You Can Become Fire Kirby With A Glitch In Super Smash Bros Wii U

An awesome glitch has been discovered which allows you to become Fire Kirby in Super Smash Bros on the Wii U. The fun glitch was discovered by YouTuber MasterOfHyrule. To get the glitch to work you will need to use the hammer and then let go of it as soon as you are being inhaled, then the fun can begin!

Thanks, Lord Zedd



  1. Darkness, only candles are lit… creepy music plays… a door opens, and a little beam from a flashlight enters the room. It’s Luigi… “Hello?” he mutters…. the beam dances over the floor and finds Bowser, Mario, Link and Ganondorf…. Luigi now fully enters the room…. A battle is about to commerce…. Then suddenly the candles are blown out and the door slams shut…. Full darkness…. An evil laugh covers the room! Something illuminates! King Boo! Master of the Mansion!

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    1. You really think your long pointless stories will make people vote for King Boo? I will vote for him…… If it was DLC for Mario Kart but Smash? I don’t think so.

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    1. Nobody says there bug free, people laugh at games when they bug out for no reason without situations that could have been overlooked by testers, what person would think to test this, and how long has the game been out for people to find this, when some games people are finding tons of glitches day one


    1. No one ever says is bug free, what they say is their games have quality control, or do you know any game without bugs or glitches?


  2. I saw Izaw make a video of the fire kirby glitch on april 4th, masterofhyrule made this video on the 6th.
    and I see people saying that it was discovered even earlier
    you should probably fix that description.


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