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Sonic Boom Was Originally Called Sonic Synergy

sonic_boom_sonic_synergyA lot of details about the development of Sonic Boom have popped up after former employees of developer Big Red Button released material of when it looked to be a very different game. The latest of these is that it was originally named Sonic Synergy! We knew it had a previous name after a photo of inside Big Red Button showed an old logo, but it wasn’t until now that we’ve discovered what that name was. And as a fan of alliteration, I think it sounds pretty good!

sonic_boom_concept_artwork_sonic_synergy_big_red_buttonBut it wasn’t just the name that had changed, it looks like the style of the characters changed as well, with Sonic’s arms previously being the tan colour and having slightly different spike styles. If they were going to change anything though, it should have been the disproportions of Knuckles…

sonic_boom_sonic_synergy_charactersI wonder what made them change the name. Which title do you prefer? What do you wish they had changed?

Thanks, MasterPikachu6 and Josh S




37 thoughts on “Sonic Boom Was Originally Called Sonic Synergy”

    1. Player 3 has it the best, playing as Sonic and Knuckles scores them more points than either player 1 or 2 can get.

              1. Mine would probably be Up Your Arsenal and Deadlocked. I really loved the original 4 games for the PS2. Currently, I’m playing A Crack in Time, which has been cool.

  1. To be honest, I didn’t like Sonic Lost World.
    I just hate the desert area. Can’t stand the colors. Too yellow.for me. “I don’t like desert levels in SMB either” The free DLC for the game was good, The yoshi level was awesome. Didn’t like the zelda one. The boss rush is great.

    I really like the 2D sonic games, but as a Nintendo raised gamer I have only played the 3D classic and emulated versions of the Genesis games. Sonic CD I played on phone.

  2. Synergy sounds cooler, though it would’ve opened up a huge plethora of “this game is a sin” comments on the Internet…

      1. Why? The owners still have jobs, and don’t have thousands and thousands of trolls bad mouthing them at every turn.

  3. Thank you for the feed back for our News i glad i could get some Help from MasterPikachu hes such a nice gamer so ya i will give more news to the blog and hope everyone will like it and i will let MasterPikachu Help as well Have a good night

  4. Sickr stretches the definition of what “Nintendo news” truly is, but this jackyanne puts too many personal opinions into the news. Between the two evils, I’d pick Sickr’s, and no, this is NOT an endorsement of putting out irrelevant news again.

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>It’s a matter of time before he allows me to explain the Art of War from the Elite Warriors of the empire>>>

  5. Dear god… when will people stop bitching about Knuckles? Huh?
    Cause to me it was them trying to make it even more clear that he was the MUSCLE in the group!
    I actually liked his look the most!
    But.. ya know… sonic fans.. they bitch about stupid shit…
    And are never happy.

    1. You know, I don’t play Sonic game at all but I totally understand why they made Knuckles the way they did. Matt Groening, when designing his characters for the Simpsons, said that each main member of a cast should stand out as a silhouette. Without that instant recognition, people will lose interest. And honestly, Knuckles is just a slightly modified Sonic when he’s not roided out like in Boom.

      1. That’s why i liked the change. He stood out more. But … tons of people are.. morons. And bitch and whine when things like that change.

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  7. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    Too bad they botched the game up. The design of Knuckles would have probably been better received once it grew on people if the game didn’t get released as a buggy piece of shit. I enjoyed the fact Knuckles was finally no longer going to be another clone of Sonic with only a few minor differences. But thanks to Big Red Button fucking it up, Knuckles will never get to be immensely different from Sonic. Then again, considering Shadow the Hedgehog tried to make Shadow less of a Sonic knockoff by giving him weapons, I’m probably being highly optimistic of Knuckles’ new design, and abilities, if Sonic Boom wasn’t a pile of crap.

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