Nintendo Confirms Splatoon Will Be Supported With More Content After Launch

Think you’ll get bored with Splatoon rather quickly? Well, think again. Splatoon producer Hisashi Nogami has confirmed that the team plans to support the game post launch with brand new content to keep players coming back for more. I suspect we shall get additional maps and new mission modes. DLC is always welcome as long as it isn’t too soon after launch.

“We can’t go into a lot of detail on that today, but we do have some plans to follow up with content to keep interest in the game post-launch,” Nogami said.

“We on the development team are thinking of the launch as a first step of sorts. We hope to add to that in terms of content, and even to the degree that we’re hoping that this will become a franchise that Nintendo can be proud of.”

Thanks, Paid Enthusiast



      1. Oh I preordered the 3 pack at gamestop when I was lucky to get Ness and Pac Man and Charizard as well. No Lucina or Robin or wario though. I was second in line too lol but the system crashed, not sure if you were at gamestop trying to preorder or know of the BS that went down all across the U.S.

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      1. Yea let’s hope they aren’t reeling us in with sweet DLC offers to ease us into high priced DLC with incomplete games.


  1. Still not sure about getting this game, is there any pre-order bonuses for it or special editions for it in the US? Besides the wii u bundle.


  2. Well..

    Haven´t really bought DLCs on my gaming years.. Usually they are total money ripp offs. Small overpriced “bursts” to a game that don´t add that much of content..

    MK8 and Hyrule Warrior DLCs have at least brought some light into this endless DLC storms. Let´s just hope that XCX and Splatoon will still carry this torch of light and shed it all around..


  3. I’m glad Nintendo is embracing DLC but I really hope they make a patch that includes voice chat being optional so that these gamers who are constantly complaining about it can be satisfied. I myself will be using Skype or Google chat in the meantime but voice chat should be implemented in a future update


  4. “More content after launch” means more money for a game that was already not worth the $60.00 price tag. I wonder if Nintendo will eventually release complete editions further down the line (with all DLC included), like they do with PS3 games? But actually, this frustrates the HELL out of me when it comes to PS3. Every time I want to buy a PS3 game, I have to do research to find out if there’s a better “Game Of The Year” edition or anything. I can never just randomly pick up a PS3 game in stores. I was about to buy Hitman for $10.00 at Wal-Mart the other day, but I put it back after thinking there might be a better version. And yep, I was right. Sometimes it doesn’t even pay to buy a game until it’s yesterday’s news.


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