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Legend Of Kay Comes To Wii U For 10th Anniversary

Ten years after the release of Legend of Kay on the PlayStation 2, Nordic Games officially announced they are releasing a remastered Anniversary edition across multiple platforms this Summer. The price is expected to be around USD/EUR 19.99 and 29.99, depending on the platform. Targeted platforms include the Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PC/MAC. In this 3D platformer, you’ll once again be able to play as martial arts fighting cat, Kay. Check out some screenshots of the new game here!

It has been a pleasure to work with KAIKO and having the opportunity bringing Kay back to life again. Legend of Kay is pure action-gaming with fantastic 3D Platformer Elements and a wonderful Soundtrack. My personal tagline for Legend of Kay: Easy to learn, hard to master. — Gennaro Giani, Producer & Localisation Manager

20 thoughts on “Legend Of Kay Comes To Wii U For 10th Anniversary”

        1. “graphically more impressive”…. did you even see it?
          The game doesn’t look that good, but I’m sure the gameplay will be good,

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