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Lack Of Voice Chat Feature In Splatoon Sparks Fan Backlash

Splatoon fans get “voicy” on official Splatoon Facebook after discovering there will be no online voice chat feature on Splatoon. This comes directly from the Director of the game, Yusuke Amano, who said voice chat can “contribute to unsettling feelings” and is part of “the toxicity of online gaming” after having bad experiences himself.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the kind of players who abuse voice chat but that’s why mute and block features exist, is it worth ruining the fun voice chat can be for the sake of a few bad eggs? I can’t imagine the type of people who will want to play Splatoon will be the type to use voice chat negatively, but perhaps it’s not very necessary to the game either. The video embedded above shows people’s comments about the lack of voice chat, even threatening to not want to buy the game any more. Do you think not having voice chat was a huge bad move on Amano’s part?

This is coming from personal experience. When I played online games, I didn’t like the negativity I got and people telling me ‘You’re crap. Go away’. So we wanted to focus on the positive aspects of online gaming.

351 thoughts on “Lack Of Voice Chat Feature In Splatoon Sparks Fan Backlash”

    1. Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe

      What ever happens to Nintendo, I have this one question.

      When shit hits the fan is you still a fan?

    2. You are not entitled to “options”. You are not entitled to anything regarding the design and implementation of features of any f*cking game, you douchebag. You’re a whiney, worthless bitch if you think your “wants” in a game should be considered by any game development company.

      1. Who pays these companies bills idiot? Us. Without us buying their games, they go out of business. They need us more than we need them, and with games costing as much as they do, they had better give us something great. It people like you that are destroying gaming.

        1. I’m still buying, idiot. Nintendo doesn’t need you at all. Their games are the least expensive, packed with quality gameplay, the most fun, and even have the least amount of glitches and performance issues. If Nintendo thinks voice chat will degrade the experience, then I have no problem with it. Because guess what, THEY ARE THE DEVELOPERS, NOT YOU, DOUCHEBAG.

          Take your entitled, ignorant ass cash to MS and Sony. They’re the ones who don’t give a f*ck about quality. Leave us quality gamers out of your pathetic, superficial lives.

            1. I agree……to just kiss Nintendo’s ass like that is pathetic. I am a huge Nintendo fan. Probably more so than most people on this site. But you HAVE to call them out when they screw something up.

              1. I don’t even wanna argue with you. Because you know how stupid that comment was anyway. But I’ll just say this. PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO COMPLAIN. If no one complains, then Nintendo won’t ever get better. Did you not see what Microsoft did with the Xbox One when it was first revealed and everyone bitched at it? They threw all the DRM shit in the trash and that made it a better console. It probably took a lot of work and money to get rid of that idea too yet they still did it because nobody wanted it. Because they actually listened to what everybody was saying. If they didn’t do that they would have failed this generation no doubt. This here is a clear example of how complaining actually fucking works. Not sucking on Nintendo’s dick all the damn time. WE’RE the ones who decide whether these companies live or not. They need us more than we need them. Listening to US is what they should be doing at all costs. I don’t wanna insult you because you didn’t offend me at all but I’m gonna say this. Stop being an Nintendo dick sucker. You don’t necessarily need them. They need YOU so if YOU don’t like something they do YOU do something about it by complaining. I do agree however that not buying the game because of no voice chat is pretty retarded. But that doesn’t change the facts I stated.

                1. Amen to that. You have to speak up against the negatives in the gaming industry, regardless of WHO creates the negativity. To all the people who say Nintendo don’t listen to fans complaining, well you guys are wrong. They do listen, and if enough people complained, they would add voice chat to Splatoon.

                  1. There’s nothing negative about a feature that wasn’t designed for the game in the first place. Just because a bunch of whiney bitches like yourself support a loud vocal minority on the internet doesn’t mean you’re entitled to some feature that never existed in the first place. You’re a fag. And by that I mean you’re an extremely annoying, inconsiderate person who believes they are entitled to something of which they have no claim.

                    1. Imamazedbyhowmanyidiotsthereare

                      I see you more as the fag here. But in any case, it’s not that they are feeling entitled. It’s more of not knowing if they’re in the minority or not, and still just wanting to voice their opinions. So people are automatically whiney if they complain or have a critique about something? Not necessarily. So what if it’s not that big of a deal? They just want to voice their opinions, regardless. AND, if it just so happens that many other people agree, then MAYBE something will happen. Or not. But there’s nothing wrong with sharing what we think.

                  1. It’s very necessary if you’re playing online in teams. It becomes less team-oriented and more just everyone running around doing their own thing without communication. Imagine trying to play something like football or basketball without talking.

          1. sasori obinna: the puppet master

            splatoon is not even going to be fun because the lack of other kind of paint guns and game modes. i expect a lot of dlc amiibo bullshit happening lol.

          2. Answer me this, if Nintendo announced that they were releasing an update for the Wii U that bricks everybody’s system, would you justify their actions?

            1. Well, Nintendo must be bricking the system for a reason dumbass. They know what their doing idiots. Just leave Nintendo alone! They are smarter than everyone, assholes!


          1. i think you mean “especially third party nintendo games” because nintendo games are some of the most expensive because they are popular, but nintendo doesn’t make a ton of copies, and thus never saturate the market and go down in price.

            1. Yeah those aren’t Nintendo games. Those are 3rd party titles. I’m starting to think that Nintendo isn’t using Voice chat not because they don’t want it, but because theyre probably having a hard time fully implementing it in games. I mean, are they seriously that stupid now? The company that packs games with content on top of content some how don’t fully implement a 10 year old standard feature in consoles, to their console.

              That just seems stupid. The mute button is right there. All have to do is mute AND report unwanted behavior.

              1. i think they’re nervous about the whole idea of players being able to communicate in general? look at the 3ds, now without swapnote, you can’t message friends. there’s few games that allow you to communicate with them, but even then it’s extremely limited.

        1. Free? Yes.
          Fine? That’s actually a bit debatable.
          Smash Bros. online can use some slight improvements to stability.

              1. Nintendo white-washes their games. They don’t allow any swearing/lude content on any online interaction EVER. Just giving people the ability to mute doesn’t follow their MO.

    3. I think the game well be amazing, but without game chat (which even Pokemon has on the 3DS) I think the game drops from a easy 100 to 90. Their is simply no excuse when game chat is a option. You could turn it off, parental controls could block it, you could mute it…… just no excuse to not include.

    4. The nintendo magistrate

      day one buy for me! I dont really care for voice chat really , If i’m honest it distracted me im more a lone wolf player than a team player anyway. So bring on the inking Baby !

  1. I don’t mind no voice chat as a aciently decrepid gamer it kinda annoying when parent arent watching there kids and your the one putting up with it. Nintendo has been quality except for that ruff transition period with the n64 even their playing cards are top notch

  2. I don’t mind no voice chat as a aciently decrepid gamer it kinda annoying when parent arent watching there kids and your the one putting up with it. Nintendo has been quality except for that ruff transition period with the n64 even their playing cards are top notch

    1. I don’t mind no voice chat either, but couldn’t it be optional for those who want it instead of not even being available at all? Some people would say voice chat is an essential component of online gaming.

      1. I think it could be totaly i just hate having to pause to mute people so that would work. Maybe there could be a option for parent to block their own kids or something that would probably make parenting easier.

        1. Problem with that is that most parents aren’t parents and will let their child do practically anything that keeps them out their hair. I don’t know a single parent who actually set up their child’s console.

          1. Hey what about a parent edition nintendo lol pre set to not unlock voice chat till you punch in a drivers liseance and blow in a breath alizer till your thirty if you can’t be nice online lol!

  3. It wouldn’t have been at all difficult to make voice chat an “opt-in” feature for those who want to hear others and be heard. Has Mr. Amano never had a pleasant experience chatting with another gamer online? Because they happen, too.

    1. Unfortunately, those are the stories that get the publicity. It seems that when you talk about “experiences” and “voice chat” the first thoughts are negative, which is sad. I’m not really a “shooter” guy myself (one of the reasons I like Duck Hunt in Smash is I finally get to beat the crap out of that stupid dog), but it would be nice to see that Nintendo trusts it’s customers enough to use it wisely. But even looking at the messages here, in response to this article, I can understand why Nintendo did away with the option altogether.

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      I doubt the Devs even know this is happening. The people who manage the Facebook pages speak English, the people who make the games Speak Japanese. No one is translating this and sending it to Yusuke Amano OR Tsubasa Sakaguchi.
      Send all of your English gibberish here if you want them to notice English gibberish on their twitter.

      1. The Devs absolutely know. When your a developer, one of the things you do is surf the internet looking at opinions. Developers want to know what people think about thier game. They absolutely, without a doubt know about the complaints on their facebook page..

  4. That’s bullshit. Yes some people take it for granted, and abuse it. But voice chat like to game 100 times better. If you don’t want to that’s why you should be able to turn it off and your people I’m 23 and if I want to let nine-year-olds scream at me while splattering them with paint, that should be my choice. (I would look like to point out how weird that would sound if taken out of context. Lol)

  5. Let me make this crystal clear. If you game only game on the Wii U, PC or both you have a right to complain. If you game on the PS4, Xbox One or both and don’t pay to play online you have the right to complain. If you pay to play online with either of those consoles, you have no right to complain, have no credibility because you support bs. To those people I say f!@k off.

    1. That makes no sense, XBL and PS Plus memberships have absolutely nothing to do with voice chat in a Nintendo game. You know what’s bs? When entitled people like you expect Sony and MS to run some of the world’s most advanced networking infrastructure for free. If you don’t like it, don’t support it. But don’t vilify other gamers and their choices because you don’t understand business and want everything handed to you for free.

      1. Sony’s online has always been free. They found out through Microsoft they could actually charge money, so they do. I actually do expect online to be free. You act like Sony has a small army of employees who are constantly watching and updating their online.. In reality there is probably one maybe two people who are in charge of the online infrastructure. Once it’s up and running it literally takes no man power to keep it moving. It’s pure profit for Sony. And there is nothing advanced about it. Thirteen year olds were able to bring it down during Christmas..

        1. It’s not pure profit for Sony. Keep in mind what the premium service for PlayStation includes: Instant game collections (5-8 games per month that you get as part of the membership), cloud saves, SharePlay, this is in addition to the newly instituted Gaikai infrastructure, new servers, new security, and this barely scratches the surface.

          Those games that PS+ subscribers get each month aren’t freebies for Sony. They have to pay other publishers and devs in order to have those games as part of the IGC. That alone is a pretty sizable expense.

          There *is* a large team that works in the various aspects of the network – it is not one or two people. There are literally hundreds of individuals around the world dedicated to it.

          There’s a reason why Microsoft’s network is superior – they have had funds coming in to improve and upkeep it longer than any other console gaming network. With that said, they offered little else when members were paying to access everything online. It was only when Sony came along with all these other bonuses and not restricting everything behind a pay gate with their premium membership that MS started to follow.

      1. I’m not saying Nintendo isn’t behind in certain things such as voice chat. I’m just exposing frauds that already support bs.

      2. Their not really behind. They are just old fashioned. The NX will put them right back in the front lines of cutting edge techknowledgy.

        1. I’m really hoping so. But I also want them to take their time on getting it out, I feel like even 2017 might be too soon. 5 years would be the shortest console life span yet for Nintendo if I’m correct (which I may not be lol). But I hope they really go all out for the NX and make it the system people dream of.

            1. Just double checked, it’s been 5 years all but from NES to SNES (6 years) and Wii to Wii U (also 6 years). Man I swear growing up it seemed longer lol.

  6. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

    I have not once seen Nintendo retract a decision once it has been made. Too many wavering politicians in my country make them think otherwise. Ninty cannot be swayed.

  7. Maybe they will add it now. I will buy it if they do but not if they don’t. I really want this game so come on Nintendo or Amano, just add it. All you need for now is private/party chat.

    1. If you’re not buying a game because of voice-chat, I doubt you were going to buy it to begin with.

      1. Well, tt is new for me but I will no longer buy multiplayer games from Nintendo unless they at least have the basics like voice chat. I was praising this game from the beginning up until they announced no voice chat, so you can shove your doubts up your …

      1. You know whats even more silly… Not being able to coordinate with your team in Splatoon. Not being able to chat with friends in 2015, voice chat has been available for many years now.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Voice chat or not, what’s to coordinate? You shoot ink at the stage itself and considering I won’t let you noobs do anything in this game other than to be splattered by my brutality>>>

          1. SOME coordination would be beneficial- you could have two teammates guard a vital area while the other two set up an ambush, you could ask everyone to split up, I could go on and on about tactics. Does the game need voice chat for that? No, in-game commands would be just fine, but voice chat would simplify it.

            I’ll be getting the game too, so we’ll see which of the two of us eats the other’s ink.

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>I don’t care about teamplay either, the useless cattle is only there to annoy me, I go alone regardless of their useless tactics>>>

              1. That is a common side effect of not having any friends. You are not alone on this site( just read the comments, …wow) which is why you probably come here. Not a single person with a friend(s) would ever say things like, I dont want voice chat, I don’t want to be able to talk to my friend(s) while we game…not a single one.

                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                  >>>I don’t have friends that play Nintendo no, because they are all Sonyans or PC Master Race and even then I don’t use voice chat because I don’t like it>>>

                  1. But voice chat is awesome imo. It’s fun to communicate with the other people. Sometimes I even make some new friends just by using voice chat.

                      1. True. I almost always have the exact opposite opinion than you do. I bet your favorite food and color are the ones I hate too.

                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                        >>>He is the worst slave ever, not only is he deluded but he stalks,spies, identifies and then researches on his “enemies” 24/7 posting videos about that and talking so much crap that isn’t even important, I’ve never seen such a waste of life>>>

                    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                      >>>And just because you and the rest of the cattle can’t even imagine not having voice chat, doesn’t mean some like me don’t want it regardless of reason, but what to expect from judgmental lifeforms who’s entire existence is about trying to put down another one>>>

                2. having teamspeak creates an unfair advantage against people who don’t want it or can’t have it. also even if they use skype… they have to atleast work for their voice chat. so they have to set it up with wireless and all that shit and or they would have to buy a wireless!

                  if there is no voice chat then everyone is on the same level and from there you can gain skill yourself!

            2. The current year we are in has no significance whatsoever as to whether or not to include a feature in a game. You’re a f*cking idiot if you think some number representing time is an influence in game design.

            3. I don’t or find it necessary to chat with friends in a game setting… and this game in particular doesn’t require the type of voice strategizing you are implying is necessary.

              Maybe they’ll patch it in, but it seems like such a small thing to get all huffy about, especially so much so that you will bypass the game from a company I imagine you are a fan of

              1. Well I do find it necessary and this game would absolutely benefit from it, from a strategic point of view. Why do you think your opinion is correct and mine is not?

              2. Also, It is not only about this particular game not having voice chat. It is also about getting Nintendo to stop trying to be a parent to their gamers. I know that it is mostly children that play on their consoles now but that is no excuse to not add standard online features. Let ’em talk.

                1. Never said I am right and you are wrong, only in that it is probably still a great game and talking or no talking doesn’t change the game play as a whole

                      1. So you think that a team that uses skype to coordinate and play vs a team that doesnt have any communications will only make a tiny difference in the outcome of the match?

                      2. A team-base multiplayer shooter wouldn’t benefit from Voice Chat?

                        Do you seriously believe that or are you just defending Nintendo’s decision?

                        1. I wouldn’t doubt if they developed the game so voice chat wasn’t necessary based on the game’s strategy. It is a different kind of “shooter”… because it almost isn’t a shooter

                      3. Well im still not picking it up, I refuse to keep supporting these kind of decisions from Nintendo. Ultimately ill probably be in the minority and my decision will most likey not affect them, like at all. Ill still stand my ground though, its a feature I believe is necessary and their reason is a really dumb one.

                  1. Actually it’s mostly 30 year olds who own the WiiU. The die hard old school Nintendo fans..

                    The stereotype you just gave is one of the reasons the Wii U isnt selling very good.

                    It’s a shame. Nintendo and the vast majority of people are completely in the dak about who actually owns the Wii U.

                  2. Actually on another article on this same site on this same topic someone posted a poll that showed that more adults actually play on wii u, even more than on ps4 I think if I remember correctly.

        2. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

          Damn I thought I was the only one that fucking pissed off. If Nintendo decided to add voice chat, that could possibly get the game delayed which leaves another fucking game drought. Or add the feature in a update.

            1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

              Shut up bitch. Using this site as a reference, you fuckers say one thing than you fuckers pull a oh monkey see monkey do. You’ll quickly change your opinion on what Nintendo does and do. If another company does what nintendo is doing, you’ll damn them to hell. This site is deluded just like you.

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>And what exactly are those? Did Nintendo ever made you pay 5 dollars for a demo like the Electrons did? Have they scammed the cattle for years with DLC? Do they have online multiplayer fees? No, and I couldn’t care less about whether a game has voice chat or not, you peons can complain about it, I’ll just laugh at you all no matter what side while destroying each of you in the game later on while you barely even finished uttering a sentence, you’ll be dead>>>

                1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                  I never said Nintendo copy’s what other do. I said other companies copy what Nintendo does.
                  Wow I feel your bitch energy growing stronger. Mad because having voice does fucking justice and that is what fans want? It OK I understand, you’re to fucking shy to have communication with the public. Go hide in your rusted ass toaster, your bitch energy is growing stronger by the second.

                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>When they blatantly copy our sacred gems like that abomination known as PS Allstars then yes, it needs to be destroyed>>>

                    >>>I’m not mad, I don’t even care which is why this is amusing to me, not angering, learn to see>>>

                    >>>And I’ve never used voice chat and never will because I don’t like talking when I’m playing or watching a movie, I’m playing to have fun and destroy noobs, not to talk and be a social cattle worker like most of you>>>

                    1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                      Yup I knew it. The fucking toaster is fucking scared to be social. Its OK I understand, you’re too scared to unreveal your fatass of a voice.

                        1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                          Whatever. Some hardcore badass Terminator you are. Go go get into fetal position in a corner somewhere. Your mightiness is now irrelevant.

                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                            >>>My power comes from consuming the energy of you peons as your futile struggle to take me down only strengthens my might>>>

            2. I love how the dissenting voices against voice chat are completely proving Amano’s point about why he didn’t want voice chat in the first place. (not necessarily in this video) These are not people you want to be playing with!

                1. Yes, and that’s not a bad thing. There need to be games for people who like that– and if not this one, the super non-violent game with cute squid characters, then what?

              1. Then I guess he better not include that option if he doesn’t want the money from those people. I mean, what kind of company needs product to sell anyways. Ptsh.

                  1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                    Just quit mindlessly commenting you’re embarrassing yourself in front of your fake ass cadets.

                    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                      >>>Your useless counter-attacks that are just a bad usage of my previous original attacks on you is shameful, mister I don’t even know what Tourettes or Homophobes is or means>>>

                                      1. Hey why you gotta ruin the lovers quarrel and team up against I’m a boss? And I’m a Boss, I’m just messing with you on the lovers quarrel lol.

                                      2. YOU are a 5 year old piece of shit. WTF are you even here? GTFO and suck Nintendo’s tits and dick. And you better lick that pussy to since that’s the only pussy you gonna fucking get.

                          1. ….. Are you some kind of troll? Is this your little shtick? Acting like some kind of robot/Terminator/whatever else and calling people cattle over and over? While being just an in-general prick to people?

                          1. Exactly, I mean just bend over and take it right? Its not like you’re gonna pay your hard earned money for this game.


                        1. No voice chat, please. I like to not hear the stupid, immature, and dumbs*t people. It’s much more pleasant knowing that those f*cktards who think they’re entitled to this while they whine and complain like they have some ignorant, pathetic influence, will not have the option. People who think they need it have other gaming options to select from, like Call of Duty and just about every other FPS with online.

                          To all you f*gs who think you’re entitled to Nintendo’s decisions and their quality games, go f*ck your toilet and STFU.

                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                            >>>I would like your comment if you weren’t a primitive ape using the word “fags”>>>

                            1. The word “fags” is a term of endearment to those whiney bitches who feel they are entitled to whatever their puny, empty hearts desire. It was not used in its contemporary meaning of homosexual if that’s your problem with it. No offense intended to same-sex attractions.

                              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                >>>Whatever your excuses are, the word still holds that meaning regardless, it’s like saying the N-word means only to offend gamers and nothing else>>>

                                1. Actually, no it doesn’t hold that meaning unless you’re using it in that context. That’s how words work. And the word was around long before it was used as a homosexual reference. If you have an issue with the word then maybe you should stop thinking of it in that context. Fag implies an extremely annoying, inconsiderate person who believes they are entitled to something of which they have no claim.

                                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                    >>>The word has gotten a new meaning in the last few years, I’m sure about 99% of everyone using the word and specially reading it automatically thinks of gays considering they also use the words “how gay” something is in the same way as using “fags”>>>

                                    1. Possibly. But I’ve decided not to acknowledge that form. Time to rid this world of stupid meanings like that. I use it only as an extremely annoying, inconsiderate person who believes they are entitled to something of which they have no claim.

                                      1. You can use the word however you feel. But a gay person would still be offended by it. Better to just not use the word.

                            2. It’s 2015. Why people still use the gay lifestyle as an insult or curse word is shallow and embarrasing.

                          2. Why don’t you just turn it off since you would never use the option? I don’t see why you are against people having the option. If you don’t like people feeling they HAVE to have it, that’s fine. But what is your beef with people who just would prefer to have it, and would maybe converse with people in mature manners? Not everyone is a whiny teenager, there are plenty of older gamers who play Nintendo games. If it has the option, then you can have the voice chat off and never deal with it, and other people can have it. That way everyone is happy. Or are you only happy if others aren’t?

                        2. “A few bad eggs” you mean 90% of shooter players. I’m glad there wont be any, or I wouldn’t even buy the game. If you can’t play the game without voice chat you’re a retard, you should figure out what to do yourself.

                        3. So people will boycott a game because it doesn’t have voice chat but accept pay to play online.

                          This industry needs to crash so the sheep leave.

                            1. I don’t want Nintendo to go under but I’m really hoping something changes in the other part of the industry.

                              1. lol Of course not. I don’t think a company like Nintendo would suffer much from an industry crash. Basically that just means the weaker, companies that betrayed gamers time and time again will suffer too great a loss from the crap they peddle to plague us with more crappy games and gaming sensibilities. That in turn would drive away these pathetic gamers who have become addicted to games being all about social BS and achievement circle jerking and allow gaming to return to wonderful obscurity for it’s fans.

                                I long to return to console wars when really all the warring was about was “I got this game it’s awesome we need to play it!” “Whaaaa? Let’s go to your place and check it out.” *sigh* Back when consoles tried to be different from one another and no one complained about that or “standard controllers” >,> Ugh.

                        4. I take no sides here but my own. I’m getting the game on launch, regardless of voice chat inclusion. Could the game benefit from voice chat? Yes, it very well could. Does the game need voice chat? No, it does not.

                          At the VERY least, it should have been an option, though. Use it or don’t use it, and if you’re a believer in parental controls, bar your kids from using the feature. It takes only a few seconds to adjust your settings.

                        5. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                          >>>Like I’ve said before, I don’t care one way or the other but if the developer’s excuse was because of his or his friend’s bad experiences with online gaming using voice chat, then he was a weak leader and shouldn’t be forcing his weakness on the army>>>

                          1. I respectfully disagree. Using personal or other people’s experience when considering what one wants to achieve is actually the sign of a terribly competent leader. The masses always follow what they know everyone will like, but true greatness flows from knowing what will be best regardless of the masses. Considering he used personal or friend’s experiences as the basis then he and his crew developed a game that sounds like it’s made for more visual team working ques than audible ones (slower projectiles, trails of paint leading to where attack came from, map to show how the field is looking, quick travel to assist team mates, ect.) I’d say good on him and his crew.

                              1. Well you said he would be a weak leader if he was using his own personal experience or that of his friends with the voice chat decision. My point was the opposite for that. I feel the cattle is too familiar with the cud given to them by the fields afar and if we want finer breeds we must provide a different feed.

                        6. It is what it is… Looking at the negative, you won’t be able to communicate online and for players who need that or prefer that, it makes the game slightly more hard to play. Often shooter gamers love the feeling of teamwork, which cannot be the same without vocal communication.

                          It’s important to remember the direction and vision of this game. As Nintendo had put it, they want to redefine the shooter with Splatoon like Mario Kart changed racing games, roughly paraphrasing. Essences of platformers, Mario Sunshine, and territory-gain have been used along with the shooter mechanics that other games haven’t. Whether that is a good or a bad thing, we will have to wait how the game plays, but I personally think it works for the Nintendo feel of games.

                          Which leads to the pros of no voice-chat. Looking at the pros: Along with not having to deal with the absurdity that comes along with much of the voice-chat options of other generic shooter games, The lack of voice-chat can add to the chaotic-feel that they wanted this unique platformer/shooter hybrid game to have, and will encourage players to try new strategies and find their own play style amid the chaos.

                          Whether you look at the pros or the cons, Splatoon is going to be a unique experience that sets it apart from other shooters.

                        7. Smh! Kids are retarded these days! Voice chat, an external feature is apparently more important than actual game design. Maybe Splatoon should have voice chat, but at the end of the day who gives a f**k! The Splatoon devs dont want it in their game. If u have problem with that? Don’t buy it then. Wanting Nintendo to do “better” does not mean they have to satisfy your selfish self-entitlement “needs”. Grow up ppl. Nintendo has millions & millions of fans to sastify, and not just you. Just because Sony & Microsoft fully adopt voice chat/ party chat. Doesnt mean Nintendo has to be a copy cat. All companies have their own philosophy. Pick the one that mostly fits yours.

                        8. As someone who refuses to support bs business practices that nickle and dime the consumer I say Nintendo should put voice chat in Splatoon and it’s bs if they don’t do it. I don’t care about voice chat personally but I understand that other people should have a choice.

                        9. It’s stupid because if they do win this battle, it’ll delay the game, unless Nintendo says that they’ll release voice chat later, then they will buy it and play it without voice chat until that patch comes out, making it completely pointless saying they can’t play it without voice chat

                          1. I want it to talk with friends. It’s the only reason I use voice chat in games. Otherwise, I just turn it off or mute it. I talk to friends while gaming online just to enjoy their company in addition to strategy, team play, etc.

                            Working busy schedules, taking care of family responsibilities, and other aspects of life make it so that I can’t always hang out with friends in person so gaming online when I have the chance and talking with them is always a nice thing to do.

                            It’s always nice to have the option. The option to use it for those who want to and the option not to use it for those who don’t.

                        10. This discussion again… Not buying Splatoon for not having Voice Chat is as saying you don’t want to go to Disneyland because of the not-so-pretty parking lot…

                        11. OMG there are some sad people out there. Voice chat dose not make a game. If it’s fun then who cares. If you don’t want the game just dont get it, it’s that simple. don’t be a sad little bitch about it. Grow up FFS.

                        12. They should just implement the VGS system from Smite or Tribes: Ascend (RIP). Tribes was a lot of fun because no one could scream at me, but there were still like 30+ pre-built chat messages for team communication.

                        13. Not buying a New Ip over a small feature seems stupid when you compare it much bigger issues like Micro transaction, cut content, online fees ect.. I’m neutral on this whole thing. Would it be nice to have yes, but I don’t need it. The gamepad Mic is pretty crappy for voice chat anyway, the people who really want to work in a team will go to Skype, that is what most LOL players do. Voice Chat isn’t the only way of commutation

                            1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                              Not to mention I share my computer with my wife. I can’t exactly hog the TV, Wii U, AND the laptop just to suit my needs. I guess Nintendo didn’t take that into account & wants me to just be an asshole that doesn’t share stuff with my wife. Sure the Gamepad has off-tv play, but I prefer to actually see my game on the TV when I’m playing on a HOME console. That & I shouldn’t have to have on two separate devices to get the experiences I want out of a game when my controller has a fucking mic on it, terrible sound or not!

                        14. The solution was simple, give the game voice chat optios that could be turned off completely or used to it’s potential.

                          CATTLE COMMANDER and anonymous bundles of sticks are going to bitch and complain that the view they have is the only one thats correct. But realistically, if the game would have supported voice chat with the option to turn it off completely. None of these 3 year old style rants and pissing contests would fill this thread.

                          I wish the game luck, but I kind of expected this to be an issue for people.

                          1. The solution is not that simple. If voice chat affects gameplay, then the option to turn it on/off has effects of its own, and those all need to be considered and designed around so the game remains balanced and fun. Seriously, (design) things are almost never as easy and simple as some people think they are.

                            1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                              I had to take a few seconds to turn voice chat off! My fun playing the game has been utterly ruined by those few seconds that I could have spent playing! *sarcasm* The solution IS that simple.

                          2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                            >>>Clearly you have not read my point of view or lack comprehension reading skills, but what to expect from a human sheep>>>

                            1. Coming from the person who’s still a human behind that computer screen regardless of how much you roleplay as this weird Darth Vader and Terminator fusion.

                        15. If you’re someone in support for there to be voice chat then I really doubt you’ve ever been harassed in an online game before. It’s not fun, even if you aren’t bothered by the insults personally, it just ruins the experience. And considering the kind of overwhelming toxicity that can be displayed it’s no wonder that they’d want to remove the possibility altogether. I personally have been told to go get raped and murdered in online games multiple times, screamed at just because I do better than them and degraded when I do worse. It isn’t fun either way.

                          It admittedly could have been handled better, maybe give voice chat options but leave them turned off by default so you have to go turn it on yourself, and even possibly have a parental option so parents can lock it off to keep their kids safe from online abuse. But either way I can see why they’d just want to remove it, and we should respect that. If you want to chat with your friends so badly then go do a Skype group call while you play.

                          1. Whaaaaaaambulance has arrived.

                            Seriously though you can mute people since like 2005.

                            You know what we should do? Prohibit speech altogether, there are people out in the real world that say terrible things to one another. So the government should just step in and sew everyone’s mouth shut. Agreed?

                          2. I agree with the last paragraph. But the first…. no. It’s the fucking game internet. I don’t get why anyone would get so offended by that… Those people hating on you don’t even know who you are so taking it as offensive just shows you have a weak ass heart. If it was IRL people hating on you, then that would be completely understandable. But it isn’t.

                          3. Actually I’ve played countless Halo/Cod/BattleField/Resistance/(insert shooter here) matches. I have been in lobby’s that are full of trolls and idiotic morons and you know what I did? I MUTED those players. Its not hard, a simple press of a few buttons did it.

                            Honestly, the game I’ve had the most fun and met the most polite people in was in Resistance, yes its not a great game but the game is team based and and I tell you what, communicating with other players made the game way more enjoyable than playing the single player portion.

                            Different strokes though.

                        16. His reasons just couldn’t be justified, an option to shut it off, mute individuals and use parental controls to block it would’ve solved all his worries. I like being able to conveniently chat with my friends within the game.

                          1. True but we still keep rolling them dices do we not? The occasional non-fuck up like Zelda keep us coming back – fucking incredible.

                          2. You idiots who keep blaming Iwata for everything are SO naïve. It’s as bad as people who blame Obama for everything that’s wrong. Or, blaming God.

                        17. Awwww! Poor little babies want to shout out bad words to their friends while playing.
                          These are the kind of gamers I feel like slapping. Really, I do. I have no clue why anyone likes playing online, let alone having voice chat? Play alone for god sakes, like I do! Or play with people in the same room. Get some REAL friends instead of online friends. Gosh!

                          1. People with friends can’t always hang out due to schedules so they play online with them with voice chat.

                          2. Not EVERYONE have real friends dude. Some people don’t know how to make friends and some are even social retarded or something like that, I don’t know. Not everyone is like you who have friends all the damn time. And even if they were, not everyone is gonna want to drive all the way to someone elses house just to play one game.

                            1. Who said I had friends? I never said that. In fact, aside from family, I don’t believe in having friends. All they do is stir up trouble and cause drama. Or steal from you. I steer clear of having friends. I don’t want to argue with people in real life like I do on the internet.

                              1. Reading this comment makes me sad. You shouldn’t avoid making friends because not everyone is like that. There’s plenty of nice people out there in the world and I’m sure there’s someone out there that is just like you and you’d probably become best friends with them. I understand why you do it though because in this world there’s a lot of bad people and you can’t really trust anyone besides your family. But I think you should at least try. Like I said, you might end up finding a best friend. Someone that you really can trust. Sometimes having even just one best friend that you can always depend on can be better than having a lot of friends.

                                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                  >>>There is nothing called “really trust” in this world, ever, it’s only an illusion until reality hits you one day>>>

                                2. @HollowGrapeJ
                                  Now you sound like my niece. She was telling me something similar just the other day. Then got depressed when she thought her words didn’t help me.

                                3. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                                  Even then, you can’t always trust your family either! o.O I just blew you AND The Collector’s mind, huh? lol

                              2. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                                I wish I had your family then if you can shut out the rest of the world like that.

                          3. I have friends that I hang out with on the weekends sometimes. We’ll go have a drink, dinner, catch a movie, hang out at someone’s house, see a play, go to a concert, etc. But we can’t do that every weekend. Sometimes it’s a whole month or so that I haven’t been able to hang out with friends because of work, family, and other responsibilities.

                            I have friends I used to go to school with, used to work with, friends who moved far away and these are individuals that I haven’t been able to see in a long time.

                            I also have friends that I met online.

                            You know what a lot of these friends have in common? We get together and play games online because we can’t always see each other in person. Playing games online is a fun way to unwind, compete, or just plain have fun together when we don’t have much time to do so otherwise. You know what plays a pivotal role in making those engagements more satisfying? Voice chat. Online play and voice chat to spend some time with friends when we can’t spend time face to face.

                            Do we yell at each other? No. Do we sling insults? No. Do we tease each other? Sometimes, as friends tend to do. Do we “shout out bad words”? Not my close group of friends. Do we get together and play games in the same room? Yep. From time to time we manage to pull game nights together. Do I play games alone as well? Absolutely. You can do both, you know.

                            I know I’m not the only one. So your logic is completely flawed.

                          4. I think you’eve being very shallow about this.

                            Regardless of all that, I live in an area where there aren’t many people period, and not many people my age for that matter. So I rely on online features to enjoy games with the few friends I do have left, that I feel are worth keeping around.

                            I hate the idea that everyone assumes online friends, can’t be real friends. Every friend I have on Facebook or anything of the sort, I’ve known for long periods of time in real life before these social outlets existed.

                            The fact that people move, people go to different colleges, people might not have the money to drive to their friends houses on a whim, can make a difference in all of this. Or maybe even like Prince in a more rude manner said, they just don’t like being that social.

                            Which I honestly don’t think there is anything wrong with, if a person prefers to be alone more, than being with people all the time. Why is that so frowned upon? You like playing games alone, so why would you say something that contradicts your own feelings that are relatable to this issue?

                            I personally am not huge on pointless social gatherings, just so I don’t feel lonely. I have no problems being alone, and there is definitely less bullshit that occurs in my life when I am by myself more. I’ve been a social butterfly before, and it never ended well, just a lot of meaningless relationships with bunch of faceless people.

                        18. sasori obinna: the puppet master

                          —-if black ops 2 and ghost had voice chat why can’t splatoon have voice chat… go fuck your selves nintendo added voice chat to mk8 and ssb wii u but not splatoon.

                        19. No voice chat needed…. So Nintendo will lose sales ? What all 15 of the crybabies ? Probably don’t need them playing this online anyway .

                        20. Fans could always want something, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee it will happen.
                          Companies do change with time, so who knows.
                          I mean they said there would be no future DLC in Smash Bros after Mewtwo, but now they suddenly changed their minds because they know it’s a popular feature and that the majority of people want it. We even got DK64 on the Wii U Virtual console which was a highly requested game back during the Wii’s era after its 16 year long absence.
                          If the demand is high enough for something certain, the chances of it ever happening can vary as time passes on.

                        21. Tl:dr this is dumb of so called fan(boys) Nintendo does hear there fans and will reluctantly add voice chat… At least after the first month sells well.. tho I ready to play this game now so can it just be friend chat Nintendo probs won’t use it though. Also the audience increase was prob rule 34… Causing massive fedora turds intake who like voice chat.

                          Why are people just now complaining about it? They said this when it was announced e3 there were a few complaints then…. But now its a uproar? What happen between e3 and the release date that caused people that wanted/complained about voice chat to increase… Also I dont use voice chat and my cousin plays those toxic voice chat games and still sends typed messages instead of voice chat because the trolls and noobs are less likely to respond so he mutes them. The Wii u has a mic true but really not even cod or injustice players use it or a headset online… Because they would rather do that on the more popular console duh.

                        22. I don’t mind voice chat as most of my gaming is either alone offline or local multiplayer with my family.

                          Most of the people complaining are trolling and only a few of them are legitimate complaints. This becoming like gamefaqs……

                        23. People have no respect these days but there should be an option to enable or disable voice chat and mute others’ voices.

                            1. Who knows, who cares. If you truly enjoy the game, missing an online voice chat feature won’t affect the sales, hopefully. There are alternatives to integrated voice chat such as Skype and phone call, if you only care to voice chat with people in your contact list. Otherwise, too bad.

                            2. Given the Wii U’s situation, and how anything that isn’t already well known from previous Nintendo systems, doesn’t sell well at all. It would be a safe assumption the sales were already going to be fairly low. Now its chances seem even worse, like I’ve said the popularity the game saw before this announcement was pretty big. Now barely anyone cares about any news related to this game since then.

                              I’m sure that will translate into sales.

                              I don’t blame the people boycotting the game. I’m still buying it, but I also still want voice chat. Then again it gets a point with Nintendo, where you begin to question when do I put my foot down, so they actually get the god damn point?

                              I’ve always been annoyed with how limited their systems are because of stupid reasoning’s like this. Nintendo systems are the least social systems out there, but then they always want to go about how important friends are… When the only way you can enjoy the system with any friends, is if they’re standing right next to you.

                        24. Honestly I’m on a more on the side against Nintendo. I mean I could care less about voice chat. I never use it and I never really played games online that use it. The only games I played online are Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7 and Kid Icarus Uprising. Then also Uncharted 2 and 3 but only when I have to since my brother tells me to play for him when he’s doing something else in the house and he doesn’t wanna get disconnected. I also feel the people saying that they won’t buy the game JUST because of voice chat are pretty stupid. But I’m also against Nintendo because they easily just add a mute button or implement the Parental Controls. They’re the masters at handling parental controls and negativity (violent content) in games anyway! They could just add it but leave it on “No voice chat mode” every time you first start the online mode. Then you could turn it back on in the options menu (and also have an option to turn off the automatic set to no voice chat mode when entering online mode). Seriously Nintendo you better have plans on at least adding a voice chat patch for the game. Because it honestly seems like all the marketing you’ve been doing is gonna be waste of time and money.

                          1. Well, they have always been like that. It’s either voice chat in Splatoon, no standard control option in Kid Icarus Uprising, no difficulty setting in Zelda games, no difficulty setting in ANY of their games, etc. etc. etc. I could go on and on. Nintendo has a bad habit of having a “my way or the highway” mentality, and honestly it’s getting old. Nintendo needs to start giving options to the gamer. Power to the player? Wasn’t that a Nintendo saying at one time? This is one category that third parties have surpassed Nintendo on.

                          2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                            >>>You’ve always been against the empire you rebel scum, you’re young and young humans are automatically Xbots or Sonyans besides a few exceptions>>>

                            1. Generalizations and labelling. Hmm….. seems like you’re not any better than the race of people you find so abhorrent.

                        25. If their reasoning behind leaving voice chat out is sincere and they truly omitted it so that we don’t have to listen to morons like half the people in this forum then I’m all for it. However, what drives me bonkers and makes me want to tear my hair out is when they can’t bother to include voice chat amongst friends and family who we’ve registered onto our friends list. This is baffling to me. Why did I register my family and friends on my console? Why the F do we need to exchange network ID’s if it goes in vain. Who cares if chat is integral to the game or not? Of course it’s a great option to strategize with if available but what about those of us who chose to use a game as a forum of communication? I wanna have fun with my cousin, shoot the shit, talk about life all while I splatter some fools with virtual paint. We live separate lives in seperate cities and it’s about time we can enjoy our nintendo games with distant family as if they were on the couch next to us. Just like I’ve been doing with Xbox for over a decade. Frankly, nintendo should be embarrassed and is rightfully being criticized for their severe lack in foresight and terrible judgement call. They can’t sit there and wonder why their console barely sells when fans scream and clamor for services and options the competition has been serving up for over 10 years. Sure they have a right to leave it out cuz they are the developers, I guess that means they enjoy shooting themselves in the foot over and over again.

                          1. Yea, I don’t see how anyone could argue with your post. Spot on. Nintendo did not give an explanation why we cannot voice chat with people on our friends list.

                            1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                              I haven’t read every comment to this guy but I’m willing to bet there is at least one person that did argue with his comment. Moment of truth! *scrolls down after posting this*

                          2. Haven’t you been paying to use the said feature on Xbox for over a decade?
                            And this is coming from a personal experience: Free Nintendo Network has been more stable (and a lot more secure) than free PSNetwork was.
                            As for the feature, would be nice to have it for the friends, but 99% of random encounters does not use the feature, and the rest 1% uses it mostly for insults.

                            1. Secure? No, stable? Yes.

                              I see you haven’t been keeping up with how hackers find exploits in Nintendo’s network. They just refuse to hack them because they like Nintendo.

                              Also 99% to 1%? Were are you getting these statistics from?

                              1. Exaggeration. But that is how it feels most of the time, when playing random people.
                                Makes the joy of finding someone who actually knows how to behave that more satisfying.
                                And I guess you have a list of these exploits that endanger our personal information and credit card data?

                                1. A quick google search and twitter account will let you know how hackers help Ninty instead of exploiting the holes in their network. Hell, its been talked to death in this site.

                                2. You can have your credit card information stolen anywhere, from Amazon to a gas station, so it’s really moot to discuss how it works here or there, it happens anyway.
                                  Wanna know how to avoid it? Don’s use credit cards, they’re of no benefit to you, they motivate mindless consumerism and unintelligent spending topped off with overpaying.

                            2. yes I did pay to use those features. Considering nintendo hardware has been more than capable since the GameCube era to give me an alternative to Xbox features then that’s nearly a decades worth of revenue nintendo missed out on. I’m no longer a gold member with Xbox but that’s beside the point. I’d rather give my money to nintendo for my gaming goodness over Microsoft any day especially if they can give me a comparable service. With that said if you’re familiar with the Xbox live service basic features like text msg and voice messages are free and always have been with Xbox live. So at least you can greet a friend when they sign on.

                              1. To be honest I’ve never understood this fascination with connecting every gadget you own to everything and everyone else, I don’t want my privacy constantly invaded, nor do I want to be always available so others can pester me.

                          3. You know initially I would have been all for your statement. I was also thinking the same with just chatting among our friends on the system, which would be great like when I Wii U Chat with my sister, but then I read the part you wrote about the exchanging network ID’s and everything after. That and several other comments made me realize something. Anybody can exchange network ID’s and add anyone else on in the Miiverse. Anybody can add on anybody else that they don’t know, including kids without parental controls, and that does have an impact when unknowing individuals do go head to head with people they actually don’t know. A Mii is just a Mii on Miiverse, but give it a voice and it’s a whole different playing field. Yeah, I only have my actual real friends on Miiverse and I could just follow anyone else without adding friends, but that’s just me. Perhaps Nintendo has taken this into consideration or at least I hope they have realized it as well to back up their move. Also consider that after their parental controls failed in Swap Note they had no choice but to remove the communication app. Maybe tighten up parental controls with credit cards like someone else said. The game is a little different so I’ll tack this last bit in as well. I think we’ll be playing a lot differently than we would with other FPS’s and no voice chat could strengthen that. I never saw anyone communicating at the showcases and they were all right next to each other. Nonetheless, sitting there alone playing a multiplayer with no voice chat against players you know and are not in the same room…

                            1. I’ve considered what you said and I agree with you. The points you mention are valid but really only further exemplify that it’s all broken. There is a work around for all of this, and people in here have suggested more than one in fact. There are ways of making this a win win for everyone including the big N. However, their stubbornness endures leaving the door open for the competition to seize those dollars that so easily could be theirs.

                        26. This issue goes beyond splatoon. Nintendo is seriously lacking on both of its systems even a basic text msg ability. It’s frustrating as hell when I’m online with the wiiu or 3ds then all of a sudden I see a friend has signed in. I get a moment of joy when I see a friend is online but that elation is quickly deflated when I’m reminded how broken things really are. I see a friend has signed in and I can’t even send out a greeting, or a simple game invite. Like why even bother to notify me when a friend signs in if my only option is to scream at the screen and hope they hear me. It’s so bloody irritating. miiverse is great but is not good enough to supplement as a msg service between friends because it’s not instant. They need something on the back end that connects their users with each other no matter what activity or game is being played. I rest my case.

                          1. Agreed.

                            Why not implement a parental lock on the console to block certain features deemed unsafe for minors?

                            Parents need to do their homework. It shouldn’t always be up to Nintendo to babysit everyone. A lot of us are not even kids anymore for heaven sake…! Nintendo cannot be held accountable for poor parenting.

                        27. It might affect sales, but I doubt it affect the enjoyment (negatively). While an option to turn ON voice chat might be a solution, it might also affect game balancing and thus fun.

                          Consider a team full of people in a voice chat, vs a team with only 2 with voice chat; if voice chat affects the gameplay much then the first team has a clear advantage, and that from the get-go reduces the enjoyment of the 2 in the other team (which might cause things like dropping out of games because of it, reducing the enjoyment of the non-voice chat players).

                          1. Well they could separate people according to whether the chat function is on or not. Have groups with the chat feature on and others with it off. As simple as that. That way we don’t all need to be penalized for the safety of kiddoes

                          2. Never thought about that. You have a point. At first, I was also disappointed for the lack of voice chat but then I don’t really get why people would complain so much. Why are people this generation so full of complaints? Back then when the first 3d games came out people were like “best graphics ever!” now even with highly detailed graphics people are like “doesn’t look real at all” or “in isn’t 60fps”.

                          3. That is probably the most intelligent post on this thread. Too bad most people here are too ignorant to realise this.

                          4. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                            This sounds familiar. Oh right! Trollurai said the same thing when he told us we can’t use custom characters & mii fighters online! That’s a bullshit excuse through & through. He probably used the same bullshit as to why he didn’t give basic controls to Kid Icarus: Uprising. Did he ever take into consideration that maybe people that use the more difficult control scheme online is actually, oh I don’t know, very skilled with it & will not be run over like he apparently thinks they will? What a novelty idea! Someone actually being skilled with a non-customized character or a more difficult control scheme! Nintendo should patch up Mario Kart 8 to remove gyro controls since those using it are, according to what Sakurai thinks, are getting their asses handed to them by people using the basic, more simple controls! Smash is one of those one step forward, two steps back cases. While they took the competitive scene into account with Smash 4, they ignored the fact some competitive players want a challenge & facing someone that is using a custom moveset while they are using the default moveset would force them to change their tactics on the fly & compete with the new challenge that a custom fighter is presenting.

                          5. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                            More importantly, didn’t they specifically state that you can’t start a match on Splatoon til both teams are equal in the number of players on each team? So there went that excuse altogether.

                        28. public voice chat in shooters has never been a positive experience, and only really helps team coordination if everyone playing is part of a pre-made team, and is working together from the outset. otherwise, voice chat simply serves as a vehicle for abuse against strangers. i don’t blame nintendo for not including it in their game – it really doesn’t enhance the game experience at all, unless part of your enjoyment of the game is hurling the very worst epithets you can conjure at whoever happens to be listening.

                          1. You kinda deserve that abuse if you’re that sensitive. yet purposely ignore the MUTE function.

                            In fact, there are numerous ways to solve this issue of your without removing VC altogether.. Don’t be so damn ignorant/stupid.

                        29. Saw this coming a mile away. I really don’t know what they expect when they don’t include any type of voice chat, not even for friends only.

                          They’ve killed a off a lot of potential sales this game would’ve made. I mean the amount of love this game had when people assumed it would be like any other typical team shooter, was amazing. But as soon as they announced it wouldn’t have voice chat… That is when it wen’t down hill. Not as much really seem to be paying attention to it anymore, since that announcement.

                          It also doesn’t make sense trying to advertise this game as such an innovation in the shooting genre, but at the same time not including the same type of features these shooting games have had for ages now.

                          If a game like Team Fortress can have voice chat, there shouldn’t be any reason people feel this game couldn’t gain anything from having the feature also.

                          I get tired of people saying it isn’t needed. I can bet a lot money that anyone that has a team with voice chat, is going to do better than a team without it. Obviously not in every case, but communication in any team oriented game is good.

                          1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                            Apparently no voice chat is how they intend to revolutionize the shooter genre! lol

                        30. I’m probably skipping this game. The lack of voice chat means I have to skype call all my friends when we are playing together, like Mario kart Wii and brawl, which is really annoying.

                        31. I pity most gamers in this day and age. Gamers who depend on useless and stupid features, and won’t even buy the game when they don’t have those features. *face palm to everyone*

                            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                              >>>It doesn’t, it just makes the individual experience better for some, for others like me it doesn’t matter one bit, doesn’t mean I don’t accept options>>>

                                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                  >>>No, can’t you humans understand such a simple thing like not everyone does everything you do? Are you all so brainwashed?>>>

                                  1. Well then if you don’t like voice chat, I suppose you could just turn it o-… OH WAIT. It’s not even in the game at all! You don’t get the option to have it on or off. At all.

                                    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                      >>>Why are you even trying to argue with me? I’ve never said I don’t want voice chat in the game itself, I said I don’t care one way or the other>>>

                        32. There are other ways of voice chatting each other. Just because it’s not built in, you can use skype with your teammates. That is if you are thinking of building a local team.

                        33. I was going to make a comment about how people talked, and treated my group on Black Ops II, but then I read the comment section for this article, and that alone reinforces their stance on the matter.

                          1. No it doesn’t. There’s plenty of games just as “kid friendly” as Splatoon and they have voice chat. It’s just another BS excuse.

                        34. Good! I’m glad gamers are backlashing at all of these garbage practices that all companies are doing. A good example of something else like this is whats going on with EA’s terrible excuse for a Star Wars: Battlefront game.

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                        36. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                          My interest in this game was waning long before this bullshit excuse as to why they won’t add voice chat. I admit I probably wouldn’t use the feature much if it was a feature if I did buy the game, but I feel bad for those that prefer it. Is this industry so bad that you can’t find a few good people playing an online game? Miiverse would say otherwise if you truly believe there is no hope for good interactions online, because I’ve met a ton of good people on there. There are always, ALWAYS going to be losers out there that act utterly immature, video game or not. I guess it’s time we shut ourselves away from the rest of the world since you can just as easily encounter people just like that online offline. In reality, you can’t do that; least not in a healthy manner. On a video game, however, you can at least mute and/or block the fucker! We truly do live in a selfish age when people yell at those wanting a feature all because they don’t want the feature. Just because you don’t think the feature is necessary doesn’t mean your thought is the only one that counts.

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