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It Sounds As Though There’s More Projects In The Child Of Light Universe Coming

Fans of Child of Light should be pleased today as it has been revealed that Ubisoft has more games in the works set within the Child of Light universe. The news was announced by Patrick Plourde who is a developer over at Ubisoft Montreal and worked on the original Child of Light which saw a release on the Wii U eShop as well as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Hopefully something will be showcased at this year’s E3 event in June.

44 thoughts on “It Sounds As Though There’s More Projects In The Child Of Light Universe Coming”

  1. Child Of Light was one of the two masterpieces (the other being Rayman Legends) that Ubisoft has made this generation. I was really hoping for a sequel to this amazing game so this is great news. Given how well the game has sold on the Wii U, the sequel will definitely be coming to the platform, I just hope it comes this year

                  1. I’m not sure. Now PC gaming is more of a hassle to me than even PS. I might as well stay on PS and PC if I have to. If I get Surface 3, I’ll still test it to see if the game can at least run adequately.

                  2. Considering how Ubisoft is dumping the Wii U and treating the PS4 and Xbox One like royalty, I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t come to Wii U. It’s still possible but I won’t keep my hopes high.

              1. Sweet!This game was really fun and had charming art style in general. It’s great that Ubisoft is deciding to expand on the series/universe.I just hope they don’t fuck it up,regardless if it comes to the Wii U or not

              2. Am I the only one that didn’t like this game? I bought it twice to. The first time on PS3 because it was supposedly a good RPG, and second time on Vita because it was supposedly better on a handheld.

                Neither time did I enjoy the game long enough to keep playing. I might be alone in this one.

                1. I’m not the best person to say I didn’t like this game as I haven’t beat the game, but from what I played I don’t think it’s really as amazing as people say it is. Of course this is just my personal opinion and the game has definitely received great praise, but for me it was pretty “okay” and light hearted. I don’t think I finished it because I don’t really find it to be that engrossing of a game, at least not enough for me to complete it all the way. With Child o Light being one of the my most recent RPGs that I’ve played it actually made me think, “Do I still like RPGs?”.
                  Gotta admit though, the artwork for Child of Light is fantastic to look at and very unique.

                  1. Yes, that is something that I can agree, without a doubt the art work is amazingly beautiful to look at. Im probably in the same boat, the last 2 RPG’s that I tried playing were child of Light and Tales of Xillia 2. I couldnt finish playing them because I felt a serious disconnect and lack of interest.

                    You might be on to something there, maybe RPG’s just arent my thing anymore.

              3. If verse is used again, I just hope they do more with it. Try using several fixed forms (e.g., several types of Sonnet, Ghazal, limerick, etc), and mixing in free verse when it helps. Moreover, try using more diversified end-line rhyme schemes, more alliteration, line breaks to change meaning, etc. I just don’t want them being so restrictive and simplistic in the scheme that they trap themselves into so much unnatural/’forced’ speech.

                I am speaking as someone who very much enjoyed the game, and liked the idea of using verse a lot.

              4. It would’ve been dumb to leave such a great title alone. I need to finish it, but what I’ve played I loved! The only thing I’d say is making the characters all the same rather than having the playable character in 3D while the rest are 2D, that just looked odd.

              5. I wanna play this game. I heard a lot of good things about it and it looks really fun! I looked into it a while back. btw Since this is Ubisoft, you guys have to remember something. What they said might lead to milking of the franchise.

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              7. I got it for free via Xbox gold on my Xbox one, and I am loving it so far! The art style is beautiful, especially the environments and the music. I also think the battling is fairly unique too. So, I am hoping to see more games in this breathtakingly beautiful universe.

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