Here’s The Colourful Mighty No.9 Box Arts


Comcept have provided us all with a glimpse of the final Mighty No.9 box arts for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. We heard earlier from the company who stated that the action packed 2D shooter is due for release digitally and physically on September 15th and in Europe on September 18th. We will have to wait a little while longer for the Nintendo 3DS version, but it is coming.

mighty_no_9_box_art_3dsThanks, paidenthusiast



      1. OH SNAP!!! Very true, by the way! lol Just look at some drug addicts that pop out kids & dump them on the sidewalk. You’d never in a million years call those people “mature.”


      2. This is why they alter a box art for a western release. Somehow i think this is more “kiddy” than regular Mega Man


      1. If its crowed funded is it really an indie game? also since, its being distributed by Deep Silver, is it still an indie game?


      2. It’s really not an Indie game. The game was developed by a seasoned developer, and it has a physical release. Those two elements alone disqualify it from an indie.

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    1. Is that seriously necessary. Why do people think getting “horny” over videogame material is appropriate. It makes you sound like a tool.

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  1. I hope the “retro box” that was described as a reward on the kickstarter page is on the reverse side of the cover art.


  2. God damn finding out that this is getting a physical release and also finding out that a freaking new Jurassic Park light gun arcade game got released all in the same day is giving me a major game-gasm.


    1. To support gamers who love physical releases!!! If I were to make a game, it would be a NECESSITY to release it physically. I really dislike buying digitally. I connect less with the game, it doesn’t appear on my bookshelf and it can be deleted and lost in hardware.

      Physical versions of games are secure as long as I take care of them. Which, I always do.

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      1. You and I have similar tastes. I personally could never justify spending money on a download for a multitude of factors.


      2. I used to think how you fo, now I have nearly all my favorite games on my N3DS, and easy access to them at anytime. I’ll only by physicsl for Atlus and Zelda now. :D


    2. Why only the 3DS version? It will obviously look better on home consoles plus there may be unique features on the Wii U gamepad. For me I’m buying both the Wii U and 3DS versions but hey to each their own


      1. Yea, you have a good point. I would like to play it in HD. However I have always been a big fan of the 3d effect on the 3ds. It really makes the game look better, and it feels more immersive, despite it being on a small screen. I don’t know, I might break down and buy it for the Wii U….

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  3. I guess my purchase will depend on what changes each version has. I’m leaning towards Wii U even though I doubt it has anything special gamepad wise. Games like this are perfect for Nintendo and Nintendo should be trying to secure exclusivity for them. I feel that as long as all versions are equal visually than supporting 3rd party on the Wii U is the thing to do. If it’s got great 3D I get it for 3DS or PS4 but I doubt it will.


    1. It’s going to have Off-TV play, which still might be one major reason to go for the WiiU version. Especially as the other versions won’t have anything that would speak for them instead.


  4. I’ll get a 3DS copy so I can play on the go.

    If they can release this game on the Wii U as an “Indie”, then why can’t big ass studios do the same?


  5. Im shocked this gets a boxed version. I want the WiiU box, it’ll probably end up being more uncommon in the long run which is kinda nifty.


    1. What’s shocking about physical release? I wasn’t expecting physical release so I was surprised when I first learned about it.


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