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Check Out This Zinetendo Kickstarter Project

nintendo_fan_magazine_fanzine_zinetendo_animal_crossing_comicThis fun little project on Kickstarter is for a Nintendo Fanzine called Zinetendo, a magazine offering almost 50 pages of comics and illustrations dedicated to Nintendo games and characters. Made up of fans who all love Nintendo, and were keen to contribute the way Nintendo contributed to their childhood. It needs $6,800 and is currently sitting on $2,344 with 12 days to go. The illustrations look awesome, and it really celebrates the impact of Nintendo. I’d love to be able to pick up this magazine! Will you be funding it?

35 thoughts on “Check Out This Zinetendo Kickstarter Project”

    1. Don’t bother, they’re just trying to bleed you out of your cash for a shitty comic book that could have been easily done online FOR FREE.

      1. 1. You don’t know how realistic it is to just draw 50 pages of content and release it on the net for free. If it’s so easy, why don’t you do it?
        2. People wanting to get paid for their work is not bad.
        3. Art is subjective.
        4. You’re a fucking idiot.

        1. 1. With pleasure since its proven to be done.

          2. Not if they’re smart enough to know that they’re violating Copyright Infringement without proper licensing from the original IP owners. So good luck trying to make a Sonic fan comic and sell it for a buck without Sega breathing down your neck for a lawsuit.

          3. No one here is talking shit about art. Just potential copyright problems.

          4. No sir. You’re the bigger idiot not looking two ways in this street.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>Now you’re defending the empire for the copyright infringement on this thread when you were ready to slice their heads off in other examples that were far worse than this crap>>>

            1. In situations like this, yes it’s concerning that matter. Remember that fa made Metroid movie project from Kickstarter a few years back? Same shit even though that one was cool to look at. But it’s still copyright infringement by making money from their properties. But with YouTube, it’s a more unfair ball play for the accountants to make gameplay videos even when they credit those videos to Nintendo and don’t or attempt to make a dime out of it. It’s why you see many viewers and video submitters like AngryJoe are pissed at Nintendo tightgripped nature over IP. At times they’re right but other times, Nintendo needs to calm the fuck down.

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>AngryJoe is irrelevant, never made a single Nintendo video ever until his ramblings about this issue>>>

                >>>It’s unfair when they make full gameplay videos of games to show everyone, I accept gameplay videos of one stage for example, that’s more acceptable and just because it’s gaming doens’t mean that showing an entire game doesn’t affect sales just because you don’t “play”>>>

                >>>Besides that, they should really take down that list of games allowed and allow all games ever made by them to be used in videos after people applied to the deal, as well as lowering the percentage fees tby 10%>>>

  1. Yes, because you can’t make a FREE online comic book series for everyone to enjoy… oh wait.. YES YOU CAN!

    Zinetendorks more like… fuck them, I’d rather give the real Nintendo my money than this garbage.

    1. Let’s see some of your artwork, then.

      Good fucking grief, you people hate just for the sake of hating, don’t you? It’s really, really pathetic.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>I say it because I know it’s true, and I don’t need to proof anything to anyone other than myself>>>

        1. Yeah, you know it’s true based on your own subjective opinion and yet you refuse to prove it – because you can’t, and you know it, and if you’re going to make claims that you can, then saying that you don’t need to prove it to anyone but yourself is bullshit. Stop trolling, or stop being so idiotic – that goes for your previous response and the future one that you’ll reply to this with pathetic roleplaying lingo, overused insults, and more evidence that you’re one of the most socially inept and incompetent people on the planet.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>Your last sentence proves your own deluded socially inept status consdiering you think I’m the worst life-form on this entire planet, how sad of you>>>

    2. Off-topic, but I want to ask a question. What kind of games do you play? (other than the Nintendo games obviously) Like, what’s your favorite genre?

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>RTS games is my favourite genre, specially Starcraft, it’s my most beloved series tied with Metroid>>>

        >>>Otherwise games that has solving problems and not just mindless shooting or slashing like Call of Duty and Ninja Gaiden>>>

        >>>Otherwise any game that has everything right or most of it like Resident Evil 4 had>>>

        1. Nice. I would have to say that my favorite is RPG. I haven’t really played many RTS games at all but I’m going to try and get into them. And yes, Starcraft 2 looks pretty great. Definitely have to get around to that. And as for Resident Evil, I’m not sure. I usually dislike horror games because I don’t like all the jumpscares and the disgusting monsters, but maybe I might give it a try with the Resident Evil HD remake. And probably Revelations as well.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>RPG isn’t my forte, specially not the main FF series, Golden Sun is my favourite series though RPG wise, well jump scares will always be there but I thought that RE4 also had the perfect mix of tension, horror and action, although could have been a bit better on the horror part in the final chapter>>>

  2. Whoa, for the ones calling this Zine’s art bad, garbage, or any other derogatory term, there’s no way you guys could ever appreciate art of any form or caliber at all. I personally viewed the page and thought most of the art was appealing as it’s in the artists own representation of ‘style’. Some are even better than Cartoon Networks newer television shows. :/ However, I do agree this Zine should go up for free on the internet. I just don’t see how anybody can attack a person’s art style. Sure, people are free to like what they want, and dislike what they want in full measure, but I’m just not seeing how the quality is bad, unless you’re used to ps4/xboxone graphical caliber now. xD

  3. And for those saying, “it should be free online”, fuck yourselves. They can release the content any way they want. Just because YOU feel that you’re entitled to view content for free at the expense of someone else’s hard work, time, and money, doesn’t make it right. It makes you a goddamn leech and a self-entitled little bitch that thinks they should be able to get whatever they want whenever they want.
    Again – fuck yourselves and get a clue about the real world.

    1. And if they want to go the route of putting it online, its their prerogative. At least this way they’re guaranteed revenue to help them print and make the book, as opposed to putting it online and hoping that they get any ad revenue to justify the decision to put it out there for free.

  4. I don’t get why people are so mad…the art is good, it’s cute, not like SUPER INCREDIBLE but that’s why they’re self-funding. It’s crazy how unsupportive people are of the arts. These guys obviously spent hours on this stuff, probably paid to go to school, why should we expect them to release it online for free? :/

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