Here’s The Mario Kart 8 Patch Notes For 4.0 Update

We all know the second piece of paid Mario Kart 8 downloadable content is coming tomorrow bringing a range of new tracks and a few new characters. We now also know what’s going to be included in the free software update that’s coming tomorrow alongside the DLC, which also includes the 200cc mode. Here’s the patch notes for the 4.0 update.

● Animal Crossing DLC Pack 2 is available for download
● 9 new Amiibo Suits added

200cc class added

● Grand Prix: Must beat all cups on 150cc to play Grand Prix on 200cc
● VS race: 200cc can be selected from the beginning.
● Online play custom rules: 200cc can be selected from the beginning.
● Friend Lobby: 200cc can be selected from the beginning.
● Tournament settings: 200cc can be selected from the beginning.
● When you Brake while Drifting in 200cc mode, sparks will fly from your tires.
● Breaking now possible while drifting using the Wii Remote by pushing B, 1, & 2 buttons at the same time.
● Able to add CPU players to Online Custom Rules, but only human players will count for scoring.

● Pressing the minus button on the following controllers will now put the map on the screen:

-Wii U Pro Controller
-Classic Controller
-Wii Remote + Nun-chuck

● The seasons on the Animal Crossing course are random except in Time Trials, which is limited to Summer only.
● 10 new stamps added for use in Miiverse posts
● Bug Fixes

Thanks, codymkw


  1. Hey guys, you can stick this in too:


    From Thursday, April 23, 2015 12:50 AM – 2:00 AM Pacific

    12:50 AM – 2:00 AM Pacific
    3:50 AM – 5:00 AM Eastern
    8:50 AM – 10:00 AM UK
    9:50 AM – 11:00 AM Europe

    During the maintenance window, the following services may be unavailable.

    Wii U

    – Online Play, Rankings, etc. for Mario Kart™ 8


    1. I say get rid of Firehopping from Online play, let Firehopping stay for Offline play. That way, those the like Firehopping for faster times in Time Trial, can stay happy and those that want a relatively fair online experience, can also stay happy. You know, kind of like that Maka Wuhu Glitch/Ultra Shortcut from Mario Kart 7, the kept it for offline, for the Time Trial players but removed it for online, so that the races stay fair(Well, fair by Mario Kart standards.)


    2. There really isn’t a way to stop fire hopping, how could you anyway? make it so you can’t hop while boosting? Then you would never get launched off boost ramps…when your boosting and you hop physics says you would go farther/faster, so if they made is say, you went slower when you hopped when boosting which wouldn’t make any sense….my point is while we all want it gone, there really is no way to remove it…


      1. The thing about firehopping is that almost any character and kart combination can make use of it- I think only bikes can’t so it, it’s easy to use, and it only works situationally on sharp turns. Unlike snaking, which only worked with 3 karts, was difficult to master, and could be pulled off all race long, even on straightaways.

        Firehopping has nothing on snaking.


      2. There is a way with the introduction of 200 cc. If they made that the new standard with time trials then they could patch out fire hopping because 200 cc would already render any 150 cc fire hopping record obsolete. Whether they changed time trials to 200 cc is the only solution to fire hopping.


    1. You’re right. Kind of a weird gap. But I don’t see any more room on the MK8 cup select. I mean… You could probably cram one more but then all the cups would be touching.


  2. fix the item system? I think its perfect. Coins are a good thing, keeps people from having a proper defensive advantage. Also I agree that we still need a proper battle mode and that firehopping really doesnt take away from the online mario kart experience.


  3. Sweet. I’ll be using the WiiU to play a game instead of using it for web browsing. It’s been awhile. Actually lol, it’s been since the previous dlc for Mario Kart was released.


    1. in system settings under data management I know you can delete downloadable content that should uninstall it completely but you won’t be able to play online if you do that


  4. They fixed the yoshi circuit bullet bill glitch as well as the dolphin shoals one! Nintendo put it back in offline play please


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