Nintendo Of America Twitter Makes Awkward Typo #WiggerWednesday

nintendo_of_america_twitter_wigger_wednesdayOops! Nintendo of America wanted to invite you to decide which is better, Waluigi Wednesday or Wiggler Wednesday. But looks like someone’s fingers slipped on the keyboard, resulting in this slightly inappropriate hashtag, #WiggerWednesday. They were quick on the ball though as it was immediately deleted, but someone was quicker and managed to grab a screenshot. Looks like an employee might be getting a slap on the wrist, poor guy.




      1. oh come on black and white are not racist terms. Nor is it racist to say that someone is acting like a black or white man. What’s racist is to generalize across the board.

        Definition of ghetto: a part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups.

        Yeah under your non-racist view a “wigger” is someone acting like person from one of those minority groups. We won’t name which group that is although it is blatantly obvious, because of course that would racist…


      2. Which is why the adjective ‘American’ is used in the first place. Not sure what the issue is here A1000Hamster?


      3. But how do I specify someone if I don’t know where they’re from? If I see a black guy walking down the street then that’s what I’m going with because there’s no way of knowing that he’s African American or just straight African. Maybe he’s from England and in fact would be an African European.

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      4. Actually this isn’t PC at all. It’s actually offensive to Africans when you refer to black people as “African Americans” because it normally isn’t true. Just because 200 years ago your family emigrated from Ireland doesn’t make you Irish American.

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      5. Not necessarily ghetto. If they talk like black people, dress like black people, or listen exclusively to black music they are wiggers. I mean all you do is replace the n with a w so yes it’s a white person acting black. Not all black people are ghetto though, but they do talk and dress a certain way. If a white guy imitates that behavior then he is a wigger. No different from when a black guy acts white


    1. Its a reference to the 1956 zoning act, in which the US massacred 3,605 protesting African Americans, which they called Wiggers. The racial slur has no evolved to include an N at the beginning, but since the tragedy occurred on Wednesday, the event is known in history as Wigger Wednesday.

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      1. It actually comes from the country with a similar name..

        God I can’t believe some one actually believed you….


      1. Uhhh. and what if a white person IS from the south? lol. It’s a white person trying to be gangsta, or act like a gangster. They are called wiggers, however this is an old term thats not used much in todays society. It was big back in the 90’s.


      2. I’ve never heard it used to describe a white guy acting like he was from the south, but a white guy acting ghetto.


  1. I’d never though I’d see a Nintendo employee calling out the wannabe “hood” people around the world. Well played. XD


  2. It’s not wanna be hood people. Some white people live in the hood. It’s how they act. It’s a suburban white kid acting like he is in a gang, or acting like a gangster. But honestly the term “wigger” is really insulting to black people… Better if we don’t use it..



    A 2011 class-action lawsuit in the United States District Court for Minnesota alleged that the administration at a predominantly white high school showed a “deliberate indifference” in allowing a group of students to hold a homecoming event called “Wigger Day”, including “Wigger Wednesday” and “Wangsta Day”, since at least 2008. A plaintiff named Quera Pruitt sought declaratory judgment and $75,000 in punitive damages from the defendants for creating a racially hostile environment. [6] On July 24, 2012, the parties settled out of court, with Pruitt awarded $90,000. [7]


    1. Stfu Cattle Commander, you’re whole existence on this website is a giant robotic joke.

      Now, give me your hardest weak ass reply. Im Reggie.


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