for sure how many characters Nintendo will be making, and the amount of blank spaces on a website is definitely no deciding factor– it can be changed literally any time.

  3. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>King K Rool, Black Shadow, A Metroid character, hopefully Sylux, Medusa or Alex from Golden Sun>>>

    1. THANK YOU!
      I’m so glad I’m not the only one that suggested Black Shadow for this game.
      F-Zero desperately needs another rep for Smash Bros.
      It just makes no sense for Captain Falcon to be the only veteran appearing alone for 4 straight games.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        Yeah… seeing as they added Mewtwo and Lucas with preexisting movesets, Wolf would undeniably be a copy of his moveset from Brawl (which was ANOTHER Star Fox clone)

        Vote for Krystal instead. At least she would be original with her staff.

        1. Wow. I thought thus was put to rest back in the Brawl days. Wolf plays nothing like and feels nothing like Fox. The only reason people ever thunk this is because they don’t look past blaster-reflector-dash-jetpack-tank. Even in that group, there’s already major variation in all of those moves, but then when you start talking about the rest of Wolf’s moveset, you start to realize that Wolf doesn’t even actually look like a Fox clone.

          Short version: if you play Wolf like you would play Fox, you’re gonna lose. If you try to play Fox like you play Wolf, you’re still gonna get destroyed. They’re not clones.

          1. But he also doesn’t feel original. His final smash was the same and all his moves were variations of Fox and Falco’s moveset. That is SO lame. Like with Ganondorf and his modified moves of Captain Falcon. Characters should have their own unique moveset.

            Wolf could do so much more as a character and fight differently, but they chose to use Fox as a model and that doesn’t sit right for me. I don’t care enough about Wolf as a character to give him an entire spot on the roster just so we can get another variation of Fox…. As it is, I don’t use any of the Fox characters to begin with…. So I already know I wouldn’t use Wolf.

            1. Saying Wolf is a clone is just like saying Lucas is.
              And yet Lucas is back, who has a Ness’ Final Smash variation.
              Wolf has his own Final Smash variation, too.

            2. Ridley, the Angel of Death

              Like with Ganondorf, people want to pretend the slight changes in how they do the moves of the character they were taken from justify them not being called clones. It’s a lie they tell themselves just so they can feel like Wolf, Ganondorf, Lucina, & Lucas are characters with their own unique move sets. Plus they just like jerking off Sakurai as they defend his lies & bullshit excuses.

          2. THANK YOU! As a former wolf main ive never understood why so many morons think wolf is even close to a clone of fox besides his specials. Fox uses kicks while wolf uses claws and his smashes and air game are night and day. Wolf is as much a clone to fox as pikachu is to greninja.

        2. In my opinion, clones only existed back in Melee, and currently the only characters I consider clones are Dark Pit and Lucina. Characters like Wolf, Falco, and Lucas may have very similar movesets to other characters, but their regular attacks and stats are entierly different, thus making these characters’ combos and play styles completely different.

      2. He is a semiclone though, so he shouldn’t feel like fox at all, on the specials are similar, all his other attacks are different.

  4. I’m not sure if it’s a vote, but instead more of a poll. Whichever character that gets a good amount of votes and has good back-up of why they should be in the game will be the likely winner.

  5. I think they Should have Samus, Mario, Link, the villager from earthbound and either bowser or king Kong in the game.

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      *sneaks Ridley next to King K. Rool all the while doing a Duck Hunt dog chuckle*

  6. I’d love to know what will happen if Bayonetta gets “voted in”, what Kamiya will come out and say. He was pissed at everyone (again) before for asking to add her in the first place and sure didn’t find those Dark Pit edits into Bayonetta funny lol.

  7. Just a heads up, some of the actual characters are missing and may be a reason for those blank spots i.e. Jigglypuff.

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      All secret characters are under the “?” space. There are 11 unlockable characters in the game.

  8. It’s been like that since the site opened. When i check it out on the mobile site there are no empty slots

  9. So far I am hoping for King K rool, Ice Climbers, Mach Rider, Inkling, Bayonetta, and Conker (even though he is owned by microsoft but if Phil is ok with Banjo joining in then why not Conker)

    1. It would be ironic for professor Layton to be in it, since he’s all about logic and mind games as opposed to any sort of physical violence lol

      1. Well to be exact, there where Rumors for him in Brawl, even on the official Layton twitter account back then

        Anyhow I voted for Mark Evans From Inazuma Eleven, which is made by the same maker of Layton

  10. Random question – Think we’ll ever get more alts to fill the want/desire for certain characters to be included?

    Daisy as Peach, Shadow as Sonic, Ms. Pac-man as Pac-Man, Krytal as Fox, just to name a few.

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      I think that would be cool. Instead of adding in more clones, just make alt costumes. I voted for Ms. PAC-MAN thinking the exact same thing you were here in this comment. I don’t actually want a PAC-MAN clone, but perhaps it will let the Smash team know I would like a Ms. PAC-MAN alt skin to play as.

    2. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      *scratches out Krystal’s name & puts Wolf in her place* We want Krystal’s moveset to feature her staff from Star Fox Adventures & have her moveset comprised of moves Fox used in that game when using the staff for combat. And since Fox was given Wolf’s variations of special attacks as custom moves, people can just make a customized Wolf character. Of course, Sakurai would have to get over his allergy toward custom moves & Mii fighters being used online first.

      Speaking of alternates that are skins of another character, I was thinking of Lucina getting a Lyn/Lyndis skin if we can’t have Lyn as an actual playable character.

  11. Oh, after looking at the actual link… Rubbish.

    That’s just the way lists like that work, it’s not anything special.


    #VOTE FOR PAPER MARIO FOR SMASH…you can vote for your beloved king k. rool but after vote for paper mario just in case they vote 2 characters FOR THE LOVE OF GOD VOTE FOR PAPER MARIO!!!!!!!

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      My stance on Daisy being a playable character has always been that she’s only been integral to one game & that was back in the early 90s, so why should she get to be a playable character when there are more recently integral characters more deserving. Her being in sports/racing spin-offs don’t count as being integral.


    2)Magnus (Kid Icarus Uprising)
    3)Girahim (Skyward Sword
    4)Knuckles or tails
    5)Snake or Bayonetta…or isaac

  14. I already voted for Banjo Kazooie! but I think another great character in smash would be Shadow cause we need more Villans also I think it would be cool to have Zero or Bass from Megaman X! I would prefur Zero cause bass would be morel like a clone of megaman but Zero wouldn’t cause he can use his Z-Saber! not to mention Zero in HD!!

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      Uhm… Shadow hasn’t been a villain in a very long time. If anything, Shadow is more of an anti-hero than a villain.

      1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

        Besides, if Shadow is a villain, then Knuckles would also get that moniker since he was an enemy when he first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 3

  15. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

    I wish there was a way to view the current list of votes. Ninty’s always super secret about these things though. Probably wont get announced until it’s almost finished.

  16. Those are there all the time. If the blanks aren’t filled they just sit there. It’s been like that since the beginning. Dumbasses.

  17. Voted for Bayonetta, Chibi-Robo and Ghirahim.

    Not sure if it could be pulled off but Hulk from Marvel would be an awesome addition. Hulk SMASH!

  18. I clicked on the blank spots last night and it said “spoilers” and asked if I wanted to continue and it was just the unlockable characters you get in the game

  19. I would like to see Dust and Fidget (Dust an Elysian Tail ) And Shantae there would be some new type of style
    Dust and fidget are like luma and rosalina but mix with shulk switch which will change fidget abilities to shoot projectiles combine with dust storm it be crazy

    As for shantae her moves involves dances shape shifting a bit of magic powers and crazy hair whip so yea

  20. Dust & Fidget (Dust : an Elysian Tail)
    These both would make the best there new fresh most there style if way different and could cause to crazy fun

    1. Good. Another terrible.Resident Evil. I wish Megaman wasn’t on smash so Capcom can stop getting smash all 3rd party hate Nintendo yet when it comes to smash bros they all want their is on there for advertising.

  21. Crono from Chrono Trigger
    a character from a legendary game
    like megaman the difference is that crono has been dormant since the first games

      1. Yes I love that game sadly both the game and the character seems to be forgotten

        If he ever gets to be a smash charactet ill throw my soul at the screen

  22. pink0crystal0midbus

    Do you think if we all voted for Ganondorf from Hyrule Warriors this would send the hint to Sakurai that they need to change his moveset?

      1. You can’t waste votes though. You can vote as much as you like. Nintendo asked us nicely not too, but that doesn’t mean you have to listen.

        It is also not proven that they are tracking our computers. That seems HIGHLY unlikely.

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      No. He’s already said why he won’t change Ganondorf’s moveset. “People are use to that moveset. I don’t want to change it because then they’d have to relearn how to use him.” In other words, he doesn’t want to change Ganondorf because HE doesn’t want to have to relearn Ganondorf’s moveset. Easy fix, though, as he can just make Ganondorf’s Captain Falcon moveset be custom moves while making his main moves be 100% canon to the Zelda franchise. So unless Sakurai keeps his word & doesn’t make the next Smash game himself, I highly doubt we’ll see Ganondorf be his true self. In the mean time, him keeping Ganondorf as a Captain Falcon knockoff gives me ammunition to call his “if I made Ridley a playable character, he wouldn’t really be Ridley anymore” line bullshit.

      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

        If Medusa gets in than I’d be more than happy to spam fucking vote’s for quadraxis’s leg.

  23. 1) Splatoon Girl/Boy
    2) Henry Hatsworth (DS)
    3) Shantae (DS)
    4) Link (3DS) Rod based attacks
    5) Battletoads (NES)
    6) Bionic Commando (NES)
    7) Arthur-GhoulsNGhosts (SNES)
    8) Captain Commando (SNES)
    9) BomberMan (NES)
    10) Viewtiful Joe (GC)
    11) Isaac-Golden Sun (DS)
    12) Rayman (WiiU)
    13) PIT-Pitfall-(SNES)
    14) Paper Mario (SNES)

    I want NEW fighters. There are so many options and i just keep hearing the same ole hopefuls being repeated. I hope Nintendo does it’s research and not just stick with the popular vote.

  24. Seriously? The game has been out for months and people are STILL making thus mistake? The blank spots mean absolutely nothing. They’re just there to fill the space between the end of the scroll bar and the other end of the page, the size of which depends on how you’re viewing the page.

  25. Vote for Eirika from Fire Emblem She could use stuff from her lord and bride classes!
    Also I remember before the games came out everyone wanted the Chorus Kids. What happened to that??

  26. Those blank spots don’t mean anything they’re always there. Even before all the characters were revealed there were only those five spots

  27. No… That’s just the UI design of the site… It has been like that rather than empty blank space since the site opened….

      1. Woah, woah, woah. How ’bout just “social reject”. Being lesbian has nothing to do with the current context.

          1. and real men know how to treat women, btw, remember that you got your ass kicked by me and i think that it was so hard for you when you heard that the girl that kicked you out from this website is a lesbian.

  28. One of them will be Lucas since he’s not on the site yet. I do wonder which 4 will take the spot.

    Please be Bayonetta!

  29. Captain Falcon, Ness, Fox and DK are the only Nintendo characters that need another rep.
    Maybe Little Mac too but that’s highly debatable.
    Everyone else though is fine as is.

      1. Even Glass Joe or Mr. Sandman would work, lol.
        I also forgot to mention Shulk could use another rep as well.

  30. Can we please put the Bayonetta crap to rest? she’s a stripperific whore who gets completely naked, Samus isn’t. Bayonetta is from a very well deserved M rated game, Snake’s barely passes as M for some weird reason and could easily pass as a T rated game. I mean like Persona, it doesn’t have anything that classifies it as a rated M game. Point is however she will not make it into the freaking game so stop wasting votes on her for fucks sakes.

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      I suddenly got the urge to go make another vote & vote for Bayonetta with Jeanne as an alternate skin.

  31. Really? Still with this? People have been suggesting that the spots mean something since before the game was out. They mean nothing. On mobile there are no squares.

  32. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sakurai already knows who he’s going to add, and we’re just getting trolled hard.

  33. The top 5 characters that I think will most likely get voted in by the majority

    5. Splatoon boy inkling
    4. Splatoon girl inkling
    3. Captain Toad
    2. Cat Mario
    1. Bayonetta

    Now here are MY top 5 most wanted

    5. Shantae
    4. Shovel Knight
    3. Captain Toad
    2. Young Link (Majora’s Mask version)
    1. Bayonetta

    1. No offense but you’re way off. The majority is more King K. Rool, Banjo, Ridley, Krystal, Geno, a few more and then veterans.

      1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

        Sadly, Ridley & the others you mentioned are probably being drowned out by all of the god damn idiots wanting non-video game, non-Nintendo characters as playable.

    1. Yes!i vote for him too!
      Up b:diagonal rocket ride
      Side b: Head whip
      Neutral b: laser shot
      Down b:counter with laser
      A combo: punch, Kick, gun shot
      Up smash:gun shot from 22 To 2 above his Head
      Side smash:gun charged shot
      Down smash: gun shot down in front of him White his Head il whipping down Back
      Neutral aerial :Head whip around his body (lire zs samus do when taunt )
      Side aerial :boot
      Up aerial: head whip around his up per body vertically
      Down aerial: gun shot (meteor)
      Side run/push:shoulder crush( He use his massive body To do damage)
      Up taunt: GROOVY!
      Side taunt: rocket ride with lazo Head
      Down taunt: hide Head intorno The body.the eyes peek autrice The body forse left, Then right

    2. !!!FULL MOVESET!!!
      Grab: head whip (Can grab ledges )
      Grab attack: He use The Back of his gun To hit his foe on The head
      Up b:diagonal rocket ride
      Side b: Head whip (powerful single blow)
      Neutral b: laser shot
      Down b:counter with laser
      A combo: head whipping fast
      Side A :punch, kick, shot
      Up A:wave his Head whipping from Back To front
      Down A: his body deflates like nothing is inside then he hit repeatedly with his whip head
      Up smash:gun shot from 22 To 2 above his Head
      Side smash:gun charged  shot
      Down smash:crouched, gun shot down in front of him While his Head is whipping down Back
      Neutral aerial :lazo Head whip around his body
      Side aerial :boot kick
      Back aerial: reverse gun shot (spike)
      Up aerial: head whip  around his upper body vertically
      Down aerial: gun shot (meteor)
      Side run/push:shoulder crush( He use his massive body To do damage)
      Up taunt: GROOVY!
      Side taunt: rocket ride with lazo Head
      Down taunt: hide Head into The body.the eyes peek aut The body.first  left, Then right
      Final smash:HAMSTER RIDE!

  34. As far as I can recall, those spots are just the result of how the character bar is structured. This is nothing noteworthy nor is it a hint of any sort.

    Keep voting for Krystal, Sylux, Ray 01, Rayman, Bomberman, and Quote, peeps!

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      lol I’ll take Inspector Gadget as you’re joke vote since I doubt you’re serious about it. Then again, I’m not sure about what you say is serious & what’s not at times. *looks at all of the “power=sales” comments* Tsk tsk…

  35. I voted for medusa all the way! But would be happy with any of the following:
    Rhythm heaven rep
    Inkling(girl is preferable)
    Ice climbers
    Dixie kong
    Shovel knight
    Pichu(4 joke)
    King k. Rool
    Wonder red or black
    Ray 01
    Chibi robo
    Captain toad
    Black shadow

    All seems to be popular

  36. Kevin james i want Doug heffernen to have a spot as an IPS driver he can be an awesome character,
    Other wonderful random characters would be: bomberman, kink k roll, ryuk from death note, orochimaru or itachi, worms, ronald from macdonald, skull kid, undertaker from wwe, capin Jack sparrow, Saddam hussian/Hitler … Thats my list

  37. I honestly think they’ve already started working on the characters and just expect some to be voted for. If it takes as long as they say to make a character then we wouldn’t have more DLC til 2016, which realistically isn’t a good release window. Two years after a game is released is a bit late just for new characters, it doesn’t add all that much to the game, especially if it’s not a character you’ll play as constantly.

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      That’s just Trollurai refusing to let people help him with balancing out the fighters with others as he wants to do that himself. So everytime the balancing is off, he tells them to go back to the drawing board. It’s really fucking annoying and is most likely why Mewtwo wasn’t added into the game before release.

    1. As much as I would love to see Silver as a fighter and he is my favorite Sonic character, we already have Sonic who isn’t even a Nintendo character- adding another Sonic fighter would feel like spoiling the broth.

      1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

        Since Silver is a user of telekinesis & other psychic powers, he can just be an alternate skin for Mewtwo. lmao

  38. This article is probably assuming more than is meant to be assumed. There could be 4 other selections… but that wouldn’t be because of the website. Also no one should be assuming Nintendo is working on picks now or will weigh the votes in a manner of a pure popular vote. Most likely, Nintendo is working on their own picks if they are working on anything character related. Our Picks will come in 2016.

  39. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    Uhm, lamatsucubo & sickr, if you two haven’t realized it yet, I’m pretty sure those 5 extra spaces are there simply as filler because that’s how the scrollbar down there is designed.

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